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  1. In a perfect world, yes. But they also know that we would be taking Sewell, and wouldn't give up much to move up when we clearly aren't taking a QB. We could only threaten to trade with another team who coveted Fields, but then we'd be risking getting Sewell
  2. You do realize that with 7 confirmed positives already, there is a strong possibility that more are infected, but haven't tested positive yet? It can take up to 14 days, no?
  3. First, the six remaining games should be used to evaluate younger players moving forward, as well as veterans whose contracts are up or where production is disproportionate to pay level. I don't care if we win another game, because the top OT in the draft is now in play. We need to look at guys like Williams at RB, Washington at WR, the TE on the practice squad, Finley and the younger Offensive linemen. We also need to make final assessments for AJ Green, Geno Atkins, CJ Uzomah, Bobby Hart, and any other aging vets making more than $4 million per. Coaching Staff: Obviously the fan base has soured on Taylor, but the two most important people tied to his fate don't appear to be among them, that being Mike Brown and Joe Burrow. I'm omitting Tobin because I'm the GM. If Burrow were to question his leadership, then he's absolutely gone. But for this exercise, he's staying, at least for now. As soon as the clock hits zero against the Ravens and for the season, I'm sending Turner and Anarumo packing. Their services are no longer required, even for a few hours until the next day. Clear their offices immediately, but show them class by telling them privately ahead of time, so that they can exit without facing the media if they so choose. As for replacements, both new hires need to be seasoned NFL veteran coaches. No names for you here yet, but no new up and comers at either spot with Taylor still manning the captain's chair. Free Agent Players to let walk John Ross... the experiment failed before it ever had a chance. Leshawn Sims. He started well, but has been bad. Like, really bad Alex Erickson. He provides little to the offense, and only fair catches on punt returns most of the time. Stanley Morgan can do that, plus fill the gunner role. Alex Redmond. Forever on speed dial, we can call if injuries strike the OG position at any point in camp of in season. Randy Bullock. I have said it for three plus years. He makes the no pressure kicks, but fails miserably in high stakes situations. We've been keeping Austin Seibert for a reason Brandon Allen. Guys I'd keep but at severely reduced salaries, or let walk AJ Green. Pay him like a 3rd or fourth WR? Sure, but nothing over $5-6 million. If his speed and explosiveness don't return, he should retire. Shawn Williams. Keep him as a backup on an appropriate salary? Sure. maybe he has something left and just clashed badly with Lou A Re-sign William Jackson ($9-10 mill) His sporadic play at times is still more stable than the DC, and honestly, I want to blow draft resources on other positions MacKenzie Alexander Not sure his market value, but it didn't rise from the $4 mill we gave him this year Carl Lawson.($7 mill) He's so hot and cold, and misses a lot of time. Wouldn't break the bank for him, but if they can find middle ground for a contract, I'm all in Quentin Spain ($3.5 mill) Plug him in at OG for one of the spots and don't look back Kevin Huber ($2.5 mill) Brandon Wilson ($2.5 mill) Still a solid returner and spot player at safety Samarje Perine ($2.5 mill) They just seem to keep him around. Cethan Carter ($2.0 mill) just a hard-nosed do your job guy as a blocking TE and FB Mike Daniels ($2.5 mill) His play still declined, but he's fine as a backup Josh Bynes ($2-3 mill) Either keep him or sign a similar declining vet to back up and guide Wilson, ADG, Bailey and Pratt Josh Evans ($2 mill) keep LB off of the needs list. He plays well on special teams and is worth keeping for that role Mike Thomas ($1.5 mill) Vet Minimum guys- Covington, X Williams, Clark Harris, Bledsoe and Margus Hunt Cap Casualties Bobby Hart CJ Uzomah Xavier Sua-Filo Most likely Geno Atkins, but I'm not sure that removing Lou A won't help him increase production Outside Free Agency OG Joe Thuney. Want to show Joe Burrow you're serious about protecting him? Thuney is looking to be paid, and already has won with NE. Pay the man WR If Green goes, then find a WR to fill that hole DE Don't know all the names that will be available, but we should be looking. This will sound strange, but with Lou gone, I'd think about bringing back Dunlap when Seattle dumps his contract in the offseason. They didn't push back that much money just to actually give it to him next year. Extend Jessie Bates. Will get done in training camp just like they all do. The Draft Assuming we stay at #3 and that the Jets take Lawrence and the Jags go with Fields 1. OT Penei Sewell (Oregon) Top tackle in the class. Move Jonah to RT or put Sewell there. Either way, we're set at OT for quite awhile. 