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  1. Can't see the Niners being worse this coming season than the last one. Massive injuries did the Niners in early last season
  2. So what? Mock us for the trade if they will. Mocking us for a pick we haven't even made is just trolling
  3. They made mention at the workout that teams where limited to sending 3 people each
  4. only about ten years too late I'd still like to see the Niners draft a couple of O-Lineman
  5. UGH!!! Don't ever do another mock that includes the 49ers...K?
  6. 1) Kwity Paye DE Mich 2) Dillon Radunz OT NDST 3) Greg Newsome CB NWST
  7. Anyone have any thoughts of Marshalls OG Cain Madden as a day 3 pick? Without knowing what FA might bring and of course where we're drafting I see DE and DB as being the value positions. I think we could get a ground braking WR but I'm not sure we ought to use another 1st on yet another WR. Still only 1 ball. I see the key to the Niners draft being tied to whether the Niners retain T. Williams or not. I'm not sure he's worth what he will ask/command. Overall IOL is are biggest need on the offensive side of the ball. Keep JimmyG but bring in an honest to goodness QB to cha
  8. I had Davis as the same
  9. Given how you had it breaking down, I also like the Niners picks
  10. Thoughts on Northwesterns S Travis Willock?
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