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  1. Titans trade for Tannehill

    I agree 100 percent . You don’t make a move like this if your not worried about your QB getting hurt , this is a “save my *** move “ from Robinson. Gms don’t make these kinda moves if there confident in there franchise QB, and the Titans have had two seasons end (2016 and 2018 ) because Marcus was hurt or got hurt. This was a move Robinson had to make and I think the fans as a whole love this move because we now have A competent backup that won’t have this team fall off a cliff like our last two backups did. I’ve never in my life have been more excited for a backup QB Acquisition which tells me a lot about Mariota. His seat became hotter if that’s even possible .
  2. Offseason Thread

    Mmm interesting , I mean I guess it’s possible but I think it’s just more of a coincidence then anything . As far as Brown not wanting to play here who the heck knows , he’s a weird guy and after listening to his interviews he’s only gonna play where he wants . The guy is a worldclass diva with loads of money already and I believe it when he said he’s only playing by his rules or he won’t play. He probably has teams in mind but the Steelers probably want to send him to a team he will rot away on (Bills) and he’s just not gonna let that happen. So the Steelers have two options and That’s trade him to a team he wants to go too or they keep him which I personally Don’t see how that’s possible after the stuff he said . It’s been eerie quiet on the Titans front that I would not be suprised if they jumped back in after the Bills trade fell through. If in fact we could get Brown for our 2nd and he would want to come here then i say you have to do it .
  3. Offseason Thread

    Per Colin Cowherd the Titans and skins are now the favorites and Brown could be on one of those teams within 24 hours .
  4. Offseason Thread

    I understand your reasoning I really do , a 31 year old Diva reciever who’s gonna want a new contract and is gonna cost probably pick 19 in this years draft seems like a terrible idea on paper . However I’m looking at where this team is , this team isn’t some young team that just hit there stride , the Titans have been rebuilding since 2015 and we’re no further along then we were in 2016. I get we’ve had 3 9/7 seasons but isn’t the goal to win a Super Bowl? I know as a fan that’s what I want and this teams window is open now , does it suck that the Colts window is just opening as well? Yes of course, so we have to try and compete with them and we’ve seen it time and time again that if we don’t keep up the scoring pace we’re gonna lose no matter how good our defense is . Our receivers had 7 touchdowns last year (worst in the league). You would have to think Brown would add at least 7 which would result in more wins . We have a QB who’s not only an injury away from not getting extended but if he has a year like he had in 2017 or 2018 he won’t need to get injured to be gone . Sometimes you have to take chances to get to that next step and this is one of them , you might think this team wouldn’t be a contender but I refuse to believe that adding the leagues best receiver to a 9/7 teams who’s biggest weakness is WR wouldn’t add a few wins. This year is the biggest year since I remember for not only Mariota but for the organization in general, you do know that if Mariota has a bad year again or gets hurt we’re gonna be back to the drawing board at Qb and more then likely rebuilding again so give the guy more then Tate who’s gonna want 10 million a year regardless. Lastly as of right now this team is behind pats, chiefs,Colts, chargers, texans and possibly ravens in terms of power rankings . Adding Golden Tate and let’s say a d linemen at pick 19 doesn’t move the needle for this team that much , does it make us better ? Yea , but other teams especially the Colts who have more money and picks then we do will probably get better as well, Brown moves that needle and even if we only get 3 productive years out of him That’s better then any rookie reciever or veteran that’s available can do for the leagues worst WR group.
  5. Offseason Thread

    Comparing Brown to Mathews is insane , It was clear Mathews wasn’t the same player he was in 2016 not to mention his injury woes in the off season. This team wasn’t going out of there way to draw up plays for Mathews , if they land brown almost every passing play will be built around that guy. As far as “not being a Vrabel or JROB type of guy” I think you have to throw that out when an all pro player becomes available and your teams biggest weakness is WR . Players like Brown don’t come around very often and adding him would absolutely open up our offense and would give Mariota the best safety net in the league . If this team wants to keep up with the colts and Texans they need to get better on offense and a guy like Brown instantly puts us as contenders , so enough with this he’s bad for the locker room . Maybe we need a player like him because this offense could use some much needed swag / confidence .
  6. Offseason Thread

