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  1. Teams you don’t want to face in the playoffs?

    For the Falcons it would be the Vikings and Saints I think
  2. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    Look the hit was soft but I have seen that get called so many times it is ridiculous. I think overall the players know by now that you can't hit a QB after that long.
  3. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    This is a comment taken from Reddit - I watched the Thursday night game, and like most neutral fans, I enjoyed it. I went on to Reddit to find a video of Deion Jones' game winning INT and all I was greeted with the most salt I've seen since the 2014 Super Bowl. I never really realized how bad Saints and Falcons fans hated each other until I saw that Post Game Thread. Anyways, I like most people wondered if the Saints got the short end of the stick with penalties, so I decided to take a look at it. The main complaints I heard was the 11 penalties "awarded" to the Falcons, the RTP on Matt Ryan, the missed calls on Kamara and the Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty on Sean Payton. Furthermore, I saw numerous Saints fans claim that the ref, McKinley was biased towards the Falcons as he played for them for 4 years 30+ years ago. I would also like to state that I find SB Nation's Saints blog's stalking of McKinley's family to be horrifying and I also find that Saint's fans defense of this stalking to be equally reprehensible. I believe that I am as neutral as possible, with no bias towards either teams. I also have 22 years experience of reffing high school and DII collegiate games and I am currently going through the process to ref DI games while also being very familiar with the NFL play book as I am a rules junkie as well as a big fan of the NFL, so I'll try and reflect that with my break down. NOTE: I am using an alt account due to numerous death threats that I have gotten on previous occasions for commenting in Post Game threads, toxic fans suck. THE RPI ON RANKINS When I saw this I thought it was a BS call made by soft refs, but after a second look, I saw Ryan throw the ball, take 2 (maybe 3 steps) before getting shoved to the ground by Rankins. Rankins WAS contacted before the play, but nowhere near enough to justify moving 1 yard forward and extending his arms to shove Ryan to the turf. I think this call was consistent with the NFLs stance on protecting QBs not named Cam Newton and was the right call (Although it was pretty weak) The 13(!) penalties called against the Saints. One of the first things I saw in the Game Thread was Saints fans saying that the large penalty mismatch was proof of biased refs and initially I agreed with them as Sean Peyton lead teams are usually disciplined so I looked at the play-by-play and watched the plays on Game Pass. Penalty 1 2nd and 2 at ATL 33 (9:12 - 1st) M.Ryan pass incomplete short middle to Ju.Jones (M.Lattimore). PENALTY on NO-M.Lattimore, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at ATL 33 - No Play. Good play by Lattimore, I see DBs get scared of holding after they get beat inside and don't contact the receiver, Lattimore did good to fight back inside however, anytime that you wrap your arms around the WR, a refs gonna call a flag if they see it. This is a textbook hold. Penalty 2 1st and 10 at ATL 38 (9:05 - 1st) M.Ryan pass short right to D.Freeman to ATL 43 for 5 yards (M.Te'o). PENALTY on NO-D.Onyemata, Illegal Use of Hands, 5 yards, enforced at ATL 38 - No Play. Sloppy football by Onyemata, that's a textbook call. Penalty 3 (5:27 - 1st) M.Bosher kicks 67 yards from ATL 35 to NO -2. T.Lewis to NO 15 for 17 yards (D.Kazee; D.Riley). PENALTY on NO-Z.Line, Face Mask (15 Yards), 7 yards, enforced at NO 14. Textbook facemask call, grabbing/hooking and the head movement that refs ares supposed to watch out for. Penalty 4 3rd and 11 at ATL 46 (10:19 - 2nd) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass incomplete short left to M.Sanu [S.Rankins]. PENALTY on NO-S.Rankins, Roughing the Passer, 15 yards, enforced at ATL 46 - No Play. See above Penalty 5 1st and 10 at ATL 29 (0:00 - 2nd) (Field Goal formation) PENALTY on NO-J.LeRibeus, Illegal Formation, 5 yards, enforced at ATL 29 - No Play. Ooooh boy, this was the one that really had Saints up in arms. Let's break this down. 1) LeRibeus was definitely lined up off the line, this is a blatant foul (Collinsworth's line best illustrates this.) 2) This is an offensive foul and as such the half can end on it. As such when the penalty was accepted, one cannot add time back onto a game clock and the half ends. This is written into the rulebook no controversy here. 3) Saints G Warford said after the game that Refs usually warn players if they're out of formation, and this is true, I myself have done so on numerous occasions. However, these warning usually occur on XP or chip shot FGs and are not a regular occurrence. If the refs chose not to warn