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  1. Question of the day 8/14 (how do you prefer to watch?)

    Living in St. Louis, have to watch on TV. I love the atmosphere of being at the stadium, but it's a whole day event. I prefer watching it in my man cave with my food/drink and buddies/family.
  2. The STL Cardinals Thread - Matheny Was The Problem Mo! (64-55)

    Wacha will resume throwing BP sessions this week and Cecil will be activated from the DL today.
  3. Question of the day 8/12 (Position target?)

    DB. Need help at both safety and CB
  4. The STL Cardinals Thread - Matheny Was The Problem Mo! (64-55)

    Good emergency start from Ross today. He hadn't pitched since August 5th.
  5. Hypothetical and let's assume it's a good class like last few years. Handful of high end talents, middle part is ok and good value talent at end of 1st. Would you rather have a top 5 pick, or two late 1st round picks (i.e like 25 and 27)?
  6. Question of the day 8/7 (Favorite Player?)

    Either one of the Evans'. Love them both coming out and think they're both stars.
  7. Preseason week one: Bucs @ Dolphins

    Anyone know what VH3's actual diagnosis was. He was supposed to have an MRI today on the groin. I saw he was going to be out 'awhile'
  8. Preseason week one: Bucs @ Dolphins

    I'm really worried about our RBs. I think we have a few capable guys, but don't think any of them are potential stars or guys that you can just feed the ball too continuously.
  9. Question of the Day 8/8: Kwon or Lavonte?

    If were talking solo tackles I'll say Lavonte. I think he has better ability in space and closing speed. If it's just total tackles, Kwon. The MLB always gets tons of credits on gang tackles.
  10. The STL Cardinals Thread - Matheny Was The Problem Mo! (64-55)

    Rick Ankiel attempting a comeback as a pitcher. Pitched in a simulated game recently and hit 89 MPH. He is truly one of the most remarkable athletes, but at 39 it's time to call it...
  11. The STL Cardinals Thread - Matheny Was The Problem Mo! (64-55)

    I thought O'Neill had a groin injury, but saying now it's the shoulder. Great, another OF shoulder injury.
  12. Question of the day 8/5 (Record?)

    Our 1st three games are brutal. I think we start 0-3. Think we can rebound during the middle stretch. I think 6-10.
  13. Our big looming extensions

    Like what @indifference had in regards to cuts/retires. That will help tremendously. I think the draft will be key too.
  14. Question of the day starter thread?

    When do we want to kick this off?
  15. Question of the day 8/3

    I did. I think he's still got a few 4ealky good seasons left, especially with McCoy pushing the middle.