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  1. Consensus Mock II - 29. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Hernandez and then Maurice Hurst.
  2. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    I love LF and think he will have a big year in 2018 but yea, you should always wait on a RB. With his style, they know he won’t ever be a 16 game a season guy. Everybody and their momma knows he won’t have a very long career. Their top 4 was Myles, Solly Thomas, Fournette and Jamal Adams. That Yeldon pick was so bad. Yeesh. Wouldnt surprise me if they went RB in round 4. I hope they wait until at least round 6 though.
  3. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    I feel like I will be “ok” with anybody they select at 29. I don’t love anybody at 29 like you said. If they go a certain position (let’s say OL) I have guys I would prefer (Hernandez and Ragnow) but I wouldn’t be mad if they go with someone else at that position. Obviously you shouldn’t read to much into Draft luncheon comments but with the comments by Coughlin and Marrone, they clearly don’t want a one dimensional TE like Gesicki. I think Hurst fits exactly what they are looking for. Adding ASJ and Hurst would significantly upgrade the TE position from last year. With Cedes, he was just so damn slow. With Lee, Moncrief, Westbrook, Cole, ASJ and Hurst, that is a lot of speed. Crossers for days lol.
  4. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    Another tidbit from the luncheon today.
  5. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    I would be good with Hurst as well. His age doesn’t bother me like it does some people. A two TE set with ASJ and Hurst would be solid. If they want to take him round 1, be my guest but right now, I’m thinking OL round 1 and TE round 2 (maybe a trade up?).
  6. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin called this year's draft-able tight ends "a good group," discussing the dilemma of finding a complete player at a position that in recent seasons increasingly is separated into receiving or blocking tight ends. "If you want to try to find THE guy who blocks and catches the ball - and can run after the catch - that's a difficult player to find," source: Jaguars.com Hurst?
  7. 7 rounds of oldie's Pretty Team Logo Mock Draft

    I would be very happy with a 1/2/3 of Sutton/Brown/Lauletta.
  8. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    Smoot will be Campbell’s replacement.
  9. Josh Allen

    i could complete more than 50% of my passes in community college
  10. Say hello to the Titans new uniforms

    its beautiful
  11. Jaguars 2018 Schedule News

    As a STH, I am loving 3 home games in the first quarter of the season.
  12. Jaguars 2018 Schedule News

    No Monday night game. Titans got two Monday nighters.
  13. Tennessee Titans Regular Season Schedule

    I think we are going to see a Jags@Titans TNF game. No idea what week. there it is
  14. Is the Steelers offense overrated?

    It took two incredible catches by AB (one on 4th down), a prayer from Ben to Martavis on 4th down, a great catch by Bell and a garbage time TD with 1 second left.