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  1. Top 10 WR

    You will join us, or die.
  2. Why is the safety market so slow?

    he probably is, unless that tiny part of our brains that contemplate conspiracy theories kicks in. The easiest way for the owners to disprove the collusion suit is to not sign any of the big name players at the position. But i digress. But the truth is that safety is not a valued position. Yet these guys, and their agents, see the salary cap increasing rapidly every year, but safety contracts are not keeping up with the escalating salaries of other positions. They want theirs, and teams aren't giving in.
  3. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    In the moment, it is far easier to move on after a playoff loss. Well, not if it was like the one we sustained in 2015, but I digress. Losing in the Super Bowl sucks, I'm old enough to remember it twice. However, after the sting is over, it is much better to reflect back on the journey and celebrate the success. Give me a Super Bowl loss.
  4. Boba Fett to be directed by James Mangold

    Agree with most of this and the essential point, but I think you are underestimating how many parents take their kids (9 -15 )to R rated movies. And it's not like an R rated Star wars movue would come anywhere near a Deadpool movie as far as gratuitousness. Empire was edgier at the time, but kept the PG rating.
  5. John Ross to IR

    Newbie almost got a short ban for that one. Luckily I sawe the daste it was created before opening. The rest of you all can go change your shorts quietly (and shamefully)
  6. John Ross is Healthy Thread

    1. Over. The law of averages says he plays a lot this season. 2. Over 850 due to more than a few long ones, plus a couple of underneath routes he busts open for YAC 3. Over. I think about 7 sounds reasonable. But that's also because I think the offense is vastly better this season overall. 4. I'm torn. I'll say over, but only because I think he gets a ton of short passes because DBs play off him. If DBs are successful pressing him at the line, it will be way under.
  7. 11 Months Too Early Mock

    Bosa or Oliver to the Bengals. Unless dalton is horrid this upcoming sewason, which I don't foresee happening
  8. Elusive_Tiger's Mock Draft v 1.0

    Love the pick. Would probably give up football if the Bengals were four games worse than last year after all the changes this off season
  9. I was born in 1970, so I've seen a lot of the movies listed above in the theaters. I agree with The Wizard of Oz. Seeing the first scene when she walks out of the house into color would have been amazing. I wish I had been old enough to see Halloween on the big screen. Didn't see it until my early teens on VHS
  10. Draft watch

    At least 8 off the top of my head. nelson, Ragnow, Price, Wynn, Hernandez, B. Smith (Auburn), Corbett and daniels. I might have missed another. edit: just realized there was another page with these replies
  11. Infamous Bengals

    He's only booed at celebrity soft ball games. And those Reds fans need someone else to cast shade on.
  12. AFC North standings

    Pretty sure that's why it's called "work" in the first place
  13. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2018 (Tampa Bay at 1)

    Nice bengals draft write up. The funny thing about this one is that many fans are down on it because it lacks shiny new toys. But this is the exact meat and potatoes kind of draft they needed. Price was once argued as possibly the top C pick, until the pec injury. That has mostly healed and he's on his way to be cleared by camp. Not only that, we also got Cordy Glenn by trading back. I would have bet a lot of money on getting a second lineman, but apparently they had ythose available ranked lower than the guys they took. Bates gives us a rangy center fielder. Jefferson and Hubbard provide rotational depth that can develop into much more down the road. Walden caused a few to scrath their heads, but he will be the special teams replacement for Peerman on all four teams, plus provide a reliable backup to Gio Bernard, who has a history of minor dinges that lkeads to a missed game here and there. Plus, many complained about his slow 40 time, but he is coming off a major ankle injury, so assuming he fully recovers, he will be fine. tate seems destined for the practice squad, but we do have a lot of smaller WRs , so maybe he lands a spot. Brown was an absolute steal, based on projection. UVA played him a lot as a 5t, and that's just not his best spot. he will be Atkins' backup as a 3t. He tore up the Senior Bowl there, so if that holds, he has an extremely bright future. The two CBs offer unique skills. One looks destined for the slot, the other to special teams on coverage and returns. Taylor seems like a PS guy that will get the chance to develop and move to the roster down the road s a versatile backup type.
  14. AFC North standings

    1. Steelers 11-5 2. Bengals 10-6 3. ravens 5-11 4. Browns 4-12 Jackson and Mayfield both see significant playing time the second half of the season.
  15. Draft watch

    Glenn isn't frequently injured. He's had one really bad ankle issue. They went the rehab route after the final few games in 2016, but had to shut him down in 2017 (kinda like Eifert after the ankle issue at the Pro Bowl). So "frequently" is pushing the realm over false. I agree we are counting heavily on Price, b ut can he really be as bad as Bodine?