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  1. They are? I must have missed them in boxscore. 🙃
  2. Yeah, screw all those guys who were in the minors except Correa and Yuli
  3. I blame whatever pitchers are using on those baseballs. But, honestly looking at how the pitchers are throwing these days, I'm not surprised. It's insane to see the ball moving like that. And, if hitters are going to be swinging for the fences more often than not, it's going to continue.
  4. I don't really watch but it's Wrestlemania. I don't understand the Fiend booking. I don't know much about Riddle but he is Zack Ryder?
  5. It was great. I'm really wanting more story for Bucky too. Very interesting character. Also, what if the Power Broker is the Grandmaster?
  6. If you run another, you should limit draft picks to only 1 in the first round.
  7. I'd just like to go back to the years of Carr. It was more enjoyable to watch than this craziness.
  8. Does DC have a movie universe? It seems like things are just like thrown together all over the place.
  9. Thanks. It's getting better. I only got it cause I'm a teacher and the district set it all up. I wish everyone could get it.
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