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  1. Boston Sports Thread

    Agreed. Really happy it's not the Yankees. Obviously hindsight is 20/20 and he was pitching like trash for most of the season but looks like a huge missed opportunity for the Sox not trying to swing a trade for Verlander. Obviously would've crowded the rotation for next year but stuff always comes up. You've got Rodriguez out for a while now and who knows what you're getting from Porcello moving forward.
  2. Boston Sports Thread

    I would absolutely make a run at Nerlens. Would have his Bird Rights next summer too if he plays well.
  3. Boston Sports Thread

    Yeah. Annoying to see the Tanakas and Sabathias pitch lights out while Sale struggled down the stretch and our reigning Cy Young winner was garbage all season.
  4. Boston Sports Thread

    Season's not over. Tatum is gonna get a ton of minutes which is ultimately a great thing. Jaylen too. Smart gets a chance to be an even bigger part of the offense in a prove-it year. Kinda sad that I'm already at the "this wasn't gonna be our season anyway" phase but I do think this makes us a much better team next year if Hayward is back at 100%.
  5. Boston Sports Thread

    Hayward's season is over. I'm sick to my stomach
  6. Boston Sports Thread

    Yeah I'm optimistic if Cora is the guy. Ultimately agree with mcmurtry, next season will come down to whether Dave can trade for a Stanton or an Abreu. Don't want Hosmer, don't see Martinez happening. If we're trading away our young big league talent, I would start with Bradley and then Bogaerts. Don't want Benintendi or Betts going anywhere.
  7. Boston Sports Thread

    I doubt the Ausmus hire will have any influence on his decision here. They know Varitek, and if he wants the job I'm sure he'll be under strong consideration. Cora is a question mark but is clearly pretty well-regarded given what's out there. Really wish they could've held onto Lovullo for one more year, he would've been perfect. And for the love of god, no Ron Gardenhire
  8. Boston Sports Thread

  9. Boston Sports Thread

    This needs to be a tie game before the rain delay. Should've had 3-4 runs in the first few innings
  10. Boston Sports Thread

    Oh hey Bogaerts
  11. Boston Sports Thread

    Works for me. A potential Game 5 would stay on Wednesday I assume? Pomeranz would be on normal rest, but I don't have a great feeling with him given how the last few weeks have gone for him. Velocity down and trending further down.
  12. Boston Sports Thread

    Just need Porcello to give them a solid start tomorrow and it's anyone's series. Huge game from Hanley.
  13. Boston Sports Thread

    Annoying loss. They need Pomeranz to come up aces tomorrow
  14. Boston Sports Thread

    No Matt Barnes 👍
  15. Boston Sports Thread