LeRiebus, it's on LeRiebus and the coaching staff to ensure that they are prepared despite any injuries that may occur. Penalty 6 1st and 10 at ATL 25 (13:04 - 3rd) D.Freeman left tackle to ATL 31 for 6 yards (D.Onyemata). PENALTY on NO-D.Onyemata, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at ATL 31. Another dumb penalty by Onyemata, there was absolutely NO reason for that takedown. Sloppy football and the right call by the officials. Penalty 7 1st and 10 at ATL 36 (12:46 - 3rd) T.Gabriel left end pushed ob at ATL 45 for 9 yards (V.Bell). PENALTY on NO-V.Bell, Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards, enforced at ATL 45. Another textbook facemask call complete with the head-jerk. Undisciplined uncharacteristic defense. Penalty 8 2nd and 10 at ATL 46 (6:28 - 3rd) M.Ryan pass deep right to Ju.Jones pushed ob at NO 28 for 26 yards (M.Williams) [S.Rankins]. Penalty on NO-K.Crawley, Defensive Holding, offsetting, enforced at ATL 46 - No Play. Penalty on ATL-Ju.Jones, Offensive Pass Interference, offsetting. Obvious holding on Crawley but what in the world was this call on Jones. I remember from the broadcast that Collinsworth said that Payton conviced the refs but Julio did not look like he did much. What suprises me is that they called it despite the extended arm, I think the Lattimore just plain got surprised by Julio's otherworldly change in direction so it looked like Julio pushed off, especially considering how (usually) tight Lattimore's coverage is. Penalty 9 3rd and 1 at ATL 40 (0:36 - 3rd) M.Ryan pass short right to J.Hardy ran ob at ATL 42 for 2 yards (C.Robertson). PENALTY on NO-M.Lattimore, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at ATL 40 - No Play. This is the effect that being on the field for 12 minuites has on a defense. Lattimore was gassed and it showed with this sloppy play. This play doesn't really matter since regardless Hardy got the first but still, the right call by the official. Penalty 10 1st and 10 at ATL 45 (0:10 - 3rd) M.Ryan pass incomplete deep left to D.Coleman (M.Te'o) [S.Rankins]. PENALTY on NO-K.Crawley, Illegal Contact, 5 yards, enforced at ATL 45 - No Play. Textbook call, Crawley, like Lattimore is gassed and is playing sloppy. Penalty 11 1st and 20 at NO 48 (13:52 - 4th) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass incomplete short right to T.Coleman. PENALTY on NO-C.Robertson, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at NO 48 - No Play. I was shocked when I saw Saints fans getting mad at the referees for this call. He tackled Coleman, that's defensive holding. Also this was a very stupid play by Robertson as he should've just contacted Coleman legally to disrupt the route, dumb play by a gassed player. Penalty 12 3rd and 1 at ATL 24 (1:55 - 4th) D.Brees pass incomplete short left to W.Snead. Penalty on NO-R.Ramczyk, Offensive Holding, declined. Yes sir that is a hold. Sidenote, Falcons fans, why did Quinn decline this? It seems like 3rd and 11 is harder to convert than a 4th and short with the added benefit of making the FG attempt tougher. Penalty 13 2nd and 7 at ATL 23 (1:13 - 4th) D.Freeman left end to ATL 24 for 1 yard (M.Mauti). FUMBLES (M.Mauti), recovered by ATL-W.Schweitzer at ATL 24. PENALTY on NO, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 15 yards, enforced at ATL 24. Ball was recovered at the ATL 25 and advanced to the ATL 27, but was placed at the spot of the fumble (ATL 24) by rule. After reading the game thread, and my initial watching the game I was pissed to have such a good game end like this, but after watching it, I was seriosuly pissed off at Payton. In no situation do you charge at a ref like that, as a longtime NFL coach and a professional that is completely unacceptable. This is a penalty 100% of the time especially since the NFL cracked down on coaches coming onto the field to intimidate refs. Here you see the ref point at Payton acknowledging that he heard his timeout. You also see that the refs head is pointed right at Payton, so the narrative that he was just trying to get the refs attention falls flat. Here you see the ref raise his hands over his head to signal the timeout. Here you can see Peyton charging onto the field, a HUGE no-no. In my opinion this is the downside to having a coach who argues with refs, sometimes you'll get a call like the Julio OPI to go in your favor and in other cases, constantly harrasing the ref will result in this. Here is the full sequence for reference. The only defense I can provide for Payton is that he thought Freeman didn't fumble and called the TO immediately, thinking he was down and got irate when his initial signaling didn't register as the ball was still live. (Either way Brees would've gotten the ball with <20 seconds and no TO deep in his own territory). In summation of the 13 penalties, the only one even slightly controversial was the RPI, and even then, throwing the flag in that situation is well justified by the rules. I think that any