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  1. Bengals, feel a lot better going against a team that doesn't face us twice a year already.
  2. Sean McDermott with absolutely no ability to coach in big spots. Didn't adjust to effectively stop the run for three full quarters. Lit a timeout on fire by challenging that QB sneak, that might've been handy at the end there. Don't think I'll ever be worried about the Bills with that guy at the helm.
  3. Tag and then walk is my guess. They're not paying top dollar when he (eventually) hits the market. Hopefully they're able to draft someone next year, it's looking like a deep class at corner.
  4. When was the last time a rookie RB looked as impressive for us as Rhamondre? So good already
  5. I would be mildly surprised if they don't give him a run at LT, Wynn has been disappointing.
  6. Agreed. Week 1 against Miami will probably start simple enough, that's not going to be an easy game to win if we go behind. But I think by Week 6 or so Mac will be running pretty much the full offense.
  7. Anyone think Justin Fields would be ready to run this offense Week 1? LFG
  8. No it was clearly an error to pass on Fields, who needs to see actual NFL experience to make that determination? 🙄
  9. I think Week 1 is too soon, but he will start at some point this year and I don't see Cam winning that job back.
  10. I don't think he has 2 elite years left, unless he was playing through injuries last year he definitely lost a step. I'm not sure this team's timeline matches up with Julio given where he is in his career.
  11. It ended up being a 1 year $11.4M deal from the team's side - so at least it hit eight figures.
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