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  1. As much as this sucks (esp Mason), finally some common sense protocols.
  2. Favorite team: Patriots Week 6 pick: Patriots
  3. Favorite team: Patriots Week 5 pick: Texans
  4. Favorite team: Patriots Week 4 pick: Ravens
  5. Favorite team: Patriots Week 3 pick: Packers
  6. Yeah in no world is OBJ worth a 1st rounder with his contract. I think we're gonna find that Cam can make do with even less at the WR position than Brady did at the end. The threat to run just opens up so much more than we've ever seen from this offense.
  7. Favorite Team: Patriots Week 2 Pick: Cardinals
  8. Favorite Team: Patriots Week 1 pick: Steelers I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  9. Gonna surprise some folks on Sunday. Pats by 14
  10. Just waiting for a @Canadian_Patriot sighting to confirm the world is, indeed, ending
  11. I thought they might make this move, if the $$ wasn't an issue. I don't think it's an indictment of Stidham either, they just don't really know what they have in him at this point. And you're only gonna push a guy so much when the main competition is Brian Hoyer.
  12. Could happen. But I think they would prefer Cam Newton if they go in a non-Hoyer/Stidham direction.
  13. Sad day. What we've gotten over the last 20 years won't ever happen again and so much of that came down to #12. There will be plenty of time, and justified excitement and anticipation for the future of the team. But damn this sucks right now.
  14. Omg that Tannehill deal. I can't tell if that's good or bad news for us. Yeah the Titans aren't in play but if that's the kinda deal someone gave Tannehill wtf is out there for Tom from like Tampa...
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