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  1. That's a fair point, I had a really hard time with this game because you both did a really good job.
  2. I really struggled with this one. Im.going with Rome here. But guys wrote very good gameplans, I just feel like the production Hungary is getting out of his receivers this weekend, combined with a well matched defensive gameplan by Rome gives Rome a slight edge. 21-20 Rome.
  3. So what's the explanation for your vote, since Mardi Gras had nothing to do with either of our gameplans?
  4. I wasn't asking a question, I was making a statement.
  5. Anyway, have we secured a new owner for Antartica?
  6. Fair enough, but you know exactly what I'm referring to.
  7. Stop making excuses for him. I knew before he voted he was voting against Death Valley. Hell he voted for Cuba.
  8. I mean let's call it like it is, one team wrote a gameplan, and one team voted for his opponent.
  9. So we have resorted to voting by way of memes now, forgoing any explanation? Interesting.
  10. Tbf, not even Buffalo's defense could stop Henry from putting up 143 And Buffalo as a much better defense than Chicago
  11. If the twins really are quitting I nominate @MWil23 to take over that team
  12. I am genuinely asking this question do you read the game plans?
  13. I'm looking for a WR, still, and possibly a CB (depth) if you got something you think I might be interested in, pm me. I think by now I've proven I'm willing to trade players or picks.
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