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  1. F'n Dodgers... Getting Scherzer and Turner. Unreal.
  2. Scherzer is going to the Padres. This may impact his 2022 outlook. He said earlier this week that he wanted to go to a team that he could potentially resign with and the Padres are going to be perineal contenders. We may have to cross him off our wish list.
  3. He's been just about what I expected in his 1st full season. I've been pleasantly surprised by his ability to play CF as needed and his ability to consistently get on base. The power is going to continue to develop further with time.
  4. Agreed. I think you're more likely to see us extend Cappa a long term offer, whereas I think if we were to extend Jensen, we'd likely offer a short term deal (like a 1-2 years deal). I think he might look to test the market from that.
  5. Adam Wainwright now has 10 starts this year of 7 IP or more. He's 5th in the MLB in terms of highest IP per start. He's the anti 2021 SP and he's doing it at 39 lol...
  6. Harrison Bader is absolutely raking right now. His pitch recognition has gotten immensely better.
  7. Sounds like we'll be relatively quiet at the deadline. I think given where we're at in the standings, it's probably the right call. Even with potentially getting Mikolas and Flaherty back soon.
  8. Was looking at the SS market upcoming this offseason. One guy that isn't on lists (as he's still under control for 2 more seasons), but a guy I think could be right in our wheel house via the trade market would be Trea Turner. The Nats have both him and Juan Soto coming up to FA soon. I'm not sure they're going to be able to commit long-term to both. You would think Turner might get the lesser end of the deal in this. Would cost a ton, but man wouldn't that be the type of hitter we need to cap off this line-up. He can legit hit anywhere in the line-up.
  9. It's going to be interesting to see what happens this off-season, as it's going to be pivotal IMO on the direction this club heads over the next few years. The FO has done a good job acquiring the star-power pieces we needed in the middle of this line-up (Arenado and Goldy). It's crazy that we haven't been able to get them both going at the same time at all this season, but that's not on the FO. We've drafted/developed the OF and the FO has been gung-ho about all 3 getting their opportunities and going through the growing pains. It's finally started to pay-off and I think we see th
  10. Time for all the Harrison Bader haters to start giving him some props. He's drastically changed his approach since his minors stent and it's paying off: His swing/miss percentage since that time has almost been cut in half from his career norm prior to that. He needs to be hitting higher in this line-up.
  11. Figured we could keep all the talk, pics, write-ups and relatedness to one thread for easy findings. T-minus 3 days!
  12. I'm convinced Oviedo is cursed. He may never get an MLB win...
  13. Heard interview today with Cardinals Scouting Director Randy Flores. He said Masyn Winn will continue to prepare as both P and SS in minors and will get shot as dual way player. With the success of Ohtani, they want to give this opportunity if he wants to continue with it.
  14. He definitely will. Schildt and Girsch have both said recently they still view him as a starter longterm and he will prepare for that role in offseason.
  15. You're right! I missed that part. Even more impressive. So glad we didn't sell low on him like so many others recently.
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