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  1. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Rams overpaid for him just as they did Peters. Peters became a pain so they shipped him. Ramsey won't block for Goff and won't make him respond to pressure up the middle better...lol
  2. What a win today! I cannot believe it. Jimmy played good and I don't care what other people are saying...lol. Kittle was held on that INT and Goodwin dropped a big pass. He's gonna turn the ball over it happens. I mean look at Goff right? Key win today. Too bad the Browns couldn't take care of Seattle.
  3. 49ers Future - Guest Host Volunteers

    I'd love to be on some episodes. Sign me up!
  4. Great job. I was actually going to ask if anyone in here wanted to start a 49ers podcast with me....lol.
  5. Just thought of something. This is the first time we get Jimmy G vs. Goff. And eventually Vs Wilson. Gonna be interesting.
  6. Interesting as I was under the impressive he was holding onto the ball longer. Not super "Drew Bledsoe pat the ball and hold" long, but longer than normal. Shows how much I know...lol
  7. Okay so injuries aside there is some good here. In that 4-6 weeks time-frame (Seahawks game right?) the 9ers should have some key people back. The real test here is if they cane be competitive and even if they lose close, the doubts will subside cause it was at least it was close. Rams are still a good team even though they lost close to another good team in Seattle. I guess I'm just getting at it not to be a blowout..lol. With said injuries, do we expect a lot of shotgun formation with some quick slants perhaps?
  8. My god with these injuries. It's like Harbs has a little voodoo doll or something . Anyway with McG out that's a big loss no? I mean I guess in 4 weeks around the time of the Seattle game they will get 4 key players but man what a loss before a big game. Again, most are counting it as a loss and I get that. The schedule softens for the next three games after. If they are truly a competitive team then it "should" be close.
  9. With Juice out, I'm assuming the back up tight up will act as the FB?
  10. Two things I think of right away is stopping Kupp and getting pressure right up the middle to rattle Goff. It's hard and very rare with good teams to go on a three game losing streak. In fact, I was rooting for them to beat Seattle last week based on this game. If the 49ers do lose, at least have it be competitive and close. For as long as I have been following them, they have a tendency when playing an away game against a good team to get blown out even if they are also a good team.
  11. Impressive outing. Any else think that Booger a little harsh on Jimmy? I mean he didn't have to do much right? Also, is it me or Pettis seems to have the case of the dropski's?
  12. Bad feeling about this one as well for some reason. I initially thought it would be better for the Brows to come into San Fran after beating the Ravens as opposed to losing (as they would be more separate). However, the mismatches are a big concern. This game is so crucial with the Rams coming up right after and two consecutive loses could really damage morale. And if the Rams lose the Seahawks they are going to be not too happy.
  13. Here's thew value now of Jimmy G. What a difference a week in twitter world makes as now people are missing him. With him in there they 9ers would of won last week and this weeks game. Not saying by much but they would of won.
  14. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    My God McVay and Goff are going to run the NFC West for years to come. Hopefully someone figures them out like they did with the "greatest show on turf" and the "undefeated Patriots." If was San Fran last night against the Rams with Jimmy, I don't even think they can hang. That's a problem! How can the 49ers combat them in the years to come?? Because just again as San Fran is on the rise another NFC West team comes and just surpasses them by a long shot. Goff looked like Montana back there with that number 16 on. Pre-Jimmy thoughts but too bad 49ers couldn't snag him that year and I believe they were his childhood fav team right? Thoughts on how to compete with them in years to come?