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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    That's profit for NOLA, not for Berlin
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    I am offering pick 2.16 and Austin Blythe to trade up in the 2nd round if anyone is interested.
  3. BDL RFA thread

    WSR declines to match
  4. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    LA Rams select CB Lamar Jackson, Nebraska @EaglesPeteC OTC
  5. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    If it had been a contract more about maybe 4k, for like 4 years, I might have matched but to me the 6.5 at 5 made a huge difference. Mainly because of Henry. Cam Sutton I'd match
  6. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    Pittsburgh Steelers select S Brandon Jones, Texas with pick #124 @Deadpulse OTC
  7. Bengals sign S Vonn Bell

    Bengals doing everything in their power to buy themselves to .500
  8. Ravens shouldve lost the first matchup against Pittsburgh and the reason they didnt, tr he reason that the Juju fumble was even allowed to happen is that the one time a player actually made a play against Lamar (Ola Adenyi) he got flagged for Roughing the passer when it was CLEARLY not which gave the Ravens a 1st down leading to a game tying FG instead of punting on 4th and long. The 2nd matchup, obviously the Steelers defense got beat down because our offense couldnt do a damn thing. Cupcake division? Idk about that, there are 2 legit teams in the AFCN, on paper you could argue 3 but we all know the Browns will...Brown it.
  9. Love it! Hope things work out for Brockers but not sad this didnt work out for Bmore
  10. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    Serious question about Johnson, is he playing a lot of ST or is he getting his stats on defense? I'll be honest I'm not that familiar with him
  11. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    @Deadpulse you're OTC
  12. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    LAC with # 112 selects EDGE Bradlee Anae, Utah
  13. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    @MikeT14 OTC
  14. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    With pick #107 the Cincinnati Bengals Select ILB Evan Weaver, Cal
  15. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    With pick 104 the LA Rams select WR/TE Chase Claypool, Notre Dame @Deadpulse OTC Min