Saints fan who claims that the high number of flags is proof of bias is just making things up. The Saints committed so many penalties because they were on the field for forever in the 3rd quarter. Missed Call on Kamara Saints fans seemed particularly adamant that Falcons LB Deion Jones should've been flagged or even ejected for his hit on Kamara. These fans lack a basic understanding on how football works. LBs (especially after Shazier) are instructed to tackle while looking at the target. Although there was helmet to helmet contact, Kamara was a runner, meaning that in order for there to be a foulable helmet to helmet hit, Jones would have to egregiously hit or spear Kamara, which he did not. No foul, easy call. I also saw people call for Jones to be penalized for taunting. I did not see this at all, Kamara made a beeline to the sideline and I did not see Jones do/say anything that would result in a flag. Missed Call on Thomas Holding on the 1st drive - Falcon's DB was well within his rights. Solid and legal contact, good no call. Eye poke - This one I'm with Saints fans. Thomas got his eye poked. Only defense I can find for the refs is that his head didn't significantly jerk. McKinley Bias This is a story blown out of proportion if I ever heard one. Let me break it down. McKinley was on the lists given to both teams despite not appearing on the one given to the media, if the Saints believed that he had bias, then they should've filed an injunction. McKinley has also reffed 30 Falcons games from what I could find and he has also reffed 4 Falcons Saints match-ups prior to this, with no discernible biased towards the Falcons, with the Saints winning 3 of those games (Thus further proving that the Saints did not believe was biased). Saints fans have also tried to point out specific plays where McKinley's "bias" was shown these were: "blocking Lattimore", calling the FG penalty that ended the 1st half and the Rankins RTP. Blocking Lattimore - This is a idiotic point. McKinley is supposed towards the sideline. I also didn't see any evidence that if McKinley did not move in that direction that Lattimore would score, since Julio Jones was bearing down on him like a heat-seeking missile. Rankins RTP - Textbook call in line with the leagues current QB friendly policy. I also find it ironic that after years of seeing Brees get these calls, Saints fans shout conspiracy when it goes against them. Field Goal - He lined up off the line. To sum up: I find the claim that the Saints lost as a result of the refs to be uneducated. The Saints played poorly due to an inability to move the ball offensively and a resulting gassed defense. TLDR: Saints did not get cheated out of a win by the refs, they lost because their HOF QB made an errant throw in the Red Zone.
  4. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    3 turnovers won't happen again and Julio will be ready to play next game. In all honesty it will more than likely be another close game so I suppose I was a little defensive after hearing how we are going to be thrashed
  5. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    That was probably the poorest I have seen the Falcons play this year and somehow we won by 3. To think we will be thrashed is laughable. Your team is soft and the Falcons will punish them again. Can't wait for the rematch!
  6. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    I agree the Falcons should have had more penalties. The Saints were holding all game!
  7. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    Not when Julio is carrying around Lattimore on his back!
  8. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    Man we are dumb. Run the ball, and pass to Coleman.
  9. Thursday Night - Saints (9-3) @ Falcons (7-5)

    I really hate playing you guys! My heart can't take many more of these games!
  10. Week 13: VIKINGS (9-2) at Falcons (7-4)

    Too many penalties putting us in long third down situations. If we do play you again, I hope it isn't till the NFC Championship game
  11. Week 13: VIKINGS (9-2) at Falcons (7-4)

    I burst out laughing when I saw that live!
  12. That Vikings O-line is beastly! I would keep with Keenum as he is putting the team in positions to win. I thought he looked pretty good tonight against the Falcons.
  13. Week 13: VIKINGS (9-2) at Falcons (7-4)

    Hey guys! Just want to say what a really nice team you have. Your D is beautiful. Really like everything about your team to be honest. Man you O-line was blocking for days and I just wasn't sure why we didn't rush Beasley more. I do know he had that hamstring pull, but still ... Anyway you guys are going to do very well in playoffs. Good luck!
  14. Week 13: VIKINGS (9-2) at Falcons (7-4)

    Only way we beat you guys is if we get in front fast, otherwise it will be a tough day for us. Even still after saying that, our team is just not built to play you guys and I think you will bully us around too much and have your way with us.