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  1. 2016: Pick26 : Paxton LYNCH ( Goff and Wentz gone 1 and 2 and none are today with their draft Team) 2017 : Pick 20: Garret BOLLES (BrownS-Bears-Jaguars-Titans (twice)-Jets-Panthers-Bengals pass on Mahomes and Watson) 2018: Pick 5 : Bradley CHUBB (Mayfield at 1 to Cleveland and Darnold at 3 with NY. 10 was Josh Rosen and...31 Lamar Jackson...even Ravens passed on him at 25) 2019: Pick 10 traded to Pittsburgh (Murray at 1 Jones at 6 , Haskins at 15) 2020: Pick 15: Jeudy (Burrow at 1 , Herbert at 6 and Love at 26) 2021: Pick 9: They pass on Justin Fields as so many teams
  2. Sorry but Detroit is going QB. They have an extra 1st round and are expected to deal with atlanta to move up. Geoff is not their long term QB. Attlanta want to move down . Perfect match
  3. Atanlta dealing with Detroit. The trade will come this week. Geoff is out after 2022. Detroit will take a QB and learn 1 year and see if 2022 is ready.
  4. Do you really mean what you say? Watson has a close of no trade but the last word goes to Houston. If they don't want to lose face they can let him sit on the bench all season. Unless at that moment Watson understands that his best interest is to go where Houston asks him. Plus you include Lock as you throw it away. Why would Houston want him when they can aim for Miami and pick 3 to have the QB of their choice? Any sense. Roll on the end of this saga.
  5. Average offense win championship .8 wins with no better than 11. If you look the winning team , SB 44-41-39-38-33-32-31 the O was better than the losing Team. But in these 7 SB , 39-38-31 the defense also was better. So he remains only 4 SB of 20 when The O dominates D. Conversely , 17 of 20 losing team have The O inside TOP 10. And 9 had D inside TOP 10 and 4 lose against a TOP 10 D. Only 4 Teams TOP 10 lose against a non TOP 10 Offense in 20 years. Conclusion. You want a winning season each year ? Take an elite QB . You want a chance at SB ? Built Defense. The o
  6. You really want to trade for Sam Darnold ? Even the Jets don't think he's their future. They prefer to pick a rookie if they don't have Watson. in season 3 Darnold has NEVER shown a single performance worth hoping for. At least Drew Lock showed a bit of it. He lacks consistency, but Darnold's only consistency is mediocrity. In 2018 57.7% 17Tds 15 Int In 2019 61.9% 19 Tds 13 int In 2020 59.6% 9 Tds 11 Int In addition if Watson does not finish in NY, the Jets will keep him in the back up of the rookie (wilson?) Or then he will have to pay a future 1st round. There remains a year
  7. I am tired of this DW trade. 1) he has a no trade clause and he said he prefers Miami 2) Switching with Hou is going to cost a lot of draft picks 3) For 3 years Fangio has been looking for his "roquan Smith" neither AJ nor Jewell are able to counter the TEs of the Division than his Kelce and Waller 4) After Callahan there is no Corner which is at the level of a holder 5) After Simmons and Jackson, who is in Safety? 6) DW + Simmons + Miller + Harris salary ...... impossible. 2 must leave which still leads to a weakening of the defense (already not super top outside the 20 yds) 7) Why take DW wh
  8. Never put your eggs in the same basket Watson in Denver is a clearly NO ! 1)The price is too steep 2)we haven't a deep roster (LB-DL-CB-S) 3)we have a QB in rookie deal that can perform well and need consistency 4) The next 2 salary cap would be diificult with Covi-19 and his salary 5) At the end of the day a QB can't win a SB alone (see how long Elway missed - Marino never- Manning 8 yrs .....) this is a TEAM win
  9. How many stop the defense made against KC ?? 2 ...and 1 was a TD (the first possesion). Continuing to change QB every year won't change anything Lock has been the best option since 2015. 0 pre season with a system he doesnt know, a disastrous line. How many RTs this season? Cushenberry 35 OUT OF 35 PFF. We can blame him for everything but when the only game plan was to let KC advance to the redzone and then only take "FG" (this is the reason why we are trying to convert at 2 pts and hopes we are 18-18 in the last Denver drive) it is a lamentable strategy . I have never been so bor
  10. Detroit at ChicagoCincinnati at MiamiNew Orleans at AtlantaLas Vegas at New York (NYJ)Jacksonville at MinnesotaCleveland at TennesseeIndianapolis at HoustonLos Angeles (LAR) at ArizonaNew York (NYG) at SeattlePhiladelphia at Green BayNew England at Los Angeles (LAC)Denver at Kansas CityWashington at PittsburghBuffalo at San FranciscoDallas at Baltimore Survivor: Ark Noe
  11. you quote me, I answer you. You have the truth. No one should and can contradict you. I will therefore no longer participate in this Forum. I will finish the predictions and for the rest ... good luck! You have lost a limb (but hey he's stupid it doesn't matter)!
  12. He was a 7th rounder (12 round in 1990) and move to TE after just 1 year (9 starts in 1991)because he was slow. They are 2 different player. I spoke just production not the same player when i said "new Shannon Sharpe".
  13. If you can find a great block by Fant ,i think you can find great plays by Drew Lock and perhaps see a possibility he can be great no ? or you know Lock sucks already ? I hope Fant will be a new Shannon Sharpe for Denver but for the moment he need to progress on his block and make more than this.
  14. Houston at Detroit Washington at Dallas Baltimore at Pittsburgh Las Vegas at Atlanta Arizona at New England Carolina at Minnesota Los Angeles (LAC) at Buffalo Cleveland at Jacksonville Tennessee at Indianapolis Miami at New York (NYJ) New York (NYG) at Cincinnati San Francisco at Los Angeles (LAR) New Orleans at Denver Kansas City at Tampa Bay Chicago at Green Bay Seattle at Philadelphia Survivor: Rocky III
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