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  1. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    I get the concern here and I'm not totally being serious in the sense that this is probably true. That was just more of a love proclamation for the player and what he could bring to a team then it was an actual serious do what it takes to get him into Green Bay lol.
  2. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    I'm on the please oh please do what it takes to get Kinlaw in Green Bay band wagon. I know everyone wants a WR but I want a Championship level defense that isnt going to give up 180 yards of offense before contact.
  3. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    After hearing Gutey say that the Packers will be more reserved in Free Agency this year so that they can keep the guys they have in house and then mentioning having to look at ILB really hard -- I feel Blake is done and GB will address this position in Free Agency but outside of that our money will be spent on keeping Bulaga and wrapping up Clark long term.
  4. I feel like Antonio Brown has really lost it. If all his problems inside the NFL and even outside of it were not enough for you, please reference the beginning of this Video where Antonio Brown is grabbing his junk believing he is Michael Jackson. Multiple personality disorder is a real problem and hopefully he seeks treatment REAL soon.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    So do I (Possibly Top 10) but for right now that's not where he's being projected by the draftnik community and since I'm not a scout for a living until he shreds the combine (and he will) I can hold on to that for a little bit and dream. Don't ruin this for me Cabbage!
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I'm on the sign an IDL/ILB in Free Agency and hope to god Kinlaw drops to you in the 1st or drops enough that you can trade up and go get him. Then you pound the rest of the draft and go Offense. Note: I'm aware Kinlaw probably makes it nowhere near us after the combine is said and done but for right now this is my dream and I'm going to live it for as long as possible.
  7. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Oh, it's fine, I don't mind. That's part of the divisional rivalry. I'm not opposed to it. Although, I think at the end of the day when I see my team not making it this far in the playoffs but a Divisional Rival doing so, I always root for them, not because I want them to win but because I'll feel better about us losing by them advancing! Plus, I'm a firm believer that the NFC North is the best division in football. So there's that too I suppose! lol.
  8. What would Dalvin Cook be worth in a trade?

    I personally feel a 3rd is about right for him. It doesn't matter how talented he is if he isn't available and his injury history has been pretty scary since coming into the league. I mean so much so that Alexander Mattison was getting over-drafted because people expected a Dalvin Cook injury. Talented when on the field but eventually especially as an RB those will catch up with him sooner as opposed to later. To me though, I wouldn't draft a QB before I fixed the offensive line or made some investments into it. Job is hard enough coming in Day 1 to make an impact let alone doing it while running for your life the entire game.
  9. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Is there an NFL player outside of Larry Fitzgerald that isn't arrogant that has been as good as Aaron Rodgers in his career? Let's be honest.
  10. NFL News & Notes

    Sounds reasonable.
  11. I'm going to Buffalo Wild Wings with family and friends to watch this game. I figure we're probably set to lose this game and under those circumstances, I want to be surrounded by alcohol and wings to drown my sorrows away. I figure if women get to drown themselves in Haagen-Dazs ice cream when they're emotional then as men we're equally entitled to do the same with Beer and wings.
  12. NFL News & Notes

    The same can equally be said for anyone who is pointing blame at the officer pressing charges. There are too many conflicting reports about the incident for there to be a definitive mocking of either party involved.
  13. NFL News & Notes

    ODELL BECKHAMWR, CLEVELAND BROWNS The New Orleans Police Department could withdraw Odell Beckham's arrest warrant. The officer involved does not want to press charges on Beckham, which should put this story to bed. For those who don't know, Odell smacked an officer on the backside while celebrating LSU's National Championship in the team's locker room. The police, the NFL, and the Browns were investigating the matter, but it looks like nothing will actually happen. The DA can't prosecute if the Officer doesn't want to press charges. Let's not act like the Officer wanted to pursue this and was shot down by the court system. That's not the way this played out.
  14. Wasn't Bulaga out for half that game and Bakhtiari was nursing an injury that affected his game? I think I read somewhere that he's really been back to his normal self the past 4 weeks or so.
  15. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Exactly this. Tyreek was widely considered a highly talented player in the draft. It was his character that caused him to drop, NOT his size.