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  1. What’s up with Kumar Rockers dip in velocity? Read in a couple of spots he’s around 90.
  2. He’s replaced Chomp. CC was sent multiple messages about both the draft and cutting down, but were unable to get a reply. @carl_sjunior welcome!
  3. Idk how to post a screenshot picture of the draft on here.
  4. Didn’t know he was already 5 starts into his season. Not as bad as I was thinking.
  5. Did Leiter top out at 124 pitches? How some of these coaches ride these pitchers in College, it’s ridiculous. Especially after the shortened season.
  6. @BringinDaPain I got a 4.5 month old baby and work has been crazy, but I’ll help out if I can. Not sure how much participation you’ll get from this mostly quiet Panthers forum, so won’t let you do it by yourself.
  7. Awesome, thanks.
  8. @davisblack and @CHOMP_CHOMP need to adjust their rosters to reach 26 mlb player limit. I’ve also adjusted the minimum number of games to qualify as a specific position player, stater and RP due to the shortened 2020 season. @biggio7 @Sllim Pickens @crab1106 @RaykwonDaChef @BillsGuy82 @FGK @nagahide13 @umphrey @naptownskinsfan
  9. What exactly are the Texans doing?
  10. I’m going to be setting the roster limit to 26 active mlb 10 MiLB and unlimited IL on Sunday night. 2 weeks till start of season so time get rosters in line. @nagahide13 @davisblack @crab1106 @BillsGuy82 @CHOMP_CHOMP @biggio7 @umphrey @naptownskinsfan @FGK @Sllim Pickens @RaykwonDaChef
  11. Glad he got paid, but RR and his staff didn’t exactly use Samuel to his best potential in Carolina the 3 prior years.
  12. Yes. If they are on IR, you can have 26+
  13. Draft is gone. Make sure you cut down to 26 active mlb guys. You can have guys who are IR eligible. @nagahide13 @davisblack @BillsGuy82 @biggio7 @umphrey @crab1106 @RaykwonDaChef @CHOMP_CHOMP @Sllim Pickens @FGK @naptownskinsfan
  14. Some guys are taking longer, but not too bad. Draft is in the 3rd round, so we will obviously be done. Chomp is also in auto pick, so it should take 1 second instead of 8 hours, unless he’s signed into draft I think.
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