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  1. Wait how common is mod beef ? I've been away from this website for a while clearly. Whole new meaning to "mod ting" 😄
  2. Joe Flacco is one Colin Kaepernick goalline touchdown away from having zero Super Bowls. Matt Ryan is one ridiculous greatest-ever comeback from having one Super Bowl. Your judgment on who the better QB is rests on a dice roll at the hands of fate?
  3. Should be awesome to have him in the locker room too
  4. Actual factuals my friend. I caught some highlights of the San Fran game recently and though it was an L for the Saints, I totally forgot that Deonte Harris guy was making huge plays on special teams. Having an explosive return man is a such a rare luxury. A big punt return out of nowhere is the type of thing that totally swings a game in your teams favor. Moorestead and Lutz are both very good players too. Mind, as a Saints fan, I read a lot about the Saints supposed best roster in the league and personally I don't buy it. This "talented defense" will finish ~15 in the major team defense statistics like they always do. Certainly good enough to contend for a superbowl though so I'm not complaining.
  5. Regarding Indian, I know that a lot of Native Americans self identify with Indian or American Indian even today, to give a meaningful distinction between the two.
  6. What's happening here? Trey Hendrickson is being double teamed among the highest % in the league?
  7. Just want to mention this because it always sticks out in my own memory -- but for his own two feet tripping him up, Reggie would have returned 3 punts for a touchdown in a single game against the Vikings (can't remember which year) which I think would be an NFL record by itself. And the Saints still probably lose that game somehow.
  8. I love Frank Gore so much. Also why does the AFC East minus New England feel like the most incestuous division in football.
  9. He is. He's the starting QB of my heart
  10. I actually want to see some Jameis Saints games now (just a couple for the novelty of it, in case he's bad it won't have too much effect on playoff standing); what has the world come to.
  11. Is this actually true? I can only speak to the Saints but Gregg Williams and Rob Ryan did just the opposite. (then Spagnuolo's D was really bad but those were some pretty extraordinary circumstances that year)
  12. Years of Panthers hatred have evaporated in an instant.
  13. And balance returns to the league
  14. This is good. Don't care for the grey alts, but good all-in-all. Under no circumstances could Tom Brady take the field with the old design; would be a black mark on the league.
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