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  1. KC Chris Jones trade value?

    Biggest problem I have with Jones is the contract he wants I would be willing to swap our 1st and 2nd with them and give our 3rd which would put them in a 1st round trade range. But other then that I might have to say no.
  2. KC Chris Jones trade value?

    Jesus Christ do you have the Texans fans that much?
  3. Which backup players can make the jump?

    I was coming in here to post about Jelks. I think he has alot of potential as a 3rd specialist.
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Lol and they're not? Based up "who" wrote an article as to whether to believe it or not? That'll be my last statement on it though.
  5. People are only in this for themselves in case your wondering why.
  6. Shows that were cancelled too soon

    Whelp thats the apocalypse for ya.
  7. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I wouldn't waste the shelf life of the amount of strokes your fingers have left to type this stuff out. They already know who their going to blame when this is all over. And if they can swing it they will also say he created it too.
  8. 1970s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    Not even Life of Brian or Blazing Saddles?
  9. 1970s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    This decade was really top heavy for comedy. Mel Brooks and Monty Python owned this decade. Monty Python: Life of Brian Blazing Saddles Monty Python and the Holy Grail Young Frankentsein Smokey and the Bandit
  10. Draft watch 2020

    That's not the point. We know Collins can play well at Guard or Tackle. This is about giving Collins a position he can excel at.
  11. 1990s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Poll + Tie Breaker)

    Dumb and Dumber fans The Big Lebowski fans
  12. 1980s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    Mel Brooks was a genius. He got a little redundant but brought american comedy to a new level with The Producers.
  13. The Car Thread

    Has anyone else heard any updates on this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.topspeed.com/cars/everything-we-know-about-the-2021-dodge-barracuda-ar188016.amp.html I've been itching like a meth head when I read the rumor article back in October and would love if this thing made a comeback.