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  1. Better Call Saul, Season 5

    Already? Its rolling now. That sucks
  2. Better Call Saul, Season 5

    That relationship is coming to a fiery end, and at a Hiroshima/Fat Man rate
  3. Shows that were cancelled too soon

    Fargo. With the way they re-invented it each season, they could have gone a few seasons deeper. I'm sure there are enough stories out there to make it work.
  4. Non-Bengal Free Agents

    Or resign here, then trade Dre to Zimmer. Heck, trade Dre for a fifth right now whether you get Dennard back or not. Based on lack of LBs at the moment, it appears we are going heavy nickel a lot anyway. You can't have enough good tackling CBs in that situation.
  5. BayRaider 2020 Semi-Final Version Mock Draft

    Really good Bengals draft. I would think they would prefer Mims to Jefferson though, despite the history. Mims projects perfectly to the outside opposite Green, whereas Jefferson is a better, unpolished version of Tyler Boyd. Harrison is a great pick too. If they don't go WR in the second, I would think OT is also on the table.

    Burrow is obvious. Harrison is a great choice. In the second, if they don't go LB, they will be going offense. With this board, they either take Mims or an OT like Jones. They originally said defense on day 2, but after grabbing Reader, MacKenzie, Waynes, and Bell in free agency, I don't see it.
  7. You’re Cincy: What would it take from Miami?

    All three firsts and seconds this year, plus the two firsts next year.
  8. Non-Bengal Free Agents

    Until we don't re-do his deal. Or don't win enough.
  9. Non-Bengal Free Agents

    Why would the team want to go from Glenn to Williams in a week? Doesn't make sense. I'd rather draft an OT
  10. Bengals sign Vonn Bell

    This was final free agency wish. Now onto the draft. We lietrally can go anywhere with #33, depending on who slips to the pick 1. Burrow 2. Baun 3. Isaiah Wilson or throw a WR in there somewhere
  11. Bengals sign S Vonn Bell

    And this was my final free agency wish. Onto the draft
  12. Bengals sign S Vonn Bell

    Sweet. You beat Duke by 30 seconds
  13. Bengals sign S Vonn Bell

  14. Ten days ago, I would have been fine with this. Burrow is the pick obviously. But we have signed 3 CBs in free agency, still have Dre Kirkpatrick and Darius Phillips, along with about 6 guys fighting for one spot that will be decided by special teams play. So no CB in the second. I suggest we take Baun with the pick.
  15. 3 Round Mock w/ trades

    Benga;s have to get at least 1 LB by the end of Day 2. Malik Harrison in the third.