    Couldn’t have said this any better
  7. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    As a fan watching the game when I see Mariota get hurt I’m not saying to myself “well atleast he played in 92 percent of today’s snaps”, I’m saying well crap he’s hurt again as you probably are as well.. When fans who say Mariota has missed time or has not played in 25 percent of time , there not talking about the snaps , there counting the games .. It doesn’t matter if Mariota gets hurt in the first quarter or last , it’s the fact that he’s not out there to finish a game 25 percent of the time . But I do agree that stats can be argued for both sides in regards to Mariota .. I’m not a fan of Mariota but it’s not because I don’t think he’s a good QB, In fact I think he has top 10 QB potential even after the last two sub par seasons . I just can’t get over the fact that he’s not out there to finish the game 4 times a year and as the most important position in sports that’s not a good thing .
  8. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    See I disagree .. Why would I want to waste my time talking to a toxic fan or a huge homer ? The discussion goes nowhere and is a huge waste of time because no matter what you say the person has made up there mind . Homers and Toxic fans destroy subs , maybe not for everyone but it’s very irritating when your trying to have an open minded conversation about the Titans and someone chimes in just to get a rouse out of someone ...
  9. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Isn’t everything we talk about on fan forums “useless debate” ? That’s why we as fans go to forums to discuss what there team needs to do and see if fans agree with your stance and if they don’t you can discuss the different possibilities .. I mean what’s the biggest question mark with this franchise ??? No it’s not Corner or RB like last year , or who are we gonna take with pick 5 and 18 ? Etc etc .. This team has used all there resources from past trades, they’ve went out and paid a lot of money the last two years to bring in top free agents to fill holes and There draft pick this year is reminiscent of the Fisher days .. So what’s the most important thing to talk about ? Its Mariota and rightfully so.. The last few years Us fans were lucky with the Titans having high draft picks , free agent signings etc to build a championship caliber team with and talk about it in the process so the Mariota talk was put on the back burner because we had a lot more to discuss.. Well now that the dust is settled There’s really only one thing to talk about and that’s Marcus because he’s the key to our future.. So unfortunelty for you , your going to see alotttt of discussions and arguments on this topic for the next year no matter where you go for football talk and as much as I would like it to be civil I have a feeling this debate is gonna get out of hand the second Mariota throws a 4 td game or gets hurt ..
  10. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I think the them vs us thing is the way it is because both sides won’t ease up on there stance .. I enjoy immensely talking to other fans about Mariota and what to do about him for the future however I’m not a fan of his so I’m shot down before I’m given a chance to speak my mind like most of the haters are.. This sub actually isn’t to bad but man go on Reddit and it’s a blood bath because the first sign of Mariota hate your stoned by the crowd .. Personally I don’t think any Titans fan can say with a straight face that Mariota is a bad QB, in fact even with his sub par play the last two years I’d be ok with extending him if it wasn’t for the injuries .. Problem is a lot of the Homer’s put out stats like the one above and then people like myself put out stats showing his horrid td/int ratio as well as every game he’s hurt or missed adding up to 25 percent of his career . But As soon as a stat like that comes up the Homer’s throw “he won a playoff game “ or “he’s brought us to 3 9-7 winning season in a row”.. etc etc instead of actual stats that matter .. But not all fans , some fans bring up his comebacks , his game winning drives etc which at the end I might not agree with but i can appreciate the counter arguments .. That being said your right the jury is still out and the one thing we all know is that Mariota will be our QB next year , but if he gets injured or plays average then the Homer’s are in for a wake up call..
  11. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    It’s a stat Mariota fans use to justify his horrid td/int ratio as well as his sub par inconsistent play .. Fans throw out stats like these to justify Mariota but when the doubters use stats like his td / int ratio or his low passing yards the Mariota fans don’t pay any mind to it..
  12. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    I get that it might be out of his control but that’s not the point .. The point is he’s not available yet again which is infuriating to fans who spend time , energy and money on this team only to watch our QB get hurt every 4 games .. Fact is we we’re underdogs with Marcus playing , now our chances are about as bleak as they can get.. Anyways I’m not saying Mariotas soft , he isn’t tough, he’s a terrible qb when healthy etc etc.. I’m saying he’s a guy who this franchise invested a lot into and he’s yet to finish a season healthy and the majority of this fan base who look at this team as a whole and not just there blind love for Mariota all realize and are tired of his consistent injuries .. If he doesn’t play tonight and we lose I guarantee the backlash is going to be so over barring to him and this franchise it’s going to take him a near perfect season next year to get any respect back from a national perspective.. No one knows if he was cleared or not , if he wanted to go and was told no .. but what I do know is he practiced this week, threw the ball and his legs alone could help this team tonight. Yesterday he said he was gonna do everything in his power to play and today it’s a no? If he wanted to play no one would be stopping him but his agent .. That’s a fact
  13. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    I’m sure fans aren’t happy they spent hundreds of dollars if not thousands to bring there family to this game tonight only to find out 12 hours before the game there injury prone qbs out yet again .. No matter how you spin it him not playing tonight is not good for his reputation that’s already questioned with injuries .
  14. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    For his sake he better get his pads on because if he doesn’t play and we lose he’s going to lose ALOT of fans.. Fans in the city Love Mariota as a role model but a lot of them are getting tired of the injuries .. The ones I talk to can get past the inconsistent play because he shines in games more times then not but his injuries have been more consistent then his play the first 4 years and that’s alarming .. He’s only played in 1 week 17 game in his 4 year career..
  15. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Who has confidence in this organaztion to make the right qb choice even if we had a top 3 pick .. we’ve busted on locker, young, and although Marcus isn’t a bust he’s injury prone which sucks because you know his potential. Not to mention we’re not bad enough to get one of the big dogs next year. So draft a QB and hope he hits .. At this point I’m not confident Robinson can make the right choice regardless where we draft..