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  1. Is it Time ??

    Technically Byard is playing better then both of them. Mariota has 1 more td pass then our Safety.
  2. Is it Time ??

    My brother pointed this out to me earlier and man this is pretty frightening .. Mariota has 2 tds and 4 ints so far this year . He also has a starting record of 1-2 (im not going to give him the Miami loss , but I’m not giving him the jags win) Gabbert has 1 td and 1 int this season. He also has a starting record of 1-0 . (Not counting Miami or jags as well ). So gabbert is literally the butt of all jokes with NFL fan bases and he has better numbers this year then our golden boy. Yes limited play but it’s not like Marcus has played a lot more then him. Mariota has played about 8 half’s this year while Gabbert has played about 4. So Mariota has played twice as much as Blaine and he has 1 more td. Just downright Pathetic
  3. Is it Time ??

    It’s safe to say a lot of the fan base is still standing by Mariota which i tip my cap to them for . I wish I could , I just hit my tipping point with him. Eventually they all will too , and the select few who have his picture over there bed will sink or swim with there QB. I hope someone saves this and throws it back on my face if he eventually turns it around , nothing would make me happier. I just hope the organization realizes it before they give him a contract north of 150 mill.
  4. Is it Time ??

    I think we all saw it , we just didn’t want to believe it ..
  5. Is it Time ??

    Agree.. A lot of the Marcus ‘s homers keep thinking he’s going to just turn into some franchise qb but like you said this is year 4. Not many QBs turn the corner year 5, and whoever keeps comparing Marcus to Brees has got to stop. It’s almost laughable . Mariota is not Brees, will never be Brees , and right now it’s an insult to Brees for even thinking it . And again im not trying to hate on anyone that think Mariota is our guy, heck I used to be that guy. But as hard as it is to admit it , Marcus will never win is a Super Bowl .
  6. Is it Time ??

    Marcus couldn’t pass against Jags , bills , ravens and dolphins in first half .. heck even the eagles first half. So instead of us trying to find 2 games where he was bad, I’d like to find two games where he could pass .. and don’t include 2016 that’s years ago. I get the homerism in you but let’s face it the guy has put up more duds then good games the last year and a half. Actually here’s an even better stat , Marcus has missed or left early in more games since 2017 then 300 yard games passing lol.
  7. Is it Time ??

    How is he not a bust? He was picked 2nd overall , has missed or left early from a 1/4 of games in his nfl career so far and the last year and a half he has thrown for more picks then touchdowns. Any other top 2 nfl pick would be considered a bust at this point if he wasn’t on our team. This is year 4 not year 2, and although all the mistakes aren’t his , he still doesn’t look good at all. Take away the eagles game and he’s scored 21 points the last 3 games . Dak who isn’t good at all has more points scored against the jags then Marcus does against jags, bills and ravens .
  8. Is it Time ??

    Man , couldn’t agree more.. I get he doesn’t have playmakers, he has a new offense he has to learn for the 3rd time in his career, and his interior line is playing like garbage . But That being said he hasn’t progressed one bit , not even a smidge. In fact he’s a shell of the guy we saw in 2016. Funny part about this thoigh is I’m not even mad about yesterday’s game so I’m really not overreacting , I’m just saying what the other 31 fan bases say about Marcus .
  9. Is it Time ??

    If this is the same old thread you speak of then there has to be something wrong if we keep on bringing it up , Right? I understand the over reaction threads we get but this isn’t one of them. This is a serious question about our so called franchise QB.
  10. Is it Time ??

    It might not be time for everyone to admit it but it is for me .. Marcus Mariota is not a franchise QB, whoever says otherwise is in love with the guy we drafted not the guy currently on this team. It kills me to type this because I was such a big fan of his and after that 4 td game to start his career I finally thought we had our guy for the next ten years .. instead we have an injury prone QB who throws more Interceptions then TDs. Yesterday on Reddit this topic was brought up and a lot of fans were continuing to throw blame on everyone but Mariota. At one point is it his fault? Unfortunelty for this franchise we will pay him 20 plus next year for the fifth option and then give him 150 million plus and we’re stuck with him for 6 more years . It’s year 4 and he’s playing like a turd .
  11. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    I dont blame the fans one bit for not going to the games , my father in law went to the game with his girlfroemd yesterday and spent a fortune to watch this sad team play . Does he get a refund ? 2- tickets - 155.00 parking- 25 4 beers and 2 pretzels - 50.00 5 hours of his life wasted so he spent 220.00 on 2 pretzels, 4 beers and 0 points scored . I wouldn’t go back either i will say this thiigh, if Titans beat Bills last week and we’re 4-1 I’d guarnetee there would be more fans in the stands , losing to a team we should have beat will suck the wind right out of you.i know it did to me
  12. Week 5 GDT - Titans @ Bills

    Yea I agree .. Brown and Honor have been top notch for us this year , if only we could get Evans to start showing up this defense would be insanely deep. As of right now I’m not liking what I’m saying from Evans , granted it’s been a very small dose . Landry on the other hand !!! Man that hit against Wentz is all I have to say.. but honestly though the kid just looks like he has that “it” factor. “ I’ve heard from numerous fans I’ve talked to that all said the same thing “if we had Landry for the Miami game we’d be 4-0”. I actually believe that , that’s how special this kid is , to be honest he reminds me of Von Miller . Crazy to say but I think he’s that good..
  13. Week 5 GDT - Titans @ Bills

    Thats a possibility , I’m sure a team gunning for the playoffs would want his talents if he became available . However it wouldn’t be the Titans , we have a lot of money invested in our secondary with Ryan, Butler,Vacarro, cyprian, adoree, and Byrd will be due for a big contract soon. I’m sure it would be enticing but another team would probably be willing to pay more for Peterson. Probably the Rams lmao
  14. Week 5 GDT - Titans @ Bills

    I was at that game as well. I remember Eli drove down the field at ease on us , and inside his own 5 he threw a terrible pass and we picked it off . We never looked back that game . Good to know there’s another Titans fan who’s gonna be at this game this week. The last time I saw Titans in Buffalo was Christmas Eve where Vince had a 50 yard run going into half . Not a lot of Titans fans in Buffalo, the Bills fans are pretty brutal.
  15. Week 5 GDT - Titans @ Bills

    I saw this earlier and chuckled .. I will say this though about Robiskie , he might be a god awful OC but every article I’ve read about him over the years has said he’s a great teacher and mentor to players. So McDermott’s statement might hold some Merritt .