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  1. Yeah but that's what quick passes do. Now you're on your heels waiting for the quick pass and he has time to go through his reads.
  2. They're doing a good job of getting rid of the ball quick.
  3. Play calling looking real avg.
  4. Some times a team is just a bad matchup...even if that team isn't good.
  5. Week 12 Game Day Thread

    Lol did they change the rules on 4th down? Just throw the ball up.
  6. That is the thin line in winning and losing. If the rook hits that FG all people are talking about is how Jimmy led us down for the gm winning drive and how Russ throw a costly INT to our awesome defense. Instead it's Russ does it again...and Jimmy can't get it done.
  7. Everyone who can't handle the loss needs to take a day away from the internet/social media. We're still a good team...just a beat up one. A ton of injuries we need to get past to make a run. But either way we're ahead of schedule and should still be enjoying this great season.
  8. Not terrible just not a Super Bowl caliber team.
  9. That last drive was was handled bad. We can go for the win and take time off the clock. Should have been a win or tie for us. Hey we fought hard.
  10. Yeah with Sanders or Kittle Jimmy throws on 3rd and 2. Don't blame Kyle after kid just nailed his last kick.
  11. For the 1000000000× time defense can u make a play...lol