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  1. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    I have a feeling that if they would have made this season 1 or 2 episodes longer to simply show Daenerys succumb to the madness, everything else would feel so small that it wouldn't be worth complaining about. That key character development would have made the ending to this series up there with the GOAT season endings.
  2. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Anyone wondering what Varys was reading in the opening scene, the letter he burned, and what he was having the little girl do/spy on? Did he scheme one last scheme?
  3. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    Saw it, loved it. Taking it for what it is, there are things I'd nitpick, but the purpose was to bring closure to the 10 year arc and the original characters, which it did well. And had some amazing moments. As a father of a little girl, daddy/daughter moments get me all emotional. Couple thoughts that haven't been mentioned so far: 1)Who does Tony's daughter grow up to be? And did Cap have any kids of his own and did they inherit the super soldier traits? 2)I can totally see mutants being introduced 2-4 years from now in and introduced into the MCU as a cause from this movies events. Perhaps Banners snap had other effects, purposefully or unintentional.
  4. Raider UDFA's

    Keelan Doss is going to be legit. Should easily make it into the league as a 3nd-4th wr option for several years at least. That WR corps looks like it has significant depth now.
  5. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Haha, hahahaha. You haven't been seeing the sigs for this long, that's funny. **......runs to go find the sig setting on my computer*
  6. Pick is in, #149 - WR Hunter Renfrow

    I think Renfrow will be one of those guys that we'll see in year 2. I don't see him beating Grant, or getting many snaps until someone gets hurt. One of our top 4 WR's will either go down with injury, or they'll severely disappoint this season. Then we'll have a shifty WR ready to take an open spot next year without having to worry about filling a void in FA or the draft again. Honestly if this draft goes well, we'll have 2 or 3 players that this scenario applies to.
  7. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Oh I remember that! Yea I always lurked and read, didn't post much. Doesn't it still exist?
  8. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    This is fantastic. Almost all our draft picks (8 so far) are practically top 100 prospects. If their not, they're just outside. Let that sink in.
  9. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Really surprised we haven't gone after any interior lineman with our three 4th round picks. Our oline was atrocious last year, and we subtracted Osemele and added Brown, that's it. I'm not sold on Chaz Green or Good being that go-to guy. I see them as guys who are going to be slightly below mediocre. Probably getting a healthy miller but still.
  10. Day 3 Targets

    Ronheen Bingham. And anyone else, and I'll be happy.
  11. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Walterfootball has us at the #14, 15, 18 and 95 best players. ....everybody has rankings. I do like the fact that all 4 of our picks are well rounded players. Ferrell is known to defend the run and rush the passer. Mullen is known to be a big physical CB who can cover, Jacobs can not only run but catch out of the backfield, Abram is a Safety who can hit big. ...I'm noticing a bit of a trend. Leaders who don't have many glaring holes.
  12. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    I think Gruden wouldn't be able to handle a CB (Greedy) who didn't tackle well. He'd probably get fed up with him sooner than later.
  13. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Our 5th and 7th for a 4th. No? Either way, with both trades now we have two 4ths and a 5th. I'd really like to find a way to get Polite.
  14. Pick is in, #4 Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

    Say what you want about a reach, it very well may be. Fact is there was a top 4 to be chosen from behind Bosa: Allen, Sweat, Ferrell and Gary. Bosa we didn't have a shot at getting. If you look up Post Season (Pre-Combine) rankings, these 4 are all littered around interchangeably. It isn't uncommon to find Ferrel in the top ten prospects, and top 2 or 3 pass rushers in many Pre Combine rankings. I don't think he fell as much as these others impressed in the combine and raised their value. When it comes to getting an edge rusher, you can make an easy argument that Ferrel could and should be chose above these other 3. Overreach? Maybe. But we got a top edge rusher in the draft, perhaps even the 2nd best edge rusher in the draft, time will tell how these 4 pan out. TBH, I was really high on him after the season, he was considered by many to be the 2nd best pass rusher. It was one of the curious things that kept popping up in my head as the offseason process started going, I noticed him dropping in the mock's and was curious as to why. I grew fond of many other prospects so didn't pay too much attention and just assumed there was a good reason for him dropping in many mocks.
  15. Day 2/3

    I really wanted Sweat at 24/27. I hope we take another pass rusher, but would like greedy. But my official guess:I can see them taking Cody Ford or Smith Jr and then try to get Polite later somehow. Side note, I love jaylen Ferguson. Not sure where he goes.