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  1. That's pretty sweet, I've never seen it scripted out like that. I wish they did this with all teams so we're not always wondering WHY??
  2. Bucs exercise OJ Howard's 5th year

    Honestly Gronk is just a bonus in my eyes. We're not really sure what to expect, but I myself won't have huge expectations out of him to be like he was. Even if he stays healthy. We've been looking at trading OJ a long time anyway. But we're not gonna give him away. I do like the depth though. Someone always gets hurt. Last year it was Evans for 4-5 games, and Godwin for the last couple games.
  3. I still don't know what they saw in him to draft him this high and over other Res like Zack Moss. He's had some good runs to show on the highlight reel. What I don't like is when the QB over throws him, and he turns around putting his hands up at the QB like "wtf man?". Not a good attitude. And, he certainly needs to work on his interviewing skills haha. Rotating in with Rojo, they might make a decent combo.
  4. That's definitely what I think happened for sure. And the Bucs must have just assured them the pick would be Wirfs, and not Kinlaw.
  5. The Wirfs pick was great. We got one of the top 4 tackles which could have easily not happened. It would have changed everything honestly. We probably would have drafted Kinlaw, then had to trade up for a tackle not as good as Wirfs. I think overall the draft was great. I just would have felt much better getting another D-lineman for depth. We gotta hope those guys stay healthy all year.
  6. Jameis to the rival Saints

    Definitely didn't see this one coming. And just a 1 year deal? What's the guesses on how much? 6 mill? I can't believe Winston thinks this his best situation. I thought Dallas, Seattle, Pittsburgh would make more sense. Maybe he didn't have much choice of course. I'll trade Winston for Brees ha!
  7. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    So now it's coming out, from Schefter, that Eason has some character concerns.
  8. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    Yes, that is true.
  9. Who do you want on day three?

    BPA on the O-line or D-line.
  10. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    Or Austin Jackson..
  11. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    I can live with that I guess. So next pick gotta be D-line right??
  12. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    It's also not really fair to OJ from his perspective. He deserves more attention. And on this team, especially with Gronk, he won't get it. With all the WRs and the possibility of another pass catching RBs... what's he gonna get, 20 catches on the year?
  13. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    Yeah well I don't think Brady feels that way lol.