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  1. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    I have a hard time guaranteeing Keenum 20m+ contract based solely on one season, maybe if a team is desperate but even then its the NFL and gm's take everything into account unlike us fantasy gm's. Its no secret that the supporting cast around Keenum on both sides of the ball have played a major roll in his success, is he a 13-3 QB on the Browns? Highly doubtful. My move would be slap the tag on him maybe even exclusive if he's going to be a hot commodity and then try to bring Teddy back on a prove it/competition type contract. If I can't get Keenums number down during negotations or someone else is desperate and willing to trade a pick then let him walk or pull the tag making him a FA and roll with Teddy/high drafted rookie.
  2. I cant wait until the Minneapolis Miracle is movie starring Kurt Russell as Zimmer
  3. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    Its so annoying trying to read insightful Vikings talk while having to skim past your guys back and forth bickering. If your going to arrgue do it in a pm
  4. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    Nvm google is a powerful thing. That tag would be some expensive on Cousins.
  5. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    I thought the Skins couldnt tag Cousins again after 2 consecutive years, isn't it long term or no term now for them?
  6. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    The boy who cried wolf. Don't call people out for uncalled for comments when you throw them around the most.
  7. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    The QB positon is on a completely different spectrum then any other position, he touches the football every play. If he hits Diggs there for that easy standard throw at the end the defence plays that last series completely different. But maybe Bridgewater would have missed it too. On the other hand Forbath shouldn't have a leash for anything over 50yrds.
  8. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    I wouldn't say bench him yet but his leash is definitely a lot shorter. If he plays similar to this next week it won't be long before the Teddy chants start and I dont think that will be good for the team but fans are ruthless.
  9. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    Fire it up... should be a fun week.
  10. 2018 Vikings Prospects - An Early Look

    Up in Canada the only way to watch all the games is through a new streaming service called DAZN based out of the U.K., otherwise we are stuck with the 1 or 2 games the local networks air. We used to be able to just order the sports package with whatever provider you use and then you would have access to every game. I don't know if that effects the ratings or not but all of Canada is stuck with streaming and I don't think as many use it to honest.
  11. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    His own coach has openly said he is playing with a horseshoe up his .... that is not exactly an endorsement. The luck will run out but for now ill enjoy the ride.
  12. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    Can you back track any harder after the mic drop by krauser. Lets make the playoffs before we start talking byes.
  13. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    The people around football know what Keenum is. He is an above avg backup who is over achieving on an extremely talented team surrounded by weapons at every level. I dont see gms running to toss him big starter money, he will get bridge qb type deals with outs in it. He would be smart to not take the best deal offered from a bottom dwelling team to just go back to where he came from.
  14. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    Keenum played good and im fine that they keep rolling with him while his hand is hot but he does still show why his leash is short and why Zimmer says he has a horseshoe right now. He got very lucky he didnt throw a pick 6 near the end there and had he this conversation would be different right now.
  15. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    Seems some have the same love for Case that Zimmer has for Teddy.. I'm happy Zim is our coach. Case is a career backup playing on a team with weapons all around him and an elite defence always keeping them in every game.