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  1. True. Loved seeing Deonte Harris make plays at receiver, and Calloway put in work too but I didnt see any of his snags. First half 5 seconds left, no timeouts, and going for the pass instead of just putting the field goal team on -- such a Sean Payton move and I love it. Even if it didnt work I wouldn't have blamed him even though coming away with no points there could've been the difference in this one.
  2. Good W gentlemen. Carolina not a bad team at all and they're a divisional opponent. I didn't get to watch much -- how did Brees look? I saw him slinging shots down the seam to Jared Cook just like he did in 2011 when Jimmy Graham was all world
  3. so Bucs get Antonio Brown and we're down to Trequan Smith as our top receiver for this week 😴 Not that I even want Brown tbh but damn
  4. I was gonna say, I thought Jaron Brown was an old Cardinals receiver
  5. I just read for this on NFL.com today, McCarthy apparently "made up" statements about watching Cowboys tape in his interview with Jerry Jones ? 😆 Didn't know where else to put this but I love it. Secure that bag, Mike.
  6. 1) This is very debatable. 2) I just checked my sportsbook and KC has the best odds to win the super bowl at the moment (followed by: BAL, SEA, GB in that order) 3) I realize he said "team with the best odds to win it all" but I don't feel like that's the point he was getting at (ie: literally the best odds of all 32 teams). KC in your view still a top 3 contender and the top contender in the AFC, so still fits the 'old/washed veteran player chasing his last chance to win a ring instead of money or playing time' sentiment (although I don't think Bell is old or washed). The OP can feel free to correct me here, though -- I'm just interpreting his post differently than you.
  7. A thought I've been mulling recently: how important to the NFL was that Titans win over the Bills on Tuesday? I'm leaning towards not very but it got me thinking: Suppose the Bills won something like 35-7 (something a few were definitely expecting), this could have been spun as ammo for the 'shutdown the NFL' crowd; used as evidence that a team dealing with a covid outbreak, potentially with several important players unable to suit up, unable to conduct in person preparations all week, is simply unable to compete against an opponent that isn't dealing with all those things. That the Titans not only won, but won convincingly, could now be spun in the opposite direction; that it's not a big deal if you have to practice virtually and teams shouldn't worry about competitiveness if they have to shutdown facilities or have bye weeks re-scheduled and all that. For the record I'm happy that I still have NFL content but am disappointed that the league doesn't appear to have a well thought out plan in place to deal with this.
  8. I've seen some news that the Saints are trying to lobby for the use of LSU Stadium in order to get some fans to attend the game. This is interesting for a few reasons: 1) the obvious is that we'd have some fans in attendance which could help a little bit? But personally I'm thinking the impact would negligible, 2) it's outdoors in Louisiana. I've never been myself but I hear its very hot and very humid in those parts. We could host other teams in the rain, too. All of that would be an interesting change of pace for home games, not sure what the ramifications would be (advantageous or not), 3) in a way, LSU stadium was a prologue of sorts to Drew Brees' career with the New Orleans Saints. We of course recall that is where the Saints played home games in 2005 because of Hurricane Katrina. The team wasn't very good, they finished with the second overall pick, hired a new coach, took a big risk and signed a franchise quarterback with a big question mark around his health, and ultimately redefined the culture of the franchise for the next 15 years. If this proves to be the last dance for Brees, LSU stadium would act as a sort of bookend to his career with this organization which is pretty cool if you're into narratives.
  9. What's the specifics with Jenkins? He always struck me as a luxury, short-term rental to help us win a championship. Letting Lattimore walk and retaining Jenkins feels wrong to me.
  10. This is one of those games where the winning team is worried and the losing team is amped coming out of it. We've had midseason turnarounds before, but I just don't know about this year. Agreed on the timing of the bye week, we need to get healthy and get into the right place mentally as a team. Carolina in 2 weeks, division game and Teddy B is their QB. What looked like a footnote game pre-season is suddenly very very important. The big thing right now: it's not good enough to just win, we need to show complete performances, both sides of the ball, for 4 quarters.
  11. Herbert with rookie Deshaun Watson type stats too. Chargers got themselves a good one for the next decade (now can they build the oline he deserves, is the question)
  12. In honor of being on page 41, without Alvin Kamara this team goes nowhere. And fast.
  13. That's a spiritual W for the Chargers, regardless
  14. That's an unreal break for the Chargers. I feel for them. Would feel almost unjust if Saints win the toss and score a touchdown
  15. sporting of Payton to give Herbert 50 seconds to win this. Really though he only needed 15.
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