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  1. Quite a fair ranking and explanation. I know Mike Brown is like a 4 year old kid in Walmart who fixates on the shiniest toy on the bottom shelf and won't come off of it. I love Chase as a prospect, but passing on Sewell still hurts. A lot of this class's grade will revolve around Carman, but they felt convinced he was their guy, and netted two extra picks in the deal. That's a win. They also solidified their depth, something they haven't had in awhile. We always had a lot of good starters, but never anything behind them. Anyway, I think I have Zac's draft plan down now (by rounds)
  2. I saw your March prediction. What is your May prediction?
  3. Give me Shelvin over Toiai, and I love it, I don't mind the trade back either.
  4. I thought t was the opposite. He sucked at guard but was a passable C
  5. It was last year though, so it doesn't carry over with IR. He lands on PUP if he can't pass the physical when camp opens, not IR (in a carryover way, if that makes sense).
  6. A lot to sort through for sure. One, I think they only keep 3 TEs, which allows the 10 OL. Then the locks are Jonah, carmen and Reiff. I would bet on Hopkins starting on PUP. They can ride that for 6-12 weeks before they have to make a final decision. Price starts, Hill backs him up. Hill is my starter for 2022 and beyond, so they aren't exposing him to waivers. Does IR revert to previous rules, a+or can guys yoyo back after three weeks? Spain is a starter, barring injury Starting 5 Jonah-Spain-Price-Carman-Reiff They will keep 2 true backup tackles.
  7. Agreed with most, but there are places where I don't. Pooka makes it over treyvion Williams. The dude has done nothing in three years, plus both Pooka and Evans can split out wide. I think Lees has a chance to to take over the Erickson role, and if they find other gunners, he replaces Morgan as the sixth. Wyatt Huber makes it, but will be listed as a LB. He can run, so i see that and special teams in his future. It pains me to say it, but I won't be shocked if they kept Jordan over XSF. Xavier was a Turner guy. Yeah, Jordan sux, but they may ride it out with him. At wors
  8. Agreed. Bates wil be extended. Gotta think we go OT if Carman stays at OG. If not, why do I feel like a WR or TE is coming? TE could be in the first, but a slot/returner type will be needed alter on. Can't believe we didn't take one with ll of those 4th/6th rounders we had.
  9. Bengals Undrafted Free Agents 2021 Kansas Jayhawks RB Pooka Williams Ohio State Buckeyes P Drue Christmas Ball State CB Antonio Phillips TCU Horned Frogs TE Pro Wells Marshall Thundering Herd DE Darius Hodge South Carolina Gamecocks QB Collin Hill
  10. Sorry, you're playing here this year. We took him in the 5th edit. I see you meant the Miami one
  11. Hannibal v Harrison
  12. ARod to ARod sounds like a Marvin t-shirt
  13. Milton Williams? Ben Cleveland if he's gone? Or do they go for a true OT? Mayfield is there right?
  14. Two fourths. Apparently, Mike And Zac like taking the top tigers from college. Two straight first rounders from LSU followed by two straight years of Clemson.
  15. Jags and Bengals should play a night game. The Burrow/Lawrence angle is more than enough to drive that. I'd say a TNF game, but those tend to be a lot of division games.
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