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  1. Thought I saw him correct himself by saying only 1 person has tested positive and it's not a player? Wouldn't be surprised if there are more positives coming out in the next day or 2, but I think it's only 1 right now.
  2. If A’s force a game 5, they might start Mike Fier. That’d be a juicy story.
  3. Dingo18287


    We’ve got 2 Utl spots but I’m open to a vote. I wouldn’t be opposed if guys felt strongly about adding another spot.
  4. Saw some where that the Braves haven’t won a playoff series since 2001 and Reds in 1995. Is that correct on the Braves? I find that hard to believe.
  5. On emails, there is an “unsubscribe” option.
  6. Dingo18287


    I’ll look into why we can’t drop players. I’m also down 2 open positions in MiLB but I don’t think we’ll allow Free Agents to be picked till after draft. The 5 round draft is basically to add MiLB guys.
  7. Dingo18287


    I also adjusted the number of games need to be eligible for a position, so that should help y’all on the 60 game season.
  8. Dingo18287


    Congrats to @nagahide13 winning 6-4 over @crab1106! I’ll keep y’all updated on offseason stuff. Remember, it’s a dynasty, so you keep 26 mlb and 10 MiLB guys max. 5 round offseason draft. @biggio7 @davisblack @BillsGuy82 @umphrey @FGK @Sllim Pickens @RaykwonDaChef @CHOMP_CHOMP and @tom cody
  9. Favorite Team- Panthers Previous Picks- Pitt, GB Week 3 PIck- Philly Eagles
  10. Dingo18287


    Both @crab1106 and @nagahide13 pulled out 5.5 to 4.5 wins. Should be a fun final week.
  11. Panthers coming back against Tompa Bay.
  12. Dingo18287


    I wasn’t aware you couldn’t. My first time running a league on Fantrax, and not familiar with it totally.
  13. Dingo18287


    What players you talking about? Like the WS calling you that 2020 1st round pick? No one can pick them up. They will be available in the offseason draft.
  14. Heard some buzz that Tom Hardy is the next 007.
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