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  1. The entire time I just kept thinking that the Bears are too talented to be squandered like this with Mitch. Besides that, favorite play was the full back option with Hill, and when Teddy on the run delivered that beaaaautiful pass to Thomas with two defenders right there.
  2. QB Brock Osweiler retires

    Best accuracy I've seen from him Also the guy is Robert Pattinson's doppelganger. Debate me.
  3. David Carr. I make the same mistake all of the time as well
  4. Not sure who the head coaches for the Bills/Jets/Dolphins have been since 2001, but I think all three franchises have had a lot of turnover at head coach in those 19 someodd years. So here's an interesting question: Do any of those coaches improve their legacy/their perception in the public if they weren't up against the Belichick/Brady gauntlet every year? (ie: if winning the division any given year was actually a reasonable expectation)? Do we think of Chan Gailey, Eric Mangini, Adam Gase, Rex Ryan, et. all any differently if Belichick/Brady aren't a thing?
  5. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    "Mike Gilislee fit the patriots." Do. not. kill. me.
  6. Does Nick Foles Get His Job Back?

    how many bad games in a row before Foles is healthy does Minshew need to make this more a reasonable conversation?
  7. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    wonder if we'll get any extra-curriculars
  8. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    Team. When it comes to New England I'm not super interested in stats, analytics, or even common sense. All I know for sure is that picking them to lose any given week is a real bad idea, and this year that looks especially true. But maybe I'm overreacting and we'll get a better sense of this team when we see them play KC/Bal/Phi/Dal.
  9. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    This might be a top 2 Patriots team ever (ever meaning with Tom Brady/Bill Belichick) -- which is just makes me angry to think about. The Pats' domain over the league is reminiscent of the USSR except it was easier to flee the iron curtain than it is to make it to the superbowl out of the AFC. Patrick Mahomes please bring us salvation.
  10. Jets QB Sam Darnold cleared to play

    Curious about the Jets with Darnold back. Never thought their prospects were good to begin with, and without Darnold they were the Miami Dolphins minus the hype (which is even worse tbh). Schadenfreude, but I'd be excited to see them continue to just be the Dolphins and not even sniff their 6.5 pre-season O/U

    Week 6: Dallas Cowboys
  12. absolutely ice cold what Teddy Fridgewater did to the Bucs today. My enthusiasm is sky high for this team right now
  13. Real pleased with Davenport's development too. He looked like that right tackle's father on that sack-- that was "dad strength" if I ever saw
  14. I swear I heard Thomas say "nah, I dont think so" on that """tackle""" attempt. anyone else?