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  1. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Like I mentioned a few days ago, I would come back and admit if Mariota played well. Here it is , today I thought Mariota played a lot better , I thought his footwork looked better , confidence was noticeable , and his arm looked stronger . This is encouraging if he is in fact the starter going into the year , however can he consistently do it ? Now , after Mariotas 3rd drive I sat in my seat and was like “damn” maybe I was too quick for judgment . Even though Mariota got into scoring position because of a 35 yard pass interference call, it was encouraging to see him get in the end zone . Then Tanny came in and MAN did he look awesome . Immediately driving down the field scoring at ease . What I took from this game is I still think Tanny should start. His arm is a rocket, is very accurate in the pocket and already has 30 percent of tds In 4 drives then Mariota did all last year lol. Anyone that watched the game will tell you it was refreshing watching Mariota score that TD , however they will also tell you Tannehill is playing his *** off and is making it look easy . ( I went and asked some Pats fans if Mariota did indeed play against the 2nd string and backups . Only 2 or 3 players were starters So no Mariota did not score on the Pats 1string. Both Tanny and Mariota did well tonight against reserves and next week will be interesting when both get quality time in a big Sunday night football game . If Tanny outplays Mariota by a wide Margin , Mariota won’t be able to escape the noise . Neither will the coaches .
  2. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    It’s obvious nothing I can say , or stats I put out will change the 3 or 4 fans minds who our currently arguing together with me . I’m arguing with one guy about practice stats lol (even if it’s against the Pats , it’s not a game that will be broadcasted to the nation and just because someone does well in practice or bad , it doesn’t mean it translates to a game . Just look at Taywan Taylor or any other player we’ve had that balls out in camp and is crap in a real game) The last two years and Last Thursday when the cameras were on Marcus he crapped his pants . If you don’t believe me just look up Greg Cosell and see what he has to say about Mariota. This guy gets paid to evaluate and breakdown film and has been doing it for years , go tell him he’s wrong . He even had PK come out and switch his tune on Mariota days after he backed him . I’m also arguing to another guy about wanting to move on from a bottom 13 QB in Mariota (that he’s ok with). The fact this guy thinks Watson is going to put the Texans in a tough spot when it comes contract time says all you need too about his evaluation. Pretty sure the Titans would pay him 30 million plus a year right now if they had a chance . Finally What I’m going to do for you guys is just take a step back and let you guys clap Hands and cheer together while Marcus “continues to thrive in practice “ lol. So , until Saturday I’ll just keep my stats , examples and whatever else I’ve thrown at you to myself and will go from there. If Mariota does well I’ll chime in instead of running away, and maybe if Mariota balls out I’ll admit I was a little too fast to bench him for RT. However I expect you guys to do the same and join the chat if Mariota gets outplayed mightily again. So we will have to wait and see what happens and as the weeks go this topic will be getting louder and louder . If we don’t talk about it , someone else will , one of the sides is bound to be wrong ,and I can tell you I feel real good about the side I’m on right now . No I’m not rooting for the Titans to do bad , I’m rooting for this team to make a change that is best for the organization. I’m not the only fan who thinks this way, I’m just one of the few that’s vocal about it and willing to argue my points across. What’s shocking is the people who back Mariota to the extent some of you do should realize the odds aren’t in your favor at all. Mariota is playing for his career and he knows it . A good year and he’s making 25-30 million a year with a contract up to 5 years if not franchised . However If he does bad he could be cut from this team and is probably a backup somewhere making 8-12 a year. Not only does he have to play well, the team has to play well, and he has to play at least 16 games to get an extension I’m guessing . That’s alot to ask for from a guy who’s never played a full season , who’s never won more then 9 games, has never passed for 30 tds, has has never thrown for 3500 yards, and has only been available in one week 17 game in 4 years, and even that year he missed time throughout the year. Until Saturday
  3. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Are you really bringing up practice stats lol? Why don’t we just wait till preseason game number 2 to continue this convo because at least we’re playing an opposing team instead of our top 5 D. You know the excuses are running out when you start bringing up practice stats lol. Man haha
  4. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I’ve seen this same thing posted on different sites and each time it got laughable responses . There’s a difference between woodside and Tanny, JRob traded a 4th round pick for RT. He obviously thought this team needed a 2nd QB so much that he traded compensation instead of picking up a free agent QB or drafting one . He wanted someone that can compete for the job , and someone that can fill in for Mariota when he gets hurt . However the next question is , what happens if RT continues to outplay MM by a wide margin ?
