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  1. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Is their going to be a bigger offseason move than the Miami Marlins getting rid of that awful looking home run sculpture out of centerfield? https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/marlins-are-removing-the-home-run-sculpture-from-their-stadium-and-it-could-cost-them-2-5-million-report-says/
  2. 2018 NLCS: Milwaukee Brewers vs Los Angeles Dodgers

    It's amazing that the Brewers are the NLCS with a starting rotation of Chacin, Wade Miles, and Gio Gonzalez. Full credit to that bullpen and offense.
  3. Kelvin Benjamin was heard denying Josh Allen the opportunity to run routes pregame. He spoke with media, and said he wanted to conserve his energy. The guy is such a bum.
  4. Have the Panthers stopped or held a team to a FG yet in the red zone?
  5. Week 6 (3-1) Carolina Panthers at (2-2) Washington Redskins Sunday 10/14/18 1:00 on FOX It's the Josh Norman revenge game, who ya got?
  6. ALDS: Yankees vs. Red Sox - Return of the Boone

    I heard that Angel Hernandez had 3 calls overturned while umping at 1B in the 1st 4 innings. Why exactly is he umping a playoff game? I know he's suing the League, but the guy is a joke.
  7. Guys I don't want to move: Torres, Soto, Acuna, Story Guys I'm open to moving: Bellington, Devers or Chapman, Tatis Jr, Carlos Martinez, Whitley Guys I'd rather not move, but will listen: Robles, Flaherty, Seager, Dahl Others: Tanaka, Gallo, McNeil, Andrus, Verdugo, Morton
  8. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    While the 1st season was good, not great, I'd say it's worth a try. Only 8 episodes long. Has some good action and spy type stuff going on. Does a good job showing the man behind the terrorist actions, and why he decides to do so. Story is a little predictable, but I still enjoyed it.
  9. I guess David Dahl is doing his darn best to make me wanna keep him.
  10. I’m going with David Wright as my starting 3B for tomorrow. Got to get that final start in from him before he retires.
  11. Military

    I read the US Army missed their recruiting goal, so I'd think they'd be more open to taking someone at your age.
  12. FFMLFB League

    Nice effort from @crab1106, but @davisblack is in dynasty mode with his 3rd Championship in a row!
  13. FFMLFB League

    Welp, close but no cigar in a match against @davisblack. Looks like it'll be up to @crab1106 to keep DB from having a 3 year Championship streak.
  14. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    2nd year in a row I got the 9th seed and missed the playoffs. That's frustrating, but at least Josh Donaldson returns today.....
  15. Week 1 GDT: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

    Seems like the classic Panthers game where they fail to put the opponent away.