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  1. Injuries

    No Takk this game! Man we are getting smashed with injuries this season
  2. Is it just me or have there been limited injuries so far

    Going to be a tough season I think.
  3. Injuries

    Neal and Jones. Ouch. We could be in a little trouble.

    I feel a little better after watching the press conferences. Let's see how we go next game.
  5. Well as a Falcon fan my heart is heavy. Anyway, congrats on the win!

    Well that was terrible. Absolute heartbreaking frustration! I really like what Quinn tried to achieve with going for it on 4th and Goal in the 1st Qtr. The only problem is we didn't punch it in. This coupled with the fact we couldn't score at the end when it mattered has me concerned for our teams state of mind. Also Matt just looks tired, really tired. I mean the first game of the season and the guy looks like he needs an offseason to have a rest and hit the gym. I know it is only the first game of the season, but that game does not instil me with confidence going forward.
  7. I am so excited for football! Also do you mind if I chat in here as there seems to be no other Falcon fans alive.
  8. Anyway I have us losing. You guys just seem to have our number and Matt hates it when he has pressure up the middle.
  9. Deion Jones

  10. Where Does Atlanta Finish in NFC South?

    I think our D takes another step forward which will really just solidify our position as one of the best teams in the NFC. I see us at worst finishing 2nd in the South.
  11. Top 10 RB

    Where the hell is Freeman?
  12. Matt Ryan

    I will go with 28 TDs. I think this might be the year everything clicks for the Falcons!
  13. Which Division Sends 3 Teams to the Playoffs?

    NFC South represent!
  14. Well done guys!!! As a fan of a Superbowless team. What does it feel like?