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  1. Boston Sports Thread

    Agreed. I'm terrified we end up with a Cody Allen type as our new closer. Don't buy them going with Barnes, especially now he's established a bit of consistency in that primary set-up role
  2. Boston Sports Thread

    Not astronomical if/when he tells them he's not signing a supermax extension this summer
  3. I'm Proud to be a New England Patriots Fan

    But all they have to do every year is just win one home playoff game coming off a bye!
  4. GameDay Thread: Patriots vs. Chargers

    We're on to Kansas City
  5. Wild Card Weekend

    Bears deserved better. But tbh they had their chance to move on from Parkey and didn't so 🤷‍♂️
  6. Wild Card Weekend

    Philip Rivers is 0-7 against Tom Brady, I don't see the breakthrough coming in January on the road, whatever the Chargers road record this season might tell you.
  7. 2010 was one of the most frustrating bc they were SO good. And then couldn't beat the Jets at home in the Divisional Round, easily one of Belichick's single worst coaching performances of his career.
  8. Boston Sports Thread

    Crowd went absolutely nuts at the Cs game last night for the boys. Loudest cheer by far was for Price.
  9. Trade Deadline Thread

    I do think they would've made a move, but the pieces they wanted no one was selling. Didn't see many coverage LBs or corners get dealt. Snacks would have been a fun guy to get (and somehow only went for a 5th) but they've already got plenty of depth at his spot (if not top end talent).
  10. World Series: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Boston Red Sox

    Timing worked out great there with Devers not really breaking out until last year. Kopech was definitely the guy they were least excited to give up in that deal. I really hope he recovers fully, that guys stuff is absolutely nuts.
  11. World Series: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Boston Red Sox

    One thing that gets somewhat overlooked, and It's definitely still early for both players, but taking Benny off the table and letting go of Moncada in the Sale trade was huge.
  12. I went to Oregon for golf this summer and I never wanted to leave
  13. Sooooo we're not calling that push off? K
  14. MNF Week 8: Patriots @ Bills

    Give me more TB12 blocks