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  1. I agree with War, but I don't feel he can stay healthy. He hasn't been able to his entire career really and this year, to me, proved it's not going to change. Are we really suggesting he is worth what he is getting paid for 4-5 games a season?
  2. I agree with this and the Broken leg kind of scares me off. ET hasn't exactly been healthy over the last couple seasons. I am significantly in favor of taking the cap penalty and cutting Burnett, I really felt this was a good signing when it first happened, man was I wrong, what a waste. Someone I really Really hope hits FA and I hope the Steelers target hard AF is Landon Collins. Safeties that (currently) have expiring contracts at the end of this season (obviously they're not all going to hit FA) Tyrann Mathieu Earl Thomas Landon Collins Lamarcus Joyner Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix Adrian Phillips The quality of those listed above varies obviously but I think Collins in our defense would be insane. I have very little doubt he is going to head to FA, in fact I'd be stunned if he resigned with what is one of the worst teams in the NFL with horrible coaches and a disgruntled locker room. A ILB I haven't seen mentioned, perhaps because of his injury this season, is Denzel Perryman. Anyone got an opinion on him? A Couple OLB's I'd like to see a couple opinions on are Eli Harold (might not get resigned by Detroit, who knows) and Jeremiah Attaochu (Idk if he'll get resigned by NYJ, he may)
  3. That's fine Dcash, but I also watched the games and saw how poor he played. I also don't recall saying he 'sucked all the time'. This season has been one of his best imo in terms of effort and coverage, regardless of stats, he has shown a more 'skillful awareness' on the field. He has been in a growth process, unlike Artie Burns he has actually developed to some degree. He is a long way from being a premier safety, something that frankly he may never be. I'm not sure it's necessary to make extending him a priority unless the team actually things he'll continue to get better. If they think he has reached his ceiling, personally I wouldn't offer him an extension. We don't have to agree on this one player but I'm not suggesting to cut him either. We can move on to guys we do agree on.
  4. Some of Sean Davis was negative? The only reason he wasnt the worst S on our team is because mike mitchell was here. Most of what Davis did last year was negative some of it wasnt. Lets not pretend he was better last year than he actually was.
  5. Burns wont go anywhere imo. But he also wont get his starting job back.
  6. This logic is flawed, proof being Artie Burns. Sean Davis was terrible in coverage and tackling when he got here. Take off your blinders. He was not only raw his technique and angles were horrible and they didnt improve under Lake. With a change of Secomdary coach he has finally shown to potentially be the prospect we drafted him to be but he has a long way to go.
  7. The Browns mismanaged and wasted Haden during his time there, even if he left Pittsburgh he wouldnt go back to Cleveland imo
  8. No, Burns has played away his value and Sean Davis while much improved was definitely the worst safety at one point.
  9. I really hope this happens, I'd really like to see Haden retire in Pittsburgh.
  10. WEEK 11 GDT - Steelers at Jaguars

    Fournette tore us apart last season, that's reality. With Tuitt out our run Defense could struggle, as could our pass rush due to how it will affect our depth negatively. Gilbert being out I'm not worried about, imo he needs to be done after this season in Pittsburgh. With Tuitt, I have to wonder if this isn't a scenario where they feel they can survive without him and the extra rest will get him prepared and healthy for the games where we are really going to need him down the stretch. The Jaguars offensive line is a train wreck, their defensive secondary isn't actually that bad furthermore, talent wise, their entire defense isn't actually that bad, having said that, they're not performing anywhere close to where they were at last year and I think that's heavily because they spend most of the game on the field. The Jaguars offense right now is absolutely terrible.
  11. This, I don't even know if Burns is being cut is the right play, or if he simply needs to be rebuilt and not thrust immediately back into a starting role. Might as well let him ride out his contract as it's going to be minimal imo
  12. MVP Race

    Smitty, I think you sort of took my comments completely out of context. Conner may be the difference maker for Pittsburgh between making the playoffs and not. I'm not saying that the narrative of Bell makes Conner better than Gurley. I'm saying that this is a guy no one gave any regard and he vaulted himself into the spotlight with great production. MVP is about the "imo" value of a player within the organization and how important that is in the grand scheme of the league. That's what I'm saying, I feel that Conner is a big part of why the Steelers are where they are in the standings.
  13. Bell contract 2018

    That's just it, with Bell, you have to have an offensive line capable of providing time. People have claimed it's not the OL that has made Bell and to some degree I do agree with that, but with Conner, the initial hole is the only place where the offensive line is making or breaking him imo. He is doing the rest himself (sometimes he gets blocks beyond the line by WR's or TE's)
  14. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    The ONLY reason I think teams could 'stay away' in terms of giving him the kind of money he wants is because they aren't really going to want players to keep doing this.
  15. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    I get why Bell did what he did. I think it could've played out more maturely and professionally all around.