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  1. 1) Kwity Paye DE Mich 2) Dillon Radunz OT NDST 3) Greg Newsome CB NWST
  2. Anyone have any thoughts of Marshalls OG Cain Madden as a day 3 pick? Without knowing what FA might bring and of course where we're drafting I see DE and DB as being the value positions. I think we could get a ground braking WR but I'm not sure we ought to use another 1st on yet another WR. Still only 1 ball. I see the key to the Niners draft being tied to whether the Niners retain T. Williams or not. I'm not sure he's worth what he will ask/command. Overall IOL is are biggest need on the offensive side of the ball. Keep JimmyG but bring in an honest to goodness QB to cha
  3. I had Davis as the same
  4. Given how you had it breaking down, I also like the Niners picks
  5. Thoughts on Northwesterns S Travis Willock?
  6. As a NIner fan, I don't think I've seen worse.
  7. That's terrible for the Niners
  8. I like it for the NIners. Well done
  9. As a Niner fan you have then selecting the wrong Williams
  10. Why pass on better prospects at positions of greater needs. So far being gifted Jimmy G had been Lynches only saving grace as GM So very bummed
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