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  1. Belichick and Brady’s personalities are easy to hate. Reid and Mahomes are easy to love. So for me, it’ll never get to hate for the Chiefs
  2. Sounds like an excellent idea, many times in my professional career I have often thought, I just needed to be told that my company would no longer be needing my services in order for me to be motivated to actually do my job.
  3. Ravens vs Titans. You’re a colts fan and hold the same record as your divisional rival Titans. Root for the Ravens and if they win it gives you a more exciting game with the Packers and Colts because if your team wins you further separate yourself as the divisional leaders.
  4. Oh, I didn't even see you put this in the discussion thread. Mods feel free to delete my post regarding this tweet lol.
  5. I think the point of the thread is lost here. It was definitely aimed at the hilarity of the franchise fan bases working together and not so much how **** of a system the pro bowl voting is. lol.
  6. Answer: Because fans are petty af 😂
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/buzz-growing-that-prominent-college-coaches-could-make-jump-to-nfl-in-2021-amid-pandemic-fallout/ Names that we've all been thinking may make the jump to the NFL and never did, could actually be looking to do so in 2021.
  8. The key to the Vikings success was always going to go through Dalvin Cook and whether he can stay healthy. They're a tough football team and quite frankly, are VERY capable of being exactly what the Packers kryptonite has been under an MLF lead offense and Pettine lead defense. A tough, physical, defensively sound, ground and pound team.
  9. I don't even believe that "want" was actually anything more than people knowing that SEA likes big corners. It was your classic throw **** at a wall and hope it sticks type reporting.
  10. Nick_gb

    NFL Draft What Ifs

    The reincarnated Al Davis
  11. Don't by any means think that I WANT Aaron Rodgers to be traded. I just like the rest of the fan base will be absolutely heart broken when he takes his last snap with Green Bay. My thing is this: The Green Bay Packers front office has taken an approach that seems to be building towards the future of this team or rather life after Aaron Rodgers (See 2020 NFL Draft) If that is INDEED their intentions (to move on from him) WHEN do you make that move and WHEN is it best for your franchise? Do you trade him in the 2021 Offseason when his contract is certainly doable for a team like say Jacksonville with 2 high first round picks AND he's coming off a 2020 MVP caliber type season? It's a fine line to walk and knowing when to pull that trigger is arguably going to be the toughest business decision of any GM's career. Just last year, we were all saying Aaron isn't playing up to his contract and hasn't been for years. This year? We're seeing a different Aaron Rodgers (Thanks Gute for the Love pick to make that happen). You have to wonder if part of that isn't sitting in the back of their mind or if they've really moved on from that idea and are going with the "What have you done for me lately" mentality. I don't know, I personally found the take a bit interesting, not necessarily on cap savings but on the fact that he is indeed having an MVP caliber season and the compensation that could net for a team looking to build towards the future. Not that I want it to happen, it's just something you have to think about because the day is going to come when we do move on from him. It's not a matter of IF but WHEN and that WHEN is everything when making this decision.
  12. Don't look at the immediate impact of a 2021 trade - look at the contract it would create for a team looking for a QB and how enticing that may be for that team when it comes to trade compensation. That's the part I found most interesting and plausible. Certainly didn't care for the $5 million in savings for next year lol.
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