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  1. is is to early to ask for reggies head or ?

    We must define "results". Are results moving in a forward direction? Are results incremental growth? Are results overnight growth? Are results getting to the playoffs? Are results winning a playoff game? Are results getting to the superbowl? Are results securing franchise players at key positions? Are results having back to back winning seasons? Every analyst, fan, professional has agreed that the Raiders have had results ever since that decade of being the worst team in the league. If these results aren't fast enough for you, that's one thing. But to imply that we haven't had results is just wrong.
  2. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    I don't think anyone in their right mind thought our offense would break out against the Chiefs. They've had our number the last 3 years, Carr specifically.
  3. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Touche, good catch, that's what I meant.
  4. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    To be fair, what he says has merit. the Chiefs right now are one of the best teams in football. However we've seen this team (Coach/QB/playmaker combo) fall flat on its face repeatedly in the post season every year. If a bad comparison could be make, it's almost like the Bengals. Mind you the Chiefs are better in every way, but the Chiefs now have precedent of not being able to get far in the playoffs. They have a hump they have proven they can't get over yet. If I were to go one step further, I'd say Andy Reid also has this problem, even with all those good Eagle teams, he only made the NFC Championship once despite 9 winning seasons. You can tick tack and say that this years team has different flaws that last years. True. However in the past there has always been something that has held Andy Reid led teams back. They need to get that monkey off their back and get to a super bowl. This years team is as good as any to do it too.
  5. Raiders Defense

    To be fair, for as many holes as we have, our defense is playing much better than last year, and pretty decent. Even last night, against one of the best offenses in the league, we didn't allow a point all 4th qtr and it allowed us to come back and win.
  6. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    Apparently he played 90% of the snaps and was relaying calls. I know we all viewed him as a 2 down LB, and we only had 3 active LBs today so we didn't have a choice.... But does change our view of what he can do? Maybe a little more than we thought. Too bad he can't run
  7. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    For only being on the team for 3 days, Bowman did fantastic at mlb.
  8. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    This game went from competitive to chaos. Gonna be hard to recover, raiders oline is going to want revenge, something crazy is on its way again here soon
  9. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    That was nuts.
  10. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    To be fair, I don't know if we have a CB fast enough to cover Hill 1 on 1 on a route like that when Smith throws it on point. He's dangerous and the S needs to get there faster in order to even have a chance.
  11. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    Off topic, we only have 3 LB's active tonight. McKenzie really screwed us over by not addressing the LB's this offseason, and assuming he would be able to get competition out of a bunch of rookies and UDFA's. We heard it last week, coaching staff called out the plays and the players that would get the ball, LB's couldn't get it done. We don't even have the competition needed to bench guys when we want too, because the next guy up is just as bad as the rookies we're starting.
  12. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Cheers to a competitive game. Hopefully we get back to form how we played in weeks one and two. The way we've played the last few weeks, cheifs should win handily. Andy Reid has had our number.
  13. is is to early to ask for reggies head or ?

    You. You are welcome here any time.
  14. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    The extra leadership and communication he'll bring to the lb corps is invaluable, especially with so many rookies back there. He can't cover, and we need that, but he can still help. Him Mack and irvin are all thumpers. No reason why our run defense shouldn't get better.
  15. is is to early to ask for reggies head or ?

    Yes. It's too early.