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  1. Free Agents

    I would rather re-sign Kwon than McCoy for sure. And right now I think Ed Oliver is our guy at 5.
  2. Free Agents

    Can someone translate this for me?
  3. 2019 Prospects thread.

    I just want it on record I brought him up first for us.. :). I think he would make the most impact for the defense even if we retain Kwon. I would take him with his run stopping and blitzing abilities alone because they are ELITE. So far it seems the only question mark is his ability to cover? He's very fast and instinctive, I'm sure he can cover, but even if average I'm fine with. On 3-4 plays we can have Kwon and White in the middle, and on 4-3, maybe give Kwon a break or rotate them both to keep them fresh. Still tough to pass on one of these top D-lineman that will be sure to fall to our spot.
  4. Mock offseason and draft

    Looks great to me, but a 3rd round in return for McCoy and Brate would be best case scenario. Humphries might command more than that. I want Amos to be the priority free agent. Over Mathieu. But that's just me.
  5. The un-HYPEd Thread

    One of the worst was letting Michael Bennett go.
  6. The un-HYPEd Thread

    To be fair, we've never been able to see how the players would react if they were actually winning and were in some actual meaningful games at the end of the season, let alone a conference championship. Yes the losing culture is contagious, and might even carry over year to year even at the start when, everyone has a chance so their competitiveness should be at it's highest. But I think once any team sees they're out of the playoff hunt, they still play hard but can't expect them to have the edge of playing in the NFC championship.
  7. Free Agents

    I'm down for that.
  8. 2019 Prospects thread.

    With this whole approach of "we cater to the players on defense", it's gonna be hard to predict what position they value most, but I'm thinking they just go BPA. The top 5 of this draft is shaping up to be all 5 D-line picks. Devin White is gonna be hard to pass up though.
  9. Gerald McCoy's future

    Sorry. I still think he needs to go. He'll do better somewhere else.
  10. Free Agents

    Is this the year we hit on a good free agent on defense?? I hope we clear a bunch of cap room and throw a ton of money at Clowney. But I really want Amos at safety too.
  11. I know I was just kidding.
  12. We certainly fire coaches better than Green Bay.
  13. The Jameis Experience

    Yeah but facts are stats, correct? Is the EPA what Vegas uses to find odds for teams to win or something? I mean, kind of like the money ball formula for baseball? I just go off what I see :).
  14. The Jameis Experience

    Oh no, yeah for sure, the expected points and average next score, I forgot about that. That's a good point.
  15. The Jameis Experience

    This is why stats are incredibly misleading. A LOT of his yards/touchdowns are in garbage time, with the defense playing deep cover 2.