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  1. Training Camp Buzz

    You said you posted a training camp update about your team yet the tweet was about Jalen Ramsey. Take a nap.
  2. Training Camp Buzz

    You literally said the post was about Jalen Ramsey lol
  3. Training Camp Buzz

    You don’t have to worry about Jalen. I’m just hoping Lamar throws for more than 200 yards in a game this season.
  4. Training Camp Buzz

    Bouye nor Hayden were out there lol
  5. Training Camp Buzz

  6. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    Thank you AA.
  7. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

  8. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

  9. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    He’s pitched well lately.
  10. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    Alex trying to fix the BP
  11. Jaguars All-25

    He’s a member at where I work, golfs all the time. Cheats on his wife with one of the girls that works there. They’ve done it in the men’s locker room, bathroom, on the golf course and I’m sure other spots that I haven’t heard about. They have 3 beautiful kids and his wife is pretty. I never thought he was that type of guy.
  12. Jaguars All-25

    Good football player, bad person.
  13. Titans Taylor Lewan Suspended First 4 Games of NFL Season

    Beautiful. He’s a scumbag.
  14. Official 2019 SFGiants Thread: Bochy's last hurrah

    Do y’all win tonight