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  1. Panther Fan 1st Rd Mock Draft 2.0

    People just don't know what Dallas has changed to and they won't see a WR until the 2nd or 3rd round for them and depending on how trades go and guys that fall, entirely possible they don't take a WR until the 3rd day.
  2. Scar's Final Mock Draft 2018

    If Derwin James was there at 19 there is no way Dallas would pass on him. They will not be taking a WR in the first, most likely either Taven Bryan or Leighton Vander Esch but not a WR.
  3. My 1 Mock Draft of the Year (With Trades)

    If the draft falls the way you have it, Dallas would most certainly trade down and based on who you have going in the 1st take Hernandez. WR for them won't be a 1st round option, believe it or not.
  4. Scar's Final Mock Draft 2018

    If Derwin James was there at 19 there is no way Dallas would pass on him. They will not be taking a WR in the first, most likely either Taven Bryan or Leighton Vander Esch but not a WR.
  5. 1st Round w/ Trades *Updated*

    The draft is in Dallas. No way Jerry Jones does not draft in the 1st round, heck maybe even twice.
  6. New First Round Mock with Trades

    Not a chance that Darnold falls to #9, in fact he wouldn't get past Denver at #5 if he even fell that far. And James falling to #19 for Dallas would be a dream for them.
  7. First Try at this

