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  1. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    I also remember this, huge catch and run for what should have been an easy touchdown and someone poked the ball away from him just before he crossed the goalline. All I'm hoping for is some big performances in close games, and some huge catches in the playoffs. Not concerned about raw numbers.
  2. call it discriminatory if you must, but something bugs me about Latavius being 6'3''. Feels like my man is almost too tall. Though I don't know if you guys feel the same way but its always cool to see new skill position free agents in a Saints uniform so we'll see.
  3. love Ingram and hope he succeeds wherever he ends up. Hated the draft pick for the first few years but even in the injury shortened year 3 something clicked for me (his ypc improving helped too) and he ended up becoming one of my favourite players on offense. Really got the sense that he loves the team and the game.
  4. they did lose their quarterback almost as soon as the game started, sounds like reasonable justification to me
  5. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    I silently and begrudgingly nod in both your respective directions
  6. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    Fellas, I think I have some newfound... I mean I won't call it respect but how about "understanding" for... Vikings fans? I still despise the Vikings more than any out of division team, mind. However, I was thinking about the 09 game and - Bounty stuff aside, lol - we definitely had some controversial calls go in our favor, I can't list them off the top of my head but maybe if I say "This isn't Detroit man, this is the Superbowl" three times, a Vikings fan will appear and gladly offer their commentary. My point is that each and every one of us are 100% guilty of glossing over these controversial/close calls and usually as rebuttal brush them aside and say something like "well maybe AP shouldn't have fumbled every other handoff" or "Favre could have run for the first down instead of throwing across his body" (this better sound familiar). I know we feel like a great injustice has been done to us, but nobody is going to remember or care. The Vikings must have felt the exact same way in 09 (again Im just talking officiating here) so now when we all reminisce and take for granted that Superbowl win, I totally understand that resentment from the Vikings that no one remembers, or even worse: no one cares about the officiating. Nobody remembers that Pierre Thomas sorta-fumble on that one 4th down play, EVERYONE knows the Tracy Porter pick 6 (and a personal favorite: the Lance Moore two point convert) two weeks later. That I can't remember the other calls sorta proves my point. Regardless of what the Rams do here, this no call is gonna be a footnote in history and we'll be the old curmudgeon gatekeepers of "the truth". I'm sure none of us will be able to resist bringing this up over the next two weeks (or several years), but just having a little historical perspective at the same time will do us all good. Edit: new page eh, didn't want this post to have that much pressure
  7. Rams vs Saints - part II

    why isnt this game over right now?
  8. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    they dont call him Todd "hands" Gurley for nothing... or maybe they do
  9. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    I'm glad this game is in New Orleans at least. D-Line has a huge test ahead of them. Rams running game clobbered the Cowboys last week but they can pass protect too and I understand that we want to put the ball in Goff's hands but he will shred this defense if there is never anyone in his face. Period. I wonder how often we blitz / how often we show run looks with safeties near the line of scrimmage. Cooks is stupid fast and Woods is a smooth route runner - I'm dreading the inevitable YAC yards. Offense has to control the clock and score efficiently. And it'll only get harder in two weeks if we do win
  10. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    How often do you guys watch a fairly straight forward should-be INT fall incomplete for your team because two defenders are both going for the ball and they end up running into each other? I haven't noticed this for the Saints recently but it really felt like a few years ago it happened a disconcerting number of times. Delanie Walker had one of the all time stupidest touchdowns* against the Saints in some forgotten year because of this *possibly an exaggeration
  11. Lattimore - Best cornback since Woodson

    Lattimore is a baller no doubt about it. But he can absolutely be had, and we've all seen it plenty of times. Thing is, we're actually used to seeing our corners get had more often which might color our perception of him. He's almost certainly the best corner this team has had since Payton and Brees joined though
  12. Agreed with both of you. Playing the run has been the one constant of this team all season and once again they'll need to be up to the task. The Rams running game just kinda feels... invigorated right now. Like they found a heretofore unknown energy when CJ Anderson joined the team. If nothing else they're rounding into peak form at the perfect time. and Brees has to have a vintage game in order for us to win. Like 350 yards and 3 scores type game hopefully with no turnovers. I'd love to be wrong but I don't see the running game carrying us next week and I can't imagine us winning with anything less than 30. Could happen though!