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  1. It ended up being a 1 year $11.4M deal from the team's side - so at least it hit eight figures.
  2. It's almost like they structured that 9-digit deal to let them trade him for little/no cap hit only 1 year in 🤷‍♂️ Without any knowledge of the inner workings, that was very likely a Kraft-driven deal, with Belichick OKing it as long as he had a reasonable out.
  3. Yeah that was the time to do it too. Jimmy was out the door, they had already picked up Wynn a few picks earlier and had multiple Day 2 picks. But man, at least pick the RB who was the lead guy at Georgia.
  4. Sure it was a simplification, but if you really want to dissect it Bledsoe was never Belichick's guy and he was pretty close to benching Drew on merit by all accounts. Really the big difference is the gigantic balls on Belichick staking his middling head coaching career on a kid while publicly snubbing the owner's golden boy.
  5. Man how disappointing in hindsight that they took Sony when Lamar, Nick Chubb, and Darius Leonard went in the next five picks..
  6. Getting COVID and not having any weapons are excuses to a point. But he never looked like he had a grip on the offense, and you could tell how much McDaniels simplified everything throughout the year. I'm not sure that's something a "normal" offseason fixes.
  7. Did Brady grab the job after Bledsoe went down and never give it back? That's all that was meant.
  8. Could absolutely see Mac pulling a Brady if Cam goes down at some point. Grab the job and never give it back.
  9. Agreed. If he stayed in school I think he'd have gone much higher next year. Really shrewd pick
  10. Would be happy with a trade down, but if someone like Ojulari or Owusu-Koramoah is there at 45 that would be hard to pass up. If they go receiver I hope it's Amari Rodgers
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