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  1. Packers sign OL Byron Bell

    I feel like there’s about five or so posters on here that are negative about literally every topic Dont mind the pick up here for camp bodies, doubtful he makes the final roster or sees real time, but can be good camp competition
  2. So what exactly are you looking at to justify this projection? Surely you must have some excellent reasoning to say Mays is a better player than Monty. Id just love to hear it
  3. Mays has literally one career rushing yard to his name, Monty has multiple seasons worth of production. It’s fairly obvious, and the onus is on you to prove he’s somehow more valuable than Ty. It’s honestly sad that anyone would stick to this narrative lol
  4. My point is you’re complaining that Monty has injury problems but are totally ok with going with basically just Jones/Williams next year and ignoring their injuries. Monty is also on a rookie deal, the main difference is he’s shown to actually be productive, unlike Mays, and if he leaves in FA we could potentially get a comp pick out of it. I literally see zero valid reasons why Mays would be on the roster instead of Montgomery, please explain to me what exactly about his 4 carries for 1 yard last year makes him a better option than Ty. Hint : you can’t and are just doing the typical “hype up random players who barely make the final roster and pretend they are a hidden gem” Edit: Like another poster said: Ty will produce more in half a season than Mays will all year, it should be really telling to you that given all the RB issues last year he still couldn’t get on the field.
  5. The point is what has Mays shown to be considered to be better in any way than Monty? Accountability isn’t just about health, ball security is also incredibly important. If camp reports for bottom of he depth chart players then Hundley would be a good QB. Monty has actually shown to be a solid contributor when healthy, considering Jones got injured last year I’m not sure why you’re so convinced he’s going to be healthy this year.
  6. I cant be the only one to think that we are far from knowing if any of the young guys are “seriously talented”. Jones looked real good but was derailed by injuries Williams had some impressive power runs, but overall had a poor YPC and has a lot to prove. Mays fumbled immediately and never saw the field Monty is good when healthy and has some return experience if I remember correctly. I really don’t understand how anyone at this point could justify keeping Mays over Ty
  7. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    Even if he could McCray has that on lock down.
  8. No, and to be honest it’s not even worth having a conversation about. He’s going to remain at RB given the two rookies haven’t proven to be able to adequately carry the load for an entire year. Even if he gets more reps in the passing game it won’t be as a traditional boundary WR, end of conversation.
  9. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    Like it Needed depth overall, don’t currently have any good blockers at the TE spot, should be pretty cheap, and while not a great receiver he can contribute in a complimentary role. Not a massive pick up by any means but a welcome one.
  10. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Yeah, I could see them making a play on Lewis. Hopefully if we really are interested we could make it happen before they get involved. I do think Gates is done as well, but could see them being tempted due to the familiarity. As much as I like Lewis as a number two I don’t think he’s able to come in as your number one to save the season so to speak.
  11. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Agreed here. With our ground game on the up swing Lewis would be a big help in being able to grind out more drives. Lots of creative things to do with Graham and Lewis on the field at the same time too. So pumped for the season to start
  12. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Would love the Marcedes pick up. Immediately the best blocking TE on the roster which makes him a good player to compliment Graham. Not a huge receiving threat but gets the job done. Should be cheap and we could use a bit more depth there. Makes it easier to split Jimmy out wide more often when you have a guy like Lewis to stay inline. Lewis plus an edge vet like Dumervil would make this offseason about as good as I could have ever hoped for
  13. Because there’s people who will desperately cling to whatever flimsy logic they can to pretend he’s still good
  14. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I was real skeptical at first thinking it would go way too into the romcom aspect, turned out to be maybe my favorite show of the year WOW it gets dark
  15. I guess I’m just trying to make the point that while we might not go as deep as we would like depth wise, the Finley era for example, but league wise we have a pretty good unit. That being said I would agree that we are one bonafide starter away from what I would deem comfortable. As much as I thought Jordy had slowed down I have no confidence at all in Geronimo, and while I have high hopes for the rookies they are as of yet unknowns.