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  1. Starting QB after the suspension

    I honestly think if Jameis is put back in, we do not finish better than .500, and everyone is reminded Jameis is a bottom tier QB and not worth his off field or on field antics. If he was elite, I could put up with it. Being a better QB than journeyman Fitzpatrick isn't anything to be proud of. And deep down I think Fitz wouldn't mind being the backup again. He gets fired up, but I'm not sure if he truly wants the responsibility and pressures of a successful starting QB. I think he enjoys the backup role and when he plays well everyone loves it. But I would love to see Fitz give it all he has this season, with this team, and get the Bucs to the playoffs. Chicago is a huge game for the team's future.
  2. 🏈 Week 4: 2-1 Bucs vs 2-1 Bears

    The offense needs to go back to how they were in the Saints game. It was a more fast pace offense with quick throws and mixing in the hurry up plays. And the WR screens are just not working.
  3. Starting QB after the suspension

    What were you expecting?
  4. 🏈 Week 4: 2-1 Bucs vs 2-1 Bears

    Vea looks fine, so what does that mean? If there are any concerns of lingering affects, or not being at 100% then I guess I vote to keep him out, but damn. It was a calf injury right?
  5. 🏈 Week 4: 2-1 Bucs vs 2-1 Bears

    Maybe he will make some adjustments then. Maybe he should be fired at seasons end, but I just don't like the idea of constant changing of coaches. Though it obviously worked with the OC change.
  6. 🏈 Week 4: 2-1 Bucs vs 2-1 Bears

    I'll say this, I think the defense is much improved from last year. But I don't go off stats, I go off what I see on the field. Brent Grimes was supposed to be our best DB? He played like crap Monday. The pass rush is much improved but not good enough to overcome 2 rookies and a rusty veteran CB. And the safety position is a wreck right now as well. Though Whitehead is showing some promise.
  7. 🏈 Week 4: 2-1 Bucs vs 2-1 Bears

    So no injury on Fitz? Good news.
  8. Starting QB after the suspension

    You guys are funny.
  9. Starting QB after the suspension

    I think Dirk wants to keep his job, so he will keep starting Fitz.
  10. 🏈 Week 3: Steelers (0-1-1) @ Bucs (2-0)

    There's not a ton of talent in the secondary.
  11. 🏈 Week 3: Steelers (0-1-1) @ Bucs (2-0)

    I love McCoy and everything, but he needs to get more aggressive. Please do not apologize to the QB for hitting him. And on the last drive, I think if he was more aggressive he would have made the play to sack or help sack Ben. He's always been like this though, it's nothing due to the new QB rules. But I want him to be mean out there.
  12. 🏈 Week 3: Steelers (0-1-1) @ Bucs (2-0)

    Justin Evans is improving every game. The rookie CB's just need some confidence. And Grimes just needs some playing time. I think they did a pretty good job tonight actually. The offense giving up the ball 4 times does not help. But the Steelers run game was stuffed all game. Ben made some plays after narrowly escaping. I just don't think they're as bad as the stats suggest.
  13. 🏈 Week 3: Steelers (0-1-1) @ Bucs (2-0)

    This is why VEA was drafted. He will make a huge difference when he's in.
  14. 🏈 Week 3: Steelers (0-1-1) @ Bucs (2-0)

    I would have loved a comeback on Monday night football. I've been forever scarred by that Colts comeback against us in 03. Grimes is either still hurt or just needs to get back into football shape. Didn't look good. Hard to win a game with 4 turnovers though.