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  1. Dude, I’ve been saying this to anyone that will listen, since Day 2 of that draft. I swear it seemed the Packers were drafting with the intention that there would not be an NFL season due to Corona. It was a bet they made and it was also one they lost. However, I can get behind why they were in that mindset all things considered.
  2. As soon as the details of this “win win restructure” come out. I’ll surely do that
  3. Exactly what Love will be on next year when Rodgers is gone
  4. Again, nothing new here as it pertains to Russ Ball
  5. If there’s one thing the Packers are notorious for in their contracts, it’s front loading them and giving them easy outs on the back end. A 4 year contract that he only plays 3 of isn’t entirely out of the question and would be more beneficial to this team them trotting Love out there and depending on MVS / Rodgers / Lazard / Funchess and ESB to aid in his development. jmo
  6. You don’t think Adams is worth Hopkins money? With Aaron Rodgers likely playing his last season, you don’t think that kind of player would be beneficial to the development of Love and therefor you can’t put a price tag on it?
  7. The problem with this is that often times (more times then not) Quarterbacks are credited with wins by either the media or fan bases. For instance, take the NE Patriots SB win over Atlanta and that amazing comeback the PATRIOTS had but Brady gets the credit for. If that’s going to be the thought process then losses needed to be accounted for by those Quarterbacks as well. This can’t be a what he does good let’s discuss but let’s sweep the losses under the rug or discuss how we didn’t play well on all 3 phases type nonsense.
  8. They just hand out certificates for participation then?
  9. Did you even read his comment? He literally said "Aaron Rodgers WONT tank" -- That means, he's NOT, I repeat NOT "gonna give an unmotivated, uninspired, dispirited, casual an/or lethargic effort" INTENTIONALLY However, he then followed up with "but you likely wont get what you got last year". Meaning, that it wouldn't be surprising to see regression from the career year / MVP performance that Aaron Rodgers put on last season. That's not all that far fetched nor is it an unreasonable comment. In fact, it's probably true.
  10. With that kind of username, you should join in the conversation and contribute to it. Lead by bad example sir!
  11. People pretend otherwise because the media keeps spinning this stupid narrative about the Packers not having drafted an offensive player in the 1st round in 10 years. Apparently that's the only place to find talent in the draft? Really, the bulk of the blame falls on the media, the rest of it can go to ignorant fans who are incapable of forming their own opinion.
  12. If you're not going to go all the way, why go at all? - Joe Namath Matches up with all my first dates in life. Stupid 3 date minimum rule. 😞
  13. Then he retires and the trade doesn't happen. In other words? Rodgers actually holds cards on where he's dealt. This isn't just a Green Bay decision. Sorry @Old Guy
  14. I think you're misplacing your finger pointing here, the premises that fans have set their minds on in trade value is based off the media talking heads and what has been reported as what it would take Denver or Oakland to make that trade. It's the talking heads agenda of dramatic TV/News that is to blame here. Not really the fans.
  15. Well, that and he also used the word “if” Rodgers comes back prior to that. It’s almost as if he talked about 2 different possibilities of the scenario using if he doesn’t and when he does to do it. I mean people will probably look more into the when as that’s what everyone wants but at the end of the day there’s nothing here that’s too telling. At least in my opinion.
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