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  1. Ik he isn't on a team but CJ Anderson retird
  2. I will say this.. any reports coming from the athletic are about as reliable as Swiss cheese toilet paper.
  3. Alright I give up. Idk what is going on with my wifi but I'll try again on Sunday or monday
  4. Something is going on with my WiFi I'll be back up in a couple.minutes
  5. I got disconnected so I'm gonna record another picking up where I left off
  6. Man AJ Green looked done. Now really I think it's just layers upon layers of rust but God he was awful last night
  7. I'm gonna do another show in a bit to try and create some talking points. Some friendly debate.
  8. The way I approach voting is, regardless of the schedule timing, is i wait til Monday night or Tuesday morning. I use performance more as a basis for consistency of skill rather than a fantasy football scoring type analysis if that makes sense. For example Barkley did not do well. But we do know he is good. However we didn't have preseason and it was his first action so there is no basis for consistency but if in week two he also only got 6 yards, that, to me, gives him a bad evaluation
  9. I'm concerned about Chuks because he couldn't win the job in year 3. He only got the start because of injury. But I'm also concerned about DDC
  10. The s on the end¿ yes... he had to burrow down that whole game that oline is so damn bad
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