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  1. No doubt, those two especially. I do like Mahomes, and he never had much of a chance tonight with how the backup OL crumpled against that defensive front. But he was bad, and I don't think you could ever say that about Brady in a playoff game, let alone a Super Bowl. Long way to go before #15 enters any meaningful conversation. This game really summed up the Kelce/Gronk "debate" so nicely too. One can't block and racks up ultimately meaningless junk stats. One blocks his *** off to spring the running game all night, all while putting up two scores and a bunch of key conversions. In the en
  2. Man these threads always tickle me. There seems to be one every few years or so, and never any shortage of "bUt hE's NoT rEaLLy tHaT gOoD". Just enjoy the greatness, we're not gonna see anything like it for a long time.
  3. That was so thoroughly enjoyable. We've seen plenty of wannabe dynasties try to climb the mountain over the years, but there was something extra satisfying about seeing this Chiefs team just lay a giant turd for 60 minutes in the biggest game they'll ever play. Run it back... to the drawing board ✌️
  4. A) That's awesome, big congrats!! B) Not really, I check in when I can but this year has been... yeah wild times. Here's hoping the world (and BB) gets it together in 2021. Hope everyone's doing well 👊
  5. What a mess. Hope they get their guy in the draft, I'm not sure another year of this offense is watchable.
  6. As much as this sucks (esp Mason), finally some common sense protocols.
  7. Yeah in no world is OBJ worth a 1st rounder with his contract. I think we're gonna find that Cam can make do with even less at the WR position than Brady did at the end. The threat to run just opens up so much more than we've ever seen from this offense.
  8. Favorite Team: Patriots Week 1 pick: Steelers I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
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