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  1. Right, it's definitely been an average group outside of the playoff run last year. I think they'd be fine with them if they added another veteran that wasn't over the hill to the group to challenge them.
  2. Half of the building is working with Baalke and trying to find an alternative HC, the other half is working to remove Baalke and bring in Lefty and new GM. You can't make this **** up.
  3. The Ravens have requested permission to interview Bucs ILBs coach Mike Caldwell for their defensive coordinator vacancy.
  4. Looks like Broncos just hired Hackett this morning to be their HC.
  5. How Trent Baalke is still employed by them is a wonder to everyone.
  6. They wont because they wont be able to pay all of CD3, SMB and Dean who will all hit the market in next 2 years.
  7. Maybe we came back and pulled a McDaniels on him. Gave him the proverbial handshake agreement that he would be the HC when BA retires. Made him think twice? Just a conspiracy theory...
  8. Ironically, the same GM that will now be working with Lefty. Harbaugh is one of those coaches who can come in a win/have success right away in the NFL, but his act wears thin on professional athletes after a few seasons and guys start to get turned off.
  9. PFF has us taking CB Roger McCreary at #27. I like him.
  10. On the rare occasions I eat the national chain FF types, I usually go for: Panda Express, Panera, Firehouse Subs, Chick Fil A None of them are mind blowing, but they're pretty consistent, so I know what to expect.
  11. I'm not disagreeing with you're general idea, but playing devils' advocate - two things to consider: 1] The offense was predicated around BA's concepts 2] The Chiefs and Bills system and offense can be much more 'creative' because they have two of the most mobile QBs in the league that can make any throw on the field on the run. We don't have that luxury and are one of the few teams left that have that statue esq QB.
  12. Devin White making the PB is borderline comical. Even as a replacement.
  13. Remember Thad Lewis quite well from my Rams days. We actually had to start him at QB... Hopefully he's a better coach.
  14. Happy for Lefty. Despite how critical we were of him at times, he did a nice job. More so on the fact that he had to manage to be the liaison of the offense between a HC that has been an avid play caller in past and a HOF QB who basically had free will to do whatever he wanted on the field. That's not easy to manage and keep everyone cool.
  15. Appearing on HBO's Real Sports, WR Antonio Brown claims the Buccaneers offered him $200,000 to seek mental health treatment. In the special, his attorney Sean Bursyn claims that: “The offer was Antonio would basically sit on the sidelines, go on some list — and commit himself to some form of intensive mental health treatment. And we were specifically told, in writing, by the general manager (Jason Licht) twice, “Don’t spin this any other way.”
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