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  1. General Talk Thread

    This decade as a Pats fan was wild, and it all happened here for me. The nucleus of the team came together, painful close calls, that magical SB49, then ripping off one of the most dominant stretches in NFL history. 3 rings, 4 of 5 SBs. All without elite hamstrings.
  2. I hope they can get something for Michel this offseason. Whatever you think of him as a player, you just can't justify a one dimensional RB with the 31st overall pick. I would rather go into next year with Burkhead and Harris carrying the early down load in the backfield and (hopefully) recouping like a 2nd rounder (hey, if Sanu is worth one...)
  3. Bowl Season- Prospect Discussion

    The last time Belichick had this much time to scout the upcoming draft class, we ended up with McCourty and Gronk with our first two picks.
  4. WC: Titans at Pats

    Lol there's no underlying message, just the facts. He's the best coach of all time but he's not perfect. Clock management is and has been a blind spot, much like drafting wide receivers.
  5. WC: Titans at Pats

    Belichick lost them that game. No aggressiveness on 4th down (passed up 3 opportunities by my count of 3-4 yards to go, including the FG at the goal line). Totally outmaneuvered by Vrabel with the clock in the 4th quarter, and the worst of all: taking the penalty on 2nd down to make it 2nd and 13 on that last Titans drive, when they had the clock stopped 3rd and 8 if he had just declined it. The timeout saved would've been WAY more valuable than the 5 yards, but he took the penalty and they got a first down anyway with us down a timeout we should've had. I've never loved his clock management, back to the Jets loss in the 2010 playoffs, but this was inexcusable.
  6. WC: Titans at Pats

    I'll be there. Pats by 20. This team didn't put it all together until Week 16 last year, why not two weeks later this time around.
  7. General Talk Thread

    OBJ for Sanu and a future 1st in the offseason.. thoughts? That might be the carrot they need to get Brady back in the fold.
  8. Here we go again

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/10/report-patriots-video-focuses-on-bengals-sideline-for-eight-minutes/ Fun!
  9. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    I think Ernie Adams saw this live and told him to challenge
  10. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    I mean, if they want to burn challenges over that when they only get 2 a game, let 'em. That kind of leeway benefits the Belichick coached teams a lot more than, say, the Freddie Kitchens coached teams.
  11. Here we go again

    Yeah this is (once again) a giant nothingburger, but I fully expect to be out another 1st rounder when all is said and done.
  12. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    It's the way the league structured the rules for challenges. In that situation the Pats could only challenge "first down or no first down" and not where the officials marked him down. The spot of the ball only becomes relevant if the replay determines it wasn't a first down. It's kinda dumb but the idea as far as I can tell was to cut down on coaches challenging over a couple of feet or inches unless a first down was on the line.
  13. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    No idea why they don't have multiple plays in every game to get him the ball in space, he knows how to navigate and really tough to bring down 1 on 1. Even if he doesn't have the nuances down yet, just play him a bit like CP last year for now. Somewhat related note, I hope they rest Sanu next week. He's clearly not 100% and as we saw in the Baltimore game when he's healthy Brady will look his way and he can get the job done. Less a matter of reps with him and more getting the ankle right, the other guys need to get it together. Dorsett should be benched, he was beyond a non-factor today.
  14. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    Man, that game was there for the taking. Refs obviously didn't help but the offense still had chances to punch it in and didn't execute. Meyers has to make that catch in the end zone, and I put the last play of the game mostly on Edelman, he has to be looking for the ball and coming back to it a bit so the DB can't poke it away at the last minute. Defense played their tails off almost the whole game and basically the entire 2nd half, the Hardman TD was really the only time they got burned (not great again from Jon Jones on that one but I thought he responded well the rest of the game). There was a lot to be positive about though, and as long as they keep HFA over the Chiefs I like our chances in a rematch. On to Cincinnati