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  1. Bucs Draft Thread

    Trade him for a 4th rounder, don't care.
  2. Bucs Draft Thread

    And we'll be looking for a new quarterback next year if we don't make playoffs.
  3. Bucs draft RB Ronald Jones II - SIGNED

    Watching Stanford games I was scared every time this guy was given the ball.
  4. Bucs Draft Thread

    Holton Hill, CB, would be a good pick in the 3rd if we can trade up for him. I hope Justin Reid lasts to 53, and if there's a guard worth it at one of the picks.
  5. Bucs Draft Thread

    Hope it's Ronald Jones
  6. Day Two Desires?

    Ronald Jones and Justin Reid/Josh Jackson.
  7. Bucs Draft Thread

    Keep the 2nd round picks. Pick a RB, CB, and OL for 2nd round.
  8. Bucs Draft Thread

    No way patriots take Lamar Jackson..
  9. Bucs Draft Thread

    Yeah not to discredit Licht or anything but most trade downs at the top of the draft are straight luck honestly.
  10. Bucs Draft Thread

    Oh my bad it was What the Buc... don't worry though man, all these "draft experts" have been pretty off this draft too :).
  11. Bucs Draft Thread

    And you also know that Vea can't take hot weather lol
  12. Bucs Draft Thread

    Just like Payne who you said the Bucs could trade back for and still get, yet he went 1 pick later?
  13. Bucs Draft Thread

    Hope so!
  14. Bucs Draft Thread

    Those guys are mediocre at best. D line needs depth. There's a guy named Justin Reid at safety that can play corner as well. He'd be a great pick in round 2.
  15. Bucs Draft Thread

    Yes! Great pick... McCoy needs the help!