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  1. I think almost all of you misinterpreted what I actually said because I did not say that I was passing the ball more than I was running the Baul I said I was running out of certain sets more I said i was just going to use certain sets to run the Ball to spread out the defence I never said I waz Passing the ball more
  2. They didn't wanna be Jazz players anymore because Jazz can't even win their own division
  3. You should be praying for the Ravens. They're gonna need all the help they can get Sunday.
  4. If the Ravens staff was following Protocol, this wouldn't be happening. In each of the major outbreaks, titans as well, people failed to follow protocol. In both cases it resulted in significant changes to the Steelers schedule
  5. Lol I could choose to not write one and my roster would still beat your team
  6. A bobtail is the tractor, not connected to a trailer. I bring my tractor home and park it in the back of my house.
  7. So apparently the Ravens Strength and conditioning coach is being punished because he didn't report symptoms, so long story short, Baltimore did this to themselves. And as a result we lost a Thanksgiving prime time game and had it replaced with a 1:15pm Sunday game.
  8. Haha man I don't make anywhere near 80k and drive to Jersey and CT all the time lmfao. The only perk here is I can bobtail home
  9. Sadly since I don't own my own truck, it isn't quite that easy.
  10. Eh. I'm not that upset about rhe loss. I privately told Counselor I thought I'd lose before I even wrote my gameplan. I nearly didn't even bother writing one. Clearly I shouldn't have wasted my time.
  11. Lol yeah... no can do. I hate my current driver manager. Hate him, as much as someone can hate a person, like the kind of hate where I sarcastically think it would be a shame if he choked on a large piece of turkey while I'm at work and he is at home tomorrow.
  12. I'm having a really, really bad day. I'm in a "I'd like to punch someone in the face til I can feel their skull cutting into my knuckles" kind of mood. I need a new job, like yesterday
  13. @EaglesPeteC I need to know if you're writing a Gameplan for the final week.. i really don't want to waste a ton of time and effort on a good gameplan if you're not even gonna write one.
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