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  1. Looking back at 49ers possible OBJ trade

    Probably contract, that was a big part of why he wanted out of Pittsburg and then the Bills made a deal for him then couldn't work out the contract to make him happy.
  2. Should the 9ers have traded the second overall for OBJ? Would the Giants have then taken Jones in that spot?
  3. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    So I just happen to have all three RBs impacted by the recent trade Hyde, Yeldon, and Chubb and one RB spot half ppr I'm confused as to what to do this week.
  4. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Who do you like this week out of these QBs? Wilson vs Ari Manning vs NO, Fitzpatrick vs Chi, Mayfield vs Oak, Tannehill vs NE, Keenum vs KC Pick one favorite and second favorite. I'm trailing right now and need some points!
  5. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Do I start Mahomes or Garappolo? Looking for a flex out of G. Allison, Enunwa, Corey Davis, or Pettis no PPR. And lastly, is it worth picking up Crowder or Fuller to drop Barber or Carson? RIght now at RB I have Drake and Coleman as my starters, J. Williams and Fornette this one half ppr.
  6. For instance Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders because they are both startable and if one goes down the other will see more targets. Or would you avoid it because they have the same bye week.
  7. Joining a FF league

    What is iirc?
  8. Joining a FF league

    Where can I join a league with 2RB, 3WR, no FLEX format?
  9. Since rules on hitting have changed and its turned to more of a passing league than it was back then its assumed defenses especially linebackers have changed from more bigger harder hitting guys to more guys that are quicker to the ball. I'm not sure if this would have changed whether he would have had more success or not I"m just throwing it out there as a possible factor
  10. Just wondering since we haven't really seen anything like him since. Defenses are faster now than they were in the 90s.
  11. Dolphins reveal new uniforms

    Classic Dolphins look way better
  12. Flacco's fault?

    It does seem like whenever they have a good Oline player they end up getting paid by another team. Should Flacco have said "hey if you pay this guy to stay I'll take a paycut." have teams ever made deals with players like that?
  13. Flacco's fault?

    I would like to preface this by saying I'm not writing this trying to troll anyone's team but I heard on talk radio today that Joe Flacco is a scumbag for ignoring Lamar Jackson and not agreeing to help him and that its his fault the Ravens drafted a QB because he stinks and he's the reason they haven't had success lately. Is it or is the blame more deserving to another individual/individuals?
  14. Jaguars reveal new uniforms

    Very plain and unimaginative uniform!
  15. Say hello to the Titans new uniforms

    Navy blue helmet doesn't look bad. What I have a problem with is now the predominant colors are navy blue, silver, and gray which is really bland to look at. the Texans are already predominantly navy with navy helmets. way to look just like another team in your division--looking at you browns and bengals. Plus why do so many teams have so many colors now. Navy blue, light blue, gray, silver, red, white just pick like three colors and stick with them.