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  1. His ego is bigger than the team. It happened in Seattle, and now the Ravens. Both coaches have philosophies that nothing is bigger than the team. I don't care if its CTE, or PMS you have to be a grown man and handle **** like a professional.
  2. I don't see the 2021 draft pick being worth a **** anyway. Chances are the college season will be canceled. Then what happens in the draft? The known quantities, will go high, but it will be a complete crap shoot. I'm guessing that's why they were willing to part w/ two 1st round picks,.
  3. Plenty of safeties have filled that role every day without having a LB/safety title. It's just something draft analysts throw around because they have to much time on their hands. It's more about the safeties style of play then size and shape, think Taylor mays vs Kam chancellor)
  4. its definately fungel. tinactin and eucerin cream, those dogs will be good as new. Of course a diva like brown will milk athletes foot like this. Try wearing some shower shoes buddy.
  5. If I had to guess the kidney issues stemmed from hypertension and diabetes (usually do), and the liver from having a fatty liver disease (on the rise). So sad, exciting player, and I've always heard of him being a good person. RIP young man.
  6. I really dont see us signing him to another long term deal. With the signing of Wrtight to a longer term deal it opens the possibility of seeing him at MLB fo0r a year while Barton grows in.
  7. I guess if someone overwhelms us with a deal next off season. I does us no good to try and trade him now, especially with all the comp picks we have next year.
  8. Hopefully he can get healthy and stay healthy for a year. I do like the signing though and hope we canj add more help at leo.
  9. The only "value" I give a damn about is the value of the extra picks we gained. Some TV pundits, or web sites perceived player value is worth spit. When grading how well someone draft you have to grade how well players fit, a teams philosophy and draft tenancies. I just don't understand how morons on this site think they know these players and teams so well.
  10. I really hop he hangs it up. As big a fan as I am, he needs to think about his long term health. I'd love to see him coach.
  11. I like the collier pick. Getting a 5 tech that can both hold the run and rush the passer is huge. A large reason for a slip in our run defense imo. I'd love to land banogu as a leo. I see us target a wide receiver next pick though, not sure who though. I like mclauren better as an overall receiver, but think we could move down again for him.
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