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  1. Nope. His shine will never be brighter so might as well get paid when he can.
  2. We're good. He'll be back at the beginning of the season.
  3. Hey if a HC/OC/DC can leave for a better job than so should any other asst. If we have a good system in place we will be ok in the long run.
  4. Basically. Nothing to talk about so debate a parking spot...lol
  5. Deebo and Bourne are the leaders in the wr room. Make sense to call them to first. Also I think Bourne is a solid wr for us. But he is what he is at this point. It's why we drafted 3 wr in the last 2 drafts with premium picks.
  6. Yeah he has the talent. But for whatever reason the light just hasn't stayed on. For every Mostert there are 10 guys like Pettis who just don't have that hunger to be their best football self.
  7. Yep the FO patience payed off with long term deals with Ward and AA. Both showed why they were 1st rd talent. Finally put it all togther for a full season.
  8. Monday nite gms are at the bottom end of primetime gms now. Sunday nite and Thurs gms are the spots.
  9. Alex could be back by then...
  10. Gotta prepare for that circus that comes with the Cowboys...lol
  11. Too early to call 16-0?
  12. Not bad the way it's laid out. Sucks to have to start with upstart Cards but we will be as healthy as possible in wk 1. Again we have a tough 3 gm stretch in wk 8, 9 and 10. Would be really nice to start 6-1(hopefully no worse than 5-2) before that stretch.
  13. What these teams aren't thinking about starting the gms let's say Nov 1 with fans...the possible 2nd wave of Covid 19 and the flu season. We've been told from the very beginning their will be a another spike(usually 6 months after 1st wave) and then u add in normal flu season...not gonna get my NFL hopes up. Sorry about that...lol Does suck though I was looking forward to 49ers coming to Dallas.
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/evansilva/status/1231075184418983936
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