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  1. Is anyone else raising an eyebrow to the report that he wouldn't take an interview unless he was being offered a job? I mean, that screams conceded. Granted it's a rumor. But c'mon man. You haven't won Jack squat as a HC and he's acting like he's a Harbaugh/BB/Mike Tomlin, etc. It's these things that rub me the wrong way about him.
  2. Renfrow will be his Wes Welker/Edelman clone, that's for sure. I haven't seen anyone make that connection yet. When Welker left Edelman filled that archetype hole, McDaniels made sure he always had that kind of guy. Paired with an elite TE. Our offense has a lot of things he liked to use over the years.
  3. You know what will be nice? Media overwhelmingly agrees we got a steal of a HC and one of the best candidates who's never available. ....I can't lie I'll be enjoying the good press for a change.
  4. Winning cures all. If we win, I'm all in. I think he's smart enough, and can put together a staff and the organization will be aligned (zeigler). But I'll be over here routing for him in the corner, praying he doesn't do something stupid.
  5. I like what Randy Pitchford (CEO of Gearbox Software) said about it the best so far: Basically Microsft wants to continue to be the predominant software company and allow Sony to be a hardware company. Seems to me the biggest issue could come down to the OS, or gamepass
  6. Mine arrived yesterday. I've really enjoyed it so far. I think the best part is, at many points throughout gameplay I find myself saying "Man, I had always wanted to be able to do "this", or, had always hoped a pokemon game had more side objectives, or more open. It fulfills those longings. However it's no breathe of the wild. But it's enough to satisfy the idea of finally making a pokemon game open world with freedom of choice in what you want to focus on and enough to choose from.
  7. The article is missing the point. Why in the world would you accept a job and hire all your coaches, you're down the rabbit hole, and you never talked, communicated, planned, about any of this during the interview process? It points to someone who was clueless about communicating important issues, assumed something and then it went bad. Which is also exactly what he did in Denver and how it went bad. That's a character trait right there, and you don't generally grow out of those. That's my biggest fear. How is that trait going to effect his time here if he arrives. What drama will it create.
  8. I can't lie. I'm only upset because he got caught. I'm ok with that part. I'm more concerned because I don't think he's mature enough or introverted enough like belichik to keep it covered up 😂
  9. I think his ability to game plan is relatively unknown. Or, smaller than his head coaching tenure gives us. He was cheating, and got caught. For how long though? He seemed to gameplay well but he was game planning for how many games based off tape he wasn't allowed to have? Game planning ability I just think is unknown. Maturity I question. And I don't think it's even debatable. You can guess that he's grown, but the only thing he's ever shown is odd, questionable decisions. It's the only evidence we have. Talent wise he's legit. I don't think I've ever seen a candidate that'
  10. Not sure if it's been mentioned but Dodds was one of the instruments behind the legion of boom. I know the harbaugh connection, but there's a clear Wilson connection . I wonder if he goes hard after Wilson if we hire him
  11. https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/33142010/ranking-rookie-classes-2021-nfl-draft-best-worst-teams-based-first-year-production ESPN ranked the Raiders draft class 4th best. Mostly because of Moehrig and Hobbs, and Deablo and Leatherwoods mediocre play. The whole article really screamed to me how bad this entire 2021 draft class looks. Or, maybe not bad, but just overly mediocre from top to bottom.
  12. Guess we're not interviewing DeMeco Ryans until after the Championship game. I thought we'd get that out of the way this week.
  13. I'm curious what happens after the Dodds interview. Harbaugh hasn't signed his Michigan deal yet, Michigan insiders are saying he's waiting for something (NFL related) but nobody knows what that something is. Also, someone pointed it out, not sure who. But Harbaugh is going to be the last guy we bring in the building. We interviewed Mayo today. Once you have Harbaugh in the building, good luck getting any other HC to think you're taking them seriously
  14. I would be ok with something like this, maybe even an extra 1st next year. Only because his off-field issues will only effect games played in the next year he plays, where as we'd have him for the next 5-7 years. The long term payoff would be worth it. I don't know if he is as elite a thrower as Mahomes or Allen though. But his ceiling and playmaking is much higher than Carr's
  15. 😂 Was just going to say, wasn't every DE better than Ferrell that year? Lol man did we whiff on that.
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