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  1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ No. Brees and Brady situations couldn't be any more different. Brees has been the weak link on a stacked Saints team for 3 years running now. Change of scenery doesn't suddenly cure that limp noodle of an arm.
  2. #6? Lattimore and Davenport with two 1st round picks and a 2nd for Watson ๐Ÿ‘€
  3. And yet, rules are rules, correct? You can't put rules in place and then selectively enforce them. Did Covid magically disappear when the Super Bowl ended? Or is this more of the hypocrisy that are Covid rules in general? Because Covid knows Tampa was celebrating a Super Bowl win and not a regular season win, so everyone is safe. ๐Ÿ™„
  4. When they're 100m over the cap, I'd wager there's going to be a bunch of things they're not "willingly" going to do.
  5. Oh yah. Plenty left in the tank. Played really well for the Saints. Problem is staying healthy, specifically concussions.
  6. And you'd classify either as a great coach? ๐Ÿคจ Not saying some guys don't try, some do, but typically your HoF or top talent guys don't coach, or make the best coaches.
  7. I don't think this will ever happen. I can't really think of any great players that transitioned to coaching. It's typically not in their DNA.
  8. Early years? Payton and the front office for fielding such terribad defenses. Last 4 years? Brees and not being able to stretch the field. Karma years? All of the above. I think the Saints sold their souls for that Super Bowl win lol. How else could 1 team be responsible for so many playoff loss memes over a 10 year stretch?? I'm not sure which was worse. Watching the Saints be the Aints and never amount to anything, or watching heart breaking playoff loss after playoff loss.
  9. Maybe with a healthy Kwon. Saints specifically brought him in to help cover TEs and RBs out of the backfield (which has been their kryptonite). You saw what Fournette did with Anzalone trying to cover him ๐Ÿ™„. Think it was the most that Brady targeted a RB all year, and with good reason. Even so, the defense wasn't elite enough to carry the ghost of Brees' arm. This was 3 years in a row that the opposing defense just packed the box, manhandled the WRs at the line, sent tons of pressure, and took all the dink and dunk stuff away. They all dared Brees to beat them deep, and he couldn't do it.
  10. Not sure about fireable. More so just plain dumb in my opinion. How many times this post season have we seen teams not go for it, and lose because they never got the ball back? You're sitting at the 6 man. Trying to score a possible game tying TD on 4th down sounds like a whole lot better idea than giving the ball back to Brady (still being down 5) with 2min left and praying for the stars to align to pull out a win.
  11. Great idea Brett... And who exactly is going to throw passes to that stud WR? ๐Ÿค”
  12. Second this. It's been fun watching him play in New Orleans, but if trading him means landing a future franchise QB....bon voyage Mike.
  13. Jags were the first team I thought of when I posted that question, with the Ravens being a close 2nd. Like Worm mentioned though, his contract is almost untradeable. Hypothetically though, you're looking at a 1st minimum, and probably a comp pick somewhere, maybe a 3rd? Stranger things have happened though, and after watching him yesterday, I just have this nagging feeling the Saints are seriously contemplating moving him.
  14. Mostly disappointed in Brees and the offense. I thought the defense played great for the most part. Offense kept putting them in bad spots with turnovers though. Harris delivers a gift at the 20 first Saints drive and....FG. Next drive....FG. Saints offense of old buries 2 quick strikes there for a 14 - 0 lead. Sad to see Brees go out on such a sour note. As others have said, it's been a fun ride. As a Saints fan old enough to remember the days of the "Aints", the last 15 years have been a real treat. Hopefully this success carries over into the future and someday soon we'll see another d
  15. Random thought. Any chance the Saints ship Michael Thomas out?
  16. "Choker" ๐Ÿ˜‚ Ya, ok. Go check Brees' playoff stats. He's been nothing but money. Saints defense has given away almost every single playoff loss. Vernon Davis TD with under a minute left? (After Brees put up the go ahead). Minneapolis Miracle? Beast Mode run? Choker....gtfo
  17. ESPN had a stat up that kind of debunks the whole "it's hard to beat a team 3x in a season". It happens more often than people think. Most recent was when the Saints beat the Panthers 3x I believe. I'm more worried about beating Brady 3x in a row. Saints handed Brady the worst loss of his career. You know he's going to want revenge in a major way.
  18. Can't change instincts, can't teach instincts. It's like speed. You're either born with it, or you're not.
  19. Why? 1/2 a second more and that's a TD. Harris was wide open. Jackson made a hell of a play to force the fumble.
  20. Haskins problems stem from being a complete and utter moron. I have a buddy who does a lot of web based work for EA and Madden. He was putting together a special about rookie QBs coming into the league, so he was interviewing them, asking them to break down coverages and explain what they were seeing. Anyway, the finished product is great, and makes Haskins seem semi intelligent, but man, he let me see all the film he had to piece thru in order to get Haskins 5min or so.....he dumb, like Dumb and Dumber dumb. He had trouble even formulating sentences, let alone being able to decipher the
  21. Is it just me, or does it seem like every play has Jenkins in it, getting burned.
  22. Until I saw it listed again, I had forgotten (blocked out) just how frustrating watching Brooks on a weekly basis was lol
  23. This. What the Eagles did, is how the Saints should of ran their offense this game. Payton is calling plays designed for Brees, instead of working to Taysom's strengths.
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