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  1. Just saw that Lutz has been shut down for the rest of the year 😢
  2. Man. Marquise Brown with consistent hands can be Tyreek Hill tier. Frustrating when he's off but my god when he's on
  3. I like Heinike's moxie, but I've seen him miss 3-4 throws high today
  4. Hey has anyone called them the Washington Fungible Tokens yet or can I claim that one?
  5. Can honestly say I didn't think Hendrickson would be a difference maker on the Bengals. Happy to be proven wrong. Never disliked him, just didn't think he was worth big edge defender money. Could really use him right in the rotation right now.
  6. TEN is a #3/#4 seed and a fringe Super bowl contender (to use DK sportsbook, #11 in implied probability to win it all). Tampa is the reigning super bowl champion, and also the #1 super bowl contender in the NFC. Tampa has *much* further to fall without old man Brady.
  7. Tua thought he was nice coming back just in time for their worst opponent yet. Little did he know
  8. That was the worst game winning drive I ever seen. 'Grats on that first W TLaw
  9. Carson Wentz is 7/1 too. Winston's actually T-9th highest interception% but that's gotta be a function of having no pass attempts (maybe). Small sample but early returns are promising. Lots of good teams left on the schedule to measure ourselves against.
  10. This team has led the league in rushing touchdowns 3 of the last 4 years I think. And that's cool, but man have I missed the deep passing touchdowns from this offense
  11. Waiting for this thread to be made so I could post my fav Saints play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lgpYKYxBk4
  12. Maligned as he is for being a meme and a gimmick, there is absolutely no question that Hill makes this offense better. I have zero problems with his usage and hope they continue to use him as a passer. That particular throw was not great but let's be real it could just as easily fallen incomplete -- great contested catch by James Bradberry. Not at all the worst throw I've seen from a Saints qb this season 👀 And for the record, I do not believe Hill should be the starter in case that's what it sounds like. He can't be the guy, but the offense straight up produces in short spurts when he ch
  13. Giants played a great game. No one on the defensive line was winning any battles down the stretch.
  14. I'll continue to doubt this team at regular intervals. You know, for the greater good.
  15. Obviously the Saints should take this. But the best part of the Giants (apparently?) is the their defensive tackles and the interior Saints tackles are.. not playing well right now.
  16. I can't recommend enough the "pick the Thursday game and not even bother to watch it" strategy. Have done that weekly across my two survivor pools. Wake up, see that I'm still alive, and watch the recap and laugh about how I should've been eliminated like 5 times at least.
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