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  1. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    Overall looks like a solid draft. Just hate that we missed out on Chase Winovich
  2. Jrry32's Post-FA Mock Draft

    Jrry, what do you think of Greedy Williams in the first?
  3. Cowboys & Rams to play in Hawaii on August 17th

    No point in going back and forth. Save it for the season. It’ll be more rewarding
  4. Colts sign LB/DE Justin Houston (2 year, $24M)

    Chris Ballard is an underrated GM. Top 5 in my opinion. Great move
  5. Thoughts on Cousins

    I get you, but stats don’t mean anything. Bortles has also had a solid year You guys had a solid team and arguably the best duo Wrs. With a better QB you guys would’ve at least made playoffs
  6. Thoughts on Cousins

    My thoughts are.....he sucks
  7. Baker Mayfield

    Why you hating bro? Browns fans deserve this after all they’ve been through
  8. What coaches currently have trade value?

  9. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    Is that according to your “source”?
  10. Baker Mayfield

    Will be next years MVP. Book it if he stays healthy. Feel bad for Hue.
  11. Browns really stepping it up this year. Happy for the fan base. Were gonna see lots of browns fans pop out of no where like with the rams last year. Also, I have baker as a sleeper mvp candidate next year. Browns vs Rams super bowl
  12. Rams agree to terms w/ Danté Fowler

    I don’t like this deal. If it was a one year rental, I would’ve rather we signed Justin Houston for $12 million who is a proven pass rusher, and saved the extra two million
  13. Impending free agents/cuts

    Rumors are that Justin Houston is getting cut. I hope we chase him instead of re signing and overpaying for Fowler
  14. Dak vs Kirk

    Kirk is a better QB overall but I think Dak is a better leader
  15. Jrry32's Second Mock Off-Season

    I actually like this quite a bit. Quinn has been on my radar for a while too. I still wonder how he’d fit in our D. Isn’t that we originally traded him anyway? Seems like more of a natural 4-3 end than a 3-4 EDGE