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  1. DC Movie Universe

    Cant believe so many people like that costume. I thought it should hVe been made a bit darker to look more natural.
  2. DC Movie Universe

    Levi seriously needs to put on some more muscle.
  3. Ant Man and the Wasp movie SPOILER talk.

    If Scott has a story where one of the time vortex's takes him back to when Pym is trying out his shrink tech for the first time. I hope they do an ode to Doc. Makes no sense, but then again neither does him using a vortex and landing right where he needs to be out of the billions of years that this planet existed.
  4. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    I agree the costume and such were terrible. H/e the humor might hit. I am actually hoping it does well. I want this DC universe to be saved although it's probably beyond that now.
  5. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    I dont think I saw a plot in the trailer. Just "Hey we're all gonna die unless we have monsters!" H/e good news is the movie has Lord Tywin there to make the tough decisions these prissy millennials are too scared to make.
  6. After reading his comments. I've heard worse. Jokes are jokes even if they are morbid and sick. I could maybe understand it if was a manifesto that was meant to be serious. But he was not guilty of any crime, nothing he did was illegal, nor was it meant to claim those statements were part of his lifestyle. I mean if we find out later that he was and or is an active pedophile then I will retract my statement over him being fired. But stuff like this just leads to punishments of lesser offenses. For example what if the NFL decided to just ban Josh Allen for what he said back in high school and refuse to let him sign to any NFL team just because of the image? Things like this have a snowball effect that get more and more serious if its allowed to continue. The time to punish Gunn was 7 years ago or w/e they came out. Not now. And this is coming from someone who considers Gunn a D-bag.
  7. In this day in age when you are in the public spotlight and even something slightly offensive can cost you your job. I don't blame him for deleting his tweets. Hell even if he didnt say anything offensive I wouldnt blame him for doing it just to be cautious. I still don't agree with him being fired over his comments. It was years ago. And while hypocritical, he was playing the Hollywood game about ultrasensitive now on subjects. It's sad, because even though I don't like the guy as a person, if all the skeletons in the closets of the Hollywood elite and media companies were made bare I doubt we would even have movies anymore.
  8. Well the developer of Twitter will still be twice gullible and dumber then hell even if he can great.
  9. Best Action Movies

    One of my favorites too along with Boondock Saints.
  10. He was supposedly taking shots at Trump by making jokes about sensitive subjects.
  11. Did Bradly Cooper hit on your girl or something ?
  12. NFL’s New Anthem Protest Policy On Hold

    Yea not that surprising. I don't mind players being dealt with in a behind doors policy, and blacklisting considering my feelings on the issue. But this thing I did agree was a bad idea from the start. Trying to be tough now in a public display will only make them look worse.
  13. Best Action Movies

    How did Inception make your action list?
  14. Best Group In Football

    Well Wentz is like one leg cramp away from giving the replacement talk some legs to run with.