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  1. PS4: Madden League

    Yes, yes it is. I played so @holt_bruce81 you are the last to play. I don't think I hit ready to advance.
  2. What exactly is the WWE style? Why did they choose this route? Honestly, curious.
  3. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (2 spots open)

    Like 30 seconds?
  4. PS4: Madden League

    @RuskieTitan @Neumatic Advanced to week 3! @Fresh Prince@holt_bruce81
  5. PS4: Madden League

    I got my game in for all you west coasters.
  6. PS4: Madden League

    So, did you convert it?
  7. PS4: Madden League

    Not sure if I'll get my game in tonight depends how the game goes.
  8. PS4: Madden League

    You don't need to learn that. Your running skills are already amazing
  9. PS4: Madden League

    @Fresh Princeyou are last to play week 1 of our new season!
  10. PS4: Madden League

    Great game, I just got lucky recovering those 2 fumbles. I couldn't stop you running. I'd rather be celebrating a series win though!
  11. PS4: Madden League

    You're too quick, I can't adjust my assignments haha
  12. PS4: Madden League

    So MCF is good
  13. PS4: Madden League

    Just got lucky. It was really the defense that would win. They played amazing last year.
  14. "Hold it. 'We the people' sucks!" "It was stupid gimmick by bad creative and it's dead." - Y2J