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  1. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    I gave Tebow alot of crap in the past. But for one the guy just couldnt really play. And two his controversy compared CK's is like a molehill to a mountain. But Tebow wasn't looking to start controversy he was doing as he did since he was at Florida.
  2. Han Shot First

    So they redid a scene that they supposedly disagreed to begin with for......what exactly? I took that seen with Woody as Ron Howard poking fun at the whole situation rather then actually agreeing with it.
  3. Han Shot First

    Yep they're like the Grinch who stole "Christmas" because the word is offensive to "some". Except unlike the Grinch they just stay a bunch of A-Holes.
  4. Han Shot First

    According to a Disney representative.
  5. Han Shot First

    Especially since Disney put out a Disclaimer saying old movies they have on there represent out dated views and can be triggering for some people.
  6. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Are you actually insinuating that his play has been the same from last year to this year? The only thing that has actually changed is coaches. From game 8 onwards his receivers were Cooper, Gallup, Jarwin, Beasley, Zeke and Austin Going into this season its still Cooper, Gallup, Jarwin, Zeke, and Austin. We lost Beasley but picked up Cobb. Got Witten and brought along Pollard. The big 3 have stayed the same though Cooper, Gallup and Zeke has the main skillset trio. Only thing that has really changed is the extra time to develop chemistry on the players side. Coaching though has been very different, everyone and their mother says so. Hell people comment every damn game the amount that Dak has changed from last year to this year to the point where Zeke was poking fun at him after a TD. The only person who doesn't seem to know that he's actually changed is you, and his change by and large can be attributed to adaptive coaching which surprisingly Moore and Kitna have brought alot of since they got here.
  7. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Yep that's exactly what happened with the near exact same receiving core from last year. Had nothing to do with sh!t coaching.
  8. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    I was joking, im sure it comes off at some point.
  9. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Dude he's a Mandalorian. Only way that helmet is coming off is if Myles Garrett has a guest star appearance.
  10. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Baby Groot would b!tch slap wannabe baby Yoda for cutest alien pet that may lay eggs in your chest if they were actually real.
  11. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Jesus you still cant see it. You sir, respectfully have still not come back from the deep end.
  12. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    He wasnt an accurate passer before this year. Anyone who says differently are looking through very specific colored glass lenses.
  13. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    First two episodes were solid. The rhino scene was dumb but reserving judgement as to a real explanation why.
  14. Ye I will say Dak has officially taken over the offense.