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  1. In season news and notes

    Boy am I glad they ponied up the extra money for Calais. He has been such a difference maker.
  2. orlando magics: BACK IN THE LOTTO RACE BABY (HOME)

    You and me both. I just found out you’re a Titans fan. Just when I started to like you. Mehhhhhh
  3. orlando magics: BACK IN THE LOTTO RACE BABY (HOME)

    We play the Celtics, 76ers, Pacers, Thunder and Warriors the next 5 games.............. it will take a Christmas miracle to win one of those.
  4. orlando magics: BACK IN THE LOTTO RACE BABY (HOME)

    We are bad at basketball. boy am I glad the Warriors/Thunder game is on.
  5. Gabba Gabba has me blocked on twitter already
  6. Top 10 CBs?

    He (Lattimore) wasn’t in there top 4 in the Draft but thinking about a Ramsey, Bouye and Lattimore secondary makes me laugh. Lattimore gonna be a good one if he can stay on the field.
  7. AFC South Discussion Thread

    The only team I don’t want to face in the playoffs besides the Pats (even though I think we could hold our own against them) is the Titans. FOX is showing the Titans/Colts game in the Jax area on Sunday so I’ll definitely be watching when I get home from work.
  8. I would put in: Fournette, Campbell, Ngakoue, Malik (he needs more recognition, he’s been playing very well), Telvin, Bouye and Ramsey. 7 is a lot and I highly doubt it happens but I think they are all deserving. I don’t think Fournette would go anyway with his ankle bothering him.
  9. John Coppolella To Resign As Braves GM

    Not today Alfredo, not today.
  10. John Coppolella To Resign As Braves GM

    I was expecting like 6, not 12. Geez.
  11. Tyrod as a FA and draft a QB to sit. Tyrod is pretty much made for our offense.
  12. John Coppolella To Resign As Braves GM

    They are gonna bring the hammer down on us. Goodbye Maitan.
  13. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

  14. 2017 Season Thread

    He dropped the easiest pick 6 I’ve ever seen and for some reason just ran out of bounds at the 10 yard line after his second INT.