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  1. NBA stars have a big say, and besides LeBron (most of time) how often does it work out? Fine getting their opinion, but they shouldn’t be steering the ship.
  2. Thought he was bound for Detroit since he’s from Michigan, but great pick by the Jets.
  3. Harden Durant and Irving on the same team? Need cameras 24/7 on this potential disaster.
  4. Bieniemy must really suck at these interviews.
  5. Why are people do against Jim Caldwell getting another shot at HC with a team like the Texans? He has done the impossible and won in Detroit. Think if you want a positive culture and strong presence, it wouldn’t be the worst decision.
  6. Going to cost Texas $25 mil to buy out him and his staff. That’s ridiculous.
  7. Besides the poor play and club incident last week, did he have attitude issues? Curious if other factors related to this release.
  8. Did they just say that Nathan Peterman is still an NFL QB for the Raiders?
  9. Lost my bet on Seahawks due to that 2 point BS move.
  10. The Hornets are waiving Batum to fit Hayward’s contract. Instead of being done with Batum at end of next season, it’ll last 3 more years. Idiots.
  11. Dear goodness Hornets. Hopefully this works out a tad bit better than anchor Nic Batum.
  12. The Thunder have like 17 1st round picks in the next 6 or 7 drafts. Ridiculous.
  13. Lol. Shams of The Athletic just connected the Hornets as a team reaching out to them.
  14. After previously being excited about the Hornets jumping up to pick #3, I now dread how they’ll screw it up.
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