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  1. Haven’t seen anything about that? Last I saw something like that was 3-4 years ago but nothing recently.
  2. Wtf is a vacation without drinking? That aint my vacation, nope! 😂
  3. We’ll, with your drinking problem you probably feel a lot older than 35. 😂
  4. I’m 37 and feel 68, so I totally feel your pain. 😂
  5. Yeah, pretty much this. Anyone who thinks that Mark Murphy just "over talked" and "complicated" the matters, that isn't the case. He knew what he was saying and he sure knew what he was doing. Mark Murphy is a lot of things (goofy looking included) but the one thing he isn't? A dummy, the guys calculated.
  6. How would anyone expect them to do well if Aaron Rodgers is traded? Defeats the purpose of the thread.
  7. Confirmed, SD Wins it this year & Denver next year 😂
  8. It’s not childish to inform you that you were wrong. That’s called educating you. I understand that you may find being corrected childish, but you finding it insulting is actually what is childish
  9. Yeah, not true.... but keep ramblin about things you’re unsure of.
  10. I'm actually encouraged by the check down talk and I don't understand why reporters wouldn't. It's a sign that he's going through his progressions, a huge knock on him last year was that he was always looking for the big play and playing hero ball. The fact that the complete opposite is being reported out of what people are seeing, is a sign that he's learning and he's being coached.
  11. Standing up for the people, is doing what Kaepernick did and giving up millions to start a social movement no one agreed with until last fall. Not sitting out because your ego got attacked or because there aren’t guarantees on your contract that keep your job safe. Only quoted you because I agree with what you’re stating here.
  12. I would tend to agree with this. I think they probably worded it in a way that could be construed by someone sensitive as saying "We're good, we like the status quo, thanks for asking" statement. I think there's some truth to what was said, but I full heartedly believe it wasn't anything like what is being reported and what's being reported is nothing more then us seeing Aaron Rodger's sensitive side through the media. If anything, the way these reports are coming out should prove to all of you that it's coming from Aaron Rodgers camp and not the Packers.
  13. Having grown up in Europe (Netherlands) and spending most of my college time abroad, I have to agree with this.
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