  5. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I’m judging Mariota on his last two years , not just 1 preseason drive . The last time we heard about Marcus he was missing a huggggeee home week 17 game because of a nerve injury. “He May never be the same” some people stated , so fast forward 8 months and Mariotas arm looked like an arm you would find on a D3 football team. Or an arm hindered by a nerve injury , either or it was very worrisome to see coming from your 2019 Tennessee Titans starting QB. The fact that fans, media, and even some Huge Mariota homers are concerned after one drive is telling , even some of the biggest Mariota supporters are now switching there stance because of how tired they are with his Inconsistent and injury riddled play. In time you will as well.
  6. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I don’t need a stat sheet or a preseason game to tell me this team is getting held back by Mariota . Any non Mariota homer that isn’t biased to the guy will say it like it is and im one of those fans . You see , if I didn’t put stats in there you would be the one putting in your own stats that try and justify Mariota being worth keeping . As far as cherry picking stats , are you kidding me ? How am I doing so ? im not posting worthless statistics like the Homers post all year saying how great Mariota is. I’m posting stats on his touchdowns , interceptions and yards . Those 3 stats are pretty critical when judging a QB , kind of like how a baseball players home runs , batting average and RBIs are critical for a baseball players worth. If you want to use the “well all he does is win” take then I could post guys that have had more winning seasons or more playoff wins then Mariota but I’m sure you’d have some sort of rebuttal for that. Real quick though, you know bortles has more playoff wins then Mariota? Do you know Dalton has more wining seasons and playoff appearances? Here’s a good one, do you know Tebow has a playoff win , same as Marcus . Or how about Lamar Jackson , a rookie who can’t pass has the same amount of playoff appearances. I can continue naming bad QBs who have been more successful then Mariota but you get the point . Lastly if You don’t judge a QB on stats , and you obviously don’t judge them on there play , then what do you judge a QB on? It can’t be 3 9-7 seasons because who gets happy about being mediocre , so Enlighten me . How do you judge a QB?
  7. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I actually do have a solution. I’ll break it down for you because your not understanding . Marcus Mariota had 11 Touchdowns last year and 8 picks in 14 starts . In 2017 Marcus had 13 touchdowns and 15 picks in 15 starts. Now go in your little stat calculator you have and look at all the starting QBs who played at least 14 and 15 games in those respective seasons . Please let’s not throw in childish comments like “well Marcus went 9-7” while so and so went 3-13”. The Titans defense won us most of the games , so if you say Mariota won the pats and eagles games then I can say Byard won the first Texans game with the trick pass . Overall the defense is what has been our foundation . Now after you’ve checked the list , you can see Marcus finished 28th overall in passing efficiency last year in 14 starts behind guys like joe Flacco (just traded for change ) , Alex Smith(not traded for much) , and A rookie QB in Mayfield, Also on your stat checker , you will see an undrafted QB in Mullins, And a journeyman in fitz ahead of Mariota. So you see you can get a QB anywhere really that can put up numbers better then Mariota. You can trade a late round draft pick (Smith, Flacco) , you can find an undrafted guy like Mullins, a free agent like fitz(who I’m not saying is the answer , just saying he would give us more production) , grab a guy like foles and lastly you can draft a guy or trade up like the eagles did with wentz, rams did with Goff, Chiefs did with mahomes, Texans did with Watson etc etc. Say what you will but the lists don’t lie , Your theory is we can’t find someone who can make us better right now and I’ve given you not 1 , not 2 , not 3, but 4 different examples of how teams got a QB over the last year that gave them better production then Mariota gave us . Weapon excuse? Flacco was sure throwing to a bunch of amazing WRs and tight ends last year. Mullins weapons or lack there of lol. Alex smith and his weapons ? Did Washington have any receivers ? Ha New coach excuse ? Mullin is a rookie so no brainer Smith was just traded so he had a new coach I think I covered it all ... Your move sir
  8. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Even though I’m not in Mariotas camp, I still didn’t think there was going to be any question who would start week 1 because of what the coaches have said . However I also didn’t expect RT to make the QB position look easy , all while watching our offense march down the field at ease on two consecutive drives . Something we haven’t seen in quite sometime . i also didn’t expect Mariota to look like he did . I get it was only one drive but anyone watching couldn’t help but notice his weak looking arm and the lack of confidence he was playing with . It’s concerning against a vanilla defense , next week will be telling .
