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  1. This ain't Bengals Talk

    Me too. i took both of my science classes out, and we watched it the last two periods of school. We are in the 90% range now, but will be at 100% in 2024. i'm saving the glasses in a dark container so i won't have to drop $$ on another two class sets.
  2. This ain't Bengals Talk

    I would if school hadn't started. I'm already taking the day after the green bay game off to get back home, so i can't afford it. But I did buy 35 pairs of the glasses, so we are taking a field trip outside to watch. 90% eclipse here.
  3. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Nickerson got bent backwards. That had to hurt. I turned to my friend and said he's on IR for sure now Jackson played well. Shaw looked like he got beat for a TD to the TE, but he was playing the slot WR and came over almost in time to deflect the pass. Ogbuehi played better, but is that really shocking? He still has mental gaffes far too often. There was a play that Fisher gave up a sack, but at the snap, Ogbuehi didn't line straight up with a d-lineman so he literally just stood there, while the QB got crushed. I mean, he just stood in a blocking stance. Andre Smith looked disinterested, but he's done that since 2012. How do you not know you are on the FG team when you are penciled in as either the starter or top backup. And why burn the time out, Marvin? Just take the five yard penalty. On second thought, he would never have used it anyway. That crap at the end of the half was grade school level stuff. How do you not take the time-out right away and save 10 seconds? Marvin is in mid season form. As were the officials. Walt Anderson didn't have the best night.
  4. Shawn Williams Injury Update

    I just hope this doesn't turn into another Tyler Eifert or Marvin Jones situation. Ee think they will be back sooner than later, yet they end up never playing that year.
  5. Interior vs Outside

    Outside for sure. If you can leave both tackles isolated on an island, that leaves three interior guys to block two DTs. If the tackles are the weak link, pressure is coming from two opposite directions and much harder to evade.
  6. Cincinnati Reds Thread - at least Senzel is tearing up AA

    He is on fire. i wonder what ultimately ends up happening with Suarez. he's one of my favorites right now.
  7. Bengals at Cleveland... a forum party

    If you go to lambeau, let me know. I'm going because I always wanted to see a game there, and my GF is a Packers fan. It almost justifies the expense.
  8. Bengals at Cleveland... a forum party

    My thoughts were a couple of us already go to home games already, so doing this at a home game is virtually impossible. But since a couple guys live in northern to mid Ohio, it made for a chance to do it away.
  9. D82's 4 RD 2018 NFL Mock Draft

    personally, I'd grab another OT at some point. We are going into the season with two unproven guys with absolutely zero depth behind them. We should be set at WR, RB and TE at least another year. Hill will undoubtedly seek greener pastures, but we have a couple of serviceable backup types waiting for their turn. If we lose both Driskell this year and McCarron in the off-season, we will need a backmup QB, but my sense is we will try to keep Driskell stashed. maybe we trade McCarron now if some QB goes down. We have a lot of depth on the D-line. I'd probably take a DE in the third. Michael Johnson has fallen off a cliff, production wise. Willis and Lawson should steal his snaps, but we still need a solid edge setter. We are super deep at CB and safety, but you know how this team covets CBs. If Jones declines, we might need to replace him, but everyone else will return. And all four safeties are under contract two more seasons or more. LB is the big question mark for 2018 and beyond. Everyone assumes Burfict will be extended. But Minter only signed a one year deal. Can the team sign both for 2018? I don't know, so that will possibly be a need. But we also have a bunch of back end depth that could develop this year and slide in to Minter's role if he leaves. I think we will try to keep at least 2 practice squad LBs as well as 6 on the roster. Huber, the punter, has been above average to great during his career. I think that he is also a free agent. But he won't go anywhere else, provided the team still wants him. He literally has played every home game of his life in Cincinnati (HS, played for University of Cincinnati and now the Bengals). If he declines, maybe a fifth to seventh rounder on a punter if they really like one. As for kicker, as long as Elliot makes it out of camp, I see him kicking here for 12-15 years.
  10. D82's 4 RD 2018 NFL Mock Draft

    Great second rounder as well. McGlinthy and Cole offer instant upgrades
  11. A simple concept. Anyone interested in going to the away game in Cleveland week 4? The Villain likes the idea, I'll go, theJ lives close, Beck would be on the way, and Mr. Cincy could travel up 71 with us. Who's interested????
  12. Anyone want to see the preseason game this week?

    I'll start another thread
  13. Down to 2 kickers

    Bullock also clanked one in, as well as sneaking one just inside the uprights on another last week. Both were right in front of me. his field goal from 54 was good, but was a low line drive that gets blocked with taller starters in the mix. I guess I'm saying I'd go with Elliot, barring catastrophe.
  14. Down to 2 kickers

    But Elliot is so much better on kickoffs. They are higher and deeper. I'm not going to worry about practice misses (We're talking about practice). If he went 1-4 in a game, then maybe.
  15. Anyone want to see the preseason game this week?

    I mentioned this to theJ, but what about interest in a road game? Cleveland makes the most sense, as many here are in mid to northern Ohio, plus Villain is about as far away driving straight across the top of IN and OH. Any takers?