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  1. Draft Talk 2020

    John Jerry was the starting LT that game. And Finley was the QB. Recipe for disaster.
  2. The Make No Sense Mock, Bengals don't click...

    You lost me when passing on Simmons for Okudah. Have you seen our LB corps over the last decade?
  3. Draft Talk 2020

    While it never happens, I'd be even more furious if Simmons was there with the second pick and we passed on him.
  4. Bengals hire Al Golden, LB coach

    He rebuilt Temple's program after they got booted from the Big East for literally sucking so bad.
  5. Offseason To-Do List: Coaching Staff

    How exactly does that work, tho? Consistency is based on a large sample size.
  6. Draft Talk 2020

    he sure as h3ll can do more for them by having pocket presence that keeps drives alive and the defense watching on the sidelines. Of course, his deep ball accuracy will put them out there faster on occasion. But I'll take my chances in those situations.
  7. Draft Talk 2020

    Or the competitor in him would say he's all in to become the Man who Won it All in Stripes. A local legend you will be telling stories to your grandkids about (after you forget all your hot takes in the moment)
  8. Draft Talk 2020

    Me either. I actually work when those things are on. But these takes have been all over multiple fan sites, and it's just hard to see people act that arrogantly without wanting to bash their collective faces in.
  9. Draft Talk 2020

    Not if he sells to someone with a contract saying they have to stay for 20 years or something along those lines. He can sell local too.
  10. This is where I'm at. They get scholarships and all the perks, so schools shouldn't pay them. But they should be allowed to make money off of their abilities from likeness, as in stipends from video games and being allowed to make commercials for local companies.
  11. Draft Talk 2020

    He had some extremely hot takes at the end, but this group is rather small to begin with. He was like middle brother of three. Sometimes he said things just to get noticed and remind his parents that he does indeed still exist in the house.
  12. Draft Talk 2020

    So how about the league force the Browns out of ownership instead. fans have supported thi9s team for half a century. We deserve better, We also deserve better than having to hear talk show blowhards talk like this. We earned the right to draft #1 after sitting through 2-14.
  13. Draft Talk 2020

    Big market Sports entitlement is real. screw em all. After years of supporting this team, I deserve it . Let some of these talking heads say it directly to my face
  14. Draft Talk 2020

    I love Skyline But here’;s the thing. After Bengals games, i meet my family at LaRosa’s pizza if they win, but Skyline if they lose (mostly for the speed of service, as we don’t want to sit around and dwell on a loss). This is due to all of us going to the games, but not sitting together. So if Burrow feels that strongly about it, then he can sway me by winning all of the time. I’ll never eat there again. And for the record, I’d be far more concerned if he dissed on the Burrito Buggy from Athens. My Ohio U friends swear by the thing (it’s good, I tried it going to an OU game with friends before) and it’s an Athens thing, not just campus.
  15. Draft Talk 2020

    The point about them isn't to directly compare them. The point is that if those teams shared your level of patience, none of those coaches lead their franchises to the promised land. And without them, those teams may have never reached it. The narrative about taking over a 6-10 team and making it worse is silly. i don't care what Taylor said publicly. this team is in a rebuild. Brown insisted he say that to sell tickets. Just like Brown made him publicly stand by Dalton. Finley, as bad as he was, is far more likely to be here next year than dalton. Saying something your boss makes you say publicly is no proof that it is what they feel inside. Edit: Hue Jackson went tl Cleveland. The present day Cleveland. Are you comparing the present day Cleveland front office to the successful franchises in Pitt, Miami and dallas, with 9 Super Bowl wins, (plus a few losses in there)? Talk about insulting.