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  1. Week 13 Jets vs. Titans

    I’m so tired of this guy as our QB . The inconsistency is astonishing ....
  2. Marcus Mariota is this generation's Steve McNair

    Agreed .. my wife who doesn’t even really care about football even said “how come the Titans don’t look like that ?” I gave her a good chuckle and told her to move along lol.. but in all seriousness this game tonight really does show you how far our qb is away from these two.. it’s truely night and day and if this is what to come in the upcoming year the Titans are in for a rough future.
  3. Is it Time ??

    I’ve heard the Big Ben and Rodgers injury comps But we cant compare our injury prone inconsistent qb to two hall of fame QBs which when they do play they usually light it up. When Marcus plays we don’t know what the he’ll were gonna get..
  4. Is it Time ??

    I 100 percent get the love for Marcus , when he plays well he really plays well.. but like others have said his biggest problem is consistency .. you really don’t know what your going to get week in and week out which is not a good recipe for a wining organaziton .. not to mention you don’t know when he’s gonna get hurt , you know it’s going to happen you just don’t know when . Man gets injured more then any qb I’ve ever scene ..
  5. Is it Time ??

    I was going to post something along the lines of “im now back off the Mariota wagon” but at this point I just have no idea what to think.. it’s so disheartening to see him play two games like the ones he did prior to today and then Come out and not only lay an egg but to also get hurt again.. The debate for this guy is 100 percent still up in the air no matter how we want to slice it..
  6. Is it Time ??

    The beating of the pats and laying an egg agajnst the colts next week is a Titan thing to do so he’s just preparing himself .. I do the same thing
  7. Is it Time ??

    I started this thread so I should be the one to end it . Mariota is our guy , I feel like Randy quaid in Major league 2.. Any thing I ever said is trash, Mariota is a killer and after seeing what he did today he’s the guy I want on this team. He is the guy for this team . The 3 straight losses broke my heart and I took it out on Marcus . Im ashamed
  8. Is it Time ??

    Our defense is legit there’s no denying that but we’re nothing compared to Jags defense last year, Denver’s d from there super bowl year, or Seahawks lob etc.. We’ve also played some cupcake offenses in Bills, Miami, Jags, And cowboys so I don’t want to overate then right now. This week is a big test, if we hold Brady and the gang to 23 or less points then this d is absolutely legit .. but if we get smoked like Pats have done to us for the last decade then we’re going to have to pump the brakes a bit on this d.
  9. Is it Time ??

    1. Dallas really hasn’t played any great offenses this year though. Giants , Titans , Jags , Lions etc. Texans , Seahawks and panthers are pretty good but none of them are world beaters .. again I’m not trying to take away Mariotas performance but to call this team an elite defense is a little far fetched compared to some of the other defenses we’ve seen. I’m more scared of the Bills d then Boys. 2. Mariota looked great against the chiefs but against the Pats he looked like the Marcus we saw in the 2017 regular season.. bortles looked like a franchise qb against the pats and look at him now .. 3. I’m not going to rate our qb on his last 5 games 3rd down completion percentage . I will say Mariota looked better the last two weeks , especially last week but I still need to see more consistency.. 4. You can’t compare Mariota to McNair , it’s not fair for our GOAT. That being said I do think his injury history is a major concern , when your franchise qb misses games every year it has the chance to put us in a hole . And yea Big Ben hasn’t played a bunch of 16 game seasons but you can’t compare the 2 . 1 has won 2 Super Bowls for there franchise the other hasn’t even got a ten win season. All this being said you make good points and as harsh as I am , after last week I can’t help but get excited .. I just know the second I do we will end up getting crushed by the pats and I’ll be back to square one.
  10. Is it Time ??

    I’m really not trying to be a downer but because of one good game against a bad team we should sign him long term to a 100 plus million dollar deal? Those stats Wyatt posted look pretty good , but let’s pump the breaks before we pay the guy all that money. His play has been average or below average since the beginning of 2017 with glimpses of stardom , the stardom we saw in 2016. However what I really want to laminate here is the guy has never played a full season in his career . That’s not a good stat going on year 5 . I’m not sure how everyone that’s pro Mariota and wants to pay the guy doesn’t take in account that flaw.
  11. Is it Time ??

    I’ve been extremely critical of Mariota , especially the last few weeks .. but i will admit he proved me wrong on Monday night.. the guy we saw on Monday is the guy we fell in love with in 2016, and if that’s the guy we continue to get then sign me up for long term... However im Not ready to jump on the bandwagon just yet . 5 weeks ago we were all giddy over Mariotas play vs the eagles , then 4 weeks later a lot of the fan base wanted him gone including myself .. Mariota showed on Monday why he can be a franchise qb but let’s see some consistentcy before we crown him king .. What happens if he has a 150 yard performance on Sunday with 0 tds and 2 picks and we get crushed? Do we just say “it’s the pats “, or “did you not see him on Monday light it up?” Type comments .. Mariota beat a bad Dallas team, I’m not taking anything away from him but that team we saw Monday is not a good football team at all , hence there 3-5 record . I said weeks ago Mariota plays like a man on fire one week making this fan base believe then struggles for the next 4 but we forgive him because he had an awesome game ..
  12. Where were you during the Great Forum Scare of 11/6/18

    Was deffinelty freaking out .. Tried two different computers and still nothing .good to be back
  13. Week 9 GDT: Titans at Cowboys

    Yea a loss this week puts us at 3-5 while Texans would be 6-3 with a win. Yea we have the tie breaker but they have the easier schedule. Then with the pats next week we could be looking at 3-6 . Woof 3-6 with tough games against Skins, Texans , Indy twice , and jags d (I think there D will turn it around , Bortles will still suck though). Only wins I kinda feel like we should win are jets and Giants and id bet my check that Odell and Barkley would shred us and Eli would look like his old self. That’s the Titan way Fact is we realistically should be 4-3 or even 5-2 right now and instead we’re 3-4. I was at the Bills game and in the stands after that kick I told my buddy I’m going to look back at this game as the end of our season. And right now I’m looking right. I hope im wrong but from what I’ve seen on TV and in the stands there nothing that makes me believe this team will even be .500. We just can’t score points , it’s really really sad and hard to watch and we expect our defense to hold teams under 14 so we get the win.
  14. Week 9 GDT: Titans at Cowboys

    Yea very true about there aging defense .. but yea your probably right , I’m sure free agents defenders will enjoy playing for a team with an offense that will stay on the field .. or 1 play 75 yarder to will fuller and they have some room to roam..
  15. Week 9 GDT: Titans at Cowboys

    Yea wackier things have happened in the Nfl, let’s hope the Texans lose a game there not supposed too. Something tells me though that they have gotten there kinks out .. Whats scary is the Texans are only going to get better in the future, once they get a o line , and a tight end I don’t see a way we can keep up with that offense .. Hopkins and Watson are a lethal duo. To bad the Titans don’t have a Qb who takes over games , I’m extremely jealous of the Texans fan base .