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  1. The Ant-Man Franchised

    I think extending Harris would be a mistake its just to much money invested in the position, unless they have plans to move on from Smith after this season and I dont see that, Smith is still playing great high level football and DBs especially safeties traditionally age well. I would rather take want ever we could get or even just pull the tag in the end, I'm hoping this report is just a leverage play.
  2. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    From that standpoint I don't even think there will be a season but I'm trying my best to not think about Covid right now when possible, this seems like a good place to try and get away from it. But yea this is definitely the wrong draft to be looking for multiple contributors, I mentioned before we will probably need to change up our strategy a bit this draft. P.s stay safe my southern friends
  3. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I'm a yes on Kirkpatrick for the simple fact he is familiar with Zimmer and it probably wouldn't take him very long to grasp the system, it would allow us to bring a rookie along a little slower.
  4. 2020 Draft Talk

    So who is best suited for man since Zimmer can find a cover corner at the 7/11
  5. 2020 Draft Talk

    If I was a betting man (I'm an addict, well was an addict) I would bet the Vikings don't draft a WR in the 1st round. It makes zero sense to trade away a young talented proven WR to turn around and use that pick on a unknown WR. They're building a run first possession offense and do still have some decent talent in the group, throw in the fact that his draft class is loaded and we would still be able to add talent without spending a 1st.
  6. Reaching out, and not touching someone...

    I dont post enough on here to participate but I will say the top free agent and forums most interesting man is still available... Mr. Sk
  7. 2020 Draft Talk

    This draft is going to require some change in strategy, the higher risk prospects and guys with medical question marks are going to slide down the board a bit with the lack of interviews and physicals. With our need to hit on a few immediate contributors I think we need to focus on some of the safer prospects. I have not kept up with the draft very much this year but who are some of the safer picks and who have the most unanswered question marks that we could be looking at in the top 100?
  8. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    Could a trade for Trent Williams involving a package of Reiff and Harris work under the cap with his contract demands? The compensation seems fair for both parties and could make some sense.
  9. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I think we will still be able to compete for the divison this season and at the very least be in the battle for a wildcard. We should be stronger at center just from Bradbury not being a rookie and I think we also up graded on Linval with Pierce, we have work to do in the secondary but it was already one of our biggest weaknesses. We have 2 bigish holes to fill with the losses of Griffen and Diggs, Griffen already ran hot and cold so we should be able to replace his production rather easily in the draft. A deep WR class and with our style of offense we dont necessarily need to replace Diggs but we have the fire power to get some top talent.
  10. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    He's obviously not done yet and im willing to bet this current oline is probably not the week 1 starting line, let's save our judgment for the final product. We could do alot worse then Spielman, he has done a really good job to make sure this franchise doesn't embarrass itself like many others out there. He has drafted some good players and some bad players, has made some good signings and some questionable ones, he has found some late rd gems and he has won most trades he is involved it.
  11. The Ant-Man Franchised

    If they could get a 3rd I would be stoked, we just cant afford to keep everyone at this point and our defense has been strong before with less play out of his position. We are at a point with our cap where we need to build through draft so a 3rd would be huge for attempting to fill bigger holes.
  12. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    I loved Diggs but this trade needed to happen with both his antics and the philosophy of our team, we had to much money invested at the WR position for our coaching style and scheme. This should allow us put more focus into our oline which we have all been screaming for. I have not paid attention to the draft but is this not a really deep WR class? Last time we used a 5th in a deep class worked out well.
  13. new and improved INTRO thread

    I just completed my Level 1 operator course (a requirement the Ontario gov put into place after the Walkerton ecoli outbreak in 2000). Man treatment is so much more complicated then distribution, I only work on distribution and have not seen a math formula since highschool so it definitely got complicated. *I thought I was quoting both you and hyberborean
  14. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    I can see it now and it makes me sick.. The Packers fall apart next season whether its Rodgers getting injured early or just plain falls off and Green Bay is able to secure the top pick and end up with Lawrence. Its just life as a Vikings fan.
  15. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Holton Hill with just a friendly reminder that you can't count on him and anything you get out of him is just a bonus. We all want to move on from Rhodes and Hill is supposed to be one of the reasons why but we just cant count on him, we still need to move on from Rhodes regardless but we definitely need to bring in some serious talent to that room.