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  1. Does @zelbell need to change his team name? The Process has been Trusted enough to get him into 1st place finally.
  2. Official Charlotte Hornets Thread: We Got Monk.

    I think it's going to be a rough few years for the Hornets. Think Cliffard is glad to be gone, he'll have a new team soon.
  3. I go to Costa Rica for a few days, and come back to a team that still sucks.
  4. Rizzo and Yelich on the DL. Jose Ramirez has 3 hits....all season. Pollock and Polanco have at least been good, and surprisingly Dansby Swanson, although way to early to buy into him. My pitching has also been garbage, outside Severino. Robles also apparently got hurt just now too. You can't win roto in 10 days, but I think it's possibly to lose it.
  5. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    It looks my habit of leading for the 1st 6 days, only to lose it on Sunday has followed me to 2018. Have had a good lead on @X_Factor_40 all week, but he just took the lead.
  6. Of course he hits a home run in his 1st game back.
  7. I totally forgot about him when drafting. Happy with Sevriano, but would have taken him if I remembered. Im open to making trades now, but Victor Robles is off limits.
  8. The Book Thread

    I’m reading “Leonardo da Vinci” by Walter Isaccson. Excellent read.

    The Twins are upset that O’s catcher Sisco bunted against the shift in the 9th inning while the O’s were up 7-0. I can see maybe being upset if Berrios had a no hitter going, but baseball can be so dumb sometimes.

    Phillies had a tough 1st game, and Kepler made some questioning decisions. Still think he’s fired within 2 years.

    "The Athletic" is 50% off for college students, or if you still have you old email from 10 years ago like me. Signed up, and I like it. Although, it'll be better when they have a Carolina Regional section.
  12. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Knew I should have avoided him, but potential potential potential. I took 2 additional !B for just this reason tho.
  13. I'm curious on where Ohtani goes. In the 2 drafts I've been in, he went 1st overall. With his rough spring and the kind of talent sitting there available in the draft, I think it may be different. Still thinks he goes high, but not sure it's #1 overall.
  14. I changed my 3rd keeper from Carrassco to JD Mart.
  15. FFMLFB League

    The league has been locked in, and season has officially started. You can add in Free Agency now. @X_Factor_40 needs to add 2 guys.