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  1. Draft szn rumors

    Good chance they won't be next year either if we're a playoff team...
  2. Draft szn rumors

    Only problem is if Brady's play falls off a cliff, or Nrady decides it's not happening here and then boltsxafter year two we're gonna be back to square one... I get their thought process and agree with it to an extent (not spending a pick in round 1-3 on it), but I see no harm in investing a later pick on a developmental guy in hopes you can bring him along by then...
  3. Draft szn rumors

    Let me preface by saying I agree with you @ravishingone. I think we've determined from the other threads, we both feel they should be developing a succession plan behind Brady... However, I understand why they're not focused on it. BA and TB could care less, as neither of them will be here to deal with the transition. They're 100% committed to win now. They, IMO, will also have a large say in the roster composition and draft picks (especially in the premium rounds 1-3) used. As such, I just don't see a QB being feasible before the mid to late rounds. It's going to be up to Licht to step in and get a guy to develop in these mid-life rounds, but it's starting to sound like he may just follow suit with BA and TB...
  4. Prospects to keep an eye on

    Love hearing that! This class is stacked with some really good talent beyond just the 1st!
  5. Draft Prospect Scenarios

    1. Wills 2. Thomas: I love this guy. He's a plug and play at either spot. Absolute roadgrader in run game. Has the feet and movement skills to be an elite LT, just needs some refinement with his hands and positioning, which are very coachable aspects. Ceiling is sky high IMO... 3. Kinlaw 4. No preference: would be a dream scenario to have choice of either 5. Ruggs 6. Ruggs 7. Wirfs 8. Taylor 9. Jones: would probably be the best value of the entire 2nd round IMO if he slipped... 10. Eason
  6. Traded back 2x (Raiders at 19 and then again with Pats at 23). Different look and lots of depth... 23. RB D’Andre Swift 45. EDGE Julian Okwara 76. OT Matt Peart 81. WR Brandon Aiyuk 98. CB Bryce Hall 117. DT Rashard Lawrence 139. QB James Morgan 161. OT Trey Adams 194. DT Raequan Williams
  7. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    All good as well. Getting cabin fever, as I'm now solely working from home and watching my kids. All healthy and safe thiugh, so I can only be happy...
  8. Thor Having TJS

    Not for most Orthos. Just depends on the state. Best one in the business-Dr. Andrews in Alabama is still cranking them out...
  9. Ryan Smith resigned!

    Agreed, this all but solidifies Stewart's release. Very good ST guy like you said...
  10. Surprise Cuts?

    I think you're in the minority here. If this FO thought anything more of Griffen than a clipboard holder, he would've gotten his shot by now...
  11. Surprise Cuts?

    My personal thought, I agree with you. I want a succession plan in place for the future and most QB prospects that pan out are found in rounds 1-4 statistically... I just dont think that's the direction the team will go given what I said above. They're all in on this two year window and are going to be spending their premium picks on guys they think can upgrade or win now... If Brady went down for more than a game or so, I think we're calling off the hook to find a vet QB outside the organization...
  12. Surprise Cuts?

    Is Ryan Griffen really an upgrade on a rookie? He knows the system, but the talent us still devoid IMO... Like you said, if Brady goes down we're screwed regardless, so I'd rather keep the cheaper, younger and hopeful upside guy instead...
  13. Surprise Cuts?

    I think we're gonna draft a QB, I just don't see it being before the 3rd round. Most likely IMO, it'll be a developmental guy in rounds 3-5. BA and TB aren't wasting a premium pick on a QB in this two year window we essentially have with both of them. They have the control over majority of this roster composition in this window. I think Licht will be the voice of reason for the future, but has to take a backseat until those rounds... If Brady goes down for more than a handful of games, we're screwed anyway. Griffen is one of those guys you can cut and then find off the street/ another PS in an emergency if need be...
  14. Surprise Cuts?

    Griff being on the roster probably depends on what we do in the draft with QB spot. I don't see us carrying 3 QBs on active roster... Depending on what investment we make in the draft (1-5th rounder ain't gonna be cut IMO), Griff is probably the odd man out...
  15. Thor Having TJS

    Best time to have it though with possibility of a scrubbed season looming...