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  1. If it happens (which I doubt) it will be at least 3 1st round picks. Probably more since there are no 1st round worthy QBs. Russell Wilson is playing hurt, in a **** offensive system and an average defense on the other side of the ball. My guess is that everyone except Wilson are gone.
  2. People on this forum think it's so easy to draft a pro bowl qb. New coach, new gm behind Wilson. Go young on defense and rebuild the trenches. My guess is Wagner would be gone. He's great all, but due something 18 mil next year. Part of the problem is that Carroll refuses to play his draft picks and opts for aging average vets. Carroll and Schneider are done though.
  3. I expected a game like this. Those missed field goals burned. I’m betting we would have allowed the go ahead touchdown. Russell Wilson is the heart of our team. We need a coaching change. It’s sucks but we need to release Bobby Wagner this year. He’s due like 19 million next year, I think we can save 16 mil or so by releasing him. I don’t see anyone ever talking about this.
  4. If he stays healthy and plays for 30 years like emit did.
  5. It really depends how the year ends up. I can see them moving on if losses pile up possibly. His other “hand picked” quarterback hasn’t fair well either. So you can never say never. At one point fans were saying the same thing about Jim Harbaugh his last year there to.
  6. Bobby Wagner. I think we will save 14mil or so next year by releasing him. Still an excellent player, bit all good things come to an end.
  7. I really loved Penny in college, and thought he would do great. I really hope he can turn his career around (even if else where). The man has all the tools, just his body hasn’t been very reliable. im actually excited for the cornerback competition, it should be exciting. The DB competition in general really. I can only see us bringing KJ back if we plan on moving on from Wagner next season. I think his cap hit will be around 19 million, and dead money hit would be around 3 million (I could be mistaken). I do think Kj’s excellence and ability to play everywhere hinders our
  8. I think we made 3 good picks, we’ve needed speed from the slot for quite a while now and now we have got it. schnierder, and Pete really threw a curve ball with the tre brown pick. I’m guessing we will see more man coverage this year than in years past. I think we will see plenty of big nickel sets, with Blair and Adam’s alternating roles.
  9. Well. You can’t polish a turd I guess.
  10. I can see us targeting a cornerback after a trade down. It would be nice to draft an heir apparent at left tackle, but that’s a bigger crap shoot at the point we are picking IMO. my guess is that we move down, at least once before selecting though. If anything we need to fill out the roster with some young blood in back up roles as well. My guess is that we will have several UDFA players at key backup roles. if it is a cornerback, who would you guy suggest?
  11. I’m loving the depth. The mix of veterans and younger talent. My guess is that they target a cornerback with their top selection.
  12. A good player, but necessary IMO if he wasn’t willing the negotiate. I want to see Poona Ford in his position and more looks rushing the passer.
  13. Great signing. How do you show your franchise Qb that you’re committing to him? Sign back his favorite pass catcher.
  14. Great to have him back. I didn’t know the hawk forum even existed still.
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