2. DE Carlos Basham (Wake Forest) Seems to be slipping behind other fast risers, but fits the prototypical mold we have for them. This Carlos replaces the last one. 3. OG Ben Cleveland (Georgia) 6'6" 335 lbs and country boy strong. Obvious RG candidate if the Thuney thing inevitably falls through. Even if we get him, develop him to eventually take over for Spain. 4. TE Charlie Kolar (Iowa Stae) All around guy to replace Uzomah 5 DT Jaylen Twyman (Pitt) Both lines need work, and now the rebuilding of the interior defensive line begins With the 6/7/7 picks, I would expect a WR, another TE and possibly a LB to replace Bynes or Evans if they left. The 2021 Roster QB Burrow, Finley RB Mixon, Bernard, Perine, Williams, Patrick WR (Green or FA), Higgins, Boyd, Tate, Morgan, Thomas, Washington TE Sample, Kolar, Carter, Wilcox OL Sewell-Thuney-Hopkins-Spain-Jonah as starters Cleveland, Price, Jordan, Adeniji, Johnson DE Lawson, Hubbard, Basham, Kareem and FA DT Geno, Daniels, Twyman, Tupou, Covington LB Wilson, Davis-Gaither, Pratt, Bailey, Evans, Bynes (or similar FA) CB Jackson, Waynes, Alexander, Phillips, Rose, Brown S Bates, Bell, Wilson, Henderson/Williams LS Clark Harris P Kevin Huber K Austin Seibert
  4. How exactly is Pitt getting screwed in all of this? One, you now get a full and normal week to prepare. Two, if their players are positive now, they won't be cleared by Sunday. Instead, they will have a better handle on who is actually positive, which will, in turn lessen the Steelers to exposure. Win-win for you. The only thing your team loses is the extra time after the game to rest, but any NFL player will tell you they hate playing on Thursdays anyway. The whole "woah for the Steelers" act because of this and the Titans game is wearing thin. Plus, your players, as well as your opponents', health trumps the entertainment factor for the rest of us Thursday night. As much as I was looking forward to watching this game, their health is more important, and I'll get over it.
  5. I agree. Especially being a Bengals fan and on the wrong side of most narratives. But most people tell me I'm crazy, so..........
  6. Nice effort, but a hard NO from this bengals fan. Passing on Sewell would be neglect. Even before the injury, Burrow was getting hit 10+ times a game. While I would love to have Chase in stripes and continue the Joe-JaMarr connection, we can't continue trying to piecemail the line in front of him. Sewell has to be the pick. In the second, they either go OG or DE, but I'm basing that on them keeping William Jackson and MacKenzie Alexander. If we don't CB is a strong possibility. But with both lines needing so much help, I think they need to focus there and keep who they have at DB
  7. I agree. Thuney would be ideal, but isn't coming here. Maybe they stick to the draft for OLine but grab another guy plus try to keep Lawson at DE
  8. I don't think the league nudge them, but after watching this game for 30 years, I am convinced that refs are betting on games and protecting the spreads in their favor. Refs are the only ones not making millions themselves. There arew other subtle ways networks can play along, like losing certain angles for replay until after the next play. Happened to us a few times that I recall.
  9. I've got my sights set for Ben Cleveland in the third (Georgia) so that we can get a falling DE in the second (maybe Basham, Wake Forest) I also want one FA on the line. So it depends on where they want Jonah. If they put him at guard, I'd grab a RT in FA (Orlando Brown?). If they put him at either OT (with Sewell at the other, then I'd grab an OG or just roll woth Spain and draft a guy in the third. If Wyatt Davis is there in the second, then so much for the DE in that spot.
  10. Which side is Sewell going to? And if its LT, where do Williams and Leatherwood line up?
  11. Me either, but if we had a real threat at TE, Taylor would at least flex him out
  12. Depends on how far we trade back. I would never take a tight end top ten because they get hurt so much. And although Pitts is a nightmare matchup, he's essentially another WR. If Friermuth drops due to the shoulder injury, I could see taking him in the second.
  13. With the Burrow injury and Finley starting, I don't think we win another game, and we are already in the #3 spot. So unless something drastic happens ( a team trading over us, or Finley actually winning games) I think it's safe to assume we grab Sewell. Now, if he isn't there (I could see Jax trading to fourth with a team wanting penei knowing that team and us won't be looking QB), then I think we are open for business trading back.
  14. If the Jets were truly sold on Darnold, Gase would already be gone. Instead, he's there ensuring they get the first pick. The real question is what would the jets get back for darnold.
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