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  1. Who is the best route runner of all time?

    No, absolutely not. I love Irvin and Owens I have turned my opinion around on and I've lightened up on Moss in the past years. But these guys were not excellent route runners. Many times and I do mean many times they would round off their routes, or quit them altogether if they were not the main target, and the reason why they were so dominant had more to do with their physical presence then anything. The other guys I can agree with, Harrison was also an insane route runner, I would also say current WR Cooper on our team runs some of the smoothest and sharpest routes i've ever seen. Even with his disappointing away games I watch him run and think Jesus (when he makes a sudden cut) or better yet two when he abandons the route and runs to the middle or the out to find the open area.
  2. Coaching Staff

    who is that? edit: nvm
  3. Draft watch 2020

    I hope it doesn't happen cause I think is better depth to this class then meets the eye. But Ruggs could become one of those things we see on Sunday just tap dance around a defense to score 3 TD's on the day with multiple 40+ yard plays.
  4. Giants hire former Cowboys HC Jason Garrett as OC

    Well there was alot of speculation he sabotaged the last HC he worked for so maybe.
  5. Giants hire former Cowboys HC Jason Garrett as OC

    That might have been the worst dialogue of the entire trilogy. But I think it's obvious now, you can't trust them gingers.
  6. Draft watch 2020

    Ehhh I might spend a 4th or a 5th on him depending on how well he tests. I wouldn't consider him an upgrade over Jarwin.
  7. Why did Americans lose interest in space?

    Tell her she has alot to live for. I hear that works.
  8. Giants hire former Cowboys HC Jason Garrett as OC

    Not exactly and many think it wasn't JG's decision to go to a more run dominated offense.
  9. Favorite Player Not on Your Team

    It's Watt, easily.
  10. Draft watch 2020

    https://twitter.com/SethWalder/status/1205218274033721345 I gotta learn how to link twitter posts. Just shows how well Quinn did this year.
  11. What Super Bowl matchup do you want to see?

    Kansas City vs Tennessee if we're being honest.
  12. Coaching Staff

    I was wondering this the day he was hired if he was gonna really get to pick his own staff.
  13. Watchmen Trailer HBO

    Well that's weird. If it's had alot of success why would the creator bow out? Power Struggle maybe?
  14. ***Spoilers*** Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Who I believe you defended as a good character.
  15. Black Monday - HC / Front Office Changes (0 HC Openings)

    Pretty sure all 6 came from the last 6 years.