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  1. favorite Team: bengals This week's pick LA Chargers Week 1 Buffalo Week 2 Green Bay
  2. Spot on. I didn't rush out to see GotG because I remembered reading them when they first came out, but not really being that into it.
  3. Are you only counting votes of those tagged individuals? I've voted in many, but not all.
  4. They stole it from Clint eastwood anyway. It's a clever set up to use. I work in a profession where everyone borrows or steals ideas all the time to create lessons that keep students engaged.
  5. CJ has used that format (Good, Bad Ugly) for years. Anthony usually writes them too. It's all good anyway, since none of them are on here.
  6. Sorry I haven't piut more on here. Spent the weekend jet skiing in Tennessee.
  7. Having no Geno or Daniels just exposed the depth on the d-line and LB level. What's new? It seems like this team gets brutally destroyed by injuries at specific positions every yeat. So this year it's at DT. We even lost Reader for a quarter in the opener.
  8. LOL.... Or I happen to live in Indiana
  9. I said the same thing on Cincy Jungle. tate over Ross. It's a sunk cost anyway, no reason to invest more in it (playing time)
  10. Achilles injuries have been way up since the start of field turf. I've always hated it
  11. sadly, for the bengals it is our specialists Draft kevin Huber 2009 ( although geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap came in 2010) Free Agency Randy Bullock 2016 That's weird
  12. No way in the middle of an intergalactic pandemic
  13. Two pages and no CARP references? Both teams's fans need to get their game faces on. I'm wearing a bengals polo and COVID mask at work, so I'm getting there.
  14. Covington will start. Brown backs up. maybe Bledsoe too. I would think we go with more DEs as DTs in pass rush (like we have done for years... Hubbard and Dunlap would be candidates, and they moved Bledsoe to DT on the roster) randy will start, but I bet they keep Siebert active just in case. maybe Seifert kicks off and randy is the point kicker.
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