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  1. 1 Round Mock with Trades.

    Agreed with Gnat! Great Vikings pick! Biasdez would fit in great for Elflein on the left side!
  2. 2 Rounds, Explanations, Trades, 1 Key FA Addition

    I'm not opposed to trading Diggs for the compensation. I'd like to package in Mohammad Sanu in for Diggs as well for that trade to fill in the WR spot even more. Round 2 would need to be OL,DT or another WR. What ever is BPA at that spot. CB and DE in the first are great. Epenesa is a great fit and is a steal at that spot in the draft!
  3. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    If the 9ers D is as suffocating as it was vs my Vikings, then I'm going 9ers 28-14. The trench game is going to the key for both sides.
  4. 2020 Draft Talk

    Considering how Cousins is playing and our desperate need for trench players, to me QB takes a back seat. It wouldnt be a flyer per say but it's BPA 100% at that point. I don't see it happening but with his inability to work out due to the hip, you could see a fall past Miami if they like one of the other QBs.
  5. 2020 Draft Talk

    I totally agree! Sean Payton seems to be obsessed with that Taysom Hill has to offer at QB. IMO he's what Tebow should have been if he would have been allowed to sit and learn for a year or two. If Tua fell to us, I wouldnt mind the vikings taking a flyer, regardless of our trenches issue. We will have to see how FA works out to get a better plan on what true needs are for the draft.
  6. Sano is a better fit at 1B. Cron was better but he's gone like Canadian Saint mentioned. Overall though, this is just adding a superstar hitter to an already amazing lineup. I really hope that our pitchers can keep us in games this year.
  7. Can't get a pitcher to sign so we might as well sign the other area of concern, 3rd basemen. I'll take it!
  8. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    As a Vikings fan, I'm not really bummed out at the loss of Stefanski as much as I was with Shurmur. I feel like Shurmur was better at utilizing the WRs vs how Stefanski was. I'm not sure if that was due to Mike Zimmer demanding the run be used more often or not but to me it looked like we had good balance with Shurmur vs what we had in Stefanski. I hope that he works out for Cleveland but to me, this isn't a Mike Tomlin type loss for the Vikings.
  9. 2020 Draft Talk

    I mean, I'd pay Cousins all the money if we get a SB win out of him! Overall though, pending this postseason if we make it, I'd still like to see about drafting QB in the 1st-2nd for QBOTF. This year especially has lots of talent. If everyone can stay healthy, we are looking at a 2004 type QB draft class. After that I'd focus on DT/CB/S in the subsequent rounds. I do think OT is a need, specifically LT but I'm not sure we will be in line to draft a top OT in this draft nor do I think this draft is a strong at OT.
  10. I'm still boggled how a 100 win team can't even get 1 win off of the Yankees.They truly are the Twins kryptonite. But back to the point, I agree they need to majorly upgrade pitching to even be in contention next year. You cant rely on hitting 275+ homers a year every year. I really wish they would have pulled the trigger at the trade deadline for a huge name like Madison Bumgarner. Some kind of closer of some sort... You can't have 7 run innings in the playoffs and hope to proceed.
  11. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Matt Ryan vs ARI or Dak Prescott vs NYJ League is PPR standard. Leaning towards Matt Ryan.
  12. 2020 Draft Talk

    Let's be very honest here, how many 1st round QBs have actually actually panned out to be major All-Pros over the last 20 years? You can have a successful non-franchise QB that is serviceable in the first round ala Marcus Mariota at this point but we need something a bit more. We just need to be better overall at scouting for players that fit to our offensive scheme which means that we need to keep OCs that we like for more than just 1 season. This should help get an overall better player that fits for what we want. Look at Minshew, he fits for what Jacksonville's offense needs. As for prospects, knowing the vikings, we will never be in the top 5. We always finish middle of the pack in drafts. We will not trade the farm for a top 5 pick just to get a player. As long as Spielman is in the GM seat, it wont happen nor should it! So for this year, knowing that if Tua and Herbert maintain their status quo, we will be taking a hard look at Jordan Love, Jacob Easton, Jake Fromm and Jalen Hurts(Possibly Joe Burrow). IMO each one of these QBs will sit behind Cousins for the entire season. Overall, I'd love to get Jake Fromm on this team. Dangerous play-action guy who is accurate and isn't afraid to air it out. Sure he his arm strength isn't the best in the world, but neither was Bridgewater and IMO Fromm is a better prospect. Fromm also took over for Easton and had another 5 star qb prospect thrown at him in Justin Fields and never batted an eye. Overall, he will be obtainable at our draft spot and with time, may be a better player than both Tua and Herbert.
  13. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    This is my exact thoughts! Besides, how many qbs are going to drop to us when we draft middle to late(being realistic/optimistic) when you have so many qb needy teams in the top 5-10 picks this year. I'd rather spend a 1st on a known commodity vs an unknown. Rhodes and a 1st for Ramsey would be well worth the price of admission!
  14. Buy / Sell / Hold

    12 team league. standard flex te/wr/rb.
  15. Buy / Sell / Hold

    Looking at possibly trading one of my QBs for an RB. QBs: Mat Ryan Dak Prescott Mat Ryan seems like the obvious choice between the two ATM but will I regret not having him on my roster? Also the RBs in question would be David Johnson, Leonard Fornette or Derek Henry(Long shot...). Should I trade or should I keep both?