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  1. It’a time the Seahawks spend their money on offensive talent. They’ve sunk way to much money into off ball linebackers, something like 30 million last year. I’m even open to them trading Adam’s and recouping picks or pick. Build the offensive line and let the young defensive talent play. Hopefully Waldron can get more out of the the tight ends and slot receiver.
  2. Wasn’t he the DC there a few years back? You rarely see people come back for sloppy seconds.
  3. It just shows how much teams are undervaluing draft pick due to less of a college football season. The same reason the Seahawks gave up so much for Jamal Adam’s. The draft is even more of a crap shoot and you will see more trades like this.
  4. As a Seahawk fan I was in the minority, and liked bevell. I thought his troubles were due to lack of personnel, mainly on the offensive line. Our super bowl win we had the highest paid offensive line in the league. After that we either missed on picks or just signed bargain bin free agents. I knew schottys lack of imagination would catch up to us eventually. I’m convinced carroll likes his yes men.
  5. The good ol boy coaching carousel coming full circle. I don’t see thing turning around for the falcons.
  6. Not a fan of his. I didn’t mind him tearing down the 49er organization when he was there though. His hiring of the “The Hedgehog” Jom Timasula and Chip Kelly were some of the worse coaching decisions blunders in recent memory.
  7. I hope he doesn’t drop his drawers during the interview.
  8. Carroll will never hire a creative OC, he just wants his guys, Guys that go along with the program. Ken Norton needs to go to, but he’s a Carroll guy. I'm sure on offense he’ll just bring in another stiff similar to schotty.
  9. Brien Schttenheimer is ripe for the picking. come on bolts pull the trigger.
  10. Who’s ready for the next head coach? https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/report-jets-interested-brian-schottenheimer-182256856.html
  11. His ego is bigger than the team. It happened in Seattle, and now the Ravens. Both coaches have philosophies that nothing is bigger than the team. I don't care if its CTE, or PMS you have to be a grown man and handle **** like a professional.
  12. I don't see the 2021 draft pick being worth a **** anyway. Chances are the college season will be canceled. Then what happens in the draft? The known quantities, will go high, but it will be a complete crap shoot. I'm guessing that's why they were willing to part w/ two 1st round picks,.
  13. Plenty of safeties have filled that role every day without having a LB/safety title. It's just something draft analysts throw around because they have to much time on their hands. It's more about the safeties style of play then size and shape, think Taylor mays vs Kam chancellor)
  14. its definately fungel. tinactin and eucerin cream, those dogs will be good as new. Of course a diva like brown will milk athletes foot like this. Try wearing some shower shoes buddy.
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