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  1. Goldfish's 3 Rounds

    I'm hoping the BUC'S trade down and grab the best D-Lineman available then We build OL in the 2nd and maybe the 3rd. DB's are a need so also and option there.
  2. Gerald McCoy's future

    As much as I don't like it, and don't want to see him go, it's time. He's done him time here on AWFUL REGIMES. He knows it, and deserves better as his talents wind down. You can't do it on your own bro! Due to this, my gut says, we'll be stuck keeping Curry and or Beau Allen for veteran and experience in a (well...) winning culture.
  3. Free Agents

    Are we not trying to be CANCER FREE here? Forget the Perrias' in the locker room. Bell is more of a headache than MESEAN. GET RID of these jerks! The Honey Badger and CJ Mosley would really be ideal. We need to have another Vet LB in case we are not at 100% ++. I love our LB core but they GOTTA BE HEALTHY (Looking as you BECKWITH, maybe no joy riding this summer....) Our Defense really strugged and gave up WAY to many yards. I know it all starts up front but It's a deep defensive draft. We need to bolster BOTH of our lines in this draft.
  4. What do YOU want us to do with the fifth pick?

    Unless, Jonah is there at 5 (unlikely), I agree with bucfan333 trade down with either Denver or Washington for Haskins. Grab the best player available. I personally think O-line is our biggest need. Unfortunately, my gut is telling me Smith will get tagged. I'm hoping the new "ACCOUNTABILITY" mantra will embarrass him enough to not be so damn lazy....
  5. New Regime and the Run Game in 2019

    "That old mare, she ain't what she used be." Brate used to be the outlet for Winston. I LOVED watching them connect in the end zone time and time again. He's just not the same player he was. I was hard watching all the drops this season. It happens... I'd hate to see him go but, let's get what we can for him.
  6. Mock Drafts

    I'm hoping we can find a trade partner from either Denver, Miami, or Washington. I think they all will be looking into QB's. Perhaps another option could be we can do a trade with Jacksonville, swap rounds 1 & 4 + give our round 3 pick pick for Fournette. Might not be a 3rd might need a 2nd for him.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7fjDS0jKiE Well, well, well, here we are again. In 5 days, it will be 11 YEARS since we have actually made the playoffs. Man, that stings... You must admit, it is hard to stay a fan of a team with a record like this. It's been a long time since I have posted here. Unfortunately, I think my moniker on the last website talked about how LOVIE was going to bring us back to glory.... A New Year is upon us, and before I take all my Buc's gear and put in a box AGAIN, I had a few thoughts. Many may disagree but, GRUDEN was the LAST BEST thing to happen to this FRANCHISE. This franchise itself has been in SHAMBLES for years now. I have many thoughts regarding the difference between MALCOLM and (MY 3 sons) running the state of affairs here. Alas, here we are, starting the coaching search yet, again... I think we are all thankful we didn't pay a KINGS ransom for that again. The MACK and the COOPER trade, are prime examples of a MEGALOMANIAC out of touch, running the show. Moving on to the new regime. I do not think we need to blow the team up necessarily. We have GREAT players at a lot of positions. I think we are more than fine at WR and LB. Our Defensive line after YEARS is finally starting to become a CONCERN to other Offensive units. SPEAKING OF OFFENSIVE Units the O-Line is in MUCH need of a serious REVAMP. Bare with me while I try to fathom the future of this unit. Here are some thoughts: Ryan Jensen: C'mon MAN! We needed a presence in the middle big time but, WAY to many penalties. Seriously a DISGUSTING performance, compared to salary (on the fence) C Donavan Smith Hmmm... For a guy expected to protect the BLINDSIDE, NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Franchise Tag? 14 Million dollars... I've watched the GREGORY sack over 20 times NOT GOOD ENOUGH, LAZY EFFORT. This guy needs to be made ACCOUNTABLE! C- Caleb Bentoch: Uhhh, Buh BYE: Cannot keep this guy on the ROSTER... Don't let the DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ***!!!! D- Demar Dotson: Been with us for several years now. Not terrible not great.. Needs to be replaced 33 years old. C (at best) ALI MARPET: No critique, no question the best lineman we have moved around. SOLID PERFORMER B+ OFFENSE: O- LINE: We need to BLOW it up and start over. Marpet and Jensen will more than likely still be here. Let' sign at least two Free agents and Draft 2 new O-Lineman. There will be plenty of free agents to go after. Licht doesn't have the greatest record in this regard. I'm hoping the new coach and new offensive line coach can help turn this thing around. RUN GAME: We need to have a HARD LOOK at improving this unit as well. BARBER had a fairly good year with the cards he was dealt. I definitely think he should be resigned to compete. ROJO (Hmmmm) I'm very unsure if he will pan out... Can he at least become gadget playmaker? With all the comparisons to Jamaal Charles I had high hopes. He'll likely be around and given another shot to compete. FREE AGENTS: FOURNETTE: Time seems to be possibly running out for him already in Jacksonville. I'd give good thought into a 2nd or 3rd round trade offer for him. He is a BRUISER. He is a bit of another MESEAN but, can he be harnessed? Perhaps a change of scenery for him could help. AJAYI: What happened to this guy? Can he come back from the Torn ACL? Worth a shot maybe. THE FUTURE: Lets move on to some possible Salary Cap Predictions: I am borrowing a few thoughts and ideas from Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report for this: DT Gerald McCoy – $13 million in salary / cap savings SAD BUT TRUE, I wish we could keep him. He deserves better. He has been an ANCHOR here but, needs flourish elsewhere. WR DeSean Jackson – $10 million in salary / cap savings UH BUH BYE, doesn't mesh with WINSTON (He's our guy for 2019) DE Vinny Curry – $8 million in salary / cap savings TO RICH (for a back up) TE Cameron Brate – $7 million in salary / cap savings TO MANY DROPS not the same guy he once was, UNFORTUNATE.... DT Beau Allen – $5 million in salary / cap savings (To rich for a back up) Pay cut perhaps? RT Demar Dotson – $4.85 million ($125,000 dead cap money – saves $4.725 million) UH BUH BYE DT Mitch Unrein – $3.75 million in salary / cap savings NOPE (did he even play this year?) DE Will Gholston – $3.75 million in salary / UH BUH BYE (LICHT, I'm staring DIRECTLY at you on this one) P Bryan Anger – $3 million in salary / cap savings (We can find a cheaper version of this...) G Evan Smith – $2 million in salary / cap savings GONE no need Possible total cap savings = $54.5 million + We will certainly need this cap room for a turn around. The Offense has been much better this season compared to the last five. Let's hope this up trend continues with the new regime, and we become more of a force to help out the defence.. Man do they need it.