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  1. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    The ball was gone for a few seconds, he didnt just hit him, he forcibly took him to the ground
  2. Melvin Ingram and Shaq Thompson gonna troll that OL
  3. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Shouldve started Rudolph lol
  4. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    And for the record I dont think Garrett's actions are in anyway a reflection of the Cleveland Organization or fan base. Nor do I think the actions by Pouncey, Mason, and others should be of the Steelers Organization and Steeler Nation. I do question the mental status of people on either side of the fence who seem to be incapable of seeing the situation for exactly what it was, a Kluster 'Puck' and acknowledging that the punishments handed out were justified.
  5. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Yes. There is no doubt in my mind that Mason lost his cool, They had to suspend Pouncey, the fines handed out were deserved. But Garrett did the worst part of it all. He just did. Having said that, the entire night was leading up to this point. Garrett taking Mason to the ground, unnecessarily imo, was the straw that broke the camel's back
  6. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    "Ridiculously" might have been a bit strong. But it was a late hit imo. Mason clearly had thrown the ball. Taking him the ground was completely unnecessary it was DEFINITELY late. Garrett already had Mason in his sights when Mason threw the ball, so Garrett, imo, knew Mason had thrown it before he ever touched Mason. As for there not being a flag, we dont really know if there would have been one. Sometimes these flags come in late. Things transpired SO quickly after Mason got taken down that what became the focus of the refs was what was happening. Also, just because there wasn't a flag doesn't mean it wasnt a late hit. We see late hits among other things get missed all the time.
  7. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Watch the replay. It was a late hit. Mason didny do anyrhing Suspension worthy imo. Larry O, Pouncey, and Garrett did. Normally the guy who starts and incident doesn't get suspended unless they did something worth getting suspended for. He didnt. He didnt throw punches, he didnt kick anyone and he certainly didnt hit anyone in the head with their helmet. He didnt initiate anything. Everything happened because of a late hit that escalated quickly
  8. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Stop defending Garrett. First of all it was a ridiculously late hit. NOTHING that happened before or after Garrett's actions justifies or is even equal to what Garrett did
  9. Honestly, I really like the dual threat QB here of Kyler Murray and his rushing attack of Kenyan Drake as well as the WR/TE combinations better than that of Anchorage. Anchorage really lacks a defensive secondary capable of containing Kelce and Williams. I think The Seoul Pass rush is going to terrorize the Left side of Anchorages offensive line and Ronnie Staley has proven very capable of being able to be a legit blocker for mobile QBs this season so despite the quality of the DL for Anchorage, I think they're going to struggle to get to Murray. I like Seoul here in the upset 17-10
  10. Week #11 GDT Steelers at Browns Backyard Brawl Pt. 1

    Baltimore pretty much has a lock on the division with us losing to Cleveland. So that scenario is out. Itll be the 2nd year in a row our failure to win games cost us a shot at the division. Honestly for people who think it wouldve been much different with Ben, did you see the results of last season? Our offense has gotten worse each game since Fichtner became the OC.
  11. Kaepernick

    Get ready for a Lamar Jackson SB win
  12. WR/TE/RB help

    Did Deon Cain recently get moved back to Indys PS? This is a guy who could actually turn into a long term #4 for us. I really like this move.
  13. Week #11 GDT Steelers at Browns Backyard Brawl Pt. 1

    DUH. It's a Steelers board. Let's not pretend like Conner getting hurt in the game and the Browns playing dirty and taking out JSS and DJ didnt play a major factor in the Browns winning. We are all Steelers fans here that's why we thought our team would win. Move on and get over yourself. At what point is a mod gonna step in and tell this troll to get steppin? Or are you just gonna wait til one of us call him the moron he is? There you go, maybe you can do your job now.