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  1. Yeah let's hope teams with opening give him an interview. We know NFL teams don't put up with troubled past...especially NFL owners and FO executives. Oh well.
  2. OC for the defending SB champs that are the fav to repeat with a high powered offense. Maybe he should have been a DC for a team that didn't make the playoffs and defense took a step back. Ah maybe next yr...lol
  3. Not saying this isn't true...but that hasn't stop other "pool boys" from getting the call up to the big times. Just sayin.
  4. I know u think that. As great as Mahomes is he's not bigger than the NFL. Putting any player out there in harm's way is bad for business. NFL doesn't do bad business.
  5. Just throwing this out there. Everyone calling a great play call by Andy Reid...dont be the same ones asking why Eric B didn't get a HC gig this yr. All I've heard is how smart Reid is on all those calls late in the 4th qtr.
  6. Great play call by KC but poor execution by Clev DB.
  7. If he's cleared it's cuz he's cleared. Not cuz he's Mahomes like many seem to think.
  8. Looks #36 should have been over more to cover the out area. Seems to be in no man's lands after #42 takes Kelce.
  9. It's not like they're looking for a HC so no big deal.
  10. Joke........and this is from sherm PR firm. He doesn't respond to his quoted post. Thanks
  11. I'm sure bright lights are a no go during a concussion. Maybe he turned off the brightness on his phone.
  12. That drive was the killer. Everything on that drive was horrible
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