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  1. So did Moore. Don't have a link, but I heard it on the ESPN radio show out of Indianapolis this morning
  2. I got that feeling on our first KO return when Pooka picked the ball up at the one before it either went out of bounds or into the end zone. It looked like he forgot this was a KTR not a PR. Set the tone. On the strip sack later, Chase was WIDE open, but Burrow needed another split second
  3. What is up with guys going on the list after playing us? TJ Watt last week, bb earlier, now this? It's amazing we haven't lost anyone to close contact.
  4. But I say you can't Rhule it out either. Puns aside, Zac Taylor needs to focus on being a head coach and give up playcalling. And after three years, I still don't know if Brian Callahan is capable. Joe Burrow was at it with coaches in the game, hours after this came through. I could see him brought in as a QB consultant or whatever, then make him OC in the offseason. There are just enough dots there to try to connect.
  5. Definitely not alone. I actually had Chicago typed out, but changed it to Philly remembering Dalton was playing in a national game
  6. Peter warrick. Had his shining moments, but rushed back way too fast after knee surgery to help with a playoff run. He was never the same (microfracture) and the team missed the playoffs anyway to boot.
  7. We only have Baltimore at home and at the Browns. But we still have the Chargers, Chiefs, at Broncos, and 49ers, so if the team makes it, they definitely earned it
  8. Not an in game rule change, but take the Referee oversight away from the league offices and put it in the hands of the players. Make them accountable to the people they affect the most. This also eliminates the feeling among fan bases that the league is out to get their team or favors the opposing team. Players will demand a correctly called game since they put their physical health on the line every single play.
  9. Aikman and Peyton manning both started off 1-15 or something like that. This is a total rebuild. he will progress next year, and hopefully by year three, have enough pieces around him to be what most thought he was going to be coming out of Clemson.
  10. Finally got to see a win at home for the first time in many years (I opted out last year with COVID and all). happy to send off Ben into oblivion with a thrashing.
  11. Thanks Jalen. Had typed in the bears, then remembered all the times that Dalton let me down on national tv. Was going to change to the patriots when Brown was announced out, but was no where near my laptop. Thanks for putting this on every year. It was fun
  12. How about Cincy after Ridder leaves for the NFL
  13. Or if the pocket collapses, then the Lions get called for defensive holding?
  14. Is there some unwritten rule that states if the Lions cross the fifty, they need to be penalized for three holds and as false start? Happened twice
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