    If Edmunds is there at 19, Cowboys will run up to the podium and select him. There is no doubt about that one.
  8. I came up with this seeing what teams need, the best player available, the normal over drafting of QBs, and what some teams value more than fans believe. 1. Cleveland Browns - Sam Darnold - QB – USC – seems like a no brainer but it is Cleveland and one never knows. It would give them finally a franchise QB and one heck of a start with their other moves. 2. Buffalo Bills (Trade w/Giants) - Josh Rosen - QB – UCLA– they want a guy to take command and live up to the hype and pressure of a New York style atmosphere and Rosen can provide it. He is NFL ready and would expect him to start right away. If Darnold was still on the board Giants would have stayed put and drafted him as he is a guy the GM wanted. 3. New York Jets - Baker Mayfield - QB - Oklahoma – they need someone to make a splash and probably start right away. Hoping Rosen fell but they take the Heisman winner knowing he will compete on every play and he will make the Jets relivent again. 4. Denver Broncos (Trade w/Browns) - Josh Allen - QB – Wyoming – everyone believes that Elway is happy with Keenam and Lynch (to learn behind Keenam) but Allen is a lot like Elway with a big arm, mobile, smart and can learn quickly. Keenam will provide the bridge to Allen and Lynch will be gone before the end of training camp. Broncos give up a lot to move one spot as Miami and Arizona trying to move up. Broncos give up #71 to move up to get Allen. 5. Cleveland Browns (Trade w/Broncos) - Bradley Chubb - EDGE - NC State – everyone expects Barkley to go at this spot but the pairing of Chubb with last year #1 Myles Garrett gives Browns a dominate DL and they wait to pick up a RB in the 2nd round. 6. Indianapolis Colts - Saquon Barkley - RB - Penn State – with Chubb off the board, Colts go with help for Luck in the terms of a dominate RB. Barkley will give the Colts a game breaker as well as pressure off of Luck to throw 60 times a game. 7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Quenton Nelson - G - Notre Dame – Bucs really thought they had a shot at Chubb but didn’t work out so to protect Winston they take the best OL guy in the draft and gives the next RB a good shot at additional yards along with great protection for the QB. 8. Chicago Bears - Tremaine Edmunds - LB - Virginia Tech – it isn’t often the BPA is also a great need, in this case Bears get a leader for the defense and a guy that can play sideline to sideline. 9. New York Giants (Trade w/49ers) - Minkah Fitzpatrick - DB – Alabama – the best secondary guy in the draft, can play CB or S and will displace Eli Apple who is already at odds with the coaching staff. Giants obtain this pick from the 49ers for Beckman by agreeing to a trade of #9, #70 and a second in 2019 that could become a 1st depending on the stats of OBJ in 2018. 10. Arizona Cardinals (Trade w/Raiders) - Lamar Jackson - QB – Louisville – Cardinals needed to move ahead of Dolphins to secure Jackson. Jackson is a dynamic player and may prove to be the best passer in the draft. Lots of people will not like the pick but Cardinals in no position to care, they need a QB and one that can make plays with his arm and legs. 11. Miami Dolphins - Vita Vea - DT – Washington – with the loss of Suh and not a QB they really want still on the board, they stand pat and get the best 1tech DL guy in the draft. 12. New York Giants (Trade with BUF) - Harold Landry – EDGE/OLB - Boston College – Landry will play outside LB for them in the new 3-4 defense they are moving to install and should do well in that roll. 13. Washington Redskins - Derwin James - S - Florida State – James slipping to this point allows Redskins to solve the secondary problem and keep Dallas from taking him with a move up. Redskins have many needs so taking the BPA helps. 14. Green Bay Packers - Joshua Jackson - CB – Iowa – the secondary needs an influx of new blood and Jackson provides it, they could trade down for the right price though. 15. Oakland Raiders (Trade w/Cardinals) - Denzel Ward - CB - Ohio State – they could go LB here but the value of Ward is far greater and something Gruden will like although he is very unpredictable. 16. Baltimore Ravens - Calvin Ridley - WR – Alabama – could see the first TE here but Ozzie still in charge and he loves those Alabama players and even with the free agents WR added, WR is still a position of need. 17. Los Angeles Chargers - Mike McGlinchey - OT - Notre Dame – the OL was terrible last year and there are needs all over the OL, MM makes up for a lot of them starting at LT from day one. 18. New England Patriots (Trade w/Seahawks) - Carlton Davis - CB - Auburn – Patriots never afraid to move around and give up #31, # 63 and 4th in 2019 to move up. Seahawks looking for picks. Davis provide what the Patriots need to help the secondary. 19. Tennessee Titans (Trade w/Cowboys) - Roquan Smith - LB – Georgia – even with the free agent signings, Titans need a leader on defense, Smith fits the 3-4 much better than a 4-3 and with Titans will to give us #57, Dallas felt it was worth it to move down. 20. Detroit Lions - Isaiah Wynn - OL - Georgia – could use help at other positions but they invested heavily in the QB and you need to protect him, Wynn could play OT but better suited as a OG and a very good one. 21. Cincinnati Bengals - Orlando Brown - OT – Oklahoma – probably the most no brainer in the draft, Bengals need a OT desperately and will go OL more than once in this draft. Brown is a good if not great OT despite the combine misques. 22. New York Giants (Trade w/Bills) - Will Hernandez - G - UTEP – did a good job adding pieces to the OL in free agency but still not done. Hernandez is a great run blocker and will help create holes for a RB to be named later. 23. Los Angeles Rams - Marcus Davenport - EDGE – UTSA – they could go WR here although Davenport to good to pass up to team with Donald and Suh, look for Rams to make a trade later in the draft for a WR 24. Carolina Panthers – Mike Hughes – CB – Central Florida – need to shore up the secondary although this could be a spot for Payne at DT also, the value would be Hughes and also a bigger need. 25. Dallas Cowboys (Trade w/Titans) - Leighton Vander Esch - LB - Boise State – Dallas could go several ways here such as DL or S or WR but with Lee’s injury history and Smith not sure fully back from injury along with the loss of Hitchens, the Vander Esch pick provides a LB that could play the WILL or MIKE positions now although probably starts at the SAM position unless there is an injury but will take Lee’s spot eventually. 