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  1. Boston Sports Thread

    Agreed. They had so many opportunities to get that game close and just couldn't execute. Missed dunks, layups, open 3's, you name it. The foul on Morris when he hit that 3 was horrendous too, but the refs were bad throughout.
  2. Boston Sports Thread

    Can already tell the intensity is much higher for this game. Let's get it.
  3. Boston Sports Thread

    I hate the way the NBA schedules this crap. You're making me wait four days for the next game!?!? Terrible.
  4. Boston Sports Thread

    Do you guys do this hypothetical trade? I can't decide. I truly think the team as it is now is a legitimate championship contender in 1-2 years. But do you pass on the opportunity to get a top 10 player and perennial DPOY candidate in his prime?. The obvious risk with Leonard is whatever the hell this year was, but assuming they can figure out his quad and are happy with the medical is this a trade you do? I think if they can guarantee re-signing Smart I would ultimately do it. Considering Rozier is likely gone after next year if he isn't traded before then (no way he passes on a chance to start elsewhere even if we match the money), Morris is replaceable, and it still leaves us with 3 first rounders in 2019, including a likely top 5 ish pick from Sacramento. Assuming Anthony Davis is off limits for the next few years, and I certainly don't see Giannis going anywhere, I think Kawhi is the clear guy target this offseason and I could definitely see it happening. Tatum would be a dealbreaker for me tho, as much as losing Jaylen would hurt I think it's clear which of those two should be untouchable.
  5. Boston Sports Thread

  6. Boston Sports Thread

    6 point underdogs again tonight. What a joke. Cs in 4
  7. Boston Sports Thread

    B's gotta have a win tonight, need Tuukka to show up bad
  8. Premature Roster Prediction (53- Man Roster)

    Yep, Reid or Vaccaro would fit the bill nicely.
  9. Premature Roster Prediction (53- Man Roster)

    Can't see them rolling with only 3 safeties with how many big nickel packages we run on defense. Which makes the lack of new faces at safety this offseason all the more frustrating! Also think one of Hill and Gillislee makes the roster, Belichick definitely likes to have at least one bruiser on the roster.
  10. Games

    Eff that game
  11. Two more picks today, following this morning's trade with the Niners. I bet we see some sort of trade back from one of the 2nd round picks.
  12. DRAFT DAY- Round 1 Discussion

    Didn't think he'd be on our radar with the fumbles but I don't hate it. Wonder how they plan on using him.
  13. DRAFT DAY- Round 1 Discussion

    Plenty of value here on both sides of the ball. My gut is saying Josh Jackson
  14. DRAFT DAY- Round 1 Discussion

    We're on the clock again!