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  1. lol @ adesanya being in the goat talks Jon Jones was a top notch. But he had no competition other than DC and Gustafson. He repeatedly got busted for steroids. He had more title defenses because he got a title match earlier. If Khabib got a shot six fights ago he woulda had more defenses. Khabib never came close to a loss. Jon Jones lost to Daniel Reyes but the judges gave him the fight if you want to see sambo vs bjj then go see Sakuraba vs the Gracies. Get outta here with these weak *** arguments
  2. Khabib is the GOAT. Most dominant ever in any sport. My fav athlete of all time.
  3. Saw that. So I backed out and got a Lexus instead
  4. Good game Bears fans. Dont know most of you but I know that @JAF-N72EX is a level headed and clear thinking dude. Some of you other guys who think Goff is in the same tier as your QBs really need to pick up a football sometime in your life rather than just sit on the couch and flip the channels You guys will still prolly make playoffs, but I’d be super worried about the offense. D looks really good and can take over games. Good luck the rest of the way
  5. Brady is the GOAT. Surprised he still has to prove it to some casuals
  6. Can we throw in Johnny Hekkers name in the hat?
  7. That’d be great. But they got him on a bargain and he’s one of the few players doing anything for them. Griffin doesnt have to be spectacular, he just needs to win his one on ones next to AD99
  8. Everson Griffen is on the block. We should kick the tires on him to secure a deep playoff run
  9. Rapp has to be the best tackling safety in the league
  10. Darell Henderson can become an Alvin Kamara lite
  11. Some guys are arm chair QBs. Nobody can make that throw. Not Rodgers, not Mahomes
  12. Goff threads the needle
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