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  1. 2018 NFL Draft - The Home Stretch

    The pick will be Ronnie Harrison, it will allow us to save money on Sendejo next year while upgrading at the same time.
  2. I saw what you guys did at the Wild game for our boys that were in that tragic bus accident. Class act and much respect from your friends in Canada.
  3. 2018 Schedule

    Nooo, yours are so well put together and always organized the same.
  4. All abouts the wideouts

    I could see a WR taken in the draft earlier then later as well, we need to prepare for if we are not able to lock up Diggs as his contract is going to be difficult.
  5. I remember some used to say the stadium would help bring in free agents and some would argue facilities didn't mean anything to the players, well looks like its paying off already only weeks into the new place.
  6. BAZINGA! Sheldon is ours! (1 yr, $11 mil, p. 11)

    Seems our new facilities are paying off already
  7. BAZINGA! Sheldon is ours! (1 yr, $11 mil, p. 11)

    Its funny, year in year out free agency starts and I pound the table for all the top names usually to be left disappointed then this year I finally embrace the growth from within route we go out and sign 2 of the top free agents.
  8. BAZINGA! Sheldon is ours! (1 yr, $11 mil, p. 11)

    This thread makes it so easy to follow any Sheldon updates and not have to sift through free agent news that doesnt pertain to Minnesota. He would look some nice on this line and we need to keep up with the Eagles d line.
  9. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    That hat.. I need to find that for my 5 month old.
  10. 2018 Free Agents

  11. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    The one thing Cousin's brings with him is some consistency, he may not be a massive upgrade over what we have had recently but he has a much more secure floor. His average is Keenum's best, you get to remove the question if Keenum was to regress or if Bridgewater could return to form out of the equation and save the draft resources as well.
  12. 2018 Free Agents

    New plan.. Dont extend Barr, Kendricks or Waynes instead draft their replacements 1, 2 and 3 this year then pay Mathieu and Suh or Richardson now. Just a dream didnt factor numbers.
  13. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    So Case gets a pass due to terrible coaching but Teddy doesn't for equally terrible coaching from Norv?
  14. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    You just keep spitting out the same non sense, handing out passes as you choose fit non of which can count for Teddy who in the same scenario as the other guy that gets a pass.
  15. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    This has turned into a youtube comment section, just a bunch of opinions flying around and chest puffing. There is no right or wrong at this point every situation has its pros and cons. I think the best question to ask is who gives you the best chance when playing from behind or under pressure, in the perfect world I think they can all make the needed throw or play but in the imperfect world can they all make that play?