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  1. J-Deereā€™s 2019 1st Rounder

    A CB seems inevitable this season. It's either CB or an OL at this point
  2. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    If it hapened, the thread will clear out for sure. And I'll be kicking myself for not sticking with my original pick of the Browns. The meltdown against New Orleans swayed me. But in fairness, I went to sleep Thursday night believing I had made a better choice (at the half).
  3. Week 3 Bengals @ Panthers

    I think they have a great game, and might not have many sacks, if any at all, to do it. This is a classic game where the most important thing to do is to keep Cam in the pocket and not let him ever break out of it. if that limits sacks, so be it.
  4. Best movie trilogy of all time?

    As were The Empire Srikes Back and The Dark Knight
  5. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I went to an Imax for that fight scene alone
  6. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Favorite Team: The Bengals of Cincinnati Week 1 Pick: Ravens Week 2 Pick: Rams Week 3 Pick: Vikings (not confident enough in the Redskins or raiders to stick with the R teams)
  7. Week 3 Picks

    Missed the packers Skins Game. Packers @ Redskins Plus the picks from above Jets @ Browns Saints @ Falcons Bengals @ Panthers 49ers @ Chiefs Raiders @ Dolphins Bills @ Vikings Colts @ Eagles Titans @ Jaguars Broncos @ Ravens Giants @ Texans Chargers @ Rams Bears @ Cardinals Cowboys @ Seahawks Patriots @ Lions Steelers @ Buccaneers Season record: 18-10-2
  8. Week 3 Picks

  9. Week 3 Bengals @ Panthers

    Bengals 28 Panthers 17 Another defensive score, along with a short field for a second one. Bernard ends up with 80 on the ground, and another 50ish on passes. Green with a TD, Eifert with one, and either Ross or Malone with one.
  10. Smart money is on Austin taking over for Marvin after 2019. If Lazor leaves, there's Hue ready to slide right in
  11. Captain Marvel (March 2019)

    Are you going to the Avengers in May? Since she was in ther crdits spoiler, I'm going to see it in theaters, as it won't hit video before that movie is out too. Otherwise, I'm with you, and would wait.
  12. It's not like this is the first time a Seahawks defender has called out the offense. Sherman did. A couple of others di as well in the early days of the LOD
  13. Week 3 Bengals @ Panthers

    I said that over on Cincy jungle. A couple of people hate me.
  14. Better Call Saul, Season 4

    I think it will make her feel disgusted, and never want to see him ever again. Like she will tell him, "I'll do this thing once for you, and that's it between us". They've built up the breakup all season
  15. Better Call Saul, Season 4

    We also pretty much witnessed the end of the Kim and Jimmy thing, all before the opening credits