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  1. I don't have a single player on the block. Maybe Jonathan Greenard
  2. Pittsburgh Punishers are retracting 1 tag from CB Michael Ojemudia and applying 3 tags to WR (converting to TE) George Kittle - 3 Tags That brings our total used tags to 20 @TheKillerNacho
  3. Having said that, I don't think the Top 5 QBs even make it out of the Top 15.
  4. I didn't say Fields was the "clear" #3. But I will say he isn't the 2nd best QB in this class. Beyond the top 2, I'd rather not draft a QB in this class. Id rather get an OT and C in the first 2 rounds.
  5. The 2nd one is my favorite, then the first then the 3rd.
  6. I unequivocally disagree with your entire assessment of Justin Fields. I'm not a big fan of Mac Jones. But I'm less so a fan of Justin Fields. His decision making leaves a lot to be desired. His ability to go through his progressions and read defenses, imo, is even worse. He is mobile, not as mobile as Zach Wilson or Trevor Lawrence but still so. He has good arm strength, I have my doubts on his accuracy but his overall football intelligence makes me very nervous. He screams Jameis Winston type to me. Also, imo, Fields is not the 2nd best QB in this class. I mean he is the 3rd, but
  7. Honestly Dak, if he doesn't work out in Dallas, intrigues me too
  8. I mean Hassenauer for the Steelers is horrible, PS player at best. Maybe PS for Arena League level
  9. In a perfect world sure I'd trade for him in a heart beat. This world ain't perfect
  10. I will say after seeing some recent mock drafts. I'd rather have Mac Jones than Justin Fields.
  11. Good work. Other than #1 overall which is the obvious pick the other pick that sticks out to me that I think you nailed is Patrick Surtain going #10. It's completely perfect fit wise for Dallas.
  12. I love you all. Yep even you Lukic. Today is a great day to be alive
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