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  1. Best movie trilogy of all time?

    Nah. I thought it was last in the trilogy. I can't believe no one is even discussing The Godfather. Granted the 3rd wasnt great but the first two were so flawless does it really matter what the last one was like. Also want to nominate the Ocean's trilogy. Certainly not the best but it's very likable.
  2. At work. Keep me updated.
  3. 2nd Best Cornerback in the League?

    Probably Peterson. But considering the way Byron Jones is playing, it's almost insane to think why he was ever put at safety. Talk about challenges he held ODJ to 4 catches on 9 targets and one of those catches came against our 2nd CB. He keeps playing this and he needs to be included in the discussion
  4. Patrick "Uncle Rico" Mahomes II

    Uncle Rico..........like it. If he grows a mustache the image will be complete.
  5. Where's that toughest Division?

    NFC East. We haven't had a repeat division champ in how long? There is just something about this place.
  6. Week 4 | Other Games Thread

    You gotta wonder how it's taken Saban this long to find a QB like Tua considering the kind of talent he brings in year in and year out.
  7. I lost in the very first round. What's that say about me?.......don't answer that.
  8. Is pickleprick even a real poster? Don't think I've seen him before.
  9. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Just finished Versailles the series. Started out with some poor characters but it developed. I'm actually disappointed there's not gonna be a season 4.
  10. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Yea but AOTC did have the Yoda fight scene which makes it redeemable.
  11. They should all have happy masks on.
  12. Putting The D Back in Dallas

    Well he was working against the Giants OL. H/e if he shows up for the rest of the season that would be very nice.
  13. Space Jam 2

    Not a bad at over acting. Steve Martin might be a great choice as the Monstars head coach. And watch he and Lebron overact it out.
  14. Wow talk about The Great Train Robbery 2.0. I would say Scott Linehan and a bad case of the herpes should be a pretty even trade.
  15. PFF top 5 players per position.

    That it's not 2 Eagles instead of 1?