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  1. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    FitzTragic (or FitzMagic) to Miami. Giants say "Haskins no fit New York philosophy" smoke ? Trade back with Miami ? Any idea ?
  2. Let the Offseason Begin

    This is Billy Turner. Good backup at RT for me. Not a starter but can replace the starter better sometimes. Yes potential is reached not a futur all pro
  3. Let the Offseason Begin

    This is a great possibility. Miami have many holes in their roster and many dead cap. They certainly identified that they couldn't rebuild in 1 year. Tank for Tua but Tua is not Andrew Lock . They put their eggs in one basket...........this is not a great running for the GM .
  4. Let the Offseason Begin

    We need to take one. If you pick later this is not the answer for the long term and you need to suck in 2019 to have a good pick to take a QB next year. I want to succeed in 2019 not suck. All QB's are a risky move. Kyler Murray should be the 1st pick and Haskins cost too much draft picks to take him. Lock is 1 of the 3 first round this year. You need to gamble this year !
  5. Let the Offseason Begin

    No CB's will be in TOP 10 this year. Too high. Each player have weaknesses. 3/4 Players have potential for 2nd round + 3 TOP 15/30
  6. Let the Offseason Begin

    With these 2 moves we can conclude that Denver will not take a Corner or OT with the 10th pick. This is between Drew Lock , Devin White or DT (Oliver , Lawrence and Wilkins). One of them will be available. If we trade back potentially Adderly
  7. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    The question for Lock is: Can he progress ? Cutler was the same form start to finish. Murray cannot survive in NFL. The better prospect is D.White. But give me a QB and i take Lock with a good coaching he can be better than Cutler.
  8. Let the Offseason Begin

    Because Keenum salary is 50% for Denver. If denver cut him ,no one sign him less than 7m/y with guarantee. It's a great trade for both team. Denver jump 13m in cap space , Redskins have a QB for 2019 at great bargain (3/4m save)
  9. Josh Rosen

    The only problem for QB next year is you need to trade up (or suck next season) and invest to much on futur choice to be competitive during 5 yrs. With the 10th pick you have a possibility without trade up to take a QB. My preference is Devin White too but in 2nd choice i take Drew Lock
  10. Josh Rosen

    I agree. With the 10th pick this year and expectation that Broncos want , they need to draft Lock (Murray and Haskins are out of the picture at 10 without trading up). Except if Denver tank next year to take a QB in the top 5. Too risky to not take a QB this year at 10. We are not 1 player to go to SB. We don't have a QB for the future. Take 1 with this pick
  11. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    The man decide February 11th to play football just 4 days before starting spring trainning with athtletics. The football season is over since 1 month and expert pick him in the first round if he wants to play in NFL. Murray camp's say "Hey Kyler....you win more money in NFL in just 5 month. And Kyler say "Yes I want to play football". Kyler Murray is the Johnny Manziel 2.0 . Winner of Heisman trophy as Tebow that's all. NFL is not NCAA the competition is hard the men play theirs lives. The Kyler Murray show will be over before the season end. You dont play like this in NFL. Russell Wilson is taller and his hands are more longer. You could be a fan i respect your opinion but say Elway vision of QB's is archaic just because Murray not fit the Height fot him is outrageous
  12. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    He made the move to Flacco only because Keenum not fit what the new OC want. Traded for Flacco is now a good reason to not rich our 1st rounder in trading up to take a QB. If a QB that be clearly wanted is there at 10 i say 70/30 FO will go.
  13. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    Wrong. With a trade they can cut him with no dead money during the season. If Denver cut him the new team would have a guarantee money in his contract. Keenum is proven back up and journeyman . This type of players is important if your starter is out 3/4 games you can save a season. Many team will be a suitor for him. I still think we can trade Keenum for a 6th or 7th rounder to Arizona. We save money in trading him mor than cut him and Kingsbury have his guy for a backup who know him
  14. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    I don't think Pittsburgh choice will be TOP 15 next year. 2 first round between 15/20 is not an answer to trade up in 2020 for QBOTF. You can reach the 4th pick max not top 3. If the crop of QBs is really impressive you can bet some teams trade up into top 3 to secure a pick. Trade down yes but with a team that we have a chance will be TOP 10 next year. Washington/carolina/Miami or a team like Arizona who have already a QB and want a impact player with their 1.1 pick + an additional player this year
  15. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Elway like Lock a lot but i don't think he will trade up to take him with others area to improve. ILB-OT-CB. He will go BPA at 10 or jump 7/8 max to take Lock. In this case we take a young QB in 3rd ou 4th round if Lock is gone. Go with Keenum in 2019 and take a risk in 2020 draft to take the next franchise QB in trading up. Last year in this forum so many people dislike Josh Allen and is accuracy and now most of them think is a better prospect than Lock ?? Hmmmm....crazy !! I like a lot Josh last year but h his defaults are again a concern for me. ANd after 1 year i cannot determine if he is a starter in this league.