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  1. I’m glad you didn’t get banned.
  2. Someone will come knocking when their starter goes down due to injury.
  3. Minshew gonna be forced to give him 15.
  4. Why not? If he sucks in camp, he won’t make the team.
  5. I wish Bateman had a better QB. Unfortunately, he will suffer statistically in that offense. The easy answer is Chase. His chemistry with Joe will be a big factor.
  6. Not really. You act like he was getting 300 carries a year like Jonathan Taylor.
  7. Ty, I can give you James Robinson and a pick for Gesicki.
  8. What did the Jags give up to get up to #3?
  9. Same with the Jags (being excited about the offense) Lawrence, Etienne, J-Rob, Chark, Shenault, Marvin Jones. Both young exciting offenses.
  10. He is going to be interesting lol
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