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  1. In 2011 I moved too Nashville from NY because I always wanted too , just a huge fan of the team and city so I transferred jobs , got season tickets and eventually met my wife . Then I moved from Nashville back to NY when I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2016 , and when I left it was right before the Titans started there 4 consecutive winning seasons . Anyways the city was not a football city , going to games was terrible , the support just wasnt what it should be in a city that has an NFL team.Some cities would sell there souls just to have a football team , I felt the city took it for granted . Even when my brothers who are both NY Giant fans came to visit they couldn’t believe the number of opposing fans not just in the stadium but on the streets. Well what I’m getting too is this week was the first time I’ve returned to Nashville since chemo etc and having a child , so I went to my father in laws and I could not believe the support from this City now . You feel it everywhere you go , this is why I became a fan in the first place , the old Adelphia being tough to play in , the city rocking and a team that was built around hard nosed tough gritty football . This current team brought back that former glory , there tough, there gritty, there a team, it’s truest amazing that I feel that same excitement at 33 I did at 13 years old watching this team go to the super bowl. Our we playing with house money ? Yea, but I will be devastated if we lose , we are soooo close I want a super bowl so bad now . Now to the game , two nights ago I legit had a dream we lost , I don’t recall the score, but I remember feeling devastated and when I woke up it was a big relief . However I haven't been able to kick that dream. Against the Pats I was pretty confident I really was , against the Ravens I predicted on here I was confident as well, this week I’m not going to lie . I’m not that confident , in fact I think this is the end for this team but i think it will be close, like last drive close . I hope to god I’m wrong , I want a win so damn bad , I’m nervous to even watch this game , but man am I proud of this team. We went from week 6 looking at a rebuild to now having the best back, a wr1 and wr2, up and coming tight end , beast line , and a franchise qb. Now let’s get some Pass rush and man we will be even better . score Mind telling me Chiefs 31 Titans 28 heart is telling me Titans 41 Chiefs 31
  2. I agree with pretty much everything you said except the line . I think they win by 5 or less , if at all. If they play drop two safeties against us I think Tennessee can take advantage of the time of possession. If we spread out 3 and they drop 2 then that means they will be playing a 6 man front, I think our run game would feast on that. I think we’re going to see more designed runs , short routes and a methodical plan to keep the ravens off the field . I really think whoever gets a ten point lead first wins , if ravens do I don’t see us clawing back . If Titans do I think they will run Henry till his wheels fall off and put Lamar in a position he hasn’t been in al year . I really think Titans win this game 27-24
  3. I like it but we’ve never seen a QB like Lamar. Only Qb I can see pulling it off would have been Tebow and Vick.
  4. I’m seeing 80 percent chance of rain Saturday night on Baltimore weather outlets . This would be incredibly huge if this was steady rain, It wouldn’t slow down Lamar completely but he wouldn’t be able to stop on a dime . You would think Henry and our run game would have the advantage right?
  5. Ingram is there bread and butter . If ingram misses the game it is a HUGE loss.
  6. This 100 percent . I definitely am not underestimating the Ravens , At least not the way there fans are underestimating us. Like the poster above me said , the bills game gives me hope , maybe more then I would like because I think our offense is lightyears better then the Bills .
  7. I’ve watched a lot of Lamar , he won me two fantasy leagues and a lot of money. He’s the real deal, literally looks like a video game . That being said I wouldn’t be surprised if Titans pulled the upset or they come very close . Here’s why Titans have loads of trouble stopping wrs and the pass game , the Ravens don’t throw it too there wrs that much , more so to the tight ends . The Titans just happen to have the best cover backer in the league on there team who will be on Andrews . (Brown will be playing ) Titans have about the same ranked run d as the bills who did fine against you guys . Ravens blitz ALOT , Tanehill has been the best qb in the league against the blitz . Henry - sometimes players get hot at the tight time , Henry is the hottest player in the game right now (Lamar has been all season ) Titans are one of if not the best team in the nfl statistically against running qbs . Lamar is a different animal but Allen and Watson are pretty legit . All this being said Tanehill needs play a lot better if we want to win , and I think he’s capable of doing so. It won’t be easy but I’m confident vrabel will have this team ready to play . Again Ravens are amazing , but the amount of fans calling for a 35-7 game or a blowout obviously haven’t watched the Titans play and just go off of stats . I’ve been hearing “you guys are trash you went 9-7”. Do they not know our walking trash can Mariota was QB and failed to score 20 points 4 out of the 6 games and going 2-4 ? Then I see “Henry isn’t as good as he’s been playing , he averages 100 a week. “ Again , with Mariota he averaged 66 yards a week , when we made the switch he averaged over 120 ”Tanehill is god awful , 8-15 with 76 yards and a pic lol. Garbage “ So his 8-3 record and mvp like season is just to be forgotten? “Titans failed to score more then 14 vs a pats defense we lit up”. We game planned to run the ball , we didn’t need to change it up because they couldn’t stop it . These are just some of the comments I’ve been seeing . I will say I appreciate your response it was honest and you didn’t come across as arrogant . Good luck this weekend although I don’t mean it .
