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  1. Rumor: OJ Howard on the trade block?

    Yeah that's a good point. He just doesn't look that into it right now. When you're used sparingly you're gonna be a little rusty. All WR's drop balls every now and then. But it looks even worse when you're only getting 2-4 looks a game. But again, with Godwin now emerging as another star, these 3 big WRs (yes I'm grouping Howard in as a WR), SOMEONE is going to get the short end. Hard to tell what the offense would look like without him of course, maybe much worse. I think Evans and Godwin will be here for the long haul. So, I say we use his value somewhere else.
  2. Trade deadline rumors

    And he's a prima donna.
  3. Rumor: OJ Howard on the trade block?

    Are you saying every team needs a third WR with his talent? Or just us? I hate to trade away proven talent like Howard but he's a luxury right now Imo. I don't think with we need three pro bowl WR's on the team. Especially with a struggling QB that isn't able to use him to his full potential. Could even use his trade return for a QB or Patrick Peterson.
  4. Trade deadline rumors

    That's straight panic move by the Rams. Wow. Too much.
  5. Roster Review Potential picks/trades/FA

    I think Teddy Bridgewater is a free agent after this year too.
  6. Rumor: OJ Howard on the trade block?

    I disagree it would be a rebuild move at all. It's about getting good value back, so we can use that good value at a different position of need. We do have a lot of other "positions of need". As long as we don't use that pick on a CB!
  7. Prospects to keep an eye on

    The loyalty and persistence here is admirable. But man, it's not happening. Ya'll gotta accept it. It's time. It is excuse after excuse after excuse, year after year after year.
  8. All things QB/Jameis

    So I guess if he came to Tampa in part because of Winston, it was more for the reason of it being a challenge he wanted to conquer for himself and perhaps his self confidence in reviving Winston was a little too high. There's only so much that can be taught. It's just not there. Of course he'll play all 16 games if healthy. I don't expect him to be benched in favor of Ryan Griffin. I don't think Arians is going to sell out the team for a shot at a Super Bowl before he retires. Besides, lots of rookie QB's and 2nd year QB's have been having plenty of success as of lately. So, I don't think it means throwing the year away even if we end up starting a rookie QB next year. Worst case is we have another bad year with a rookie QB, that hopefully has potential. But, the sooner the better. Or, I also like the idea of trading for another teams backup. Will just take some scouting around.
  9. All things QB/Jameis

    I'm fairly confident that Arians wanted Winston to remain the starting QB, but I definitely wouldn't go as far to say he came to Tampa because of him. I think he could drop him as the starter easily without any type of repercussion on his status as head coach or reputation.
  10. Trade deadline rumors

    Oh, hmm. Well, this year's ****ed so, I don't really like the idea of making a trade for a CB for next years use. I'm sure another team in contention will offer something better than us anyway.
  11. Trade deadline rumors

    Totally in for trading OJ Howard right now. I like him but he's a luxury player, we're not making the playoffs, and we already have two pro bowl WR's. Howard can only get so many looks here. He should get at least a 2nd round pick back, maybe first, in my opinion. Get a TE in the 4th-5th round next draft, and/or just sign a FA. I wouldn't give up more than a 3rd for Patrick Peterson. I haven't been watching him but I'd bet he's on the decline about now. But, I think we should make a trade for SOMEONE at CB, we obviously can't draft them worth ****. Although, I don't want to give up on Bunting or Dean quite yet. I think I'd rather make a trade for a good pass rusher instead of a CB and see what happens.
  12. All things QB/Jameis

    Lmao. Well, it changes the way I think of Bruce Arians.
  13. All things QB/Jameis

    Until he has another good game next week then everyone is back to getting him an extension and closing up the new QB thread.
  14. I would like to know what Arians is saying to Jameis after each dumb turnover. Cause, hey man, it ain't working.
  15. Carlton Davis did a good job of avoiding contact there.