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  1. Wait, what? Two full pages and no one has brought up Archer?
  2. I think they are splurging on a top guard, despite Mike brown's history. If so, Sewell makes perfect sense.
  3. Nice trade back and still get JeMarr Chase. I just don't like mocks that have us trade back for future picks, so I don't get to see the payoff. Leatherwood is fine, but there are a couple of OTs that I'd like more still available after scfrolling thru (Mayfield, maybe Cosmi, didn't keep looking for more)
  4. So with the extra crossover game, does the entire conference get the extra home game or road game? Or does each division have a split? Because heads will roll when a playoff spot is decided who got an extra home game vs extra road game. I would assume it would be an AFC and NFC thing to avoid all that. Or will they try to get neutral site games?
  5. Great Bengals draft. Hits all the needs. I might be tempted to reunite Burrow with Marshall in the second while taking an iOL in the third, but that's quibbling at this point. Great effort.
  6. Whitworth is who I compare LE with when talking to other Bengals fans who don't follow any other teams at all, so they have a frame of reference. But I wouldn't necessarily us that comp here, since LE isn't the same size. I agree though that they might have similar career arcs. Whitworth was seen as a RT/OG when we took him in the second round. When Levi Jones went down, he changed his training and became an elite LT
  7. Nice effort on 7 rounds. The Bengals draft is very good and hits all the key positions. It just isn't the route I'd go. Most of it stems from the first round. I think the team is targeting Chase and Sewell with the #5 pick, and you passed on Chase. It's not that I don't like Slater, it's I don't like him at #5. I'd explore trade options for it, then target Darrisaw or Slater when sliding back. If there isn't a trade, I just don't see them passing on Chase, even with a dire need at OT. Love Basham in the second, but if we went Chase in the first, then we have to go OT in
  8. Puke on the simulator for waiting until the 4th round to take any OL for Cincy. Burrow said that's no fun. As for Smith, if we actually went WR in the first, it would be Chase for the obvious connection with Burrow that breaks any tie between him and Devonta Smith. Heck, since we pass on OL in the second, why not take Marshall there too. Higgins, Chase, Marshall and Boyd would be lethal, assuming we signed like 3 starting OL
  9. Belichick is under a lot of pressure to succeed. The wondering and muttering about the size of Brady's contribution to the dynasty has only magnified many times now that Brady marched down to Tampa and won a ring at the first time of asking. There's no way he hasn't heard that. In no way do I think Belichick did a bad job this past season (with that roster, 7 wins wasn't bad at all) but I think the Boston media won't treat him kindly if he can't build a winner without Brady, and fast.
  10. It was clearly said that if he has a "subpar season, the media would put him there.
  11. So being in the same division raises this question? How about "doesn't it make it that much harder" to win while playing in the same division as those other great players. I mean, all four teams have made the SB since the Saints last won it.
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