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  1. Sengun intrigues me. Seems like the two names connected with the Magic the most right now is Suggs and Sengun. If they came away with that, I would be happy. I think the only picks they make at 8 that I won’t be ok with is Kispert or Wagner.
  2. https://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/263407/Raptors-Magic-Make-Trade-Offers-To-Cavaliers-For-No-3
  3. Suggs 5 and Kuminga 8. Sign daddy up.
  4. Hopefully Mosley and his staff can help develop these guys. Bamba needs the most attention lol They should trade you up like you said.
  5. Chic fil a be rippin people off. Their chicken sammys have gotten so much smaller over the years and the chix for the minis is the size of my pinky nail.
  6. Is there a better young core in the NBA than Fultz, Anthony, Hampton, Isaac, Okeke, WCJ, Bamba, Barnes and Kuminga?
  7. Congrats fellas This should ease the pain for @titans0021 after the Jags win the AFC South
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