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  1. DPOY Frontrunners

    This man is correct.
  2. My bad I meant Under 66 for Gonzaga 1H
  3. I bet on NBA every once in a while. I’m more comfortable with college basketball though. NBA is so hit or miss. I took Kent State -3.5 and Hofstra +2. So far so good. Got Murray State ML pending.
  4. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | No More Garbage Thread Titles

    Getting bought out in a couple weeks apparently.
  5. Orlando Magic Thread

    Birch is better than Bamba, so that has been an upgrade as well.
  6. Orlando Magic Thread

    Only the AS break can stop this team. Mercy
  7. Orlando Magic Thread

    No doubt. They are actually playing as a team. Fun to watch after all the crap we have had to watch. Cliff is a good *** coach.
  8. Orlando Magic Thread

    this is the best basketball we have played since the Dwight days. I wish it wasn’t the AS break. We are on a roll.
  9. Orlando Magic Thread

    They have beaten us 13 times in a row.
  10. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | No More Garbage Thread Titles

    Magic are going to beat the Bucks round 1.
  11. Orlando Magic Thread

    If we beat the Hornets tomorrow, the Magic Men will officially be back. The Hornets own us.
  12. I pray they trade up for that man:
  13. Orlando Magic Thread

  14. Orlando Magic Thread

    No respect for a legend