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  1. If you wanna start the week a winner, take Jags ML. Week 1: Jags ML vs Colts ✅ Week 2: Jags + 10.5 vs Titans ✅ Week 3: Jags ML vs Phins ? Minshew will not let you down.
  2. Linder and Lambo out. Chark is questionable. based off that tweet, I’ll be surprised if he plays. Keelan Cole gonna go off.
  3. From reading Twitter: He didn’t play week 1 and had Adams week two. Obviously still early.
  4. Gonna need you to watch Hardball. RIP G-Baby
  5. Like others have said, Gruden just likes to spread the ball around. DJ is a monster. Watching him year 1, I was skeptical he was gonna make it in this league. He has put in the work and it’s paid off.
  6. Nuggs take this one tonight. The comeback starts now.
  7. Can’t disagree there. Rams will be a good test for him.
  8. Rams are gonna make him look foolish this week when Ramsey locks down Diggs. Lets get it @El Ramster
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