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  1. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    Sign Kimbrel and be done with it.
  2. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Yelich Yelich Yelich Yelich

    Just sign Keuchel and be done with it.
  3. Madden 19

    Nope that's not what I meant.
  4. Madden 19

    ^^ I agree and I think more people are starting to notice and voice the same opinions. However, people will still buy the game every year. I do too. Not at full price but I still get it cause there is nothing else. Until there is a huge dent and so many take a stand refusing to buy the game or another nfl game comes out, nothing will change.
  5. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    Yeah, I'm completing the process and all. I just don't like how it tells who is pending to be picked up. It's like a reminder to everyone about a player under the radar.
  6. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    I hate this free agent signing stuff. I think I lost every claim I tried to make.
  7. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    You know what sucks though is there are these like handful of guys who try to be bigger than the game. There are quietly many great umpires who get lost in the shuffle. Many umpires who the players respect. It's a shame that those handful ruin it for the others.
  8. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    Still a teenager.
  9. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    I think I'm in the need for 3b until Marwin gets some eligibility.
  10. FFMLFB Draft

    Matthew Boyd @DalCowboyzRule
  11. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    Question, since Brett Phillips got sent down, I can still keep him on my team, right?
  12. FFMLFB Draft

    That was Enrique Hernandez... apparently the spelling of his nickname is no good?
  13. FFMLFB Draft

    **** @DalCowboyzRule
  14. FFMLFB Draft

    Luke Weaver @DalCowboyzRule