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  1. Because the defense and time control isn’t what he was fighting against. He was just stating that weather wouldn’t be the reason GB struggled offensively.
  2. GM: BoB HC: Urban Meyer OC: Adam Gase DC: Greg Williams Bring on the headlines
  3. Bill O'Brien wasn't a bad coach from my recollection - He was just HORRIBLE when he had personnel decisions. Let him coach and let the GM staff do the personnel, may not be THAT bad.
  4. Facts, a lot of people said this same **** about Aaron when Brett was in town. You would think they'd learn their lesson but apparently not.
  5. Best of luck to you Joe! You will be missed unlike Justo 😂
  6. I think Brian Daboll could be a good hire here for Jacksonville.
  7. lmfao bro, literally read that just before coming in here.
  8. I think he was talking about in terms of being willing sellers
  9. Gonna need a rule put in place by any of our friendly team moderators. No pessimistic game day starter posts. This team is on a 6 game winning streak, try believing in them. No matter who they’re facing. A little koolaid and homerism is okay
  10. Dude, I’ve been saying this to anyone that will listen, since Day 2 of that draft. I swear it seemed the Packers were drafting with the intention that there would not be an NFL season due to Corona. It was a bet they made and it was also one they lost. However, I can get behind why they were in that mindset all things considered.
  11. As soon as the details of this “win win restructure” come out. I’ll surely do that
  12. Exactly what Love will be on next year when Rodgers is gone
  13. Again, nothing new here as it pertains to Russ Ball
  14. If there’s one thing the Packers are notorious for in their contracts, it’s front loading them and giving them easy outs on the back end. A 4 year contract that he only plays 3 of isn’t entirely out of the question and would be more beneficial to this team them trotting Love out there and depending on MVS / Rodgers / Lazard / Funchess and ESB to aid in his development. jmo
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