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  1. Small point but 4 are WFT -- but that's still half. I was so surprised by this I had to look it up.
  2. Oh yeah, watching the game I'd periodically see a "Throckmorton" in the huddle and I kept thinking to myself, That sounds like a gnarly heavy metal band
  3. I thought this was just the Steelers MO. I recall Leveon had similar usage.
  4. I was so excited about that win that I completely forgot about Lattimore, Eric McCoy, and Davenport all getting injured already 🤦‍♂️
  5. This I can forgive. Heaving a jump ball into triple coverage is one thing (even Brees did this from time to time), but it's the egregious picks that never had a chance in the first place. If Winston/Payton can limit the latter we'll be alright. The INT that got called back (incorrectly) was a dangerous throw that I can live with.
  6. Can't wait for Jameis to take MVP honors with a statline of 3000 passing yards and 75 touchdowns
  7. That is just foolishness. If that happened to me in Madden I'd rage quit so fast.
  8. Maybe. But now when I think Anzalone I can only think of that Bucs game in the divisional.
  9. The 2.5 games of healthy Kwan are gonna be sooo nice this year. Nothing against Anzalone personally, but I never want to see him suit up for this team ever again (sorry Loins)
  10. it's the three seconds of disgruntled Haynesworth for me
  11. Favorite Team: Saints Week 1 pick: San Francisco 49ers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
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