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  1. You can start calling Lamar: NyQuil
  2. Agree one hundred percent. Lamar panics too much while going through his reads and I think that hurts him
  3. Really can’t argue with that. Even if Mahomes is better overall
  4. Lamar has got to step it up. He won’t be in the league much longer if he keeps this up.
  5. Excited for Raiders and fans for them finally being competitive it’ll be interesting to see them against the Chiefs and Chargers this season
  6. Overreaction: Trevor Lawrence will be a bust
  7. Lmao. Eli looks like the type to watch coco melon
  8. How many accounts do you have @Kirill
  9. Looks like Matt Nagy doing his best to get fired
  10. How many times is collinsworth gonna mention Stafford and Kupps relationship lol
  11. One concern I have is in game adjustments. Staley was one of the best at it. Wonder how Morris will do
  12. I’m not impressed either but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to rust and no preseason games. im also not expecting Morris to replicate Staley’s success. I think Staley is one of, if not the premier defensive minds in football. So it’s realistic for anyone, including Morris to fall a little short.
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