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  1. We weren't aware of how our health would play a part either.....Last season, with the exception of the untimely injury to Bakh, we enjoyed really good health.....So one would have to be clairvoyant to see us winning thirteen games after having the number of injuries we sustained in 2021..... There was also the AR component....No one could for sure foresee how he was going to play after holding out and missing OTA's.....Missing OTA's not being as big of a deal, as the question as to whether or not AR would give his all....He does seem to be lacking the same sort of funk he was in after lo
  2. I'd say Green Bay surprised a number of people this season....Having a tough schedule and after losing the opener badly to the Saints, many were predicting at best a .500 season...Outperforming these expectations, it would stand to reason many were thinking we were as good as were last season....
  3. So AR's keeping his interceptions to a minimum, was due to him putting his interests above those of the team?...Good to know there are those abound who love a good conspiracy...And if Rodgers had made errant throws which resulted in INT's, today he'd still be considered a bum....A lot of what has come about is likely the results of our injuries....They caught up with us...The Tonyan and recent one to MVS weren't going to be replaced by an aging Randall Cobb... With the addition of the Dillon injury, this team wasn't poised to win a championship....Especially against a team like KC, as they're
  4. Agree, DD was very uncharismatic and lacked television presence....We lived more NW of GR....
  5. We moved to Michigan in 1965....But shortly thereafter our local cable company added three Wisconsin stations....WBAY was the CBS affiliate, WLUK was the ABC affiliate, and WFRV was the NBC affiliate....So I watched all the Packer games and Wisconsin news regarding the football team...I remember Bart Starr, Dan Devine, and Forrest Gregg all having their own TV shows when they were HC's....These were on the night following the Sunday game...Now my information is limited mostly to national sports channels as opposed to the local Wisconsin ones we used to receive....
  6. Not true...Starr was known to be a QB who only threw high percentage passes....
  7. Bart Starr once threw 294 consecutive passes w/o an interception, which was an NFL record.....Are you saying he suffered the same "aversion"?...
  8. But how does television sponsorship work?....Does a network lose money when a program goes over it's scheduled time slot?....If so, time would than become a consideration....
  9. The four straight SB losses for sure should take precedence....
  10. Agreed...Poor coverage and tackling....
  11. As long as his stupidity helps sink the Buc's, let him go right on....
  12. What do you expect, Antonio Brown is his financial advisor...?
  13. The "We need home field advantage 'cuz it gets cold" has been stated to ad nauseam.....People seem to not realize it (cold) affects the home team as well...It doesn't discriminate....
  14. After the Lazard catch, the Packers had a first and goal at the seven yard line....All they have to do is punch the ball in....They get an illegal procedure penalty, AR makes a bad pass to Jones, than AR gets sacked....We settle for a FG, when a TD would have given us an eleven point lead....Really didn't deserve the win after such a poor effort....
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