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  1. Hello, I purchased an 8x10 signed photo for a few bucks at a collectors store that is mostly Ohio State Buckeye items. The picture features a Tampa Bay defensive lineman #96 pass rushing against Phil Loadholt of the Vikings. This is when the Bucs wore their MG patches. It won’t let me upload a picture. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Yearly expansion draft game

    I would expect Trever Siemian to be available from Denver.
  3. Yearly expansion draft game

    No Cravens?
  4. Yearly expansion draft game

    I ask this every year and figured I would ask again this year... What if there was an NFL Expansion Draft this off-season? Which five players would your team leave exposed to the new franchise. While it is easy to select your five worst players, typically an expansion features attempts at dumping large contracts. Also, history says, that it has been common for teams to work out agreements to see a player selected or not selected either with draft picks or like in the Texans Expansion Draft where the Jets left lineman Ryan Young unprotected if the Texans also selected Aaron Glenn. Have fun.