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  1. 0-6 is not putting him on a very hot seat. with how he’s turned around the franchise, he’s certainly going to get a longer leash. And another team will scoop him up without batting an eye Also, there’s no way McVay is getting on the hot seat just because he’s such a competitor. His competitive edge won’t allow him to let the bar be that low to lose so many games. Of course I’m not including injuries he’s always going to do well, as long as the personnel he has is serviceable . He’s a young prodigy
  2. I agree. He actually prefers to play center
  3. It’s a joke. Relax
  4. I agree with most of what you say but I think Mac Jones has more potential. I could be wrong though. But Mac Jones with Shanny could be another Matt Ryan in ATL situation for him
  5. I think Mac Jones is a better QB. He has potential to be better than Kirk Cousins. Don’t know if that’s saying much but he can be very efficient. I also see glimpses of Tom Brady in his movement. I hope they take Fields. He can be like a Kap for them. if we have speed on defense we can stop Fields. I’d rather us not get picked apart by Jones with Shanahans scheme
  6. I like Mac Jones. Hopefully SF get Lance or Fields instead and hopefully Wilson doesn’t fall in their lap
  7. I own a few businesses. Sure, when I’m in LA next lol
  8. I see what you’re saying. But what is the alternative for McVay? Start Bortles? I can relate because that’s exactly how I manage. I lose patience and have the manager as a lame duck til I find a replacement, which is what McVay did. the one area I do blame McVay is he should’ve been more communicative with Goff
  9. Sure bud, we’re beta. here you are, all butt hurt, caping for Goff. You can keep it on though, while the rest of us watch our team with a QB who can read a defense. Before McVay arrived, the Rams were nothing. He brought the team to relevance. He doesn’t need to explain anything until we start staying stagnant or we start losing consistently. @BStanRamFanhas been schooling you the last couple years. He said the Rams would part ways with Gurley and Cooks and you were down talking him as if you’re some salary cap expert and he proved you wrong. same thing with Goff where you t
  10. Most these dudes are putting emotion into it. No reason explaining yourself. Goff got paid millions of dollars to do his job and he couldn’t do it. McVay doesn’t need to explain himself. Before he got here this team was living in mediocrity. thr problem has been Goff and will be Goff. He’s not gonna perform in Detroit. Hell be lucky if he lasts 5 years in the league as a starter. McVay will be a coach much longer and he is at least respected by the rest of the league as a top 5-7 coach. Goff isnt even seen as a top 15 QB
  11. I’m a business owner and have over 100 employees. So I’ve dealt with so many different personality types. There’s only so much you can build people back up. Goff can’t seem to handle pressure. Glad he’s gone honestly. McVay is a type A. A hyper focused dude. And if you’re not going at his pace then you need to either perform well or be replaced. That’s exactly how I run all my businesses. there’s only so much patience one can have while constantly telling a person the same thing. At some point, the building back up is thrown out the window.
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