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  1. Would be lethal from the slot. Probably going in 2nd round.
  2. He was the leader of the tank. I will always root for him but I agree. Personally, I would like for somehow Alex Smith to be the backup. Has ties to Urban/Baalke and would be a great mentor to Trevor.
  3. He won’t be imo. This summed up his 2020 season.
  4. I think he will have a big year in 2021. Same with Chark. I think Chark suffered the most out of anyone from the incompetent QB play this past season.
  5. I think they throw a bag at him but I could definitely be wrong. If Cam doesn’t return, I don’t think they would want a rookie protecting Lawrence’s blindside.
  6. If we could land Trent Williams in FA, Lawrence at 1, Barmore at 25, Moehrig at 33 and Freiermuth at 45 would make me happy.
  7. I just don’t see him as that much of an upgrade over Cam. They pretty much had the same pressure rate % last season and that’s with Cam pass blocking more and Brown getting a lot of help from Balt’s offensive scheme. Jags attempted 200 more passes than the Ravens did. Not to mention Cam is the superior run blocker. If it was between trading a pick (25) for Brown or keeping Cam and the pick (25), I’ll take the latter.
  8. Is Brown even that much better than Cam?
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