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  1. Yeah I mean it's going to be Tom probably every game. Wouldn't that be interesting to win a game where he played like Jameis or something... This season, is going to be a once in a lifetime thing with the greatest QB of all time still in his prime, with a team this talented.
  2. Really don't want Sherman's personality on the team. He might play better than other CB options right now, but, also didn't he get released because of some type of domestic issue that resulted in arrest? I'm not going to look up the details...
  3. This announcer is a ******. His tone all game has been rooting for the Falcons to win. I get the upset is more exciting to call, but you can't make it so obvious, damn.
  4. Oh that would have been the best play ever if Suh got the pick
  5. That's the kind of **** we should be doing. My boy Godwin
  6. I really just care about the win. I'm not gonna stress out on them not being perfect every game.
  7. Man that looked like good timing on the jump let's see though
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