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  1. Wtf? Maybe just target practice and they caught a poorly aimed stray?
  2. Cowboys Full Draft - How do you feel?

    I'd say our drafting grade for the last 5 years has been borderline great. In terms of letters I would give us a B+ or A-.
  3. Spiderman: Far from home

    :doh: And after I worded my first post in a way that didnt contain spoilers. I'm on my phone so it's too much trouble right now but I will respond later.
  4. Spiderman: Far from home

  5. Spiderman: Far from home

    Just saw it. I would say it's mid tier, Homecoming was better. Vulture was a better villain then the Syndrome rip off character. Jake as good as he was playing a character with no real motivation. I'll admit I'm coming around to Zendaya as MJ. She wasn't phenomenal but I liked her better then Kirsten Dunst. Flash still sucked. Why did they just butcher the capability of Nick Fury? He was even less helpful then Happy. If they were going the route of Falcon taking up the Shield then I think his appearance would have been worthwhile in this movie. The cameo appearance and Ned were the best parts of this movie. Overall this movie was solid but just barely.
  6. Wow, don't usually see that in NFL news. But like others have said good news is that he's still alive.
  7. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Gaudy stats that meant nothing in the end to Cam who choked away the Panthers chance at a SB. If he is the X-Factor in our season, meaning he has officially shown to be the most important person on the team then its justified. Technically Dak put up pretty good numbers in that Rams game but pretty much choked away the game by not even being able to deliver on simple passes to extend the drive. People want to keep bringing up the DT, but sometimes sh!t like that happens and Dak who was both healthy and well couldn't execute. So yes Rodgers and Brady have had gaudy stats on their resume but the most important plays came on a few drives at the end of the season. This team right now is technically better then it was last season in terms of talent roster. There is no way we should miss the playoffs, and if we do JG should be gone but nearly just as important is to look at the roster and see who is going where and if Dak hasn't shown to be on the up and up in crunch time like we needed him to be last year then we need to think about possibly moving on.
  8. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Well I do. I could maybe be convinced he's the answer he proves he is part of the solution. I don't need gaudy stats, I need Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady results. If that happens and we still lose I think I could be ok with it more.
  9. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    If he performs this year and wins a SB then I will say it was all SL holding him back along with the rest of the offense. Then go ahead and pay him. If not, lets look to the draft for a potential replacement.
  10. Yea, it did wonders for IW to play almost the entire movie from Thanos POV.
  11. Season Expectations pt. 6: Trysten Hill

    I hope he leans up a bit, goes full Aaron Donald in workouts and blows his stats out of the water is my hope.
  12. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Hell I would be fine with Chris Ayers who does Frieza's voice from DBZ since pretty much all of it is going to be CGI anyways. But yea they need to start bringing back those kinds of people and stop going after pop celebrities, they think star power sells when it's become very clear A-Listers just don't have they pull that they used too. It's no coincidence that their last major hit with a song was done by a legit broadway performer that had real talent in singing (Idina Menzel).
  13. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    Well of course I would not argue that.
  14. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    I would. Moss was really a one trick pony deep threat. Don't get me wrong it was a damn good trick, but TO was a far more complete receiver and was a legit deep threat himself and his work ethic is almost as legendary as Rice himself. I think TO was the greater player.