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  1. No one has high praise for Mac Jones when discussing him for us. I know comparisons mean nothing but can I at least get something more than Matt Ryan as his ceiling.
  2. I know Mac and Tau aren't the same QB but I think Mac could have similar struggles early on. He basically had the best OL/WR situation he could have in college. Most of the time in the NFL it won't be that way. All I know is the top QB besides Brady all make us go crazy when they use their legs to move around to set a beautiful throw. Rodgers, Mahomes, Wilson, Watson, Allen, Jackson, Dak, and Murray. Maybe Mac will be different though.
  3. Agreed but your gm needs to be Bosa level to let your teammates look past questionable pics/posts.
  4. Weird wording. Only 2 rookie QB will be successful this yr...or only 2 will be successful pick for their career?
  5. So Kyle is getting unfiltered answers to questions about a potential QB most teams can't get. If he passes on Fields than he's looking for someone to fit in this "box" as a QB. Not trying to build the "box" around the QB skill set.
  6. Wish I could relax and believe this. But we have 1 of the only HC who is arrogant enough to think this...and still make the trade.
  7. And those changing ways will be with another team. No matter how we all feel about the QB he drafts...he'd better be the right guy. Right now Jimmy/SB loss is his 49ers legacy. Everything gets moved to the back of the line if this QB doesn't hit.
  8. Easy answer no. He'd still get 1st rd talk but it would be more of the only 1 yr starter label Trey Lance is getting.
  9. This and more this. Bosa was so easy...yet I remember the Q. Williams hype. Fields needs to be the pick.
  10. That's a problem in today's NFL. No matter if you're Bill or Reid...the QB Brady or Mahomes are the star. If Kyle wants to be the star he'll be out of a job quickly.
  11. Man either these media people will dunk on everyone if Jones is the pick.......or the fans will have a Field day with them being wrong. Gonna get ugly either way...lol
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