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  1. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Off the court discussions

    Don't recall for sure when, but wasn't it the Pistons that played the Cavs tough in the playoffs?.....Seem like two seasons ago...
  2. Indians to Remove Chief Wahoo effective 2019

    You didn't mention the Chiefs....
  3. Super Bowl Thread

    Don't really like either team, but Philly hasn't won a SB and the head coach honed his coaching craft riding the pine for the Packers.....
  4. Blake Griffin traded to Detroit

    Desperation move by the Pistons.....Team in a downward spiral and not able to fill seats in the new arena....Van Gundy trying to stay relevant as a coach....
  5. Packers Re-sign Davante Adams

    I get the impression Cobb caves into contact more than Jordy does....This and JN makes more of a concerted effort to make difficult catches....
  6. Coaching Changes.

    Yeah, figured that was Kirk Gibson problem.....This and being a jerk....
  7. Packers Re-sign Davante Adams

    Have to admit, didn't see this one coming....Glad Devante will stay in GB....
  8. incognito_man MACH I

    Not sure Jordy has the wheels any more to be an effective slot receiver.....Luv the guy, but have to believe he's close to being through....
  9. Coaching Changes.

    Too bad Deion Sanders is going to FSU....Might have made a good defensive secondary coach....
  10. Packers D Coordinator Watch

    I did, but believe he'd have to cut his Samson hair to do so....
  11. Who do (or dont) you want to win the super bowl?

    Seattle has to win and Atlanta lose....
  12. Last Games in a Packer Uniform - 2017 Edition

    I see Clay is signed through next year and AR through 2020...
  13. GDT Week 17 Packers @ Lions

  14. GDT Week 17 Packers @ Lions

    Defense, you call that a defense?.....Actually w/o Perry and Matthews, with a weak pass rush and decimated secondary, they did allow only sixteen points against Minnesota.... Game means more to Caldwell and to the Lions if they want to keep him at the helm....A loss like last week likely spells the end for Caldwell.... If Hundley decides he wants to try and go elsewhere for a starting job, than it may be beneficial for him to have a strong showing against the Lions......
  15. Last Games in a Packer Uniform - 2017 Edition

    W/O reading through this thread, I would say Jordy Nelson, Bryan Bulaga and possibly Davante Adams and Brett Hundley.....I think Jordy will retire....If that doesn't happen, I doubt GB will keep two $10/yr. receivers in Nelson and Cobb and than try to add Adams....Adams being the best of the three, I would like to see them try to sign him to stay here....But have to believe he will get a good deal of attention in the FA market.... Aren't Clay Matthew and A-Rod up for new contracts?....