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  1. Gronk announces retirement

    Best tight end in NFL history. 3 rings, should've and would've been 4 if he was healthy for that Giants one, not to mention when he almost dragged us there single-handedly that day in Denver when the o-line was tipping the snap and Steven Jackson was the featured back. Unplayable. Wouldn't rule out a Week 10 reunion but if this is the end, it was one helluva ride.
  2. Revamping WR - Who should we target?

    Given they just won the Super Bowl with all the issues they had at the receiver position, and with ~$12 mil in cap space to work with at the moment, I'm definitely glad they didn't drop $9 mil a year on Adam Humphries.
  3. Revamping WR - Who should we target?

    Thank god we didn't go there
  4. 2018/19 Europe Thread - It begins again

    Just stopping by to say... 😂
  5. What if NE stuck with Vinatieri?

    SB42 probably would've gone differently, Belichick probably kicks a field goal with Vinatieri on 4th and 10 from the 30. But butterfly effect and all that, I know. Otherwise, we've been better having Gostkowski on the whole these past 13 seasons, big game misses notwithstanding. I don't know if Vinatieri's career ages as well if he was kicking outdoors at home.
  6. Who stays? Who goes?

    I think Trent Brown and Hogan are gone. CP and Dorsett I think will be back, but it'll depend on money. One of Malcom Brown and Shelton will stay for cheap. Everyone else I think is back, except I think Gostkowski has kicked his last field goal for us. My money is on Assumption College's finest, Cole Tracy being your starting kicker in 2019.
  7. Best offensive lineman of the Pats dynasty?

    Tough to say right now. Total body of work is probably Matt Light right now but I think when all is said and done it might be Thuney.
  8. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    This isn't even the worst defense Belichick has made a Super Bowl with. Of those I'd say it's actually been the 2nd best this decade after 2014, the way they're playing now. Way more confidence in that unit than 1 year ago.
  9. Rebuilding the Patriots

    TJ Hockenson. He should definitely be a target at 31/32 based on what I've seen. Shades of 87
  10. Rebuilding the Patriots

    I think it'll depend on what their evaluation of Wynn is based on his preseason pre-injury, but I think there's a pretty good chance Brown signs elsewhere, unless he takes a Cannon-type deal slightly below market value. Flowers has to be the priority, no holds barred.
  11. Rebuilding the Patriots

    His hands measured in TINY at the Senior Bowl. Under 8 inches. Guy is nails but I don't know that I'd spend a draft pick on him.
  12. I think that had more to do with the personnel that '07 Giants team had. Brady torched his defense in 2015 and he was the secondary coach for the Ravens in 2014 for that huge divisional round performance
  13. 2013: 29-40, 296, 1 TD 1 INT 2017: 32-45, 307, 2 TD 0 INT Small sample size but nah
  14. I mean that's a smart move if he's interested -- is there a single defensive coach out there with a better track record against Brady?
  15. They hate us cuz they ain't us