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  1. Andrew Whitworth want to return to the Rams

    If he’s cheap let’s bring him back. He’d have to give us a significant discount. If not then I say we move on and go after Costanzo, Scherff, Conklin or top OL who will be with us for a while.
  2. Todd Gurley's future with the Rams

    It makes no sense to trade him. Keep him for another year. Maybe he has something to prove and he bounces back. He wants the carries then give it to him and let’s see what happens. People tend to forget that we are at our best when Gurley is running
  3. General Season Talk

    I would say winning 4 potentially. But we have to remember the NFC West is the toughest division and teams are getting better. Not saying this will happen or anything close but nothing is out of the realm of possibility
  4. Jrry32 First Mock of February (02/09/2020)

    Love the draft, hate the trades. Love Biadasz and Evan Weaver The value Woods provides for us is more than the trades he will bring in I think we should also keep NRC. We should only tag Fowler if we are for sure going to trade him
  5. Rams hire ST coach

    Don’t know much about him. But hoping for the best.
  6. General Season Talk

    These coaching changes might not work out and McVay may very well be on the hot seat next season because of it, but we never know until we try McVay is a coach who looks inward first and he’s going to try to figure out things. He’s only 33 and he’s still trying to figure out what works. He’ll never know until he tries. I don’t see much coaches more motivated to be great than him.
  7. General Season Talk

    Quick! you should jump too before it gets too late.
  8. Mahomes vs Wilson

    Speak for yourself
  9. Browns hire Joe Woods as DC

    Wow. thought they would go with Son of Bum
  10. Eric Weddle announces his retirement

    He wants everyone to forget how bad he sucked this past year
  11. Should the Cowboys TRADE Dak?

    Just came in this thread to add my expert analytical opinion: Dak sucks
  12. Eric Weddle announces his retirement

    Weddle should be arrested for embezzlement for this past years performance. Enjoy retirement. Don’t want to see him back, unless it’s on the sideline
  13. AFC and NFC are now tied all time in SB's

    I think the AFC is more top heavy and NFC is more balanced
  14. Does Andy Reid retire?

    Talk about how your team can’t even sell out a 10,000 capacity soccer stadium
  15. Does Andy Reid retire?

    You of all people should not be talking about horrible posts. You spend 75% of your time hating on Mahomes. Your the first one there when Mahomes isn’t playing at a great level to bash him. Do not talk about horrible posts