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  1. Bell contract 2018

    I agree with this statement. I don't see a single contender that could afford him. The ONLY team maybe would be San Francisco and right now, we can't even say they're a contender (i don't know their cap situation either).
  2. I agree Chief and I didnt mean ymto suggest he is even close to as good as Troy, because he isnt.
  3. Bell contract 2018

    Houston, Indianapolis, and the Jets are going to have the most cap space next season. Expect Bell to sign with one of them.
  4. I think honestly they view Edmunds as a poor man's Troy Polamalu
  5. Bell contract 2018

    Chief pretty much summed up my opinion. Sammy Watkins ISNT more valuable to me but to a desperately WR needy team he was. Bell plays in a league that has significantly decreased the value of rb's. In a league with a much bigger cap i might not have an issue paying bell 16M but the reality is that money would cripple the ability to continue to improve our defense. He MIGHT get the money he wants from someone else. I dont think he will but he might. But its also easier to find rbs in a passing lg than it is wrs that was my point about watkins.
  6. Bell contract 2018

    I gotta believe theyd also use Jaylen Samuels
  7. Bell contract 2018

    Because of the position he plays and more so, i dont. Sammy Watkins was over paid. WRs will always be paid more than RBs however.
  8. AB is Madden 19's cover athlete

    Not really, not since Tom Brady was on the cover.
  9. Bell contract 2018

    If I'm the Pittsburgh Steelers, I'm making Conner my feature back this season and using Le'Veon Bell sparingly. His comments about this being his "best season to date' is because he is trying to advertise himself to other teams for a big contract. It's all about him, it always has been. Let's be real, ever since the beginning Bell has always been about himself. We've enjoyed it because he is an amazing player and got us results but now that it's about a pay day, he is more about himself than he ever has been. Good Riddance if he isn't willing to bring his asking price closer to $12M/yr. That I could live with but 15+, no thanks, he isn't a Quarterback or an elite pass rusher. I'm good with taking a first, second, or 3rd round RB next season. Bell might have similar success somewhere else but I seriously doubt it.
  10. Bell contract 2018

    TJ Watt over Dalvin Cook was the right choice. But I also expect an RB in the first 2 rounds next season.
  11. Bell contract 2018

    Who will NE part with to get him next season, thats the real question. Should have traded Bell for a kings ransom. Now we get nothing but a 3rd round comp in the future for one of our 2 best players. Great job FO, great job.
  12. Looks like I will be attending our home game against the Ravens!
  13. Does the road to Super Bowl LIII in the AFC go through......

    Defensively Denver could be dangerous but Im not sold on their offense. Indy? Cmon now..... Houston, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville are the top teams not named NE.
  14. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Whys that