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  1. Making a correction to this trade. Above is the original. This is the new: DVN Gets: Rashad Fenton & 2022 6th (Death Valley) For Seoul Gets: 2022 5th (Death Valley) I agree @samsel23 I do not have a 6th in the next 2 drafts lol.
  2. Rashad Fenton + 2023 Seoul 7th for 2023 Death Valley 6th I agree @samsel23
  3. Good addition, he was on my short list but obviously wirh having to already make some tough decisions next season, I couldn't extend an offer.
  4. At family dollar? No but I stopped at a Pilot on the way over here and took a shower
  5. I fixed that on my list to reflect the actual finalize bid.
  6. Yeah I got a delivery at 5am. I'm just hanging out in my truck at the moment behind Family Dollar over on Crescent Blvd
  7. Lol well, in that regard I would say that if you're confident with your offense, then staying put and letting the process flow through isn't ever a bad decision.
  8. @Jlash I'll be in your neck of the woods tonight but. I'm parking in Pennsauken New Jersey at Family Dollar
  9. My bad I must have missed that 1 I'll still like that addition though even for Ivory Coast
  10. Who did you sign or who did sign him it does not shock me that I got that wrong but whatever lol
  11. Week 2 Free Agency Review Anchorage: OT DJ Humphries; Anchorage added a solid Left Tackle to the mix at a respectable price. Very BDL starter worthy. Good signing. Antartica: OT Mitchell Schwartz; This one, I just don't understand. He isn't even on a roster and has been injured so much. Yes, it's a really cheap contract, the risk is minimal, so I guess that's something but right now, Schwartz doesn't even equate as a BDL backup. OG Brandon Brooks; IF Brooks returns to form prior to injury this is a solid guard addition, at a decent, fairly average league price. Good signing. Camden: C
  12. I haven't even started it yet but I will work on one tonight
  13. For anyone that cares, I've listed my projected 2022 Trading Block (yes I said 2022) on my work book below my 2021 trading block list
  14. I actually agree with that. But I never made a judgment about his overall ability, not once.
  15. Also they were not mostly garbage time snaps. In that 1 sentence you made it very clear that you didn't even watch him play. He filled in literally for Joe Haden when Joe Hayden had to miss time during the season near the end of the season. Is he and Cam Sutton worked together to fill that role. Cam Sutton He's got many more snaps because he was more familiar with the defense considering he was not the current undrafted free agent that James Pierre was. Having said that in those limited 27 snaps James Pierre showed potential. What does that potential equate to not one person in this leag
  16. OK allow me to explain the Ike Taylor comment because if that's what you're basing it on I think you mis understand what I meant. Mike Taylor was a Corner of act that was really good and played in both zone and man coverage He was not necessarily an interception that guy he had good Awareness and size. Is in that regard I said the James Pierre is an Ike Taylor like guy he is not your prototypical corner like Jaylen Ramsey or is Ramsey or White. In no regard was I suggested the James Pierre hes currently as good as Ike Taylor we have no way of knowing that but he has characterist
  17. Which is also why I said that we probably wouldn't know how good he was until the end of the 2021 season truly I literally sent that to someone a little bit ago but maybe you didn't read that. In fact I never made a claim about how good he was I said he played well in 27 snaps. That's it. I have come to learn that you are the king of narrative. If it does not fit your narrative you just make **** up until it does
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