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  1. Stud. Think he’s had like 4 TD’s called back this season too. Fields, Robinson, Chark and Shenault should be fun to watch.
  2. AB? He definitely got two feet down.
  3. He may be a lunatic but I love me some AB
  4. I will forever love the routes that run short of the sticks on 3rd down
  5. I wish I had your bankroll management lol
  6. I’m so glad we can afford to win a game and still remain at 2.
  7. James Robinson with 1,011 total yards from scrimmage and 7 TD's in 10 games. He just looks like he belongs in the NFL. Heck of a find and player.
  8. The Jets folded like a cheap tent in the 4th. Wouldn’t surprise me if BB rested a bunch of guys week 17.
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