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  1. We solved QB and LB, but totally ignored the OLine. Can't see that happening again, especially the way Burrow's season ended.
  2. Perfect for the Bengals, and for them to get Sewell, it almost has to play out exactly like that. And if it doesn't, Chase is still there. Hard to see Parsons drop that far, but it could happen based on team needs.
  3. I think he did mean OTs Sewell, Slater, Darrisaw, Cosmi, Leatherwood, the Notre dame (Eichenberg spelling?), the Michigan one (Mayfield/Mayberry?) and those are just first rounders. Little and a slew of other guys could easily fall in the top 100
  4. Pontiac was the first. Miami was the second one
  5. Which essentially is taking the white side panels out of the black and orange versions
  6. helmet staying the same. My hope is that they lose the stupid white side panels on the black and orange jerseys, then use color rush for road whites
  7. He's the guy I woul;d target if we trade back with a QB needy team, assuming Sewell was off the board at 10. Much bigger that Slater, but not as polished.
  8. The Steelers and Rams is the first one I remember watching. The first one I really followed was two years later in the first Bengals-49ers matchup
  9. To piggyback, I think 24 did stall out seasons 6/7, but once the decision was made to make season 8 the final one (early to mid season I believe), then the last 6 or so episodes were fire, as they tried to tie up all loose ends. The last episodes weren't as great as the 1st or 2nd season finales, but pretty close. That scene where Jack stormed Logan's motorcade in Iron Man like armor was pretty good, even if he didn't off him. Then he laid waste to the Russian embassy people responsible for Renee's death. Almost every show goes through this. It is inevitable. But it doesn't
  10. Notice I didn't mention OL. I'm drafting them early (and often if need be)
  11. And that's the Colts formula. They paid for the skill guys, built up leads, then let Freeney and Mathis rush like demons, while sanders patrolled the back end. They failed when the offense didn't provide big leads that allowed the ends to pin their ears back and try to kill the QB. They were very susceptible to the running game if teams stayed close or were ahead. Nowadays, that means instead of high priced LBs, you keep multiple good CBs, as the running game has been replaced somewhat by the short passing game as a means to control clock and keep down/distance manageable. CBs
  12. They have the money to do both, provided they pay them as such. We can keep Alexander, Jackson and Lawson and still have money left for another edge by cutting dead weight.
  13. That's interesting, but here's the thing. The top three offenses in scoring are still alive (GB, TB, Buffalo) along with the sixth best scoring team (KC). With the teams spending like that, they are simply following the Colts blueprint of spending on the offense, along with DEs and a high end safety. But the Colts won only one Super Bowl, and reached only one other. Granted, they had the misfortune of being relevant at the same time the Patriots dynasty was being established. Throw in the fact that the Bengals never had one of those high priced free agent CBs play a down t
  14. Great news. Did he cross paths with Pollack in Dallas? If so, this goes from a great hire to a grand slam Edit: Just read that they were together for five years. Sign me up
  15. Offenses win championships these days. Just look what the Packers did to the Rams. The top three scoring offenses in the league are still alive, plus the 6th best (KC, who would have guessed that?)
  16. Just started Sons of Anarchy off a friend's recommendation. Three episodes in. Does it get a lot better, or is it just an acquired taste?
  17. 24. One of the best action shows ever, and changed the way we watch. It was the first show I used to binge. Would wait until the season was over and buy the discs. I find the overall slant towards twenty minute comedy shows in this poll disturbing
  18. Tyreek and coach deserve a replay coming out of the commercial....
  19. His college freshman roommate was a guy named Bale Betteger, who ended up shot in the face in New Mexico. Cops got nothing, so let's look into his celebrity college roommate...
  20. I value what Chase would do more. I would absolutely take Parsons over Smith tho
  21. I'm honestly shocked. A Jags fan mentioned this weeks ago and I said that Meyer's wife would never let it happen, due to him getting caught with coeds while at UF. I guess $12 mill a year and no coeds changed her mind.
  22. I'm fine with that. But if we keep Alexander and jackson, and Sewell is gone, thetre is a clear path to Chase is all I'm saying
  23. This is becoming too circular. So I want to know who you would target with Sewell off the board at 5, but no viable trade back options on the table. I think the rest of us have put an order to what we each would do, but all I hear from you is we have to go OL. So what plan would you lay out? Who do you value as worthy on the OL if Sewell is gone? Because we all get it, the line needs fixed. But some of us don't want to reach for need, when the player we really are targeting goes off the board right before we pick. That's how we ended up reaching with Price, because we were absolutely st
  24. One, no one is saying ignore the OL. NO one. But if Sewell is gone, then many of us are saying don't reach for an OT just to take one. It's funny on one hand you say that rookie receivers won't contribute much, but use Higgins as part of the evidence. If Sewell is gone, trading back should be the first route. But if it isn't there, take the best player. Want an example of that? How about Whitworth. He wasn't a clear need, per say, but we took him, played him at OG, and when Levi was intentionally injured by Porter, it was sure nice to have him already on the roster.
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