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  1. Draft watch

    He is. But he usually hone in a couple of weeks before the draft. Price at 21. Brown in the second.

    I'm fine either way as well
  3. 4 Rounds of Heaven With Trades

    Bengals have pick 21, not 22. And as others have said, give us Daniels. We need a center. Love the Brown pick in the second. Fumagalli and Griffen are good picks as well.
  4. Burfict suspended 4 games

    Especially if he was already placed on IR. No playing benefit whatsoever.
  5. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    Welcome back home, Preston
  6. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    Perfect Minter replacement
  7. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    Love it
  8. Eifert

    You're right. I typed that out without McGlinchey, then went back and edited it. But put him paired with brown on the wrong line. meant to put him as a choice in the first round for sure. That's what I get for watching the tourney while typing.
  9. Eifert

    First two rounds of draft. Daniels/Price then Brown/McGlinchey Or Brown then Ragnow
  10. Draft watch

    I don't watch it
  11. Draft watch

    I did bow down to your awsomeness and picked another Cuz I didn't want to hear you moan about it for months...
  12. AJ McCarron UFA Now

  13. AJ McCarron UFA Now

    Tried to pick something unique. I'll LOL if the third person on your list picks the same one.....just to drive you more crazy
  14. Draft watch

    Good God. WTF? I finally pick one and you just picked the same one.
  15. AJ McCarron UFA Now