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  1. It's a minor scope to clean out some cartilage. Very similar to what Brady underwent this offseason. It's no big deal, other than he can't participate physically in rookie camp. He'll be fine by training camp.
  2. Right, but there was hope that as he developed his batting eye, he would draw walks as well. That hasn't happened and you could argue he's regressed here. It sucks too because as we've seen, he's one of the faster guys in the MLB on the base paths.
  3. It is about the only thing left that Brady hasn't achieved over his career. The perfect season.
  4. DeJong is exactly what I mean. You can live with his high strikeout rate because he gets on base/takes walks (although he's been lagging this year so far). You have to be able to get on-base if you're not going to hit for average, or have XBH outside of the HR's. Especially since TOR strikes out at such a high clip. He's got to improve on this if he wants to be viewed as an everyday LF option and a 5-6 hole hitter vs. just a 4th OF.
  5. Good call lol. It's gonna take some getting used to that 17th game.
  6. I love the pop Tyler O'Neill is showing, but man he literally offers nothing else at the plate. He has 2 walks to 30 K's (ouch) and 7 of his 10 XBH have been the HR's... He literally doesn't get on base other than circling the bases...
  7. That's the thing about the NFL, you can never predict how a team will actually fare. Bayless is going off 2020, alot of the teams on our schedule are much improved and as we all know anyone can beat anyone in one given game. I think 12-4 is what I project us at.
  8. Team is playing real good team ball right now. Won 14 of our last 18 games. We picked a good time to have Padres coming up too with all their Covid issues.
  9. I actually thought this might happen. I think there are two reasons you're seeing Gabbert back: 1] He's a guy BA trusts and he knows the system/offense well. He also knows how to be a backup and a starter. 2] He's the guy Trask will be able to breakdown film with, bounce questions off daily, learn the routines, etc vs. those responsibilities falling on TB12 while trying to prepare for the game every week.
  10. Heard they're both excellent ST guys, which is how I think they'll have to make this roster.
  11. My favorite quote from the draft... The NFL Draft takes too damn long! If I wanted to watch 32 picks in 3 hours, I’d just watch Jameis Winston play. pic.twitter.com/taJv7IEkKy — TPS (@TotalProSports) May 2, 2021
  12. Goldy has to be dealing with an injury right? I know he's always been a slow starter, but even this odd for him. He had good peripherals at the beginning of year, but they have tailed off some recently. He just looks uncomfortable too more often than not on his swings.
  13. I think it's more to do with the rotation settling in now vs. the early season struggles we saw. I don't think it would've mattered if it had been Yadi/Knizer behind the plate, the whole starting staff was struggling. Even now with Knizer, the BP has been struggling as a whole, so I think it's more on the pitchers than anything to do with who's receiving. I share your sentiment on Knizer though. He's really impressed me in his starts. He's gotten immensely better defensively since last year.
  14. Doubt we pursue given how tight we will be now up against the cap once the rookies are signed. We have Josh Wells assigned to the swing tackle spot currently and given how he played last year when he was pressed in for D Smith for a game, I think they're okay with it. Plus, we now have good interior O-line depth with Stinnie and Hainsey, so I doubt we look to add. Schwartz was said to be considering retirement, so it may take a good chunk of change to sway him anyway.
  15. Good breakdown @haveyoumetdustin. Thanks for going through the time to review/post that. I'm not concerned about his arm strength, I think he has enough to make all the throws needed. So of his deeper balls definitely float, but he can still get it there, so i don't think it'll be an issue that plagues him. I've been very impressed with what I've seen from him in the decision making aspect. he doesn't try to force things he knows aren't there/windows he can't make. That's impressive for a guy that has as little game action as he did. His decision making has only improved as well as
  16. He couldn't ask for a better spot than to sit/learn under TB12 for at least 2 years. Brady is going to be able to help him immensely with his pocket footwork, which is the part of Trask's game that needs the most work.
  17. Damn. We blew the whole budget on him lol.
  18. Loved hearing BA say Darden reminds him of a young Emmanuel Sanders. That's quite a compliment and hope that bears out.
  19. Tryon - Grade: A. Most know I'd been high on him throughout the draft season. I think if he played in 2020, we would've seen him be a top 15 pick. Trask- Grade: B-. We finally have a young guy who can be viewed as a succession plan. His game/skillset is pretty similar to Brady, so I'm good with the pick. Hainsey- Grade: B-. I thought there were better Olinemen on the board, but I trust Licht in evaluating OL. Plus, he's a depth piece anyway. Darden- Grade: B+. I knew a little about him, but he seems like an instant ST weapon and could develop into a quality WR sooner than later.
  20. It's a big deal. Can lead to a pulmonary embolism. Even something as simple as flying on a plane can trigger one if your prone with prior blood clots.
  21. I would think we'll take a DB with one of the remaining picks
  22. He's a young version of Kevin Minter. Too tight and not athletic enough in coverage, but a tackling machine and a force in the run game.
  23. Definitely could, but think this pick is about 2022. Doubt we bring AB back again and then you have TJ, Miller and Darden all competing for those #3 and #4 snaps. I dont think we'll see much impact year one since we're so loaded at WR.
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