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  1. Favorite team: Patriots Week 3: Vikings
  2. GDT: Week 2 Patriots head to the Jungle

    Sky isn't falling guys. This team will be fine
  3. I don't think Belichick and Gordon are a good fit.
  4. Favorite team: Patriots Week 2: Saints
  5. Favorite team: New England Patriots Week 1: Rams
  6. Yeah this works for me. Thought he was a little overdrafted last year going in the 3rd but definitely some tools to work with. Michigan connection with Brady can't hurt, right?
  7. Jordan Richards Traded to Falcons

    By all accounts a great guy but consistently overmatched when he got in on defense, particularly in the Super Bowl. Hope he does well in Atlanta
  8. I was worried about how much re-signing him was going to cost, but this is a steal compared to what he might have fetched on the open market next spring. Kudos to Belichick Caserio et al.
  9. Eric Decker Retires

    Yeah this is fine by me. They will be fine until Edelman gets back, Gronk will get plenty of attention in the meantime.
  10. Patriots Release WR Malcolm Mitchell

    Wish him the best. Don't win the 5th without him
  11. Training Camp Battle - Left Tackle

    Trent Brown is massive 👀
  12. Yeah I would say the Giants one because of the revenge factor and seeing goddamn Eli winning a second Super Bowl. But all things equal LII was way more disappointing considering the talent of last year's team and how well the offense played. 2011 team talent wise didn't belong in the Super Bowl.
  13. Offseason Review - Grade it!

    B- Defense, specifically the front seven, needed more help. Solid moves that will likely keep them on top of the AFC though.
  14. 2018 Free Agency Rumors and Discussion

    Well the Rams just extended Cooks, 5 years $80 mil. Glad we're not on the hook for that.
  15. Boston Sports Thread

    Mookie MVP?