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  1. What are the chances Ryan Fitzpatrick gets traded? Cowboys or Patriots?
  2. Would you also recommend trading Dak for Kyler?
  3. I'm in a two QB league, I drafted both Mahomes and Dak not knowing they have the same bye week. Should I trade Mahomes for Lamar Jackson or Dak for Russell Wilson straight up?
  4. Who has the best matchup this weekend in half ppr out of: McCleurin vs Phi, A.J. Brown vs Den, Lockett vs Atl, C. Ridley vs Sea, Woods vs Dal, Kupp vs Dal?
  5. Not digging them much. Overall I would say it's a lateral move instead of an upgrade. The giant white stripe on the side of the pants looks especially bad. But at least they didn't go all Bucs 2015 that will forever be the benchmark of horrible uniforms.
  6. I haven't heard people saying that. I could see it as the way people write/text/message online as a lot of words are shortened or abbr. when people type them instead say them. Still I think it looks odd on jersey.
  7. You read my mind. I've been thinking this for years.
  8. Why not just spell the whole name of the city? It's like 4 more letters. Are they being cheap or what?
  9. Instead of all pewter they should have gone creamsicle with the same helmet. That would have looked interesting!
  10. I think they're an improvement. We can't ask for much more than that after the horror that was the Bucs uniform unvailing 5 years ago.
  11. They should just go with a turd emoji for their logo with a ton of pewter and orange borders because that's what my expectations are.
  12. I have Goff, Winston, Wentz and I was thinking of trading one of them, probably Goff since his Matchups are most desirable for the week I play him, for Matt Breida, thoughts?
  13. Only thing I can think of is the Titus Young meltdown but he was nowhere the star AB was.
  14. I feel like the Raiders are lucky AB tweeted release me because he could have just stuck around, played half assed, remained a distraction and still collected his money.
  15. Couldn't they have just suspended him indefinately instead of give him what her wants?
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