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  1. I remember those 2006 Steelers being disappointing but I just skimmed their season on pfr and they weren't even that bad even when they were 2-6 and they pulled it together for an encouraging end to the season. Beyond getting decidedly swept by the Ravens, it looks like they were just really inconsistent after their Super Bowl win. Any Steelers fans have some quick commentary on this year? I vaguely remember the game where they lost to a real real bad Andrew Walters-led Raiders team, but both Raiders touchdowns were pick 6's and the Raiders offense actually didn't do anything.
  2. oh yeah you deserve to lose. Should be a rule that says the game is officially over.
  3. This gonna get lost in the wash but Dallas really hit a lottery ticket with Parsons. Rare impact defender. Some plays I just watched him the whole time and I never watch off ball defenders.
  4. How do Cowboys fans feel about McCarthy ? The silver lining to not to getting bailed out is he might be out the door sooner than later?
  5. Anytime you can cut a 2 possession game to a 2 possession game, you gotta do it
  6. Shame Hurts can't play my Saints every week
  7. I knew this situation felt familiar and I finally figured it out: that laughable spot in the Titans/Steelers game from week 15. Here. Not even a month ago! Another one of those where the refs did so bad a job that they got it right in the end. Imagine if it had been the same crew too... such a bad look for the NFL
  8. Bills/Chiefs feels like the true AFC title game
  9. NFL likes to mention how they pull up the "best refs" to handle playoff games, citing some clandestine internal accuracy metrics with no oversight or accountability. At least, I've never seen these referee accuracy reports before
  10. I just walked around outside for 15 minutes this morning in -18C degree weather (which is 0F apparently). Not fun, the type of cold where your breath escaping your mask will crystalize on your eyelashes. Not that windy, but when you do get a good headwind it makes you question if you really needed to go grocery shopping in the first place. And the Pats and Bills have to play a football game in this weather
  11. Yeah but think of the name value
  12. I see Dallas capable of representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, going one-and-done, and everything in between. I do like the Bills as my 2nd most unpredictable though
  13. As it should be. Throwback to the Janikowski/Lechler golden era. Also in response to OPs tweet, I know it's different circumstances because Pagano wasn't actually fired, but would Arians have been considered an interim head coach in some sense?
  14. I hate to admit it, but I've been thinking that between the Saints and 49ers, that the 49ers feel more likely to make some noise in the playoffs than the Saints. I actually have mid-season equity on both to win the NFC* as darkhorse candidates, so I'm a little miffed that only one can make it. Ofc I'm rooting for my Saints, but think the 49ers have better chance (if still negligible) to payoff. * The Saints bet was made pre-Jameis injury
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