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  1. He listed GB first! He’s signing with GB confirmed! 😂
  2. That’s a lot of change - An offer like that has to be from a non contender right?
  3. I don’t even remember when the last time a Running Back got a 2nd contract and it was worth it ... Just not a good financial decision for a team strapped on cash that just spent a 2nd on a RB
  4. That's the thing though, I don't think anyone is expecting him to remain on this team at that price. The argument here isn't whether we should keep him at that price, it's whether we should cut him out right or look to get that cap hit/pay down. Everyone automatically jumps to the conclusion that he should be cut, but he's a valuable piece of this defense even at 50% of the snaps and provides us valuable depth IF you can get that price down.
  5. Tom Silverstein seems to think Packers aren't making the Watt to Green Bay thing a reality.
  6. This - Restructure makes way more sense imho
  7. Put Watson on that team and that offense may be better than the Chiefs
  8. With the new minimum $180 million things are looking better and better
  9. Guess you chose not to read the tweet that followed all of that eh?
  10. Sorry, not sorry? 😂
  11. Seems to make sense, you're having to crawl through 500 yards of the piles of sh** Easterby and BoB left behind. May as well Glam it up with a Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe or Raquel Welch poster (Which ever suits your liking).
  12. That's a thing? I was unaware that it was impossible to pay a true #1 WR and a Franchise QB? Also, I think ANYONE in Watson's situation would want out of that really quick. I'm sorry but in a position where your Front Office was made up by a guy who prayed his way in, is not the right business foundation to succeed in the NFL. In that case, I vote we all hold daily prayer meetings with @ET80 and get him to be the next Easterby replacement. C'mon man.
  13. I respect that, I mean we're all entitled to our opinion and I respect that you can't see them falling that far, in fact that's a very real possibility. They're both high upside type of players at a premium position. Easy to see why you'd feel that way.
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