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  1. Draft Talk 2020

    Finley has played exactly one game against one of the better defenses in the NFL. I don't think he's our next big QB, but it's early to call him anything except a fourth round pick. Manning was awful in his first season. So was Aikman. Not saying Finley will even sniff that level of play for even a game, but if first impressions were the only thing, then where would 80% of pro players be?
  2. Draft Talk 2020

    There are still plenty of moving pieces between now and the draft. But it really gets down to deciding if Burrow is THE guy, not just a really good guy. Taking a QB because you need one and have a high pick doesn’t guarantee a successful match. Akili Smith anyone? It starts with what do they do in free agency. If they stay true to who they are, that isn’t helping. If they change their philosophy drastically, then that changes things. If you believe that Burrow is a generational guy, pull the trigger. If you see him as a fifth year senior with a meteoric rise due to one great season with an excellent supporting cast, tread lightly. Because with the Tua injury, the price for the #1 pick just went up. way up. If I were GM, I’m trading back, because I don’t think Burrow is a generational guy. But I can use that #1 pick to turn this franchise around more quickly by getting a haul back in return for it. If we trade back a few spots, we still get Thomas, and an OT is the number one need on this team. Pair him with Jonah for a decade, use the additional picks acquired to get a starting LB. If you get 2 picks in this draft, used both on LBs. I have always said that I would want a 2021 first in the deal (and probably a second this year) so that we can trade up for Fields/Lawrence and now maybe Tua in the next draft. Then use our own second rounder on another positional need. If the Dolphins really want Burrow, I’d get another first this year and their second this year. What is more impactful for the team… Getting Burrow, or using the picks to take multiple players like Thomas (OT), Simmons (LB), Murray (LB) and Kindley (LG). I’m taking the latter all day, every day. This team is horrible, and even those picks wont make us contenders, as we are two drafts away. Get the QB in 2021. Now if they decided to trade off veterans, then I’d have to think about QB now, because I’d offer Green for two seconds and dalton for a 2 or a 3. Maybe flip Dunlap for a 3rd as well. With that many assets, we could really rebuild in a hurry, and then a top QB in 2021 might not be as realistic.
  3. Draft Talk 2020

    If they are willing to consider trading back, the asking price just skyrocketed
  4. Seconded. Love reading these. They give me people to watch for in later weeks.
  5. If tua comes out for the draft

    Obviously it's probably in his best interest to stay another year at Bama. Take as much time as he needs to recover, then show what he can do late next season. If he shows that he can overcome it, some team in the teens will take him, possibly the Dolphins with a later first round pick, as @Fureys49ers pointed out above. If he decides to come out, a playoff team looking for a QBOTF might gamble a pick on him, then sit him out (Patriots, Saints, etc). I'd say Pittsburgh, but they don't have a first rounder. If he does declare, his floor is probably the top of the second round.
  6. The Myles Garrett incident

    They all should be suspended except DeCastro Garrett should get four games, but the narrative that this was criminal assault was laughable. It certainly wasn’t premeditated. Three guys holding him with Rudolph charging isn’t a fair fight. Garrett would argue self defense. If this was out in the street, Garrett would get NOTHING. Anyone who says he would is acting like this was a one on one confrontation. Pouncey should get four games too.. A few punches and a kick to the head. All while DeCastro held him. That’s assault in the real world. Ask Levi Jones how that worked out in the casino parking lot when Joey Porter and six of his friends attacked him. The third guy in the scrum should get a game too. Mason Rudolph instigated it. He gets the same four games as Pouncey and Garrett. That’s actually justice in this scenario. Number 65 for the Browns gets a game too. He nailed Rudolph too, as everyone was trying to break up the scrum (in the background). DeCastr is the only one involved trying to keep the peace, unless I missed something
  7. Bengals are cutting veteran linebacker Preston Brown

    He played well in the first game last season in Indy. After that game, and the ankle injury, nope.
  8. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    You can say the same thing about Marvel villains outside of Spiderman too, though. Granted, I haven't been reading comics since the mid to late 80s, but Hulk has]d no villains per say. Captain America had Red Skull and a bunch of forgettable foes. None of iron man's villains stand out. Superman has some decent ones. Obviously Batman has them. Aquaman has Black Manta, Wonder Woman had Cheetah, the Flash had Capt Cold and reverse Flash. It's why I had alweays hoped the Justice League movies would have a 2 movie arc with the Legion of Doom or Injustice League, or something similar. They don't have to have the intergalactic thrreerat the way the Avengers did. Give us Lex creating Bizarro in Man of Steel 2, maybe meet Brainiac in the end, then start recruiting more. use the Batman movies to round out some numbers, plus the others from the solo movies. That line could absolutely work.
  9. I am also looking forward to their take on the Fantastic Four. The last iterations weren't that good, but maybe in this universe they can gain some traction and momentum, especially with Dr. Doom.
  10. Current State of the Franchise

    Tag and trade him then. He will be healthy by then. If he's mad about not being extended by then, who cares if he's mad that he got tagged? Or use the low end franchise tag (non-exclusive rights) Then let him sign elsewhere for the first.
  11. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    maybe too old? Maybe the direction is to use a couple of villains throughout the trilogy, so the villains need to be on the younger side.
  12. A fan of the team that employs Vince Williams does not get to sit atop the hill and look down judging others. or is it okay because he only threatened to find Burfict and "shoot him on sight", because Steeler fans don't like him?
  13. The only realistic way to make it work in Europe is to have multiple teams there, and they'd have to be division rivals. But I don't see that happening any time soon. For Europe to actually work, they really need 4 teams, all in the same division.Teams in the states could travel there for two consecutive division games to reduce travel. But the logistics are too complicated. When these teams went to road games, they would need practice sites, among other things. It just isn't feasible.
  14. I'm amazed it took the league this long to act. Three arrests were enough to even get Mike Brown to cut him. It has no effect on Miami's present plan for this season.
  15. Draft Talk 2020

    I didn't realize Ryan had that long of a deal. Thought he was a free agent the same time as Dalton.