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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    I agree, if a guy like Barkley isn't there for us I'd rather much rather address a more important position of need. Most of the top rated prospects at #10 are going to be OT's, pass rushers, CB's etc Edit: However, 3rd and 4th round Rb's often do make more of a splash in their first year than other positions. RB's you can grab later in the rounds and is a much safer pick.
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    I like the people that we signed for this year, but like I said before I don't like it for future years. As NightTrainLane said, we have 2 drafts and next years FA to get younger. Considering all the positions we need to get youthful talent at, which ones would you hope are addressed with immediate playmakers in Rounds 1/2 this year, and which positions would you want addressed with projects in rounds 3-5?
  3. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Do you think so? Suh's run stopping ability and disruptiveness inside goes far above any number metric. But Irvin's consistent 7/8 sacks a year and does get to the passer enough. I feel like it's a bit of a wash. Suh vs Irvin 3 years ago, without a doubt. Well, also taking in consideration we don't have any good pass rushing LB's outside of Irvin right now too.
  4. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    @NightTrainLane I forgot to respond in the other thread. To my point about the aging players, it wasn't because we necessarily signed one or two aging players. it's the totality of starters on the roster. Our offense could consist of Cook, Lee smith, Matthews, (maybe Decker) Lynch, Martin, Penn too? Pretty much all our starters that touch the ball other than Cooper and Carr will need to be replaced in the next year or two, plus our LT (hopefully we'll get through the draft this year or next). I'm not starting a false narrative, I'm just observing how many starting WR's, TE's and RB's would be at the 30 mark and say 'hey, that's a concern'. Probably could have made my point more clear, but I was lazy and expect everyone to agree with me. The Draft will hopefully give us a couple offensive ball handlers. But as of now, I feel very good for this year, but meh for years after that.
  5. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Unless it's because they had a plan to spend little on CB's and more elsewhere. I doubt it though. And to both the above points, I'm unsure what a Gruden/McKenzie pairing will do to our contract offers. McKenzie would never create cap-crap, lots of dead money for our future. But Gruden is the longer term keystone here. So he may ask/demand we make an exception here or there.
  6. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Other notable DT signings: Sheldon Richardson- 1 yr 8 million base (+3 mil incentives) Mo Wilkerson- 1yr 5 million (+3 mil incentives) Dontarie Poe- 3yr 28 mil (13 guaranteed, 10 mil signing bonus) Justin Ellis- 3 yr 15 mil (6 guaranteed) Granted he's the most talented, but Suh won't like it, the DT market isn't that lucrative this year. I'm curious what the top bidder will bid.
  7. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    FIFY. #trendsetter
  8. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    (Didn't want to eclipse the 100 page limit too much, considering the Suh rumors) Begin!
  9. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Considering the Free Agent news today, conversation is going to continue to build on itself pretty quickly. it's as good as a point as ever to lock this one up and begin anew
  10. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    As I said before, I firmly believe we'll be worlds better this year than last only because of gruden. You're misunderstanding, I'm optimistic but have concerns also. I'm a believer in waiting until the season starts and our 53 is planted. But if (and it's a big if) we sign Decker, the fact of the matter is we'd have a fairly old WR corps with 1 big exception, coupled with the fact that guys like Holton and Roberts really don't look like they're going to ascend to full time starters. We'll probably draft a WR in the mid rounds to get some youthful depth and all this is a mute point, which is what I'd hope for. Example: Concern-I wouldn't want to be in a position where we have 1 big WR paired up with Carr and play switcheroo with our #2's and 3's every year or two. Hopefully not going to be the case, but right now it's allowed to be a concern I look at.
  11. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    If you've seen me post, you know I'm the most anti sky is falling poster here. Concerns are just that, things that make you pause and think.
  12. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    FWIW, the official logs has Cook, Crabtree and Cooper tied for 9th most in the league in drops. That being said, Cooper had many more missed opportunities than Crabtree did going off the eye test. That being said, that being said....any WR corps that can not all be the bottom 10 in drops is going to be a huge improvement, and I'll be looking forward to it no matter what their ages.
  13. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    I firmly believe we'll be worlds better this year under Gruden's discipline than last year. However, assembling this many older veteran stop gaps has me concerned. At least the guys we signed on defense still have several years in them if they perform.
  14. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    I don't think they are. Plus, more cuts are probably coming. Walford and Washington are my next guess.
  15. Olawale traded to Dallas

    Odd. Gruden loves versatile FB's, thought olawale fitted his scheme well.