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  1. While I'm sure he is ready for week 1 it is worth mentioning that Saquon Barkley is among the Giants to start out on the PUP list.
  2. Or do they because there is no word yet whether or not he is actually going to be ready for the regular season but the hesitation to say one way or another seems like he may not be healthy
  3. Fair enough, I hadn't read any of the most recent articles. But I definitely think he needs to seek therapy.
  4. I'm going to wait for actual facts here considered his significant other immediately came out to his defense so it seems. If the allegations are true however, he might as well retire.
  5. How are you gonna say you got big news to share and then disappear? What TF kind of Cracker Jack Monkey Business BS is that?
  6. I'll probably end up going back to twitch lol
  7. I just listened to the recording. It was terrible audio. So I'm gonna have to figure that out.
  8. Well if anyone plans to tune in let me know because I did a quick audio and ended it. It was about 15 min. Because no one showed up
  9. That's a great idea. I'm going to do a 'test run' tonight. It's also audio only on spotify. The topic is best Draft day Additions. I'd you search bdl or NFL you'll find the room it's called BDL Prime time
  10. I am aiming for 8PM. If you don't have Spotify Green Room download it. I also need a couple topic ideas.
  11. It wasn't as bad as i make it sound that, I lost my phone at one of the stores had to go to Walmart and spend $131 on a straight talk phone then the store found my phone so I'm picking it up Friday on the way to Assateague
  12. Yesterday went to hell in a hand basket lol. So imma try to do a Green Room podcast tomorrow evening
  13. Dependent solely upon what time I get part tonight I am going to make a room and do a Podcast on spotify green room. What you need to know however is that if you have an android phone like myself you will not have access to the chat feature I might be able to see it but I can't type back.. If you have an iPhone you will have access to everything, android users can call In however
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