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  1. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Taco is crap. I live here in Dallas and listen to talk radio all day. Honestly Soloman is more productive than Taco.
  2. Minor Niner News Thread

    I could see them getting through this wk with the next man up motto with the bye wk after this gm. It'll give the coaching staff more time to assess in house vs outside help.
  3. Can't be if the team we saw for the first 2 wks is real. I love Staley but he's not a QB. Today was the offense at it's peak...or close to it. Staley gone will knock it down but for how much not sure yet.
  4. Arz playing Balt tough on the road.
  5. Naw too early. We need to learn how to finish strong.
  6. Lol Oprah...u get a td...u get a td...u get a td.
  7. Our DL is deep. The fact Soloman impact is extra is amazing.
  8. This is why we traded for Ford, drafted Bosa and will give big money to Buck. The gm is in their hands now.
  9. Oh I agree but Breida and Mostert need more touches in this RBBC.
  10. Deebo making a claim for top spot.
  11. So umm I'm gonna say it...Coleman getting his job back. Looks like he might be 3rd.
  12. All this with no Kittle plays. Lovin the offense.