  9. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    1. As a lifelong Titans fan I’m far too familiar with the infamous 9-7 (8-8 type) season. You know where that gets us ? Not good enough to win and not bad enough to get a high pick .We’re in QB purgatory , a place we all are far too familiar with under the Jeff Fisher era . Yet Again your saying if we bench Mariota for Tanehill we’re going to go back to our 3-13 days like Mariota has warranted 6 wins lol. I’m fairly confident we can get the same production from RT that we have from Mariota the last two years, my guess more . 2. Like i said before in a previous post, the best man should get the job. I’m not saying give it to RT, I’m saying let them both play in all 4 preseason games and if RT outplays him like he did last week you bench Mariota. 3. Browns have picked in the top 5 for a decade because they were the worst run franchise in football . The titans are not , we have a roster that can compare to some of the best in football , however our QB is holding us back . I’m really not trying to be an *** here but the fact that you think Mariotas 11 tds and 13 picks is not holding this team back says all I need to know about your football knowledge . Do you understand how bad that is ? It’s so incredibly bad that it’s actually a miracle we finished 9-7. Lastly , are you kidding me ? Your justifying keeping Mariota because he’s your 20th ranked QB? Because he would be a starter on 12 NFL teams lol? That’s your justification? Your ok with us having a bottom 13 QB when only 12 teams make the playoffs out of 32 and only 1 wins the championship. So what your saying is you don’t ever want to win. You don’t need a top 5 QB to win, but you need one better then a bottom 13. (Please don’t use flacco and foles . Foles was Super Bowl MVP and carried that team in 2017 and also winning a playoff game last year . Flacco was in his prime and played like an MVP and wasn’t bottom 13 then). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.oregonlive.com/ducks/2019/08/marcus-mariota-not-a-lock-to-start-for-the-tennessee-titans-in-week-1-report.html%3foutputType=amp
  10. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    At the end of the day we could argue back and forth about QBs who pan out and QBs who don’t pan out . However all that matters is we have a huge QB issue and something has to be done in the next few years. I just don’t understand your reasoning at all in regards to not wanting to move on to a different QB because you don’t think we can find someone in the draft or elsewhere that can give us the same production. So because you think most QBs are lemons coming out of the draft that warrants the fact that we shouldn’t draft a QB or try to give another QB a chance ? I mean even if the percentage is incredibly low on finding a franchise QB or at least a QB is above average in the draft that doesn’t mean you hold onto a guy like Marcus because the chances of drafting an above average QB is low. You draft a QB until you hit on one , you don’t keep a guy because you think you have no other options , especially a guy who’s looked as bad as Mariota has . In reality it’s actually going to be fairly easy finding a replacement for him that can give us the same if not more production, I get your thinking though but Mariota is not a good example. He has done absolutely nothing to warrant keeping him, hence why we traded for Tannehiill and also why he hasn’t been given a new contract yet . Obviously the front office feels the same way as I do. Yea it sucks we missed on Locker, Young, Mariota but it doesn’t mean we stop trying , the QB position is the hardest to fill in sports for a reason. Browns picked how many QBs till they finally hit one, Bills as well except there still searching, hell Cardinals took two in the top 10 back to back years. Then you have teams who hit on a QB there first time like Colts with Manning and Luck, it’s just how the NFL works . Having said all this it’s obvious that your dissection Of QBs is way different then mine , so we won’t agree on this . I think Watson and Mayfield are franchise guys , you don’t . I think We can find the same production as Mariota elsewhere and you think getting rid of him makes this team worse sooner rather then later . I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  11. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Says the guy who had to go back more then half a decade to try and prove I’m wrong. I’m going on the last 5 years since Mariota has been in the NFL. If you really want to go far back we can play this game all day. How about the year where rivers, manning and Big Ben were drafted ? Or the year Elway, kelly and Marino were drafted . No no need to try and go back 5 plus years to try and prove me wrong , going off the last years your theory is wrong . Even if all the rookies I named that were good last year don’t pan out that’s still about a .500 batting average . However 1 or 2 will more then Likely pan out .
