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  1. Boling Retires

    Yea. he gets his own thread. Hope he lives a full and prosperous life.
  2. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    Eight year starter and he can't get his own thread? sadly, knew it was coming a while back.
  3. DC Movie Universe

    Most likely due to the character interactions that you get when you have a group of heroes in the movie. Solo Batman movies are limited that way, as he has no one to interact with at that level. Every single one of the movies you listed is a team up/group movie that builds on the relationships between the characters.
  4. Hope he finds it. But if karma has a say, Gurode will be the only match they can find.
  5. Spiderman: Far from home

    Momentary senile moment on my part
  6. Spiderman: Far from home

    I want to say "No way". Maybe post endgame, tho Loved the movie. Perfect blend of humor and action. Spoile:
  7. Pratt signs

    Everyone is finally signed. I guess he was waiting for the slots above and below him to sign (they both did last week). https://www.bengals.com/news/bengals-sign-third-round-pick-germaine-pratt
  8. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    With Jordan developing in the wings.......
  9. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    No idea, but highly doubt that would be a line Disney would be willing to cross. On a completely different note from that scene, if 2014 Loki is indeed running around, wouldn't it be funny (and just like him) to be the player trolling Korg online?
  10. Double post

    So this one now has more replies than the original. FFS
  11. Double post

    ignore this one
  12. At Welcome Stadium. I know there are a few dayton area posters here. Any interest in a gathering? https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/6/17/18682015/bengals-training-camp-dayton-2019-nfl-network
  13. Your team's potential draft gem?

    Most likely Germaine Pratt or Renell Wren for the Bengals. Pratt will probably start, and Wren could slide in nicely next to Geno if he progresses well.
  14. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (06/07/19)

    saw it. Liked it once. Only six people in the theater. It felt like what happens when you have a ton of stuff to do in one movie before you lose the opportunity to do any more of them. Had a similar feel to Justice League in that too much was crammed in, but it was better than JL.