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  1. How do you guys feel about Raheem Morris? I like that he brings experience and accountability to the team. I wonder how his adjustments are and how he adapts.
  2. After further evaluating Lance, this is exactly how I feel about him. I don’t see him being a top guy for a long time. I see him doing great in the beginning and then fizzling out. I’d rather a Mac Jones, Kyle Trask...etc fall in our lap. I really like Mac Jones pocket movement but he isn’t super athletic and Trask doesn’t have a good enough arm for my taste. Stanford produces good QBs I’ll check out Mills
  3. This is a good one. When do you think he will get drafted?
  4. Goff also had a much better coach than Manning. Manning and Goff may have had similar careers thus far into year 5 but no way are they same mentally. Manning was touted as one of the best prospects ever. Manning was playing during the time QB was much harder and it wasn’t as watered down as it is now. If all else was equal for Manning and Goff the mental aspect was a huge difference. Goff and Manning are no where near the same level of football IQ
  5. You said Goff and McVay chose to give Goff the contract, they also chose to give Gurley and Cooks the contract and they dumped both doesnt mean they won’t dump Goff in the future even though they chose to give him a contract
  6. They also chose to give a contract to Gurley and Cooks
  7. Has nothing to do with Donald. Donald is a DT. Bosa and Watt are DE as far as I remember. Nick Bosa hasn’t done nearly enough to be in the same breath as prime JJ Watt, who by most, is considered the best defensive player of all time.
  8. Only prime JJ Watt is prime JJ Watt. As good as Nick Bosa is, he is not prime JJ Watt
  9. No way. Why would we pay another team to take on Goff. He’s not that bad. I see us keeping him next season with a viable backup that will push him but his leash will be much shorter. If he makes mistakes then he’d be benched and in turn, will be gone. but in no way should we pay another team that much take on Goff
  10. Most young QBs are good in the no huddle because a lot of college is similar. but you can’t keep running no huddle for ever
  11. Bro Trask is good and accurate especially on the run. But his arm strength concerns me. I don’t like him enough to draft him that high. Mac Jones seems a better option or Trey Lance if he falls. also we need to shore up on OL. We have good safeties in Fuller, Burgess, Rapp. No need to spend a high pick on safety again
  12. I trust McVay with each move he makes. If Goff is on the roster then fine, if he somehow gets dumped like TG and Cooks then fine too. McVay has shown he can replace players fairly quickly. Goff wasn’t good the last two seasons so it’s tough to say he should remain the unquestioned starter. At the very least, I do expect McVay to bring in competition to either push Goff to be better or to weed him out. That all depends on how Goff responds honestly I’m more concerned about his staff getting picked off to other teams like the Chargers
  13. I meant if we draft a fast wr who would he start over?
  14. I know. It’s so unfortunate. As a business owner I hate when gummy guys are cherry picked when a high ranking employee leaves to a competitor. It sets us back so much. cant understand how McVay is good with his guys being poached. Makes his job that much harder
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