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  1. Please welcome the newest co-owner of the Orlando Magic, @dtait93.
  2. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    Not a bad thing. You and him both have long well thought out posts. I know he lived in Canada and I think you do. So I thought I would ask.
  3. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    Crazy that it’s less than 3 weeks away.
  4. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    You just reminded me of a guy that use to post here a long time ago. Boboblaw or something close to that. my apologies
  5. Have you ever flirted with being a fan of another team?

    Surprisingly, no. I enjoy the pain and suffering.
  6. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    Marvin Bagley III Patty Mills @champ11
  7. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    @Tugboat, did you go by a different username in the past?
  8. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    If we go CB, I would say Gladney. If we go WR, Mims. I would lean towards Mims. Gotta give Gardner a chance to succeed. Need weapons:
  9. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    Wendell Carter Jr. (don’t think he was picked) @11sanchez11
  10. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    If Brown is available, I would go with him. We have to get better up the middle on D.
  11. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    The Orlando Magic Select: “The Human Torch”, Terrence Ross SG @MookieMonstah
  12. 2020 FFNBA Draft Trades Thread

    WE HAVE A TRADE @MookieMonstah receives: 174 and 177 @KhanYouDigIt receives: 167 and 186
  13. 2 Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    Dope for the Jaguars:
  14. I’ll beat any offer he tries to give you. Lemme know.
  15. The chemistry on that team is going to be unreal.