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  1. I blame Romo for actually getting slightly excited about a chance to tie it.
  2. At least it wasn't another blowout honestly.
  3. Turn it back on man, bout to see a comeback!
  4. "let's give Carlton Davis some props for that one" 😂
  5. The D line is creating havoc back there creating the holding calls.
  6. Not sure how the hell that happened.
  7. That's good coverage by the corner, nothing much Evans can do.
  8. The worst part about these games isn't even the losses, it's just the historically bad play on both sides of the ball.
  9. I know I was kidding... but I do think people are too hard on him, he's still a stud, just not perfect. And no he's not better than David.
  10. Look White just covered Hill. You guys are too hard on him...
  11. Nice pressure D line. Ok Brady throw a couple deep to Evans now! 😬
  12. I don't know how to know who's calling which plays?
  13. I think the Chiefs left him wide open cause they are aware of his rock hands. Surprised them just as much
  14. I'm so nervous every time Brady drops back
  15. ******* holding on the 1st down lmao
  16. Ok nice play D. Don't get too comfortable on the bench. Here's comes another 3 and out.
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