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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ninersnation.com/platform/amp/2021/5/28/22458546/49ers-is-kyle-shanahan-making-the-same-mistake-he-made-in-2017 I know the pick is made and I'm good with it. But it would suck if Kyle never gave Fields a legit chance in the draft process. Everyone knows I wanted Fields so they will always be linked together for me.
  2. If he can be an All-pro run blocker and avg to above avg pass pro...he'll fit right in. I know he'll most likely play RG but I want him at LG so we can power run left with Kittle, Trent and Banks leading the way.
  3. Nice pick. He was definitely one of our better CB in 2019. Give him time to develop with the yr off. Could be K-Dub replacement(most likely) or Moseley replacement...depends where they want him.
  4. I won't leave u out on that island by yourself...lol had the same thought watching all his highlights. Obviously as a Michigan fan living in Texas I've seen him his whole career. Big back with that patience seems to be playing slow sometimes but gets to where the hole is most times.
  5. Yeah I'll be excited the closer the season gets...but I will always have the what if in the back of my mind. Fair or not to either player.
  6. Even though I was a Fields guy...how can u not love Gore! Willis and Gore are the only 2 players I would go to their HOF induction if it ever happens. The fact those 2 didn't get their SB ring will always hurt as a fan.
  7. All that fake confidence went out the window when he's around real confident guys. HA!
  8. After getting the Mac Jones crap out my system I'm happy with Lance. Hearing Lance was always their guy and the way he impressed them makes me excited. Not gonna lie I will always link he and Fields for their careers...but I'm good with the pick. Now I can focus on what could be with Lance and our weapons. Whether it was Lance or Fields the guy I am most excited to see catch passes is Aiyuk. Dude has stud abilities and needs a QB to let it rip to him. Can't wait for TC.
  9. Bears get the steal of the 1st rd IMO. So of course Lance and Fields will be the 2 best QB of this class...lol
  10. My cousin is a Bears fan. He's hyped if it's Fields. Gonna root for him there.
  11. No reason not to have Fields and Hurts battle for the starting job
  12. Me too. Just like we're all on the same page.
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