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  1. Maybe Blake's last game as starting QB of the Jags.
  2. Next week will be tough. Ravens have forced 10 turnovers in two games...........
  3. If that isn't Jaguar football, I don't know what is. Whew.
  4. He can rest in two weeks when we play the Jets.
  5. It's a gorgeous day for football folks lets go jags
  6. TNF (Week 2): Texans @ Bengals

    That golden retriever commercial is precious
  7. TNF (Week 2): Texans @ Bengals

  8. TNF (Week 2): Texans @ Bengals

    He gets flustered by pressure so easily. Doesn't keep his eyes downfield when under pressure. Staring at the rush.
  9. TNF (Week 2): Texans @ Bengals

    Why would u throw that ball inbounds
  10. TNF (Week 2): Texans @ Bengals

    Watson just staring down his targets
  11. TNF (Week 2): Texans @ Bengals

    You only need a TE to block JJ tbh
  12. The tWo Hangout

    It seems like I did. My power went out at 3 am Monday and came back on 12 hours later. i couldn't imagine 12 days without power. Geesh.
  13. fairly upset we won't be seeing him on Sunday.
  14. They were hungry when they came here last year....