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  1. 2020 College Prospects

    We can talk QB but the target for next draft is LB. Fangio clearly want a top ILB this is a master piece of his schemes. Even with top 3 pick i can't see Denver taking a QB. They have Flacco with a 10m dead money and Rookie 2nd round Lock. They dont move one or another.
  2. Random Thoughts

    If someone thinks is better than Flacco or Lock......he can't pick a 3rd string job with Indy. Even Paxton Lynch have a job .....good luck Chad ! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001056482/article/colts-waive-qb-chad-kelly-after-return-from-suspension
  3. Broncos Forum Pick'em & Survivor Week 3

    Week 3: Tennessee at Jacksonville Cincinnati at Buffalo Miami at Dallas Denver at Green Bay Atlanta at Indianapolis Baltimore at Kansas City Oakland at Minnesota New York (NYJ) at New England Detroit at Philadelphia Carolina at Arizona New York (NYG) at Tampa Bay Houston at Los Angeles (LAC) Pittsburgh at San Francisco New Orleans Seattle Los Angeles (LAR) at Cleveland Chicago at Washington Survivor: (New England, Baltimore) Dallas
  4. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    People forget that McMmanus MISS the PAT. If Skrine was not offside Denver lose by 1 point 13-12 ( or need to attemp and recover a onsidekick) No debate to take 2 pts conversion or not by Fangio. Mc Manus MISSED his extrapoint We lose the game with a bad call on Chicago last drive (roughing the passer) but the game was boring Offense and Defense. No pressure 0 sacks 0 turnover 2 TDS ,lacks effort in redzone after Raiders and Bears games Bolles and Leary penalties cost some drives. Bad play by Flacco inside the 5 yds line. Others teams in NFL play with their TE....Denver no. Heuerman and Fant when they catch are not the 1st option Pathetic inside defense. The good: Sanders / Sutton /Freeman/Wolfe/Simmons The bad: Bolles/Leary/ILB/OLB/Yiadom Non factor: Flacco / Lindsay / Fant / Harris Except Dolphins and Giants we are bad after 2 games. We need to be creative in offense tu put some points but this season will be long.....
  5. Broncos Forum Pick'em & Survivor Week 2

    Week 2 Tampa Bay at Carolina San Francisco at Cincinnati Los Angeles (LAC) at Detroit Minnesota at Green Bay Indianapolis at Tennessee New England at Miami Buffalo at New York (NYG) Seattle at Pittsburgh Dallas at Washington Arizona at Baltimore Jacksonville at Houston Kansas City at Oakland Chicago at Denver New Orleans at Los Angeles (LAR) Philadelphia at Atlanta Cleveland at New York (NYJ) Survivor: (BAL) : New England
  6. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    0 QB Hits 0 INT 0 Sack .......9 mn drive cover 98 yds !!!!!!! 3 plays in 35 mn at start the Half for OAK. The Def is not tired...but can't stop a rookie RB or TE coming from PS last year !!!!! Everybody praise Fangio for his defense . Where is Denver defense tonight ???? In Offense Flacco need to play with his TE . Hamilton lose balance in wide open field for at least 20 yds........ Fangio was outcoaching by Gruden , Scangarello adjust his offense at halftime but we need to score TD in redzone. 4 Trips 1 TD !!!!! After one game i think we are more disappointing than the last game last season !!! If we can't beat the Raiders we are just ahead of the Dolphins. We sucks. Time to regroup for next Sunday or this season will be long !!!
  7. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Probably Drew Lock stay on IR this season. Not ready to play in 2020. We need to be sure we have Flacco in the bbuilding and take the clipboard in 2021 for Drew
  8. Broncos Forum Pick'em & Survivor Week 1

    Tennessee at Cleveland Baltimore at Miami Atlanta at Minnesota Buffalo at New York (NYJ) Washington at Philadelphia Los Angeles (LAR) at Carolina Kansas City at Jacksonville Indianapolis at Los Angeles (LAC) Cincinnati at Seattle New York (NYG) at Dallas Detroit at Arizona San Francisco at Tampa Bay Pittsburgh at New England Houston at New Orleans Denver at Oakland Survivor: BALTIMORE
  9. Hall of Fame Game and other Preseason Matchups

    Hogan play for his future !! He will not be a Bronco after the cut ! Lock will be a back up and Rypien will be a 3rd. Denver not waive him with a risk to loose for nothing !
  10. R.I.P Pat Bowlen

    he wasn't just an owner he was THE DENVER BRONCOS !! Sad sad day !!! No other words. RIP Pat !!
  11. Let the Offseason Begin

    Xavien Howard sign a record deal and surpass Josh Norman what CHJ will dermand ? He wanted 15m/y ....we can imagine that demand would be a insane 15.5m/y now. We can think Denver would not overpaid for him at 30 years old. A trade with SF will be in the block for a 2nd round i take.
  12. 1.20 Noah Fant TE Iowa

    Fangio always said "NT in modern era doesn't exist. This is a hybrid position between DE and NT Before the draft the Devin's was considered a poor Roquan Smith and Fangio punt away the recrutement of Bush clearly at 1.10. Chubb is OLB and Miller too who shine when they have speed to beat OL and create mismatch for another DL. 4-3 would be Gotsis/Jones/Harris/Wolfe and 3-4 Gotsis/Harris/Wolfe in rotation Zack Kerr and Demarcus Walker if he improves
  13. UDFA tracker

    He will be 3rd QB. Grayson and Hogan will be cut. 3 QBs in 53 roster this year
  14. UDFA tracker

    Denver also signed former Tulane offensive lineman John Leglue, Nevada defensive end Malik Reed, Arkansas offensive tackle Brian Wallace, Wyoming tight end Austin Fort, Samford edge rusher Ahmad Gooden, Kansas inside linebacker Joe Dineen, East Central wide receiver Trinity Brinson, and Pitt fullback George Aston, according to multiple reports.
  15. Hollins will be OLB and ILB. Versatile and physical. So we have draft a need Grade B+ day 1 Grade A Day 2 Grade C+ Day 3 I didn't like the SF trade but if Fangio say yes i agree. I doubt for Winfree that he can top 53 roster. Practixe squad not sure. The Hollins pick is great