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  1. There's also news about a highly ranked (PFF) o line coach asking to be released by his former employer. If Pollack went to Washington, then Callahan is available. They can't be traded coach for coach, so maybe he's there feeling out the Redskins and Gruden. And they wouldn't make him available until Taylor is officially hired anyway.
  2. CW21's 2019 NFL Draft Thread (Bring On Questions)

    Elijah Holyfield goes in round.....??
  3. Agreed. Was typing the same thing simultaneously
  4. Surely they have someone already lined up to replace them before letting guys here go. Mike Brown isn't stupid. It's just going to be guys who aren't making the rounds right now and having their names out there because they know they have something lined up
  5. Fureys49ers Mock Draft (2 Rounds) 1/15

    We need two LBs and two OL for the right side potentially. I'd say TE is up there as well.
  6. Fureys49ers Mock Draft (2 Rounds) 1/15

    Love the Pratt pick. No idea why we would go CB in the first. Dennard may be a free agent, but I can't see taking a first round CB to play the slot, which he isn't anyway. he'd sit behind Jackson and Kirkpatrick
  7. Spiderman: Far from home

    I assumed Sandman, but wondered with the water scene.Wet sand would make a helluva strong punch
  8. Especially if the Chiefs keep winning too. I mean, there's always a chance that it could be Bienemy, even in=f the probability is like .0001% . A true 1 in a million.
  9. Trades Trades TRADES

    Like it for the Bengals. Best player at one of our biggest needs. Pretty sure that moving down would cost a third round pick, or a swap of picks, say your second for our third, or something along those lines. Last year we dropped about ten spots for Cordy Glenn, so maybe a player for the slide back could be in play as well. (I'm sure we'd take Julio in that swap, if offered). A starting lineman or LB would probably do it, TBH
  10. Bengals to hire Rams QB coach Zac Taylor as head coach

    Plus none of them were his recruits anyway. He was the OC for only a year.
  11. 4 Round mock: Team by team

    Probably because he did this November 29th, and the order was still guesswork.
  12. Goldfish's 2 Rounds - Updated

    I'm totally down with White in the first. In the second, I think we target an OT before an OG strictly off of positional value, but you could be spot on. Tobin could go BPA there and take a higher rated guard. If we went off the beaten path, I'd personally grab Ridley for the starting outside WR spot opposite Green with Boyd in the slot. Ross can play sparingly in specific packages. I hated that pick when they took him and nothing has changed my mind. Ridley, on the other hand, seems like Michael Thomas 2.0. Way underutilized in college due to an emphasis on the running game, but great when targeted.
  13. The Mock: Kyler Murray Edition (With Trades)

    Not a fan of the draft for Cincy. Really it starts with Murray. I know you have already gone around with a few of our fans about his size, and that concerns me. There's another factor that would keep me away, besides addressing other positions. It's the Mike Brown factor. Kyler Murray has leverage, and Mike Brown should be wary of that. If he didn't want to play here, he could just go to the A's and that would be that. Not saying he would do that for sure, but teams could find themselves in a Eli Manning type situation depending on his agent and whether he wants to leverage where he plays. Older Bengals fans remember the year we drafted Steve Young, who used the USFL to leverage Brown and took the contract from the USFL. We got nothing to show for it, plus no QB who went on to a HOF career. Vosean Joseph freelances too much for me. Maybe if he was the third best LB on the field that would work great. Whoever the first LB we draft will probably be our best. With that said, I'm grabbing White in the first if he is there. If not, I'm going after Little or trading back and targeting Little, Risner or possibly Ford. If we ghrabn a takle in the first, Germaine Pratt in the second. I like the Deiter pick.
  14. Mark Walton and John Ross

    Walton was playing behind a revolving o-line when he actually got a few carries. He was also coming off the injury from his last year at Miami. Most of his carries came when either Bernard or Mixon missed a few games each, and their injuries overlapped. I'm not sure if he was fully recovered at the time, as we signed a street free agent at the time too. Ross is... an enigma. Most of us feel he wasn't utilized properly in the offense, and now Lazor is gone. he definitely can't be a #1 and put the offense on his shoulders, like Green does. It didn't help that Dalton missed the last 6 or 7 games. As for the targets, I don't know if you can find a "catchable target" stat. A ,lot of overthrows, underthrows, and balls where he was flat out in the wrong place. He didn't have many drops. But neither Dalton nor Driskel could throw him open deep. To compound that, I don't think Ross is adept at adapting to the ball in the air.