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  1. The Bills offense has been absolute hit/miss over the last 4-5 weeks. They score 30+ one week, then the next they can't break the teens (and even a single digit loss in there too). Hopefully that trend doesn't continue for us coming off their MNF poor showing.
  2. It's gonna be interesting to see what BA does with AB. When we signed AB, Arians essentially came out publicly and said that '1' mess up and he would be gone. I would think an NFL mandated suspension would constitute. Will be interesting to see if he holds to his word, or if he prioritizes winning.
  3. Yep, something he'll learn with more experience as well. We got to remember how truly raw his game was coming into the NFL.
  4. He probably saw what Scherzer got AAV wise and said...maybe let's not sign that just yet lol.
  5. This is a potential trap game for us. Coming off the emotional high of the come from behind victory on the road last week, we need to show up early and not let them hang in the game. We do that and I think we coast to victory.
  6. Agreed, but I can't imagine he'd command that much being that he's 35 and still had not great splits against RHH even with his found success with us. I wouldn't go over 1 yr/5-7 million. I heard yesterday that we're interested in Collin McHugh. He pitched as the 'opener' a lot for Tampa last year and had a really good season. A guy we view that could fill-in as a spot start if needed, but also give you multiple innings out of the BP.
  7. Robert Murray of FanSided reports that reliever Luis Garcia is in serious talks with the Padres. Damn, that would be a disappointment to loose him after what we saw once we acquired him. He was great.
  8. I highly doubt that would happen. Edman's defense at 2B is GG caliber, so why move him? Sure, he can fill-in at SS and be serviceable, but you're not getting the same level of defense. Plus, his bat doesn't warrant the move. Not like we're hurting for defense at SS with Sosa there. I guess the argument is that you're trying to get Gorman in at 2B, but reality is we're likely going to have the DH now whenever baseball resumes and Gorman's threat has always been his bat, so he could slot in there and fill in at 2B as you wish given Edman has the versatility to play 2B, SS and OF.
  9. I really don't think this signing takes us out of the SP market. He just doesn't eliminate our need for IPs. It may take us out of the Scherzer/Stroman range, but we could see another mid range guy like Jon Gray. I think they could look to throw as many options at the rotation as they could after last year's issues with injury.
  10. No, he didn't give a number/range. It's Mo and as we know, he keeps things close to the bowtie.
  11. 'Mets owner Steve Cohen is livid that his team didn’t sign Matz. In a tweet, Cohen said: “I’m not happy this morning. I’ve never seen such unprofessional behavior exhibited by a player’s agent. I guess words and promises don’t matter.” It was later reported by Jon Heyman of MLB Network that Matz promised the Mets a chance to match any offer. They were under the impression that Matz wanted to return to New York. In the end, however, Matz had a change of heart and didn’t give the Mets a chance to match the Cardinals’ offer, with president of baseball operations John Mozeliak’s recruitment b
  12. Don't like that 4th year, but I can live with $11M AAV. Honestly, this signing to me is just meh. Of all the SP options, he's the one I worry about the most. He's been inconsistent throughout his career and has never thrown more than 160 IP. I don't think we're done at all on the pitching front.
  13. Mo has confirmed an increase in the 2021-22 payroll per Goold. They are aware of the cost it will take to add pitching in the FA market and are willing to increase to obtain. 🤩
  14. Ironically, he kind of looks like Ryan Franklin.
  15. Brady is always a good choice. There weren't a lot of standouts tonight, as we played a really good team game (a good thing). My unsung guys that really made an impact were JTS and Winfield.
  16. Jeff Jones of the Belleville News-Democrat reports that Archie Bradley is "one pitcher to keep in mind" as the Cardinals look for bullpen help. Bradley's agent is Cardinals special assistant Ryan Franklin’s brother.
  17. Nelson may not play. He reaggravatted ankle injury late in the Bill's game.
  18. They were giving up the chunk plays though. That's been taken away in 2nd half. Some of it is scheme, but secondary just looks more comfortable and pressure up front is there now.
  19. Didn't even know it was Godwin and not Goodein earlier.
  20. This defense has looked so much better in the 2nd half
  21. So true. And when he's bad, it's real bad. He's the Jekyll and Hyde of punters.
  22. He can barely catch balls that are dropped right into his hands. Asking for a back shoulder catch from him is like trying to spot a sasquatch.
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