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  1. Dak is NOT better than Goff by any means
  2. Will Fuller coulda been doing all that for Rodgers and the Packers but the Packers are mostly gun shy in making bold moves
  3. Yeah, top QBs are supposed to pummel lesser teams and that’s what he’s doing also, he has nobody on his team. He’s top 5 for sure
  4. it’s mostly McVay, because he goes over hard count, tempo, play calls, audibles, etc
  5. I honestly question your football knowledge. if McVay had called plays where Goff throws it in the end zone, he would have much better stats. against Seattle he coulda had 3 Td passes but McVay instead chose to run it in. How does that fall on Goff? you look at stats and don’t really look between the lines when it comes to QB play Brett Favre, who is mostly considered top 10 of all time, also threw many picks and was even worse than Goff was in turnovers. P Manning, same thing. you’re comparing Goff to the scrambling QBs who’s plays and stats are going to be much different than a pocket passer. right now, there aren’t 9 QBs in the league I’d take over Goff
  6. Bro Goff is not gonna be the best QB in the league any time soon. He’s not gonna throw 5tds and 0 picks every game. Get that out of your head. look at things realistically. He struggled against cover zero when they played Miami. TB did the same thing and he diced them apart. Sure he made a mistake in that second INT but he’s also not an elite QB yet. He’s getting better. Once he starts limiting the turnovers you’ll see an elite QB im seeing progress from him this season, which is very encouraging. He’s changing plays, reading protections. Pocket passers rely more on reading defenses and protections because they just cant run away from the blitz or buy enough time for receivers to get open. That’s why it takes longer for pocket passers to develop than scrambling QBs to be completely honest with you, the top QBs are not that much better than Goff if you take their scrambling ability away and that’s a fact
  7. I’m still old enough to remember most guys saying that Rams were in salary cap hell and that our window closed. And that we are gonna be the bottom feeders of the NFC
  8. Wasn’t on Jared. QBs are taught to throw at safe spots during blitzes/pressure. They have to “trust” that receivers are there. JPP did a good job of disrupting that route In that instance since receiver isn’t there, he shoulda just took the sack
  9. Thats not all his fault. It’s usually the plays he’s getting from McVay and then communicating it with the team.
  10. I like Payton. Brees, on the other hand, ...
  11. No you’re wrong. That’s actually Jared Goff
  12. I agree but that’s just it, top QBs don’t consistently put their teams in bad positions. He played well in the pocket and he was recognizing the pressure a lot quicker which is what I like to see
  13. Goff is pretty clutch but he needs to learn to calm down when there is chaos around him his pick made the game a lot closer than it should’ve been
  14. You guys are still gonna choke in the playoffs like you always do lol
  15. I’m scared of a phantom call by the refs
  16. Goff isnt good without a great running back he relies too much on an elite RB they said
  17. I love that the commentators are crediting McVay every time Goff does good on offense. if this was Mahomes, you would never hear Reid’s or Bienemeys name. It would be nonstop Mahomes praise lol
  18. He’s my fav player of all time, oddly enough
  19. Refs gotta cover their spread.
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