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  1. There was concessions in the 'boycott' for players to still attend workout sessions to get their bonuses. There were like 6 or 7 players who had bonuses tied to ota workouts. They'll still get them.
  2. They're all on the same boat in my opinion. All of them haven't proven they're better than a halfway decent player "at times".
  3. Good idea. I know a lot of players have ben working out together. But you have to figure if they want to be together as a team and make one decision, all it's going to take is a few players who feel uncomfortable about an in person offseason and they'll all vote to not show up.
  4. I get it. Irving, Thomas, Jefferson, Hankins. (Ferrell, Ngakoue, Nassib, Crosby outside) There just isn't room. And Gruden always defaults to veterans who have proven they can play well half the time over young players who have only played well half the time. Heck even Ferrell is going to play inside sometimes. How many half decent players do we want to keep on the roster on the DLine? Half dozen of one, six of the other in my mind.
  5. You really think this team is going to be significantly worse than last year? I'm trying to be unbiased, but man that's pretty bleak. Our defense was historically bad, I can't see them getting worse. I prepared for another 8 win season or so. Pass rush should be better, Carr may be sacked a bit more. All things being equal I think it evens out: We don't start out as hot as we did but also don't go practically winless down the stretch.
  6. 😂 you misunderstand, I wasn't mocking you, I just find it funny (in a good way) how many DTs we signed and then saw you had a DT on your big board at everyspot and thought, screw it, after how bad our pass rush has been recently, I'm down to sign anyone and everyone to compensate. 😂
  7. After losing so much talent on the line, it's nice that were securing the last thing we have left lmao
  8. The difference is these guys haven't been solely raw talent their career, or rookies, with no resume. The DT's we signed have all accomplished high level play for fairly long periods of time. One of them is bound to have a comeback year where they return to form. Most of the guys you mentioned were rookies, it's a whole different notion to compare a guy like Irvin who was at one time one of the best, or Jefferson, who was a key player one of the of best defenses in the league, etc.
  9. Odds are, one of them will have a very good year.
  10. I'm surprised his thread got buried after only 3 pages. I'm really high on him and think he's going to have a huge impact. His first two years getting snaps, on a very good seattle team, he was able to contribute more qb hits than games played.
  11. Color me intrigued by what the Raiders must see. However this whole thing seems contradictory. If they had done this soon after hudson was released we all would have been saying, well, ok then I get it. But to say this is a sign about how much they believe in him.... Then why did they go out and sign Nick Martin? I haven't checked average salaries, but I wonder what's normal for a backup center to get and how many teams have dedicated backup centers.
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