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  1. This year yeah. But next year it'll be a volunteer effort just to get 53 guys on the active roster 😬
  2. Love MT13 and would keep him here forever if we could. But when I try to be realistic about the future, it makes too much sense to eventually ship him for draft capital. It all depends on the direction the team is headed in. Side note: I saw one book had the Saints with the 4th best odds to win the Super Bowl next year in the NFC behind Tampa, Green Bay, and San Fran... Shockingly overrated. Edit: Just saw Thomas' comments/tweets. Obviously not a great look but he isn't wrong either... I don't see him becoming a Terrell Owens type distraction unless the team was losing (like a lot) a
  3. If the Bills win and Brady denies them in the Super Bowl from the other conference that would be very funny in a 'tragic' sort of way.
  4. Brady making his 10th superbowl appearance is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. That's madden career mode on rookie. Congrats to that man and the Bucs. Lafleur... you're gonna have to answer for that for the rest of your coaching career/life... what were you thinking.
  5. Even though they're division rivals, and they sent Brees home in a rather... undignified way... I'm happy for the Bucs fanbase. Nice to see the fans get their swagger back.
  6. early career Ingram was one of my least favourite Saints players and late Saints-career Ingram was one of my favourites. Great energy and passion.
  7. Yeah but we'll have to give them bc of not being forthcoming with the injury reports 😅
  8. Assuming we even have MT13 on the roster next year (lol) I'll be curious to see what more 'healthy' games with a non-Brees QB looks like. These 'slant boy' comments reminding me of Dez Bryant vs. Janoris Jenkins however many years ago (kinda ironic, you'd think Jenkins would cover Thomas in practice and maybe try to lock him down the same way and maybe start some beef). I would never say Brees held Thomas back statistically because that's ridiculous. My point is, even though he's very much a possession receiver, I firmly believe he can excel in contested throws down the field. We've seen
  9. I started to wonder on that first QB sneak he converted like man you are 41 years old you can't be qb sneaking you're gonna get rocked. Then Jameis came in and I thought it was because Brees was actually hurt not just for a trick play. I began to wonder if Winston would give the team the best chance to win but... it's Brees you know you can't let him go out like that. Edit: I thought Malcom Jenkins actually had a half decent game today too. And couldn't agree more with @Canadian Saint I feel embarrassed for Anzalone today. Worked all over the field at every level... nothing more than a sp
  10. Missing Kwon Alexander in a big way tonight it feels like
  11. Should prob get Anzalone as far away from the field as possible
  12. I know Hill has this propensity for turning the ball over right now but his absence is still a loss for this team. His designed runs (when he's not fumbling) have come in handy a lot this season. Murray too since he spells Kamara so well. I'm just as curious to see Kamara get a monster workload too but means his efficiency isn't going to be what we're accustomed to
  13. Yes. Time to lay the cards on the table and see what everyone else has. Been a great ride
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