26. Atlanta Falcons - Da'Ron Payne - DT – Alabama – Payne fits what Falcons do on defense and should be able to start or at least rotate in right away, they could trade down though if they want a big WR although they will draft one in the 2nd round. 27. New Orleans Saints – Mark Andrews – TE – Oklahoma – best catching TE in the draft and should help with Brees on 3rd down plays quite a bit, may be to early for some but not Payton who will give Brees all the help he wants. Andrews will remind Saints of Jimmy Graham. 28. Pittsburgh Steelers - Rashaan Evans - LB – Alabama – Shazier may be working his way back but Steelers can use Evans inside right now as a walk in starter, Evans knows the 3-4 defense very well as Alabama uses it all the time. 29. Jacksonville Jaguars - Courtland Sutton - WR – SMU – bit of a debate between Moore and Sutton but coaches want the bigger guy after losing Robinson in free agency, could see a trade out of the first and still get Sutton but only for the right price. 30. Cleveland Browns (Trade with MIN) - Derrius Guice - RB – LSU – Browns trade up with Minnesota only because they felt that Seattle would take Guice and he was the choice they wanted. Browns give up #35 and #114 to move up and Minnesota believes they can get the Safety they want at #35. 31. Seattle Seahawks (Trade w/Patriots) - Isaiah Oliver - CB – Colorado – the losses in the secondary have been huge but Oliver should take a bit of the sting out of those losses and provides a day one starter in place of Sherman. 32. Philadelphia Eagles – Connor Williams – OT – Texas – could see a TE here although protecting Wentz much more important and the value of Williams is much better, they also might look to trade down but probably wouldn’t pass on Williams.
  9. Interesting and would agree with Dallas 1st pick but in 2nd looking who they are bringing in would say Kolton Miller OT at 36 and Dalton Schultz TE at 50, 3rd rd would be Malik Jefferson Mlb, 4th rd (assuming no trades) would be Nathan Shepherd DL and Nyheim Hines RB, 5th Siran Neal S, 6th Maurice Fountain WR, Brandon Facyson CB and Larry Allen Jr. OG, 7th Justin Lawler DE.
  10. Cowboys taking a TE in the 1st is realistic, more likely Vander Esch at LB. Murphy signing in FA is way out, he's already said staying with Redskins. Could see Dallas trading or cutting Dez and signing Watkins in free agency, guess we will know in two weeks.
  11. For Dallas, to many fans and "experts" are wanting Dallas to take a DT especially a 1 tech type. I will not say it won't happen because it did in 1991 but Marinelli the DC does not put the value on those guys so it is highly doubtful despite what is written that they do take one. Frankly, I unless Ridley or James is available at #19, I believe Dallas will trade down into the lower 20s and pick up an additional 2nd. Don't be surprised if it is New Orleans or Pittsburgh who could surprise with a QB pick. In the 2nd round, again it is the fans and so called "experts" that believe Dallas has to take a TE early. They discard that the coaches believe Gathers and Jarwin will be more than sufficent with Witten still around. Look for Dallas to take a TE, someone like Schultz out of Stanford in the 4th but not before. Also Dallas will tender David Irving with a 2nd round choice and someone like the Colts will sign him, so I suspect Dallas will end up with a late 1st and 3 2nds. Could see Leighton Vander Esch LB out of Boise State in the 1st and then a guy like Chark WR LSU, Bryan DT Florida, and a OG in the 2nd.
  12. Worth a shot and sure to make some crazy with the picks. Free Agency: Cleveland signs Kirk Cousins QB and Jarvis Landry WR Arizona signs Sam Bradford QB (stop gap) Trades: Jacksonville trades for their #1 for Eli Manning QB Denver trades #6, #40 to Colts for #3 (outbids Jets) Buffalo trades #21, #22, 2nd in 2019 for #4 (overpays in outbidding Jets and Cardinals) Arizona trades #15, #47 to Tampa Bay for #7 Pittsburgh trades #28, #60 to Dallas for #19 Green Bay trades #14, #45 to Oakland for #9 #1—Cleveland Browns—Saquon Barkley/RB/Penn State #2— New York Giants —Josh Rosen/QB/UCLA #3— Denver Broncos —Sam Darnold/QB/USC #4—Buffalo Bills—Josh Allen/QB/Wyoming #5—Indianapolis Colts —Bradley Chubb/DE/NC State #6—New York Jets—Baker Mayfield/QB/Oklahoma #7—Arizona Cardinals—Lamar Jackson QB Louisville #8—Chicago Bears—Calvin Ridley/WR/Alabama #9—Green Bay Packers—Tremaine Edmunds/LB/Virginia Tech #10—San Francisco 49ers—Roquan Smith/MLB/Georgia #11—Miami Dolphins—Vita Vea/NT/Washington #12—Cincinnati Bengals—Quinton Nelson/OG/Notre Dame #13—Washington Redskins—Minkah Fitzpatrick/SS/Alabama #14—Oakland Raiders—Josh Jackson/CB/Iowa #15— Tampa Bay Buccaneers—Derwin James/SS/Florida State #16—Baltimore Ravens—Orlando Brown/OT/Oklahoma #17—Los Angeles Chargers—Connor Williams/OT/Texas #18—Seattle Seahawks— Denzel Ward/CB/Ohio State #19— Pittsburgh Steelers—Mike White/QB/Western Kentucky #20—Detroit Lions—Marcus Davenport/OLB/UTSA #21—Cleveland Browns——Mike McGlinchey/OT/Notre Dame #22— Cleveland Browns—Christian Kirk/WR/Texas A&M #23—Los Angeles Rams—Mike Hughes/CB/Central Florida #24—Carolina Panthers—Rashaan Evans/LB/Alabama #25—Tennessee Titans—Ronnie Harrison/SS/Alabama #26—Atlanta Falcons—Jaire Alexander/CB/Louisville #27—New Orleans Saints—Mark Andrews/TE/Oklahoma #28— Dallas Cowboys—Leighton Vander Esch/LB/Boise State #29—New York Giants—Brian O’Neill/OT/Pittsburgh #30—Minnesota Vikings—Da’Ron Payne/DT/Alabama #31—New England Patriots—Arden Key/DE/LSU #32—Philadelphia Eagles—Malik Jefferson/LB/Texas
  13. For this early not a bad mock of course lots to play out between now and end of season. I see the Cowboys more like this and the why. 1. Malik Jefferson - OLB - Texas - they have Smith and Hitchens will be resigned but no one to really take the place of Lee when hurt or retires 2. Calvin Ridley - WR - Alabama - believes he falls to 2nd round and would definitely give Dallas a better option with speed 3. Larry Allen, Jr. - LG - Harvard - just makes to much sense to follow in his father's footsteps and really improves the line. 4. Tony Brown - CB - Alabama - believes Dallas struck gold in 2017 with secondary guys but always could use another Many will doubt this and believe Dallas goes after another DE type although believe they resign Lawrence and shocker they will get Gregory back, seen the kid, talked with him, and he has changed his life. With Lawrence, Irving, Collins, Crawford, Charleton, Tapper, (Price or Neal or a draft pick) and Gregory that is probably the best they have had in over a decade or more. Also believe McFadden and Morris will be gone so could easily see another RB drafted in late round like the 6th.