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  1. Houston at Detroit Washington at Dallas Baltimore at Pittsburgh Las Vegas at Atlanta Arizona at New England Carolina at Minnesota Los Angeles (LAC) at Buffalo Cleveland at Jacksonville Tennessee at Indianapolis Miami at New York (NYJ) New York (NYG) at Cincinnati San Francisco at Los Angeles (LAR) New Orleans at Denver Kansas City at Tampa Bay Chicago at Green Bay Seattle at Philadelphia Survivor: Rocky III
  2. The Drew Lock bashing is in progress........when Denver win this is the defense. When Broncos lose this Lock's fault. is he responsible for the 4th attempt and 1 unconverted? Gordon's Fumble on the 1 yd line? At least 10 pts should have been scored in addition. Is he responsible for Fitzpatrick's comeback of 75 yds at the end of the game before INT? AJ Bouye's wanderings? Can be that Tua yesterday was not good rather than good defense? Because Lock has the right to be bad but Tua certainly not ...... Everyone wants Mahomes but for that you have to be able to pass within 2 seconds. That's what KC does. Nothing special . Mahomes doesn't need to look for his 2nd option. Look yesterday at LV in the 1st half. 2 passes that are not for the 1st choice of tactics; they just have the staff for. Yesterday the line and created breaches on els 1st down. Big difference the games called were innovative. Bolles or Risner who crosses the line to get the other side never seen before. Josh Allen stats: Passing 2018 12 320 169 52.81 2074 6.5 75 10 12 89 27.81 30 28 213 67.9 Drew Lock stats:
  3. You compare Lock (2nd round 42th) to Burrows (1st pick 1st round) to Herbert (6th pick rd 1) . Why not compare with Luton ? Why not talking to Tua game yesterday ? You trust Fangio defense for the win ? What about Fitzpatrick take the ball at is 1 and see our defense look another awful. Put the heat on Lock each time is easy. It is not your QB but this is Lock Team's as Fangio and all players said.
  4. Arizona at SeattleNew England at HoustonAtlanta at New OrleansTennessee at BaltimoreCincinnati at WashingtonPittsburgh at JacksonvilleDetroit at CarolinaPhiladelphia at ClevelandMiami at DenverNew York (NYJ) at Los Angeles (LAC)Dallas at MinnesotaGreen Bay at IndianapolisKansas City at Las VegasLos Angeles (LAR) at Tampa Bay Survivor: Minnesota (Philadelphia, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Green Bay)
  5. I agree. But in Shurmur offense the FB doesn't exist. With a FB , Lindsay will be effective without is not , this is why they signed Gordon III.
  6. Soory 3 horrible season. 2020 is good as theBestever6 said " penalty here and there" but for me 10m+ a year is not his value regarding the last 3 years
  7. By curiosity can you name who is a good (not great ) QB today ?
  8. OK No problem with Fant and Jeudy. So...all problems comes from a QB who played only 12 games and throw under 400 pass in NFL. Ok throw Lock under the bus !!! But as Fangio explain this is Lock Team and he will grow with or sink. But nobody who play QB will come next season. You can all kill him he will be under center for 2021. He need to play better yes but it is time to have some stability
  9. Everyone wants Lock's head but frankly ... what QB could play with an offensive line like this? RT's position has been an abomination for years. 3rd string starter who has never taken an NFL snap. Completely exceeded by an anonymous. Glasgow is just a stop gap. Cushenberry a rookie. Risner regressed like Lock. Bolles, 4 horrible years fortunately Denver did not take an option on his 5th year he is not worth 10m per year a team may pay but it is not worth them. Sutton has been OUT since the start. Jeudy is a rookie who drops too many balls and lacks effort as we saw on the 2 point transformation. Hamler brings a little but also rookie and drops. Noah Fant .... speedy TE but 0 block and never opened. 1st Bust. I believe more in Fumagali than he is to say. Lock regressed but he no longer believes in his line, which explains why he has to force himself. How many hits did he take yesterday? And it's not because he keeps the ball too much. Lindsay is fun ... but without FB it is useless it cannot contain a blitz to save time. It is impossible for Lock to look at his 2nd option when the defender is on his back after 2 seconds. In the Shurmur system there is no FB that's why Gordon III was signed. In defense .... Chubbs ... I'm hungry. Miller didn't need someone else to tell the difference if ... Our LB's are awful. 0 coverage, slow. Meme Booker yesterday humiliated them. Full center .... compulsory race, unable to stop it. Simmons is nowhere near 16 + m per year. Yesterday Lock was intercepted on the same action Carr finds his TE 25 yds without problem. Why? Because Simmons' coverage is horrible on this action. So yes Lock is far from being good but at his side there is too much vacuum. So we can still change QB for years if we do not solve the problem of the line. Because behind the line he'll be more competent than anything we've had since Manning. But it is easier to shoot a red ball on the QB visibly.
  10. Your survivor pick is LA and..... for You Miami beat LA and Seattle beat LA . Ok good job you have twice the chance to win. 😄
  11. Indianapolis at TennesseeWashington at DetroitJacksonville at Green BayTampa Bay at CarolinaPhiladelphia at New York (NYG)Houston at ClevelandBuffalo at ArizonaLos Angeles Chargers at MiamiDenver at Las VegasSan Francisco at New OrleansSeattle at Los Angeles RamsCincinnati at PittsburghBaltimore at New EnglandMinnesota at Chicago Survivor:(Philadelphia, Kansas City, Pittsburgh) GB Packers
  12. See the open WR is one thing and throw another when you look the field you don't have his view and his time. When your pocket is a mess (80% of time) you need to throw more quickly and EVEN if you see your open WR it is possible you can't make the throw because the defender have his arm on you. Lock perform well enough with all injuries. I am more concern with Jeudy drops than lock vision. Jeudy was supposed the best WR in this draft with explosiveness and after 8 games no play more than 40 yds. He is behind lamb , Jefferson.....
  13. Green Bay at San Francisco Detroit at Minnesota Carolina at Kansas City Baltimore at Indianapolis Seattle at Buffalo Chicago at Tennessee Denver at Atlanta Houston at Jacksonville New York (NYG) at Washington Las Vegas at Los Angeles (LAC) Miami at Arizona Pittsburgh at Dallas New Orleans at Tampa Bay New England at New York (NYJ) Survivor:(Philadelphia, Kansas City) Pittsburgh
  14. Atlanta at Carolina Los Angeles (LAC) at Denver New England at Buffalo Tennessee at Cincinnati Las Vegas at Cleveland Indianapolis at Detroit Minnesota at Green Bay New York (NYJ) at Kansas City Los Angeles (LAR) at Miami Pittsburgh at Baltimore New Orleans at Chicago San Francisco at Seattle Dallas at Philadelphia Tampa Bay at New York (NYG) Survivor: KC (Philadelphia)
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