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  1. Bengals/Vikings

    That's the same question. The lack of underneath coverage is due to the prevent zone.
  2. Bengals/Vikings

    McCarron needs to go to IR just in case we want to trade him.
  3. He will get the chance in the next one to voice it visually maybe he can do a Star wars version of FlashPoint (obviously sarcasm)
  4. Bengals/Vikings

  5. Bengals/Vikings

    IOt also begs the question, "Why did we keep playing that zone with three first year players and a veteran backup with a hamstring issue???"
  6. I actually don't have a problem with Rey and Kylo doing it. At least they are both trained in the Force. How were Anakin and Padme able to do it when he was in the Jedi Temple and the connection with her caused him to go save Palpatine?
  7. #PaperGate - Have you ever seen something so weird in the NFL?

    The refs have done this before, but they used to carry index cards for it. For everyone thinking it is a conspiracy since he folded the paper, keep in mind that the paper won't stay straight as the ref slid it between the ball and chains. Index cards accomplish the same effect, but apparently no one had one. And as others have said, it was mis-marked. if it was short, Dallas would have challenged the spot and almost assuredly won.
  8. Team Needs?

    Besides a more aggressive head coach? LT OC MLB RT FS
  9. Bengals HC Marvin Lewis to leave Bengals

    He would never go there. The Bucs hired him the year before we did, but the owner changed his mind before the deal was signed. They ended up with Gruden though.
  10. Marvin Lewis done

    For head coach or a hunting buddy?? As far as the story, I say BS. ESPN is still owned by Disney, who is great at making up stories. Except Star Wars, and they managed to mess up the story completely. At least it was visually stunning. Besides, we've known this all season. And the team looks like they quit too. No first downs midway through the second quarter.
  11. Of course, if that was the intent, they absolutely missed a better chance to have Kilo and Rey join forces and operate in that grey area. They could have taken on Snoke in a more elaborate battle. It would have been cool to see Snoke take each one of them on in different places the way Luke used the Force ghost to buy time with Kylo.
  12. Bengals/Vikings

    I blame the lack of focus on the fact that they left everything they had on the field against Pitt, plus the short week. We will play better, but lose by a FG in the end. My guess is that Bullock misses a game tying one. Then we get to draft the Auburn kicker (Carlson) or the Florida kicker and actually keep him)
  13. I am looking for a team to follow outside of the Browns

    Kiwi As a lifelong (I'm 47) diehard fan of the other team in Ohio, I certainly feel your pain. I somehow survived the 90's but it was tough. I did figure a few things out that might help you now. 1. Follow a major college team, if you don't already. Ohio State was the balance I needed to my football "Force". I didn't have to feel like I was cheating on my team by investing in a Saturday game. It's how I picked up being a fan of Georgia. They were on a lot, and the Bengals were picking a slew of their players. Gave me another team besides Ohio State to follow. 2. If you take the short term "relationship break" from the Browns, pick a team that looks to be good for another year or two max. I would suggest taking on an NFC team, so you don't run a risk of rooting against the Browns. I have two suggestions for the remainder of the season: 1. Minnesota. With Rogers out 8 weeks, they ran away with the division. They are in the playoffs and have a defense that can make a post season run. Not only that, they just played the Browns, so you would have another four years for the Browns to earn back your heart before the Vikings played them again (in 2021). Plus with assuming Rogers will be healthy next year, Minny might not be as good within the division and the browns won't look so bad. 2. Either the saints or falcons in the NFC South. New Orleans looks great this year, but how much longer will Brees be playing at all, let alone this level? The Falcons, on the other hand, have a few former Browns (Mack, Gabriel), a guy the Browns should have taken (Julio), and the type of team not built for a dynasty-type run. Both will be easy to drop. If neither of those options work for you, try the Giants. If you watch enough of them, you will realize that you are not alone. As bad as Mike Brown has been at times since he took over in 93, I saw what an a$$ Modell was to your fanbase and was actually glad to have Brown over him as owner. Sad, but true. If that doesn't work, just root for the team the Texans are playing against. That way you can still be part of the Cleveland experience as every other Browns fan is doing the exact same thing. Otherwise, just go to a sports bar with friends and come to the realization that you can't root for any other team, no matter how hard you try.
  14. Back-Ups on your team that could start elsewhere

    Forget other teams. With Marvin Lewis seemingly always favoring experience over youth, we have several backups who should be starting on OUR team. Injuries have helped turn the tide, but if everyone was healthy, Darquez Dennard, William Jackson, Andrew Billings, Joe Mixon, Jordan Evans, and even Carl Lawson only see limited action. I know this isn't in the spirit of the OP, but I had to vent. 5-8 will do that to you.
  15. Great news

    I just had a LondonBengal sighting over on CJ. I really was fearing the worst after such a long hiatus.