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  1. I’m officially hyped. Trading the Smiths for Clay and Perry Adding Amos and Savage to the safety spot Getting a freak athlete for the front seven This D looks much better on paper already, and we still have 6 rounds of the draft plus a little cap room to keep improving. This is the first year in awhile I’m actually not insanely worried about any particular spot.
  2. Random Packer News & Notes

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up. For some reason I’ve always loved the position and was hoping we would use it more going forward
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    I’ve been reading up on Lafluer a bit, but was wondering if anyone could inform me as to how much he does or does not utilize the FB.
  4. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    I’m sorry but this is just downright terrible for GB. We haven’t gone WR round one in ages, yet you have us taking two. Not only that, but Brown at 12 with so many other better options on the board is laughable.
  5. J-Deere almost draft time 2 Rounder

    Really love the first round for the Pack, TJ and Gardner seem to be picture perfect fits for us. Like the position group of rnd 2, just not too keen on such a tiny guy coming off a lisfranc
  6. Tough spot for the rams. That team is in win now mode, and QB changes are risky and often even if they work out take some time to develop. Might just have to bite the bullet, pay the man, and hope he can get carried
  7. New Coach Mock

    Agree with this, not saying the mock is bad or anything but I would expect an OC with such a different scheme will want to at least slightly revamp the offensive roster
  8. Rodgers shouldn’t have to be surrounded with below average talent and be expected to turn them into capable players. Our team was at its best when he had playmakers to work with, now he’s got one elite WR and a crowd of below average WRs and TEs. I get that everyone wants to forget about the skill positions because of Aaron’s contract, but that reality is just not working out. Surround your best player with talent and let him get back to form instead of having to drag the offense kicking and screaming
  9. Boykin had one year of almost 700 yards and couldn’t get above 30 yards for the rest of his career Kumerow has 2 catches on the year. If this is the kind of production you’re ok with then we will never have a potent offense again. Allison highest yearly total is 303 yards, and outside of one year playing 15 games he has only played in ten and five of the other two. That’s a significant injury history, and remarkably pedestrian production. Not sure why anyone would be satisfied with that as your number 2. No one is saying to ignore other positions(we have been dumping huge amounts of picks into the defense for years with nothing to show for it) just that the current WR group is well below average and extremely easy to defend when only one guy produces week in and week out. Simply put if we go into next season with the same group and no improvements we will be missing the playoffs again, and I’m not naive enough to think the rookies will all magically make significant jumps. 2018 NFL rules being so in favor of the offense and having the highest paid QB ever, and we are seemingly ok with having one of the worst receiving groups in the entire conference. That will never make sense to me
  10. My solution would be to invest more significant draft capital to make things easier on Aaron. I don’t honestly care if he’s as good as we think he is or not, I just want a functional offense again. Notice how the majority of WRs you listed were selected in the third or above, we have spent only one third at the position since we got Adams. That’s ignoring the position and it’s showing on the field. MVS has had a few good games but at this point if he’s your #2 then that’s probably one of the worst WR groups in the game. Allison isn’t going to play the entire year due to injuries, that’s almost a certainty. Moore has literally one catch to his name, and ESB has only 16. Again I think expecting them to transform into a good unit in offseason is incredibly unlikely. I just don’t understand this thought process of literally never spending a premium pick at WR. Given how the game is played today it seems absolutely crazy not to want top receiving weapons given how the game is so slanted in their favor. btw you hope they will make a second year jump, this isn’t madden and players aren’t on a linear progression. For all we know they could both regress or stay the same, all I’m saying is if we keep ignoring the most valuable skill position on offense we will continue to see sub par results.
  11. They were project type prospects to begin with, and all across the league every year we see some of them just don’t work out. MVS looks like he could be the real deal at some point, but ESB and Moore IMO haven’t shown anything as of yet to inspire so much confidence with our fan base. Nothing wrong with being hopeful regarding those two, but to me it seems kind of crazy to think they are sure thing. It’s a 4th and a 6th round pick, not at all significant enough of an investment to act like we are handcuffed to them.
  12. I legit don’t understand how anyone could think depending on two fifth round and below WRs to progress into starting quality players in one offseason is at all realistic. MVS has shown some flashes, but ESB and Moore have a combined 17 catches. Someone explain to me why anyone should expect those two players to be solid contributors next year. With Cobb likely gone and Allison being so injury plagued I think it’s a death sentence to depend on those rookies to be your #2 and #3. Even with Adams that’s a bottom of the league type receiving corps and if Adams ever misses time we are laughably bad. We haven’t invested any significant draft capital at the skill positions since Adams. I get that Aaron has a monster contract so you want him to perform regardless, but I honestly can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to surround him with top tier talent so he can really shine. Our fans have a blind spot when it comes to WR. If this was the CB group or OLB I don’t think anyone would argue throwing fifth round and below darts at the wall to be at all good enough when it comes to addressing an obvious need. Make no mistake: our fans are the only people around the league that thinks our WR group is ok.
  13. Trade Deadline Thread

    Can you understand why Packer fans of all people would be highly skeptical of the team depending on free agency? We never seem to get the big impact players for whatever reason, I’m not going to get my hopes up that’s going to change any time soon
  14. Trade Deadline Thread

    I’m not going to freak out over either of the moves today, but have to admit it’s been one disappointment after the other in regards to the roster. Missing out on Mack by seemingly inches, Wilkerson going to IR so early, now losing Haha, that’s a lot of bad breaks in a row without any positives. Didnt know what to expect from today or how this affects the future, but wow it does feel like we lost again
  15. Packers sign OL Byron Bell

    I feel like there’s about five or so posters on here that are negative about literally every topic Dont mind the pick up here for camp bodies, doubtful he makes the final roster or sees real time, but can be good camp competition