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  1. I’m one from that 43% from Northern California. guess what team I’m rooting for? Guess…
  2. Prolly cuz they don’t wanna see McVay running to the end zone and celebrating every time the Rams score McVay is such a child
  3. I agree to an extent. We still need to implement short quick passes to get their defense honest Those short quick passes become an extension of the running game which will then open things up
  4. The second one for sure will be. On one side you got Mahomes, who can get 50 yards in 13 seconds. On the other you got Jimmy G who relies on special teams touchdowns to beat a team that scored 10 points
  5. Looks like it’s gonna be an away game for the Rams again. hopefully the players are prepared
  6. Love what Burrow and the Bengals are doing this year but I can’t see them beating the Chiefs this year
  7. That’s would be dope. Thanks bro! don’t you go out and get the chargers one! Let them run out of money and get up out of LA and into the NCAA
  8. Wow that’s not bad at all! Those are great seats! Is the best way to reach out to LA Rams directly to get them?
  9. **** yeah! Where are the seats and how much did you pay for them? I’m tryna become a season ticket holder
  10. What do you feel about using Rapp as an ilb? he is prolly too small but he will be helpful against Kittle and RBs
  11. If it is it’s def fitting. Rams help jumpstart his legendary career and then ended it too it came back full circle
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