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  1. Bruce Irvin cut

    Freed up 9.25. I believe that brings it up to 83-84 mil next year.
  2. Bruce Irvin cut

    Wow, what does that bring our cap space next year to?
  3. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Lol, "Ceasar's Coliseum" has a ring to it
  4. The Ugly, The Ugly & The Ugly Vs SF

    Grudens been getting in his face now the last couple weeks. I like guenther, and hope he stays. But seeing that has me wondering.
  5. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    74 million in cap space, we should be taking a crack at lots of guys. No reason why next years team should have lots of talent. DE and Safety have the best offerings I think (as of now) With the loads of good DE's loaded to hit the market. If even 1/2 to 3/4 of these guys hit the market I'd wage money we'd get one: Demarcus Lawrence, Frank Clark, Ezekial Ansah, Brandon Graham, Carlos Dunlap, Fowler Jr, Trey Flowers. Cameron Wake, Mo Wilk, Dion Jordan. I'm not too impressed with the OLB class, because I expect Barr and Clowney to resign, after them I think people will be over paying for what's left.
  6. GDT: Raiders - Colts

    I just don't understand all the flak Carr gets. It's not like he's atrocious. Sure, he's not going to put his team on his back week in and week out. But when he gets a little help he's very good. When his team sucks, he can have a bad game, but sometimes he has good games when his team plays badly too. When it comes down to it, he's not the problem with this team and I think he gets some undue attention pointed at him.
  7. David Carr is getting flashbacks
  8. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Why is everyone up in the middle of a Monday night?!
  9. Week 4 - Raiders vs. Browns

    That was a crazy game.
  10. The Good, the Bad, the WINNING TEAM vs the Browns

    I was going to make a post later. Gruden has almost always made his QBs better than they had been before. Carr has been a pretty decent qb with one fantastic year. It's going to take time to come together but Carr should get better throughout the next 2 years. As for the rest of the team, who knows (see Cooper breaking the wrong way for an easy td pass with 4 mins left). What impressed me was how the defensive line came into the 4th quarter, making plays, playing mean.
  11. Week 4 - Raiders vs. Browns

    Defensive line is coming together. Lost counthow many times Key has been disrupting things.
  12. Week 4 - Raiders vs. Browns

    Browns making mistakes, good to see us making the most of it. Best 4th quarter performance by far.
  13. Week 4 - Raiders vs. Browns

    True, that throw wasn't 100% accurate.but it was still where it needed to be. Away from the defenders, right in the open hands of his wr. While the throw could have been better, youre right that drop was 100% on bryant.
  14. Week 4 - Raiders vs. Browns

    Browns defense is pretty decent. Not surprised they're getting the better of our oline. We'll have some moments but it's not going to be easy.
  15. Week 3 GDT: Raiders vs Dolphins

    Ref's aren't calling the game very well. But at least it's on both sides. I guess that's consistency?