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  1. Not to start the hype train too early, but what playoff contender in the AFC has an impact defense? Buffalo, and who else? Serious question, we're not #2 at this point in that regards are we? Balt and KC has shown their defenses are below mediocre if not just bad. Does NE count? I half wonder if they're even going to make the playoffs this year. Edit: forgot about the browns.
  2. Woooow good for the Ravens, after losing last week by a fumble in the last drive... To have a chance to win it the same way. Side note, Oweh was super high on my draft board. Loved him coming out, and it's nice to see him flourishing. Good on him.
  3. Seriously. Not only for help in a tie break for record vs same opponents. But to silence all those saying we beat Baltimore because they're banged up. They're showing just how good they still are.
  4. Baltimore is showing they're not banged up enough to prevent them from hanging with one of the best teams in the league. Encouraging.
  5. Baltimore and Pitt were both teams hurting from injuries, and one could argue Big Ben is still getting back to form from his absence. However it's not like we're a perfect team. We're suffering from injuries almost as much as the other teams, and shot ourselves in the foot in both games on occasion. Fact is, we found a way to overcome everything and win against good teams. We haven't been that kind of team in....well..a long time.
  6. I see this as a hard game to win unless we've got Yannick back. Their pass rush is going to be fierce against our young and unproven oline. They can dominate the game. Much like ours could be with Yannick and Crosby against their similar online. But if their pass rush is better than ours, I give the edge to them.
  7. Injuries starting to pile on now. Can't afford another week like that. Ugh. wonder how bad Yannick is
  8. Carr puts together another game like that next week and put him in the MVP discussion again. 435 yards 2 TDs and a pick that wasn't all his fault.
  9. I've noticed quite a few times they didn't call something that should have been called on him. Sad
  10. Looks like our pass rush woes are over. Hopefully.
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