  12. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    What’s delusional is the fact you think Watson isn’t deserving of a new contract , and that you think Mayfield is average . Also I think your forgetting that Mariota was drafted number 2 overall, not pick 8,10,15 or a later first rounder . Getting picked 2 overall holds you too a higher standard , he’s also getting paid like it as well but yet you can find the same level of production if not more later in the draft or even undrafted like Mullins . As far as your Lemon theory is concerned , let’s look at the QBs drafted top 15 overall the last 4 years too see how many were lemons . 2015- Winston , Mariota , (both look about fizzled out or average ) 2 lemons 2016-wentz, Goff, (Both look like franchise guys) 2017- Trubisky, mahomes, Watson (all have been to the playoffs, all look good to great) 2018- Mayfield , darnold , Allen, Rosen, (2 out of the 4 look good but still too early ) 2 lemons So the last 4 years there has been 11 QBs drafted in the top 15 and 7 look good to great . So your theory is wrong because there is more good QBs then lemons . Finally to answer your question on what I would do in regards to our QB situation I would play who ever deserves it . I wouldn’t go into the season giving the Job to Mariota , he hasn’t deserved it and I think it’s foolish to add a guy like Tannehill and not have a competition. Our QB has 23 tds over the course of two seasons, we can’t score and If it wasn’t for our defense we would a be 3-13 football team. Am I saying that I wouldn’t label Mariota the starter ? No , I actually would . However I wouldn’t be hesitant for a second to make a switch if my backup QB outplayed my started by a huge margin during the preseason . So to answer your question id play whoever deserves it and the other is the backup, I wouldn’t cut Mariota lol. After the season I would but this team does need a backup going forward .
  13. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    So you have a car that continues to give you struggles . Keeps on breaking down, not reliable , isn’t there when you need it the most So instead of going out and buying a new one , or even going out there to look at the market . You instead decide to keep it continuing to throw money into it while praying that going into the 5th year it’s magically going to start running like new. At some point you have to start looking into a new QB before the window closes on this team, and the longer we keep Marcus the quicker this window closes for a full rebuild . I don’t want to wait another decade before we have a chance to contend , and I truly believe we can find a QB that can put up Mariota numbers for this team anywhere. All I’m trying to say is he’s holding the team back and with what he’s giving us we have zero chance to contend . We can find a guy that puts up his numbers in the draft, free agency, heck even on our own team. 11 and 12 passing tds while also missing a bunch of time isn’t going to win anything for this team. We don’t need a Brady , or a Rodgers , we honestly just need someone capable of being a competent NFL starter as well as being reliable . So thinking that we can’t find someone else that can put up the god awful numbers Mariota has put up then you guys are sadly mistaken. Mariotas numbers are at the bottom of the NFL . Rookies last year outplayed him all over the NFL. Darnold, Mayfield , Mullins , hell even Jackson who can’t throw has the same number of playoff appearances as Marcus . Lastly how would letting Marcus go make us worse lol? Please explain You don’t think we can get 12 TDs and someone who can play at least 80 percent of the season from somewhere else ?
  14. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    That we shall...