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  1. If this scenario played out, with the Bengals on the clock and all of the QBs still there, I'm trading back to the highest bidder. I get that Dalton isn't great, and that rosen could be, but we have to fix the line first. And with all the QBs still there, there would be plenty of interest. Look what Cleveland turned the Wentz pick into. Not saying we'd get that much and keep trading back, but we absolutely could get enough to grab two OTs and a center in the first couple of rounds just off the trade back.
  2. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    The key to this game is the refereeing. It has to be an even called game. We can not have a repeat of the 2015 game where their players took one cheap shot after another at Burfict, who simply walked away....UNTIL...... the shot on Gio went unflagged. That was the tipping point. Not Vince Williams tweets. Not DeCastro driving him into the turf 10 yards behind the play 4 seconds after the whistle.The Rooneys clearly have more on Goodell than Alexander has on the Browns, as they continue to get zero penalties for their out of control play on the field. If the Steelers come out and play like they did last week, our o-lone will get decimated. It's just that simple. But, how many times have we seen the Steelers look great one week, then return home and lay an egg (Jacksonville, anyone?) The line has to create space for Gio and Mixon to gain decent chunks to stay out of third and longs. The line also has to give Dalton enough time to find a WR not named Green to pick up medium chunk plays. If they can, we win. If they can't, we lose. Either the Bengals win a close one or the Steelers win big. No middle ground. Since there is no $$ involved here, I'll stick to my usual self and say Steelers 256-0. Hopefully you guys can thank me on Monday.
  3. Years ago, yes. Clearly you missed the point
  4. If Brady goes down and the Pats go 2-8, does BB get fired? Green Bay has far more common sense and patience than that.
  5. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    Your words were that it didn't matter because the Jets had another chance to win the game. My point is, So What? It was an extremely bad call. You know why I didn't say anything else? because I was watching a different game. So context would be irrelevant to me. I don't care how many bad calls you've had against your team. I said this call was horrid. end of story
  6. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    Where's the strawman? I said it was a bad call. The league tried to justify it. The only one wanting to make something out of it is.....you.
  7. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    So having another chance to score makes it okay? Really?
  8. Week 6 Other Games List

    The low hit wasn't even the worst of it. Three different helmet to helmet shots by my count. Even Jim Nance took a subtle jab at him about it.
  9. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    He did regain control, but his feet were in the air. Another judgement loophole that will get closed this offseason, even if ruled correctly. Jets were screwed. Separate question. Why no Unsportsmanship penalty on #21 for making contact with an official during his complaint
  10. Week 6 Other Games List

    Not anymore. I think we need to beat them in regulation. they are 2-0 against the AFCN in overtime. As for the Jets, anyone see the bizarre "fumble" that gave NE a touchback? Absolute BS. And to top it off, two DBs made contact with an official (#21 was one) and yet, no flag. Somewhere, Adam Jones just launched a bottle at his TV
  11. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 7 10/14/17)

    And the Bengals shoudn't have taken Hardison over Jarrett either
  12. ChargerBuckeyes 2018 Way Too Early Mock Draft

    If the bengals do indeed end up with the fourth pick, there is a problem with how to go. While i understand the pick, the offensive line is beyond bad. It has to be addressed. Putting Rosen, Darnold or any other rookie QB behind it will destroy the poor kid's career before it ever gets started. It happened here with Akili Smith and has happened all over the league. Maybe they spend money on the line in free agency. Maybe I get elected POTUS. Both seem to have the same odds. Maybe they take Rsen and sit him a year. But then, you are fixing the o-line a year later, and things get uglier. The rest of the team is built to win now. That won't work with the paying customer base. If they do end up picking that high, I'd try trading back a few spots, take an OT, and spend my second round pick on a center, and use whatever I gained by trading back to grab another OT.
  13. October Mock Draft/ 2nd round added

    Second round is a start. I am probably wrong in wanting to go all in on the offensive line, but history suggests that our team does really well with high draft picks on the line (Willie Anderson, Munoz, Levi Jones, Steinbach, Zeitler, Whitworth, etc, just to name a few) but the team has not really ever developed someone from any later rounds. Ogbuehi and Fisher were the plan to replace Whitworth and Andre Smith, but that clearly didn't work out as well as they had planned or hoped. Boling was a fourth rounder, and he's good, but right now he's the best lineman on the team. I'd love to grab a guy in free agency, but that isn't the Bengals normal way of filling needs. So I want them to grab an OT or two and a center early. Bodine is bad, as have all the other fourth round centers we have drafted in the Marvin Lewis era. Ideally a guy like Mason Cole or Billy Price would drop to us in the second, but Price went one pick ahead, plus we have to get an OT. easiest way to accomplish that is spending multiple top picks on OL. Plus, we are deep at CB, with Kirkpatrick signed long term, Jones with another year, Jackson in year two, Dennard on the fifth year option, Josh Shaw with another year and KaiVaerie Russell with to more years. No room at the inn, so to speak. And before you say they might cut Jones, that would mean we would spend a first rounder on a guy who will be the 6th CB on the depth chart. I wouldn't do it, but I'm not Mike Brown. Just my $.02
  14. Normally, I would agree, but with our line, we have no choice. With Hyatt there in the second, I'd grab him or a guard/center type, because our C is baaaaddddd.
  15. October Mock Draft/ 2nd round added

    Would it be totally a Bengal like move to go with a first round CB? Of course. But it would be borderline neglect, given how poor the line is this year. The first three picks should all be linemen in my opinion. if they went CB instead, I don't know how I would initially react, but it would be epic and youtube worthy