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  1. No, I meant that Reyes was the tipping point. Sorry, poorly worded.
  2. Us being 5-1 with the extent of injuries we've sustained in the secondary is quite an accomplishment that shouldn't be overlooked.
  3. My thought as well, but he may end up as the Padres manager. They love him there.
  4. So far I've heard there was a rift on the way Schildt wanted to use/deploy Alex Reyes and the way the FO wanted him used. It spilled over when they recently met after the season to discuss how he should prepare for next year with him.
  5. He should definitely be an option to look at for the DH spot. He's a lefty bat that we could use, has good pop and gets on base at an above .330 percentage for his career. We definitely need to add another bat to this lineup and the DH seems to be that route if we dont go for/land one of these SS.
  6. I actually heard the author of the article/blog (can't recall his name) talking about it here on local radio interview. He went through the article/breakdown on the air.
  7. That was actually me, but hey who's counting lol.
  8. Fangraphs had interesting breakdown of our expected payroll next season: -We have $135 million committed already for 2022 when you factor in the new Wainwright and Yadi extensions -Typically we can expect arbitration raises between $25 - 30 million, so they split the difference at $27.5 million That puts us at approx. $162.5 million - In looking at what we operate at over the past and accounting in for inflation, they anticipate our payroll to be $177-$180 million. There is thought it could be pushed to $185 million comfortably. Based on this, if we assume $180 is ou
  9. What a weird season, the 1st 2 months was about what you expected, the middle two months was one of the worst I can remember, the last two months was the best I've ever seen. And then to loose in heartbreaking fashion.
  10. Welcome to the big leagues Juan, what a game to debut in potentially. Cardinals purchased the contract of INF/OF Juan Yepez from Triple-A Memphis. Yepez could make his MLB debut at some point during Wednesday night's NL Wild Card Game at Dodger Stadium.
  11. Damn, Panthers remade their whole CB group in last 2 weeks.
  12. Ah, thanks for posting this.. I knew there was something that would keep him on the PUP if he moved teams, but since he was released he's good to go.
  13. We got to remember too, that he's still on the PUP list and is eligible (doesn't mean he will) to return at week 6 at earliest. So even if we do sign him, he's not making an immediate impact.
  14. This is a get right game for both sides of the ball.
  15. The Dodger loosing Max Muncy is a huge boost to us. They just lost a legit MVP candidate and arguably their best hitter. Gonna be Cody Bellinger at 1B (who has actually been one of the WORST hitters in baseball this season). it's like going from Goldy to Matt Carpenter at 1B. Let that sink in lol.
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