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  1. Cowboys sign K Greg Zuerlein

    Hey now, at least wait for myself or one of the other Saints fans to bring this up before the smug reply please and thank you!!!
  2. Bengals sign S Vonn Bell

    Nice. You got a good one, Bengals fans.
  3. Saints restructure Janoris Jenkins

    Like this move a ton. Was hoping we'd find out how to keep Jenkins.
  4. Since we started quarantine and social distancing, my roommate and I have enjoyed watching streams of random hype NBA games from years past on youtube/twitch. Old enough that we're not quite sure who wins or how the dramatic the finale is. The NFL is doing the same thing making everything available from 2009 on with Game Pass so if people wanted to share hype NFL games that most of us don't remember or maybe never even saw (especially closer to 2009) that would be fun. Share some favorite/exciting games from your team or otherwise. Also if someone wanted to/knows how to organize a scheduled viewing on twitch or Youtube (y'know, where we can all talk **** in good fun in the chat. Apologies to the mods) that would be cool too. I'll get us started: If it was available, the 2008 Patriots/Dolphins 'Wildcat Game' game would be neat to see a condensed version, but otherwise the 2009 Saints/Dolphins had some real lunacy take place.
  5. Broncos trade for CB A.J. Bouye from the Jags

    Bolded is pretty smug. Happy for y'all that Tannehill played great for you last year.
  6. What does the term 'a number 1 wr' mean?

    https://thumbs.gfycat.com/SplendidSpottedBeardedcollie-mobile.mp4 Look me in the eye and tell me Ryan Fitzpatrick-to-Stevie Johnson doesn't get the blood going. You can't.
  7. Drew Brees will return for 2020 season

    love you too, buddy. No Rams game this year, but maybe in the playoffs??? See you then
  8. Offseason Talk:

    I know Rankins didn't get to play much this year and he was already recovering from a serious Achilles injury. Did anyone pay attention to him? I'm concerned that his ceiling might have shrunk with that injury and he won't make it to a second contract with us. If that's the case then that'll be really disappointing not because of draft position but because he really was showing a breakout in year 3 before his injury. Some of his highlights from that Minnesota game in 2018 were insane.
  9. Redskins Release Josh Norman

    I know it was obvious but I had my own Burnt joke ready to go so kindly screw you, sir
  10. RE: Payton's comments about not being able to retain all 3 guys next year. If 2/3 is an option I think Bridgewater is the odd man out, much as I appreciated him in the interim (and admittedly I was hating on the guy early on). I don't agree that we should move on from Brees yet (costly turnovers against the Vikings aside) and I really want to take a swing on Taysom Hill. I just like his upside and if the Saints miss on him and plunges this franchise into hell while they search for their next qb then so be it.
  11. None of it was easy, either. There are some games, that season included, where the Saints offense makes it look really easy (recent example would be the Colts game this year). That game however, I remember how hard it felt to get every single one of those yards. That very first drive I had a bad feeling because it didn't feel as it easy as it usually had that year, and then Pierre Thomas got KO'd and that's about the time I got real nervous. SOME of it was completely fluky though; Jimmy Graham should never have scored on that one super long touchdown at the end of the game.
  12. What's an NFL season that was just weird/unusual

    Can confirm but without as much hyperbole. Brees tore his meniscus early in the season and played through it all year, finishing with a career high in INTs thrown. I thought they really had something with rookie UDFA Chris Ivory, who went down right before the playoffs leading to the ineptitude of Ladell Betts and Julius Jones for the playoffs (purchase your ironic Betts or Jones Saints jersey today!). In Week 7 against Cleveland, the Saints got blownout by a Coly Mccoy-led Browns team that generated 210 yards of offense, 60 of which came on a 4th down run from punter Reggie Hodges (or, 'the token black punter in Madden that never had a photo') (bonus: that same Browns team would blow out the New England Patriots two weeks later). Darren Sharper was an All Pro in 2010 with a statline of 16 tackles and 1 fumble recovery in 8 games played (1 start). Seriously. On the surface of it the defense put up some decent stats but then they played against the lifeless corpse of Brett Favre (who would finally retire for good at the end of the year), Colt McCoy, Jimmy Clausen TWICE (nearly losing to an eventual 2-14 Panthers team in week 4 at home...), a 37 year old Jon Kitna, and... Max Hall of the Cardinals in his only career win in the NFL and THIS happened; such absurdity was commonplace all year and culminated in that most famous of touchdown runs in Seattle.
  13. Browns WR OBJ undergoes core muscle surgery

    some commentary on that line break if you please
  14. I like the bolded the most and hope it comes true.
  15. Cam Newton '15 vs Lamar Jackson '19

    Obviously? Where do you think you are