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  1. Zuk's first, and last, Quar mock

    For the 1st pick you need to add a 3rd round to match the value. For Jax pick's hummmmm....you have almost 100 pts for Jax 231 pts...........Bolles value here is 131 pts ? Whaouuuu keep him this is early 2nd round. Ezra Cleveland will be the 5th OT in this draft and he will go late 1st round not middle 2nd Your first 3 picks are all good but completely unrealistic for me.
  2. Paul-Mac's "what I would do" mock

    CJ Henderson is not a player that Denver target. His tackles are too bad. Fangio like a tackling machine. Denver want to add a 2nd rounder . Trade up is a smokescreen and cost too many picks. PFN Mock draft DEN 16.Henry Ruggs III WR Alabama After trade down to 26 and collect a 2rd round (and more) i jump to 16 and send a 1st rounder 2021 (assuming PO and no better than 21th pick). I select a speedster. He can score everywhere on the field. If Ruggs wasn't there at 16 i let the draft go 26 and take Patrick Queen) DEN 39 Jaylon Johnson CB Utah .Little surprise i thought he was a low 1st round DEN 56.Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU . I wanted Prince Tega Wanogho but he was draft by Colts at 44#. With this pick Glasgow can play Right Guard. DEN 77.Logan Wilson ILB Wyoming. We need to adress the position since 5 years. He's a 3 down LB who can play SAM and MIKE and progress each years DEN 83.Troy Pride Jr. CB Notre Dame. Thin at position he can be a slot corner DEN 95.Tyler Biadasz C Wisconsin. I take the BPA. Yes i draft Cushenberry but too good to pass on a productive player DEN 118.Jordyn Brooks OLB Texas Tech. Great skill and instincts. Speed is not a probleme. He can play in fangio style DEN 178.Khalil Davis DT Nebraska. A man who can surprise everybody. He has the tools and need to believe in his potentiel DEN 181.Antoine Brooks Jr. S Maryland. My favorite pick. I think it is a steal at 181. Great vision play hard and passion. Explosive DEN 252. Sewo Olonilua RB TCU. A good player who i cannot let go DEN 254. Cody White WR Michigan State. A bet. He has the tool to be a productive 3rd WR....
  3. AAA's Attempt at a Mock

    Not bad but......i think Lamb , Jeudy and Ruggs are all gone after the 13th pick. If Denver want one of the 3........trade up is a need. I prefer a trade down if all 3 are gone. Denver trade 15th and 77th and next year 4th rd (1255+ 4th 2021) for Jax 20th and 42th (1330) You have an extra 2rd. 3 picks in the 50's. You can add a WR/CB/OT WR=Mims /Jefferson/Higgins/Reagor/Hamler/Shenault CB=Diggs/Gladney/Terrell/Johnson OT=Jones/Cleveland/Ruiz/Biadasz/Wilson/Wanoghoe/Cushenberry
  4. Who is the ONE player you'd trade up for.

    The price is too expensive. If Denver wants one of the 3 TOP WRs (Jeudy-Lamb-Ruggs) it will however have to be done unless ... a team outside Miami and SD wants Hebert or Tua and pays a lot to be in the TOP 3 and shake the Draft. For me i prefer Ruggs-Lamb-Jeudy in this order. But i prefer to trade down few spot and ad another 2 nd round to have 3 picks before 60th . You can take a WR or 2 (Ruggs or Lamb and Higgins) and OT(Wanago) or 2 OT(Cushenberry and Wanago) and a WR (Ruggs)
  5. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    3 penalties in 872 snaps (788 at Guard) 0 sack allowed. Listed Guard but can play Center too. 12th best guard out of the 80 players who qualified last season. Great move by Denver
  6. Mock Draft Monday: 3/9/20 (Two Rounds)

    +1 and why with already 12 picks this year Denver will want 1 more. No all players will be on the roster at the start of the season !
  7. Random Thoughts

    because he wants to control the clock but the play calling is bad very very bad. Wanting to absolutely keep Mahomes off the field he forgets to play his game. When you can score in 4 or 5 actions, do it. The goal is to score the most points to win not manage a clock. I especially think that Sanders has lost speed. He was always dangerous in the slot by his agility. In pure speed his age catches up with him. If in addition we take into account that we are at the end of the match, I think that he no longer had the necessary juice to make this route
  8. STANDINGS AFTER CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS 1- Broncofan 19 pts 2- French Fan 18 pts 3- iLikeDefense 13 pts 4-broncos_fan_from_uk 1 pt 5- jsthomp2007 0 pt ........................................ You have 10 pieces. You can arrange it on the matches you want. Prohibition to put the whole on 1 single match (minimum bet 1 piece) The winnings will be: 1 piece = 1 point 2 pieces = 2 points 3 pieces = 3 point SUPERBOWL LIV SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS at KANSAS CITY CHIEFS
  9. Random Thoughts

    The last time the best attack met the best defense? Denver / Seattle. If we respect the saying "attack wins games defense titles" then SF wins. Now we have seen KC twice coming back from the start of catastophic matches. They shouldn't think it can happen all the time. I remain impressed by this defensive squad of SF. But if they want to win (SF) I would advise them to score at least 30 points
  10. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    The more I see this team the more I am impressed by the defense. If we dismiss the New Orleans game where the Saints scored 46 pts Robert Saleh has assembled this team at the top of the NFL without anyone expecting it. Garropolo, Kittles .... are rather disappointing in their performance. Without great defense SF would not be in the NFC championship game. I really thought that the attack would be the support of SF for the future. As a result I have no regrets that Kyle Shanahan did not sign in Denver. In 3 years he the attack strategy did not impress me
  11. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Dallas Cowboys invested so much in Jason GARRETT during almost 10 years for what ? 3 division titles / record 0-3 Post Season / 3 times 10+ W / 4 season 8-8 / 1 losing season / 85w 68 L/ The cowboys are the perfect exemple why 1 team doesn't want to invest in o,ne pers. The OC/HC need to succeed in 2 years . The 1st yea to make some splash and the 2nd must materialize what the OC/HC sees the things
  12. Broncos Forum Pick'em & Survivor Week 20 (Playoff)

  13. STANDINGS AFTER WILDCARD ROUND 1- French Fan 14 pts 2- Broncofan 9 pts 3- iLikeDefense 3 pts 4-broncos_fan_from_uk 1 pt 5- jsthomp2007 0 pt ........................................ You have 10 pieces. You can arrange it on the matches you want. Prohibition to put the whole on 1 single match (minimum bet 1 piece)The winnings will be:1 piece = 1 point2 pieces = 2 points3 pieces = 3 points ...................................... CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS TENNESSEE AT KANSAS CITY GREEN BAY AT SAN FRANCISCO
  14. Broncos Forum Pick'em & Survivor Week 19 (Playoff)

    What is your stake ?
  15. 2020 College Prospects

    I suspect FO to trade back if the top 3 OT have already been chosen. Ruggs by its speed is a nice option but the drop in potential in OT is so great that the temptation to recover a 2nd round to fill the defensive holes (CB-ILB) is very likely especially since the depth of the WR this year is important. The choices in FA will determine the draft policy. If they think the TOP 3 of OT is unaffordable they will pay in FA