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  1. We should do Free Agency right away. screw the hype wait.
  2. Tbh it's also nice to have a ton of cap space and very few needs heading into FA
  3. 17k, that's not too bad. I'll probably have about that much left when I'm done in FA this season.
  4. How much does the cap go down next year and why exactly does it go down?
  5. I dont think this is the best FA class we have had but there is definitely some talent available
  6. Definitely looking forward to Free Agency
  7. Yeah I fixed that. Didn't realize I even did that lol
  8. I fixed that for you in my original post.
  9. I don't disagree with you. I usually feel comfortable with what I do but Terry was an obvious mistake thus far on my part. But definitely this draft was shallow in several areas.
  10. Tbh I really like what you guys did In the draft. If anyone noticed, the time from when i told Rags I was starting on his suggestion and when I actually posted it was quite a length. I started it and deleted it. It was really hard. Everyone in this league imo, had a really good draft overall for their team.
  11. Keep in mind i didn't consider the scheme you run in this. Strictly the expected production or assigned positions.
  12. I think its close either way. That wasn't an indictment of Sutton as much as a praise of your pick of Moore. I expect big things from him.
  13. No, actually I genuinely don't. The idea behind my list was your weakest overall position and I think you have 2 good WRs but I think its a position that could use improvement.
  14. I genuinely do think that your WRs could be better than they might appear on paper.
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