  8. I said it yesterday , I have a hunch as well . I just think we match up well, Brown on Andrews, Brock and Adoree on the outside with vaccaro roaming the back end and Byard spying . This game plan will be a lot different then last week and if we get going early and force the Ravens to start passing we will win this game . I’m not saying Lamar is a bad passer because he’s not but he’s a way more dangerous running the ball. If Ravens shut down Henry I still think Tanehill can make plays , we’ve seen it all year . It’s going to come down to 4 quarters and if we lose then we ended the season knowing we have offensive triplets moving forward and an up an coming team . If we win though I think super bowl will be a week away.
  9. From what I’ve heard the Raven fans are selling there tickets like hot cakes because they think it’s going to be a blowout and because it might rain. You might see a decent amount of Titan fans . Buckle up man , game is going to get gritty. I don’t see a blow out , I really don’t . Vrabel is going to have this team ready.
  10. It’s about time we got this raven matchup post , I’m ready to talk more playoff football . The last 2 days I’ve spent a lot of time looking at stats , looking at the ravens etc and although I’m not an expert this team can be beat. The ravens are the number 1 rushing team , the titans are the 3rd . The Titans average the same amount as points as the Ravens since Tanehill took over . The Titans average more yards per game then the Ravens since Tanehill took over. The weakness of the Titans is there pass D , and the Ravens are a better run team. Yes they can pass but I’m way more confident in stopping there pass game then there rushing . This being said I’m actually confident we play a bend but don’t break defense and contain Lamar to under 100 yard rushing and forcing him to pass . As far as Henry is concerned , I don’t think he has a monster game like he did the last two weeks , the ravens have monsters in the middle in pierce and Williams so I can see the Titans running to the outside more this week and bringing in a different game plan the. The one last week. The ravens have really good corners but there not the pats corners , they can be beat and we’re going to have to be able to pass too win this week , Im still confident in Tanehill to make the plays when needed . All this being Said I really feel this is going to be a close game , like 27-24 and could go either way. Although if it rains I think the Titans have the advantage with Henry . It’s going to be tough to stop the mvp but he’s been sitting for 3 weeks so maybe there’s some rust on the tires . Titan up
  11. I saw somewhere else someone post this and I love it . “ I’d rather have a tractor in the mud then a corvette “. if it rains I’m confident we can win . Let’s hope the football gods can Make it a pool.
  12. I’ve been online For the past 12 hours it feels like because of the High from the win last night and I have seen wayyyyy more Raven fans saying there going to blow the Titans out then any titan fans talking smack . I think the fans that are just excited about knocking off the pats , I don’t think anyone is overly confident in beating the super bowl favorite Ravens . That being said it’s definitely not impossible . A lot of people don’t watch the Titans but since Tanehill took over they’ve been averaging 33 points a game , last night the Pats took away the playaction and wanted Henry to beat them in the first half . Which he was until Bill B starting to stack the box in the 2nd half . At that point nothing was stopping Henry so the Titans stuck to the game plan , I see a lot of Raven fans blasting Tannehill but 1 bad game doesn’t take away the 9 games he’s been fantastic in. Ravens have more to worry about then just Henry . Should be a good game , good luck , 40-17 in the divisional round is a slap in the face though.
  13. Yea , they definitely caused some heart ache for us Fans . The Monday night debacle where they went offsides and we scored but it got reversed was a gut wrencher What hurts the most is knowing both years they won the super bowl I feel our team was the better team and they could have been our championships . Truly heartbreaking losses . I remember in 2009 after we lost I sat in front of my tv with it off for about an hour just pondering the fumbles . The 2017 loss to the pats hurt because if we won we would have played the jags in the afc championship and we would have probably beat them and went to the super bowl. However that being said it wasnt heartbreaker , I don’t think I’ll be devastated tonight either because we found our franchise quarterback , a number one wr and the top back . I just hope we don’t lose because of the refs or a fluke play.
  14. You know I do have a weird feeling about this year then years past but I think a lot of the younger fans who feel confident about this team haven’t been through what the og titan fans have so there more optimistic. 2003/2004 season , I was there , divisional round and in the freezing tundra that is Gillette stadium. That team would have won the super bowl but a Drew Bennett drop cost the team a trip to the AFC championship. 2006 - This game wasn’t at Gillette but it was week 17 and we needed 4 things to happen and a win to make it in, and they beat us . Of course everything we needed to happen actually happened . 2017 - Divisional round at Pats , we all know what happened. Pats broke our yet again. I used to think of the Ravens as the team that broke my heart the most and they probably are but Pats have done there fair share . It’s time we win , we’re due , and for some crazy reason I actually think if we beat this team the confidence will be at an all time high and we will make a run .
  15. Like others above said , Bernard is a clown. Although I’m 100 percent in his corner on this one , we look like a team that doesn’t care. Take the final drive of the Jags game as an example .
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