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  1. Coaching changes coming?

    Why risk making the same mistake again? That's what we did with Downing. He was the next bright upcoming OC, and would have gotten a job somewhere which is why we retained him and gave him the job. Young, upcoming position coaches that don't have any experience aren't going to be able to scheme or utilize our talent like a veteran coordinator who has already tried and failed at dozens of things by trial and error. You give a veteran coordinator talent, and the chance that they're successful is exponentially better than a young upcoming position coach. Year after year first year OC's that have no experience fail most of the time. You pointed to the only two examples that seem to be working well, but there were 9 rookie OC's hired last year, 7 are failing.
  2. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I'm pretty far in. Ever since Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii, I've been hooked on the series. It's quietly becoming one of the best jrpg franchises there is.
  3. The bad, the ugly, the locked thread

    I agree. Which is why the next coordinators we choose are veterans of the trade.
  4. Coaching changes coming?

    I agree JDR will be given at least one more year. New coordinators are coming though. They have to.
  5. The bad, the ugly, the locked thread

    That's the problem with a rookie coordinator. They simply lack experience, seeing things, trying things, so they're plans become relatively vanilla and more reactionary. And lean towards other teams being able to take advantage of you for a couple quarters before you make changes. When you have a veteran team, rookie coordinators are usually a pitfall for a couple years.
  6. Raiders vs Chiefs GDT Playoffs or no?

    I'll reopen this at halftime, if I get one more inappropriate comment of attack I'm not allowing any more game day threads today. This is unacceptable.
  7. Raiders vs Chiefs GDT Playoffs or no?

    That's a warning for both of you. And is being reported. This thread is done.
  8. Raiders vs Chiefs GDT Playoffs or no?

    You're both wrong. And if you both don't stop it I'll lock this thread for the day and hand out warnings. Just because the raiders have a bad day doesnt mean everyone gets to break the rules.
  9. Team you're most excited to face in the playoffs?

    If the raiders can make the playoffs by some chance, I'd love to see them play the Steelers. Or the Pats in a snowy NE. Would be some nostalgia. Too bad the raiders aren't playing as well as either of those teams. It'd probably be a blow out.
  10. Random Game Talk

    PSX starts in 15 minutes. Hoping they drop a bomb or two, and maybe also show some of death stranding or more last of us 2.
  11. The PSVR Thread

    +1. The aim contoller is a game changer. Really makes me hopeful for the couple games coming out that are advertising they're the "counterstrike" for vr. Would be fantastic. Also, rumors are swirling that tonight a major developer is going to announce a major game for the psvr. I have a feeling it's just fallout 4 continuing to pushed out to more VR platforms after it was announced for the Vive and oculus. But we'll see.
  12. We're seeing it on all sorts of business culture too. Look at the e-commerce landscape. The land of the start ups are over. Once they get to a certain size, the larger corporations gobble them up via acquisitions. They and can scale them better, faster, the owners get their payouts and usually retain contracts with the company acquiring. We see it religiously now in my business. Hate to say it, but I wonder if 50-100 years from now if we begin to morph into an some kind of oligarchy.
  13. As a fan, probably a good thing. But in reality there's no way this'll ever happen. This is what got Marvel in the mess they're in right now. Having to try to buy back the rights to these hugely popular franchises. It's all about money, Marvel won't want someone else making gobs of money off their characters now that they have the means to do it themselves (the primary reason they sold rights to begin with). And besides, they're extraordinarily future thinking. They have 10, 20, 30 year plans. If they give away too many rights to characters, they won't be able to use them in the future. Just because they don't have plans now or in the next decade doesn't mean they don't want to incorporate these guys into future plans. Sure, they can sell toys, but the movie franchises they're creating are generating billions in revenue just from viewship. As a business you don't want to give that up.
  14. The MCU is big news, but I think the potential effects to Hulu is going under the radar. Disney/ABC will own 60% of Hulu after this deal. I could see them trying to design Hulu to give customers a better deal or more content around their group of networks, TV series', etc. I could see them taking direct aim at Netflix. Trying to create better TV shows, movies, and maybe have exclusive rights to air Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar films. Especially with this already decided starting in 2019: http://variety.com/2017/digital/news/netflix-losing-star-wars-marvel-films-investors-1202550081/
  15. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly vs. the Eli-less Giants

    Pretty good assessment, some minor things I'd add or tweak. But then there's this one, and I vehemently disagree. I'm not sure what we're expecting here, Tom Brady/Peyton manning/GOAT type play that can make anyone on the team look fantastic? He was using backup WR's and a good TE and went 22/36 for 287 yards and a TD. That's better than Meh. Yea, he had some bad throws, but is it on the Target or the QB? Without being in the film room I tend to chaulk those up to 'who knows', unless the Qb is throwing them all day long.... you have a good indication that they're part of the problem. But Carr really only had a couple of what looked like really bad throws. Granted, this season he isn't playing at the level last year, and I think it's mostly not on him (my opinion), however for this game I don't think you can classify Carr's performance with the Bad group.