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  1. Because of stories like this I don't mind them using tear gas and frankly something more potent for those turning violent. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/retired-st-louis-police-captain-killed-looters-while-trying-protect-n1223386 Notice how the article did it's best to distance the rioters/protesters from the crime using word's like "amid" instead of calling them rioters. Of course is it really a surprise when some of these news stations now are actually trying to word the rioters as bringing a positive change to the world by robbing, murdering, and hurting innocent and great
  2. There is so much pandering going on, who knows.
  3. Most of it. I can't get into specific details cause I just know that will explode. But I don't agree with marching with BLM I agree with marching against biased police and brutality. I don't think that group was started from a good place nor do I think they are led by good people, nor do I think the upper group leaders actually believe what their preaching.
  4. I don't agree with any of this outside of the peaceful protesting. But Goodell is just doing this to stay ahead of the curb and pander. I doubt he really cares.
  5. Maybe buying a house for a decent price but im not sure. It was built in 1893 with some nice character to it, the HVAC will obviously need to be updated and I want to make it more energy effecient as an investment property. Just walking in the basement I had already noticed some of the support beams are bowing with some clear separation in parts of the house and the ventilation in the attic looks to be almost none exsistent outside of the ceiling padding. If I decide to buy and have an inspection done is there anything else I really need to watch out for on a older home like this that ten
  6. Princess Mononoke Hook The Nightmare before Christmas Jumanji Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  7. Lmao, funny enough I was getting my oil changed and it was on Fox for one of those times. Took 2 hours because of a recall I had on my car.
  8. Hated it first time I saw it, and hated it even more each time I had to rewatch it.
  9. Get Shorty This show is surprisingly original. Edit: Just finished season 3 and I highly recommend this show to anyone interested. Well directed, acted, written, funny and catchy.
  10. I disagree with this. These vloggers how ever flawed their methods in their videos have shown less bias and more effort then even the most well known newspaper journalists. They don't even try to hide their bias now.
  11. Deep dive? Its already hit the ground and left a very deep deep hole.
  12. You're in the Covid thread making that statement?
  13. Well damn I wanted to see if that would actually work. Oh well.
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