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  1. Jameis has small fracture in right thumb

    Jameis will be back out there. It's a playable injury...
  2. All things QB/Jameis

    The whole gang returns (Winston, Licht, BA)
  3. Phillies sign RHP Zack Wheeler (5/118 million)

    5 years with his injury history? Yikes...
  4. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Very. There are reports he could command $100 million. I'm not touching that if so. Too many high stress innings on that arm...
  5. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    I heard Dave Matter say yesterday that the Jim Sterk and the committee we're prepared to move forward with Blake Anderson, but the boosters shot it down.. Thank goodness they did, he's a garbage choice. He hasn't even dominated in his subpar conference, but they expect him to move to the SEC and it's no big deal? Mizzou could definitely draw a name coach, it's just they're probably too cheap to do it...
  6. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    Colts: 20 Bucs: 24 Total: 44
  7. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    According to MLB.com's Mark Feinsand, the Cardinals are "a new potential bidder" for free agent starter Madison Bumgarner
  8. Devin White playing like the DRotY

    Agreed 100%. I honestly expected more in year one...
  9. Week 14: Colts (6-6) @ Bucs (5-7)

    Colts could be getting Mack and Hilton back this week, so that hurts some. Still like our chances in this one. Colts are fighting for their playoff life though, so they should be motivated...
  10. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    Bucs: 24 Jags: 24 Total: 48 That's right, I did it, I went tie...
  11. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Its gonna be a boring offseason if the FO is just gonna sit on our internal guys...
  12. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    Bucs: 40 Falcons: 24 Total: 64
  13. Byron Leftwich- Too much, too soon?

    He's not the issue. We gotta remember he's pretty new to this... As @bucsfan333 stated, we're scoring. He definitely needs to refine some areas, but that comes with exposure/experience... This roster just lacks that middle tier talent that is the glue to good teams. We've got some stars and we've got a lot of league average/replacement level players...
  14. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Not surprising on any front, given the upcoming rule 5 draft...
  15. BA blames only 10 of 18 INTs on Jameis

    Except it can be...