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  1. GDT Week 2: Niners

    Maybe a pinched nerve in his neck is causing problems too, or something like that
  2. GDT Week 2: Niners

    I love hockey. Just hard to get into it with others as Indiana has about 37 hockey fans statewide
  3. Miami Tanking and Draft Lottery

    Absolutely NO to a lottery. Too many aspects of the game are already in question when it comes to the actual competitive integrity of the game. Why add another layer by having a lottery? Can you imagine the outcry if New England traded for a future 1st rounder, which ended up at the bottom of the lottery (team wise) and somehow they got the top pick, especially in a year when Trevor Lawrence type player was eligible? No matter how honest the draft lottery played out, people would scream "fixed" when their team didn't land the pick. So why take one more step towards the WWE?
  4. Thoughts on Browns after week one loss

    But you can't undo six months of a growing culture and just *snap* change it in a week. Many people saw the biggest obstacle in the Browns path to success was the head coach and his inexperience. And that reared its ugly head on Sunday, in front of a hyped crowd in Cleveland. Week 1 overreactions are always the worst of the season. But it's not like Freddy can just flip the culture on a whim. It takes time. The team still has to gel in some respects. And their offensive line looks as bad as ours was purported to be., so the scheme will have to be adjusted.
  5. Thoughts on Browns after week one loss

    At least you didn't let them off the hook.
  6. GDT Week 2: Niners

    Bengals pull away late, seal the game. Bengals 256-0 in a squeaker. I won't tag you tho Beck
  7. Jordan Willis Waived

    Probably slide him to the PS to replace Nickerson, then bring him back when an injury opens something up.
  8. Odell wears 350k watch during game. Stupid or not?

    Aqib Talib just might. Or a yank

    Week 2 New England
  10. GDT Week One: Bengals @ Seahawks

    It really depends on how they feel long term about Finley and Dolegada. I think Finley is an Addy-lite type of player, but with better pocket presence. Dolegada has some really good, but raw, tools. Looking back, Taylor only had two QBs in for pre-draft visits and workouts....Dolegada and Finley. Maybe he likes Jake long term, but on a sit a year or two plan. If that's indeed the plan, watch Dalton tear it up, trade him next spring for a draft pick, and let the two compete. if they both fail miserably, then you have a shot at Lawrence. If one emerges, you have your QBOTF. Let's face it, if Dalton plays like he did Sunday, we aren't drafting high enough (top 5) for one of the QBs. If he plays like this next season for us, no shot at either Lawrence or Justin Fields.
  11. Multiple Dolphins Players Request Trades After Loss

    Tanking teams are never about players going half effort. It's always the front office putting half talented players on the field.
  12. Multiple Dolphins Players Request Trades After Loss

    Given his high interception rate, i think he is fast approaching throwing a TD pass for all 32 teams.
  13. GDT Week One: Bengals @ Seahawks

    Best part of mine is that the Colts lost a tough one on the road too. Nobody is piping up. We all empathise with one another
  14. GDT Week One: Bengals @ Seahawks

    Unfortunately true. But at least I didn't get subjected to Mike Perreirra's verbal gymnastics trying to justify that Shazier's hit on Gio was legal and that a fumble should have been called.
  15. 5 up, 5 down Seattle Version

    Plus playing in Washington for the first time since college.....