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  1. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    And I hope you recognize mine....Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning are likely first ballot HOFer's and each has two times the number of SB's as that of AR.....Why then are they exempt from your criticism in not making last year's playoffs?.....
  2. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    Neither Pittsburgh or the NY Giants made the playoffs with their HOF QB's either, so what's your point?.....
  3. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    That's okay, Green Bay still has four more SB's than the LA Rams.....
  4. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    How does signing Clay help the Ram's offense score more than three points in the SB?.....
  5. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    You assume FA automatically means high salaries.....Besides, if the Patriots had to rebuild every year through the draft, they would likely falter like a lot of franchises who are no longer relevant.....
  6. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    Agree, it could happen again....The Patriots are successful due largely to the legacy of the franchise and it's coach.....This draws free agents to their organization who are wanting a chance at a ring ..... Not impossible for a future coach to do the same....Likely won't be in my lifetime though....
  7. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    Yeah, I caught the beginning when he mentioned he has always aspired to be a HC.....This was the big reason for not hanging around LA....
  8. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    My biggest concern with LeFleur is how long he has been with teams.....His longest NFL tenure was with the Redskins and that was three years.....Last two or three stays have only been for one season.....Another minor concern is how the Titan's offensive production dropped off last season....Mike McCarthy did come from a 30th ranked offensive team in SF however, and did pretty good in GB....
  9. Trade for Antoino Brown?

    AB is a head case.....He'd be okay for a while but would eventually become a detriment to the locker room.....
  10. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    I would think Chicago has a better running game......IF conditions aren't conducive to passing, that could put us behind the eight ball, should we fall way behind.....This Chicago team is also not the same one we played earlier in the season....
  11. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Agree we can ill afford to get too far behind, as the Bears have an opportunistic defense....If the Rams with their high potent offense couldn't come back against the Bear's defense, would likely be tough for us as well....Upside is, like Chicago, GB is a cold weather city.....
  12. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    Mike Shanahan's name has been mentioned....Not sure we want the ex-coach of the only team that handed us a SB loss though.....Sounds like he's happy with his retirement, so imagine he's staying put....Wonder what Jim Caldwell is doing?....Not sure if he has the temperament to handle an AR though.....
  13. Packers fire Winston Moss

    Or perhaps, the city of GB has lost it's chic?....
  14. Packers fire Winston Moss

    It was the Russian's fault...
  15. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    Where would the compromise be between an Aaron Rodgers and a Jim Harbaugh?....