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  1. LSU seemed to play with a hangover quite a bit last year, not just Stingley. If he plays well enough, I'd like him to complete the trifecta of Tiger to Tiger on draft day.
  2. Given the last decade plus of Snyder, I'd like to think they would just leave it as WFT, as it seems rather appropriate. Put the lettrs on the helmet in a triangle and let people see whatever they want in it.
  3. The Cincinnati Zoo is the global leader on tiger breeding. It's a nod to that.
  4. Been on vacation two weeks and ignored all news. But after reading about Sherman, I feel like there is a butterfly effect brewing from Super Bowl 49. Carroll calls a pass, leads to Butler's INT. Defense enraged (remember Sherman's sideline reaction?). Team falls apart on defense, specifically the LOB, which had nothing to do with the play. They move on. Browner in prison for attempted murder. Earl Thomas inexplicably loses it mentally (ADHD has no bearing that I'm aware of) Now Sherman basically attempts suicide in a drunken stupor. Time will tell, I
  5. Bates will get extended the Tuesday before the preseason finale. They always got done after the second or third preseason game, but now there isn't wiggle room to keep the Bengal Way. Hubbard will come down to price. They have enough cap space right now to do both and front load the deals.
  6. Great players don't always translate to coaching. His failings in coaching shocked me because he always seemed like the guy who simply outworked everyone else. Those type of players usually make good coaches. The top athletes don't because a lot of things came easy for them and not everyone is capable of matching it.
  7. It may be a homer pick, but I loved watching Tim Krumrie. Undersized, but had a great wrestling background. Would win on agility and finesse many times, then sneak up on an OL and absolutely maul him. If he didn't shatter his leg in the SB, that outcome might be different.....
  8. In 1990, the Bengals were still a very good team, one year removed from the Super Bowl. The league announced that year's schedule, which had the Bengals in Los Angeles and Seattle in back to back weeks. Fearing severe jet lg for his team in Seattle, team owner Paul Brown decides to keep the team in Settle that week. At some point, one Bengals defender picks up a woman (Victoria Crytzer) in the hotel bar and they go upstairs. According to her, several teammates joined in. According to the players, it was consensual. Long story short. The team paid her off before the trial ever got going.
  9. The most important thing he said is looking forward to the day when it isn't news. A day when when all people are able to live freely in their own skin without judgement or persecution by others who don't share the same beliefs.
  10. More like on the Tuesday between preseason games 2 and 3
  11. I have always wanted to see him play with AJ Green. Was kinda sad that AJ didn't go there, but a trade to the cardinals would actually get me to watch Cardinal games. Hopkins was on board with it too.
  12. On paper I would agree. But when is the last time a Mike Brown led team took a DE that early? Justin Smith in 2001. We still build from the outside in. Given the board and our draft history the past decade plus, I say we'd probably complete the LSU trifecta with Stingley
  13. Get a stitched one and just rip off the 0
  14. Yup. Multiple ankle injuries that put the beginning of the season in jeopardy. He missed almost all of the offseason pre-draft stuff.
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