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  1. Star Players To Sit Out?

    First off, that's what I meant by him being an okay stop Gap. teams that have a low end starter are looking to replace them... just like they would be looking to replace Kaepernick... Because he isn't long-term starter quality, and that's not debatable. NFL coaches has said under oath they see Kaep as a starting quality QB. So unless you know NFL coaches who have told you he is only a stop gap it is in fact debatable.
  2. Star Players To Sit Out?

    Its not unless they can demonstrate that at least 2 owners discussed not signing Kaep because of what Trump said, then it is collusion.
  3. Star Players To Sit Out?

    Its not collusion if its only because of Trump. Its only collusion if at least 2 owners or an owner and the league office discussed not signing him (which could be because of Trump at that point). Collusion obviously happened, the proof will be hard to come by. And I too would like to know where he turned down a back up job.
  4. Star Players To Sit Out?

    Teams viewed Kaep as a starting QB throughout the league. So while you may feel this way about Kaep its not what the teams believe. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/colin-kaepernick-nfl-collusion-grievance-starting-qb-national-anthem-protest/ljd4ox7tw81p17wt3arqytdjs
  5. Star Players To Sit Out?

    I guess that depends on how many are willing to personally risk a perjury charge down the line to avoid paying out what would be virtually nothing to the league. Supposedly he has already found evidence that people in the league view him as a starter from depositions, if that is true its gonna be pretty hard to claim 32 teams independently decided he wasn't worth signing. And, frankly I think you give them far too much credit in the "meet on a yacht" department, there are already recording of owners discussing not wanting him because of Trump in NFL offices with representatives of the NFLPA in the room. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/04/25/leaked-tapes-nfl-owners-players-october-meeting-kaepernick-collusion-case-donald-trump If owners are dumb enough to do that do you really think no e-mails conversations occurred?
  6. Star Players To Sit Out?

    This comment just cracks me up. As if Kaep has changed the game in anyway, shape, or form.
  7. Star Players To Sit Out?

    All that said and to get back on topic. No players are gonna sit, its the same reason NFL players are the only one's without guaranteed contracts, the owners know that players aren't willing to give up 1 of their 3-5 prime earning years to make things better for everyone moving forward. The other unions have all proved a willingness to blow up entire seasons if need to be to get what they want in a CBA, NFL players have never and likely never will show such a commitment.
  8. Star Players To Sit Out?

    At least you agree they blackballed him. That is the only point I have been trying to make. Rather they get away with it or not its definitely what happened. I'm not as convinced they will get away with it as you are, all he needs to find is 1 e-mail between a couple owners and an arbitrator will likely give him a nice payout.
  9. Star Players To Sit Out?

    Not grasping, I never said he'd start 16 games but if Osweiler is still getting starts Kaep would be. I disagree that you have to alter your entire scheme for Kaep so I'm not even gonna go down that road since that is simply your opinion. And for the record, it has nothing to do with "letting go" I don't even like Kaep, I just don't like seeing obvious violations of anti-trust rights being ignored. And while the owners may get away with it if you honestly believe there wasn't any collusion you might be interested in a couple bridges I have for sale.
  10. Star Players To Sit Out?

    I never said he would but its still factual that the owners aren't masters of their universe. If they were Kaep wouldn't even be given the opportunity to prove anything. And claiming its an illusion of power is false. Unions have far more than just an illusion of power.
  11. Star Players To Sit Out?

    Laugh all you want but its true. Its how effective union/employer relationships work. The players are guaranteed certain things because of this partnership. And my boss wouldn't laugh because I am in a union and my bosses know and call it a partnership.
  12. Star Players To Sit Out?

    Tom Savage got 7 starts last year CJ Beathard got 5 starts last year Brett Hundley got 9 starts last year Brock Oswieler got 4 starts last year Jacoby Brissett got 15 starts last year Trevor Siemian got 10 starts last year And Blaine Gabbart is still getting starts (5 last year) so it appears the NFL disagrees with your assessment of Gabbart otherwise he wouldn't still be getting starts. If Kaep hadn't kneeled he'd have started multiple games last year. Claiming otherwise is simply lying to yourself. As for who he'd probably have been starting for, the Browns, Broncos, or Colts. Maybe the Packers after Rodgers injury or Bills after they decided Taylor wasn't their guy.
  13. Star Players To Sit Out?

    Except the owners and players are partners. So they don't get to do everything on their own terms. They are not masters of the universe.
  14. Star Players To Sit Out?

    And even if you want me to buy the Tebow comparison, it doesn't actually explain why no one has given Kaep a shot. 3 different NFL teams gave Tebow opportunities after the Broncos moved on despite the distraction it brought.
  15. Star Players To Sit Out?

    If Kaep hadn't kneeled leading to collusion amongst the owners Kaep would be starting.