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  1. Probably the most complete game I've seen us play this far, what an effort. Carr is beginning to return to form, you can see him starting to throw it up for WRs remeniscent of the Crabtree/Cooper years. A lot of that is having WRs he can trust and has familiarity with though.
  2. At the end of the day, 7 rounds, 7 picks in the top 4 rounds, is a good haul.
  3. He's going to be a popular pick around here, hated high by a lot of people. He may be the best slot CB in the draft. He's not as high as other CB's, he can't do it all like the top guys, but man alive is he good at what he does.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if we gave up this pick for a slew of late rounders.
  5. I'm going to hold you to this. Please tell me you have your special insight/source that says this is happening?
  6. correct. Makes me sad to not have 5th and 6th round picks to route for
  7. We have some depth on the team now, and a plethora of young talent. It wouldn't surprise me if gabe wasn't the only name we're shopping right now for picks.
  8. I almost posted after someone mentioned how much we're paying for o line, I could very well see us very wel drafting more O Line prospects to give us flexibility with our oline cost in the near future. Hopefully he pans out and ges some playing time.
  9. Some incredibly good looking dude mentioned it on page 1 I believe..... 😆
  10. I really liked Agim, dang. I wouldn't mind seeing some O Line depth with the next pick, I like Jack Driscol. Hugely consistent career of not allowing pressures. I liked the S k'von wallace too, Akim Robertson may be one of the better slot CB's in the draft. Tomorrow, I really want to see where kenny Willekes goes, dude did nothing bu Sack the QB in college.
  11. Yup, he's going to be Gruden's toy. He's going to line him up anywhere and everywhere. Running routes from the backfield, slot, outside. Anything to confuse a defense.
  12. I had edwards pretty high, injuries set him back, but he can do just about everything, if he plays back up to what he was showing he can do. Hopefully he can take the place of Williams soon as that complimentary receiver. He was in the group of WR's that could have gone anywhere in the draft.
  13. This pick made me smile, very large. Gruden is making our offense dynamic and hard to game plan against. Poor man's McCaffrey? In his ability to line up everywhere. Between him and Ruggs, our offense can do a lot more than years past.
  14. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say we pick the fastest RB in this years class Evans *hides*
  15. There are a lot of good players we'll be able to choose from at 80 and 81. there's still 6 very good WR prospects, Wouldn't be surprised to pick a RB either, there's still a couple standouts on the board
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