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  1. Mychal Kendricks released by Philly

    Really the Steelers just need to do whatever it takes to make this happen this is the perfect answer to our inside linebacker problems.
  2. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Hoping Pittsburgh is smart enough to sign him.
  3. Who plays MLB this year

    I think there is very good chance.
  4. Who plays MLB this year

    I get that but they didnt make it a point to write lengthy articles about the 'other guys'
  5. Who plays MLB this year

    I'd say that there's a reasonable chance given that he received a 3 year contract that Matthew Thomas does indeed make the final 53. Having said that, I have a strong feeling he will finish the season as a starter despite not having began the season as such.
  6. Who plays MLB this year

    The thing about Bowman is, and this was true for anyone who might be a PSU Fan and payed close enough attention, he has always been a part of a really good tandem. The key word there being tandem. As stated above, he offered a different skill set than Patrick Willis, together they were almost the perfect ILB duo. After Willis retired, he wasn't the same and after the injury it was even worse. He was good, but wasn't the same kind of great in Oakland. Here, we just have too much instability for Bowman, I'm not sure that he'd succeed here.
  7. Is it reasonable to suggest that players have neen trying to do more than their own respobsibilities and this could be a reason for some of the regression? Specifically in the secondary where we know the safety play was terrible, i feel like Burns was getting himself into bad situations trying to cover the field for himself and the safety (mike mitchell). For dupree, even if he could have progressed last season, when you add in the loss of shazier and struggles against the run in the middle of our defense, could this have had anything to do with the regressions? As for Hargraves, i just dont think he is the guy.
  8. That's the thing you're right it's not a fact but the reason I say it's a foregone conclusion is because based on the things I've read about how Tomlin told Matthew Thomas that he has a plan for Matthew Thomas in that Matthew Thomas just have to put in the work it suggests to me that my tumlin prefers Thomas if he can show the ability over the current depth at inside linebacker. I believe LJ Fort will not make the roster. Having said that even if he does make the roster he doesn't mean that he will be a long-term player.
  9. Thomas is going to make the roster, that's almost a forgone conclusion for two reasons. #1, he probably would've been a day 2 pick at worst if not for the off field issues and past shoulder injuries. He has the talent to beat out probably anyone at ILB on our roster, potentially including Vince Williams. He is a player. He'll be a player on the 53 man roster.
  10. I've been saying this quite frankly, that Dupree could be an option as an ILB the problem however is he doesn't seem to be applying himself to the 'craft' of the the game.
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb here and make a circumstantial prediction. If Bud Dupree does not finish the season as a starter I believe it will be keion Adams who takes his place
  12. Is the 2014 WR Draft The GOAT?

    I guess it depends on what your criteria is are you talkin pure talent coming out of college or are you talkin this excessive actually had in the NFL because honestly if you talking about the success they've had in the NFL then I'm not sure is it 2014 class is all that great overall but there are a handful of guys that are really really good and have moved two teams and actually become better as a result. For me the top two are probably the 2014 class and the 2010 class
  13. Personally I hope Henderson does make the roster. I think there are areas that you can easily cut a guy that being at wide receiver with Justin Hunter who I don't think adds a ton to our team and at defensive back with Coty Sensabaugh who I think adds nothing to our secondary that we covet. If I had to choose between the two of them I would really prefer Sensabaugh not be on the roster when the regular season arrives. I also think Fitzgerald Toussaint had very little to our team and that's another area I wouldn't mind seeing ice make a cut and in fact given the fact that we drafted Samuels I expect Toussaint not to make the roster
  14. Is the 2014 WR Draft The GOAT?

    2010: Dez Bryant Demaryius Thomas Golden Tate Brandon LaFell Emmanuel Sanders Eric Decker Riley Cooper Antonio Brown It also included guys like Marcus Easly, Terence Austin, Jacoby Ford and some other role players.
  15. Is the 2014 WR Draft The GOAT?

    Well I agree with that and Allen Robinson has to be pretty up there too the rest of the guys on that list honestly or nothing more at the moment then role-players