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  1. Offensive Line Projection

    I said essentially the same thing over on Cincy Jungle. Glenn would be the backup LT anyway, and we only have three viable options at T at this point
  2. Offensive Line Projection

    I tried to tell you all
  3. Day Three Picks Or UDFAs Who Will Play in 2019

    As someone else already said, Stanley Morgan has the chance to carve out a niche after Green, Boyd and Ross. I think Traveon Williams will get a lot of carries early as Zac Taylor will want to rotate the RBs. Then if Anderson is 100%, he might get some looks too. If Mixon or Gio Bernard miss any significant time, those numbers will go up substantially.
  4. QB EJ Manuel retires

    Who would have thought that Cap saying that in Endgame would have had such an impact? I've seen that phrase at least thirty times in the last three weeks on here.
  5. Offensive Line Projection

    Actually I did. But he was such a non factor that no one cared.
  6. Keep One/Delete One

    For he Bengals.... 1. This is easy. I'm keeping Zac Taylor over Mike Brown the GM. 2. That's really hard, since we just changed both with Taylor's hiring. If I had to guess based on past performances, I'd keep Callahan. 3. Another hard one. Both Geno Atkins and AJ Green are over thirty, and both are huge pieces to what we do. Gun to my head I'm keeping Green. 4. Definitely keeping Huber (P) over Bullock (K) 5. Helmet. The Nike jerseys need to be updated. 6. Not a fair question for this team, as Bengal tigers are orange, white and black. Can't have an LSU took for our tigers, so.....
  7. Offensive Line Projection

    Not necessarily with HIPPA. I was dating a nurse that was there for Dontay Moch's migraine surgery and knew about it weeks before it became public. Injuries in the off-season are much easier to conceal.
  8. Offensive Line Projection

    Any number of injuries could. Torn pectoral while lifting. Knee injury slipping in the shower. Literally hundreds of things. I guess we shall see if the source is reliable.
  9. Offensive Line Projection

    Not a rumor. Said he had an inside source and that the news would come out by June 1
  10. Offensive Line Projection

    So somebody on Cincy Jungle has stated that Boling is going to miss the entire season. If true, (and no idea what the source is) what does that do to projected lineups? Will it be Jordan vs. Wsterman for the LG spot? Or some other combination, including Glenn moving inside?
  11. Bowser's Way-Too-Early 2020 1st round

    i could see Chase Young, but it has been like forever since we took a DE in the first. Fans often disagree with it, but the team has definite positions it puts first round pick investments in. As much as I liked Bush and White this year, they were never going to take a LB that high when the highest rated O Lineman was staring them in the face.
  12. Bowser's Way-Too-Early 2020 1st round

    I don't mind the pick per se for the Bengals. It's more interesting than the inevitable QB picks that will be mocked to us based on us having a top 5 pick. Personally I think we go with another OT in the first next year. We have Jonah on one side, but no long term person for the other book end.
  13. Remove preseason matches?

    In the preseason? Dear lord no. The league should never consider adding a divisional game to the preseason. I'm fine with the one home, one road, and one neutral site. I wish they would play more geographic, but non divisional, games more. The Bengals and Colts play every preseason week 4 It's a short drive. The rams and Chargers should start doing that too. Philly/Pitt, Detroit/Cleveland, the Giants/Jets, Houston/Dallas, etc.
  14. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    NOOO. Win enough this year that they can't get one of the guys next year. Trade dalton for whatever you can get. Then promote Finley in 2020. Should work.
  15. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    So, thinking back to Banner's discussion with the Ancient One. They discussed how losing one of the stones could create alternate realities. So what happens going forward, considering Thanos destroyed all six of them before Thor had his moment? Is this an easy in for the X-Men and Fantastic 4, among others? Pretty easy to explain where all of those mutants came from, if you ignore their comic history/ages/origins.