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  1. Most overrated individual seasons?

    Whatever happens. He’s still much better than Dak
  2. Think he means Ladainian Tomlinson
  3. LA Stadium seeking more money

    Here comes the monaayyy (Shane McMahon theme song)
  4. General Season Talk

    Some of it was, not most of it. Goff has all the tools to be elite if he can get the mental part down The mental part is making him an average QB at the moment
  5. General Season Talk

    there is no way Goff will ever be bottom 5. He is a very talented thrower of the football. Im assuming you mean bottom 5 in stats which would have alot more to do with players around him, schemes, matchups, etc I dont really judge QB play off stats. as a former QB i appreciate looking at the film and evaluating mechanics, reads, decision making, and a few other things to make conclusions on a QB
  6. General Season Talk

    100% agree with this. Sacks are what casuals use to judge OL
  7. General Season Talk

    He did a good job. I wouldn’t say he did a masterful job. He still took some bad sacks and coughed up fumbles
  8. General Season Talk

    I disagree. You don’t need to be the most talented to be the most accomplished. He’s much better then Ryan. In my opinion he’s a top 3 accurate thrower in the league. He just needs to get the mental aspect of the game down.
  9. General Season Talk

    Go back to last seasons tape and see how much of those throws could he have thrown away or thrown to the checkdown? Instead he fell in love with those big chunk plays and became greedy. Especially in the middle of the field
  10. General Season Talk

    Why does holding Goff accountable have to be based on what others say/don’t say? The facts are the facts You can’t cherry pick which games in favor of blaming Greg Zuerlein and the Defense when it suits your argument. And make it seem like they cost Goff I can easily say Goff cost us the SF game with his game sealing pick 6. Also he cost us the Bucs game with his multiple turnovers You know what the difference between GZ, a player on defense and Goff is? only one makes over $30 million a year and is the biggest chunk of cap space on the roster sure, everyone can play better. Especially Goff because of his pay and position
  11. General Season Talk

    That’s all fine and dandy but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Goff made poor decisions that a franchise QB shouldn’t make lets not find every excuse to protect Goff. He should be held accountable for his mishaps just like every one, if not even more than others because of his position and pay
  12. How draft classes is Mahomes worth?

    Big Red better come in that deal with Mahomes if I’m spending that kind of draft capital
  13. How draft classes is Mahomes worth?

    Kinda overboard, but I get it from a fan’s perspective
  14. General Season Talk

    I hate they to do this to you we “unleashed” Goff last year but you saw how that turned out. Goff has the potential to be a top 5 QB, but so do a handful of other QBs he needs learn how to read post snap defenses better and learn to pass to the checkdown instead of forcing it into double/triple coverage
  15. Rodgers 2011 vs Mahomes 2018

    Kareem Hunt didn’t get cut because of is play. That Kareem Hunt was better than any RB Rodgers has ever had