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  1. We're 5-1 in the gms Mitchell gets 20+ carries. The 1 loss...week 13 vs Seahawks. Deebo only missed gm this yr. They combined for 11 total TD in those 5 gms...Deebo had 8. The QB play in those gms combined for 8td to 7int ratio. Yes good QB play would be nice...but we have won with avg QB play. Not sure what this means. Just know when Deebo and Mitchell are heavily involved good things happen for this team. We all know how much Kittle and Juice mean to this offense and the future looks bright with Aiyuk and Jennings. Get the ball in the hands of those 2 Saturday night.
  2. Mosley coming back has settled down our secondary. Our pass rush has been good but that backend couldn't hold up. Now they can cover long enough to let them big guys up front do their thing.
  3. This blew my mind. Motion on QB sneak...when Williams had no factor in the play. Crazy!
  4. This is why I'm done with him. No matter how good he he's playing...he'll come back down with a blaze of glory. Even in his dark hour...he'll make just enough plays to get out of it. But we're still in the playoffs so we ride this mofo till the wheels fall off. Honestly not as nervous for next week gm. I think Mitchell will have a Mostert type of workload. Should be fun.
  5. I'm already on the other side. Just waiting for everyone else. Jimmy is a problem...he's not the only problem. Kyle had major flaws.
  6. Lol not even surprised by Jimmy. Sucks for Warner. Hopefully not as bad as it seems
  7. Yeah if we can get a fg...if not he took the 2 pt play off the board. I agree I would want my HC to go for it
  8. That missed tackle could be a huge play in Dallas comeback.
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