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  1. THIS guy!? I quit. Congrats DP!! Looking forward to working together to perma-ban half of this sub-forum by the time we're 1 quarter into the season!
  2. Boston Sports Thread

    But then again, who needs a bullpen when there's Rafael Devers!
  3. Boston Sports Thread

    So frustrating to watch Matt Barnes blow Sale's gem. Offense isn't doing anything granted but this is just torture.
  4. I'm gonna try to get him in every fantasy league I'm in. Knock on wood he's gonna absolutely tear it up this year.
  5. Patriots Pre-season Week 1 - Jaguars GDT

    Absolutely pumped for that. I feel like the media is sleeping on Burkhead a little bit with all that Gillislee is being talked up.
  6. This Ain't Pats Talk

    Technically not Pats talk but Big Vince announced his retirement yesterday. And looks like he's got a new career lined up
  7. Boston Sports Thread

    6 in a row for the Sox. And another quality start from Doug Fister!
  8. Patriots Training Camp Thread

    HBD to the GOAT. Great article: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20222434/tom-brady-40th-birthday-stories-never-heard-nfl-2017-new-england-patriots
  9. Boston Sports Thread

    What a wild game. Devers and Nunez are on a tear
  10. Rob Ninkovich Announcing Retirement

    Such a well-respected guy and a great, underappreciated player for many years. From a football perspective this was probably the right time for him to retire but they'll definitely miss his leadership and experience.
  11. Boston Sports Thread

    @I_GET_SAX this is 100% your fault
  12. Boston Sports Thread

    Big series with the red hot Royals starting tomorrow. Hopefully Price can get them off to a good start
  13. Patriots Training Camp Thread

    Probably won't make it this year. Looked like a good crowd out there today though, probably the most anticipated season since '07