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  1. Yeah maybe not 32, but I don't know if he'll last to 64. I don't trust a lot of these player rankings. But how about bobby brown too. Guy looks to have some real potential. Yeah I'm liking the idea of trading back if Ojulari isn't there. I think anyone else we could get later.
  2. I hope that's what all the other teams feel as well
  3. Ah yeah, good point. For that reason only it's not worth it 😀
  4. Would do that in a heartbeat, but I don't think they'll last far into the 20s. We'll see. I was thinking we'd have to make a big jump and give up a 2nd or 3rd. For a 2nd, I'm not sure I'd like it. I really want a good O-line prospect early.
  5. Yeah, could trade up, or play the numbers game and even trade back, so we'd have a bigger chance on hitting on the picks. And the great D-lineman are gonna be gone before 32. But lots of developmental guys going late into the draft. Which, we're in position to take those guys this draft, not needing to plug them in immediately. So I kind of like the thought of getting a bunch of developmental guys to eventually replace JPP, Suh, hopefully not Gholston for awhile. But if we can trade up for Kwity Paye or Olujuari without giving up too much, hell yeah.
  6. I really think Alim Mcneal and Jay Tufele would be great as 3-4 ends.
  7. Your FFMD reputation is now tarnished. No but really, the 2nd pick messed up the 3rd pick and caused us to reach on Felton a bit because the next pick was another 60 picks away. And from some of the new rankings and analysis, I'm wondering if Nixon is a reach at 40 or so too.
  8. Hmm yeah didn't see this one coming. He's really washed? I always liked him. So no Felton 😔
  9. The first round I'd take actually, if they get a couple other D-lineman. But two RBs and Payton Turner is a reach there.
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