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  1. 2019 All-Pro Team Results

    I really wish they'd clean up the positional designations. The situation with Watt is frankly dumb.
  2. 2019 All-Pro Team?

    He won't make the team, but it's unfortunate that no one outside of the Bay area knows just how good Lavonte David has been this season.
  3. What Should the Bucs do w/ Jameis Winston?

    I'm curious if anyone would be ok seeing their team give Winston a big contract if the Bucs *did* let him test the market. I'm in an argument with folks on another board who insist that Winston would never sign a shorter-term contract and the team *has* to sign him to a multiyear contract well north of $25m/yr if they want to keep him. I'm personally skeptical that the market for his services would be all that aggressive given his well-known issues. But I do have to admit that teams can be stupid.
  4. What Should the Bucs do w/ Jameis Winston?

    As a Bucs' fan - so long as it's not a contract that locks them in long term, I'm fine with the team bringing him back. Whether that's franchising him or giving him a contract with a team out after 1-2 years, I'm not terribly picky. (Although it would be nice to have the franchise tag as an option with Barrett if they have any issues getting him to sign a long-term contract.) I sometimes see Bucs fans act like the only way to keep Jameis is to sign him to a long term contract, but we aren't the only team who's seen his maddening inconsistency and propensity for turnovers. I can't imagine why any team would be willing get locked into paying him $30m/yr for the long-haul.
  5. Have you given up on Winston?

    As a Bucs fan, I'm ready to move on. I don't think he's trash - if he had any rookie contract left to play out, I'd be fine with him doing so. I suppose franchising him would still be an option, but it seems clear that he's never going to be a guy I'd want to see the team committing $20+ million a year for multiple years to. So I think it's time to cut bait.
  6. Jameis Winston - What should TB do?

    For all his flaws, Winston actually has an excellent work ethic.
  7. What Should Arizona Do With the #1 Pick?

    Honestly, I don't think that even Tampa is all that QB hungry. I mean, don't get me wrong - I'm not saying they'll pass on a guy they love. But in general, the sense I get as a fan is that they're pretty ok with the idea of giving Winston one more year and looking to 2020 to find his replacement if needed.
  8. which team need a qb right now

    Why? Did this somehow get changed into a "which team needs a defensive coordinator right now" thread? Because Winston played fine this week.
  9. Dumbest Coach Quotes

    While it's obvious what he was *trying* to say, no thread of this sort is complete without this one from Raheem Morris: “Training camp is a little bit different. You know to me, that’s when you establish the men. You know you take off your underwear. You put on your big boy pads. And you put your face on people. And that’s what training camp is about.”
  10. Your Mid-Season All-Pro Team

    Mike Evans needs a mention here. He's quietly having a very nice season.
  11. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    He is, and as a Bucs' fan I'm perfectly happy with his progress. But I'm not going to pretend he's a finished product. His decision making really can be maddening. I think a lot of that is a tendency to try and play hero ball and a general lack of trust in some of his offensive line. (See: Smith, Donovan) Although some of it is probably always going to be part of his game. The Favre comparisons obviously aren't perfect (even in a perfect, ideal world for him), but there's a reason they're sometime bandied about. And the slow starts that go back to college are just maddening. And it's not that he's generally racking up stats in garbage time late in the game.
  12. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    To be clear, I'm definitely not suggesting that there's nothing to criticize Winston about this season. There absolutely is. (Although he hasn't been nearly as terrible as some of the posters here would seem to be making him out to be.) I'm just saying things like "far too frequently questionable decision making" are *vastly* more important than "looks like he's not going to lead his team to the playoffs".
  13. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    This is not a great argument. The sequence to end the Bucs-Bills game this last weekend is a perfect example of why. With the score tied with 9:30 left in the game, Winston had a series with no incompletions to lead to the team scoring the go-ahead TD with 3:13 left on the clock. The Bills proceeded to go 75 yards in three plays to tie the game back up. Ok, so there's 2:28 left in the game, still time for another score before the end of the game. Following a touchback, the first play of that series is an 8-yard completion, the wideout fumbles, game over. In short, as important as a quarterback is, there are entirely too many factors that go into a team's success to use the playoffs as a metric for a single player's success.
  14. Bucs release former second round K Roberto Aguayo

    I'm not sure some of the folks here are realizing just how badly Aguayo struggled last year. His overall completion percentage only tells part of the story. I mean, sure. His was at 71% on the year and Janikowski was at 68% his rookie season. But break things down by yardage: Janikowski: 0-19 yards: 1-1 20-29 yards: 6-6 30-39 yards: 6-7 40-49 yards: 8-14 50+ yards: 1-4 Aguayo: 0-19 yards: 0-0 20-29 yards: 5-5 30-39 yards: 13-15 40-49 yards: 4-10 50+ yards: 0-1 Basically, the only reason Janikowski's percentage was lower was that his team actually trusted him to at least attempt to make the longer kicks. Aguayo's longest successful kick of the season was 43 yards. Eventually, it became very obvious that the team had lost confidence in him.