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  1. new punter?

    Idc who we sign as long as we get rid of Betty
  2. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Im talking in game, wouldnt know what he is saying but we have all seen instances where he is seemingly telling the reciever he did something wrong, but its just the result of a bad throw. But "always" which is yhe word I chose i would agree is unfair because yes its true that post-game he does blame himself.
  3. 5 up/5 down; The Mahowned edition

    I actually agree with you on Dupree.
  4. Pulling the plug, whens the right time?

    The answer to both of those questions is none. However most defenses in contenders are better than ours now.
  5. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    I feel like Ben always blames the WRs for incompletions and then ultimately says he is underpaid. When will Ben take ownership of his shortcomings?
  6. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    If Josh Gotdon is released, should we pick him up?
  7. 5 up/5 down; The Mahowned edition

    Up: We got a safety and a turnover. JuJu played well Down: Jordan Berry Sucks Dupree should not be starting, he has got to be leading the team in penalties right now. Defense Special Teams Coaching Kevin Colberte Big Ben throwing off target, he should be up to 15 Ints by now. Hell who am I kidding, nothing was very good about todays game.
  8. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Watt is at least semi decent at it albeit not ideal. Dupree just cant
  9. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    I just dont see any chance for us to defeat NE or Jax.
  10. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    He needs to be that way on the field. Demand performance.
  11. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Oh ive been saying it for as long. People always say idk what Im talking about.
  12. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    They have a HC who is far too laid back and undisciplinary, a DC that is out of his depth, a GM who is failing at acquiring the right level of talent, an OC that was promoted here to keep a QB happy that continues to make bad decisions, qnd a ST Coach that should have been fired a long time ago.
  13. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Draft a 3rd round prospect in the first round, open the season 0-1-1
  14. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Colbert is the onr who needs to be fired.
  15. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    I feel like I wasted money on Ravens/Steelers tickets