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  1. How amazing are we at losing games though. We are so talented at it they should give us a Superbowl
  2. In what world is Lamar better than Ryan? I feel sorry for Ryan. No o-line, no run game and no D. All we can do is pass and every D we face knows that.
  3. I think the Falcons are allowing a passer rating of 1000.00 or something close to it
  4. So even though the score line was bad and we were blown off the park in the first qtr I am still positive about the season. A few points to consider - The oline still has a few things to work out, but overall for starting 3 new line men and two of those being rookies I thought they did ok. If Free hangs on to the ball and Stocker runs to the corner we could have had 14 points instead of 2 turnovers. Anyway, next week is another big test for us and I suppose it will either allow us to feel more at ease with the season or ….
  5. Going to be a tough game this. I think it will be close with a coin toss to decide who wins.
  6. Yep all true. I don't think I have ever seen a corner cause as much trouble for Julio as Rhodes has. Plus it helps when your D is just nasty anyway. Hopefully with our improvements along the oline we can hold up a little better.
  7. Matty is looking unusually sharp this year. Could be another big season coming up!
  8. It is like a ghost town in here boys. If we break 3 pages on a post this season it will be a miracle! Anyway here is to a nice opening win to start the season off.
  9. I honestly thought the coverage was solid. It actually looked a little like how Lattimore defends Julio.
  10. I hope so, as it would bring me great pleasure to see them never win anything again.
  11. He hates pressure in his face. You have the DT to disrupt him.
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