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  1. Congrats. What better honeymoon than a Rams game!
  2. They need to make his stats look nice to offset those INTs, otherwise they can’t make money off him as the face of the NFL
  3. Let me guess…shovel pass?
  4. Collinsworth is so cringe. Listening to him is like someone scratching their nails on the chalkboard
  5. Lmao Hill 6 feet away from the nearest defender Collinsworth: how’d he get that in there?
  6. Those calls are only for certain QBs
  7. I’m very interested in seeing the chiefs without Kelce. I wonder if they’d still be as explosive
  8. Burrow hanging in there with Rodgers
  9. my apologies if you weren't one of the ones caping for Goff. I saw and heard it so often that I lost count. Too bad for the posters if they dont want to post. This is just a forum. There's plenty of fans in real life
  10. wish Russ the best. He's one of my favorite QBs. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) this may be the beginning of the end for his time in Seattle
  11. Don’t remember you calling out Goff. With most of you guys it was McVay not babying him enough I don’t care if he doesn’t play for the Rams. He was who our current QB replaced. Goff is who we compare Stafford to and Stafford is “vastly” better
  12. Stafford certainly has to become more consistent overall. No one is debating that. He still has been upgrade in the QB position but I’m curious: why didn’t you have this same energy when some of us were calling out Goff?
  13. I agree that Stafford a mediocre game against the Cards. I think he payed well considering the circumstances against Seattle. Goff has had many boneheaded interceptions. Not just the one from last year against the Seahawks. I get that we paid premium draft picks to get Stafford so we need to hold him to a higher standard. The same standard we all should’ve been holding Goff when he was one of, if not the highest, paid QBs in the league and he’s been an upgrade over Goff, no questions asked.
  14. How would you know? You ever tried playing QB with a dislocated finger? And when it mattered most, Stafford stepped up and won the game for us. Especially with the lackluster defense we have It’s funny, I don’t remember you being this critical of Goff
  15. Bro he was playing with a dislocated finger. Give him a little break
  16. Is the 2 minute warning necessary? I know it acts as an extra time out but is it something that the game can move on without? I see both sides but what do you all think
  17. He’d best add a few pounds and become a hybrid LB
  18. Stafford is playing like Goff with a bigger arm
  19. He has really underwhelmed
  20. Let’s look at it objectively. This is Staffords fourth game on the team. He learned an entire new offense and he hasn’t played in the pre season so he will be a little inconsistent in the first few games obviously he missed some throws and his mechanics were slightly off but he still didn’t do horrible. He had an average game. It wasn’t like a Goff game against the 9ers or Dolphins And let’s not act like he was the only one who’s had an off game. The whole team was off. That falls on coaching and being prepared Rodgers had a crap game against the lowly Steelers (even though t
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