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  1. Should the NFL step in AB/Patriots

    I agree it isn’t outclassing the league, but it is business. The patriots simply do business better. It definitely isn’t cheating. All teams conduct business this way so to say they are classless and have no honor is a ridiculous statement. The Browns signed Kareem Hunt. The Chiefs signed Tyreek Hill and tampered with Jeremy Maclin. I could go on and on with every team’s questionable decisions. I guess every team in the NFL is classless and have no honor then.
  2. Should the NFL step in AB/Patriots

    Fraud? People do this all the time. They leave jobs, voluntarily if they can, or involuntarily if they can’t, all the time. He simply got fired and went to work for another employer. Hardly fraud. You can think he is a bad person for doing what he did or feel he handled it the wrong way, but calling it fraud is ludicrous.