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  1. He's fine. Unless we lose. Then they were all hurt.
  2. Yes forgot to mention that. Totally confident in them too.
  3. I'm not worried about AB being out. Godwin and Evans are healthy. Rojo is healthy enough. The RBs might get half the balls in the game. And Brady still has Gronk and Brate.
  4. It's funny. I remember the week before playing the Packers this year. It was after the Chicago game where we just looked like absolute ****, lost Vea. Everyone thought we had no chance against the Packers. It's kind of looking the same way. Most people picking the Packers. I get it, they have blown out the Titans, Bears, Rams the last 3 games. Need to run it down their throats, control the clock, keep Rodgers off the field, and need the corners to ball out with the game of their lives!
  5. I just doubt he'll be in shape to handle much. It will be big just to rotate him in and give the other guys a break. But even him not being at 100% playing shape, he ain't gonna be pushed around, and will be a big help plugging up the middle. I really wanna see Shaq step up this game too. HAVE to pressure Rodgers.
  6. I'm really anxious to hear how he looks... what does "looks fine" mean?
  7. This might be where they may have an advantage. We need White and David to get used to running on the frozen ground quick and not be slipping around.
  8. That's an insane stat. So yeah, definitely need the lead at halftime lol
  9. I don't think I even want him out there unless he can be at full strength.
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