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  1. 2019 Draft Prospects

  2. 2019 Draft Prospects

    That's crazy. Season ticket holders can sign up for a lottery for a few of the team's allotment. I would have signed up if I'd known someone would actually go. No one I know wants to commit three days to that
  3. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Me too
  4. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    And what do those two have in common? Branches on the Marvin Lewis tree. @Onizuka just described Marvin Lewis spot on.
  5. 2019 Mock Draft: NĂºmero Cuatro [UPDATE]

    I'd love it for the Bengals. I guess it depends on how AJ Brown projects on the outside. We already have Boyd in the slot now, and not sure how that lineup looks. If they go OL, I could see them rolling the dice on Little. If not, McGary there or in the third.
  6. Jaguars sign OT Cedric Ogbuehi

  7. 2 RD MOCK 3/16/19

    Good haul. I don't mind trading back 6 spots, but I think the team would rather get a third over a fourth, fifth and whatever else you had in there.
  8. 2019 Draft Prospects

  9. Free Agency

    Agreed it makes it easier. Plus we probably had to sign somebody. We weren't going to draft three new OTs and expect it to work out. I still think they draft one high, and take the wait and see approach with with Hart. Maybe that third year is a high salary of 8-9 mill, which we can cut after a draft pick takes his spot. The signing bonus (@6 mill I assume) was for the security having a second guy signed. I still hope Uzo had some of that money tied to incentives. I did not realize #2 TEs were getting that kind of money.
  10. Free Agency

    Elite TEs get around 8-9. If TE2 numbers are that high, then just draft new ones in cycles, but not all at the same time (like Eifert one yeasar with the other two the next year) so you can cycle them in and out. Until we know the guarantees and structure, I guess you might be right. We shall see.
  11. Free Agency

    I get the Redmond thing. But $6 mill per for Uzomah is pretty stupid. And $7 mil per for Hart is beyond insane. I was hoping that Shefter transposed the numbers in TWELVE million, but after the CJ Uzo thing, I guess not. I suppose Brown overspent because he doesn't want to sign outside FAs.
  12. Bengals signing Bobby Hart 3 years 21 mil

    Man, eitjher fail the physical or pray that Shefter transposed the $12 million accidentally. This is beyond stupid
  13. Captain Marvel (Spoilers! Be Aware)

    That's what I was thinking time wise, but others were arguing with me so I thought I'd ask here. Thanks
  14. Can I just steal Denver's draft of White andf Risner?
  15. Pre FA 3 Rounder (No Trades)

    I'm fine with Bush, but no way I'm passing e have guards, and yes Linstrom on Risner at OT, even tho I think Lindstrom is a great player. We have guard depth, and even tho Lindstrom is a clear upgrade, we need an OT as badly as LBs. So Risner all the way. In the third, I would grab Pratt there and overhaul the LB room. Grab a falling DT later on, because some guys will fall due to the quantity/quality at the top of the draft.