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  1. What's crazy is that I look at this past years schedule and it looks harder... What's good is that the rest of the west will have it pretty tough too.
  2. With Taylor coming back, he was a favorite target end of 2017 for Jimmy right? I wonder how he will fit into the scheme.
  3. My favs are 88, 98, 92, and of course 95. I'm going to binge them this weekend.
  4. I'm in withdrawal now from the team not being around on Sunday's so as a Fan this was a super enjoyable season. The end result sucked it did. Especially since San Fran was just a better team all year (not in the SB obviously). The previous 5 years were tough and for me personally the Harbaugh years were tough. I didn't like the personalities, most of the country didn't like Harbs, and I never thought they had that "it factor." However, to me this team did and maybe that's why the loss sucks. But the season was super enjoyable and I'm read for next year already...lol. Hopefully the
  5. Don't blame you. I actually watched my 1994-95 video yearbook on VHS...that made me feel better..lol
  6. Oh certainly Clark can do whatever. I just find it amusing that he's telling Kittle he can't be blocked and Kittle literally just blocked him.
  7. Anyone see that clip of Clark telling Kittle he can't block him even though he just did??? Frank Clark is so annoying. I also added salt to the wound and watch the parade. Is it just me or does Kelce gets on anyone's nerves? I can't understand what he is saying half the time..lol. That's all for this...onward and upward.
  8. At first glance it doesn't look at daunting as this years. That is by no means saying 13-3 repeat will occur, however I'm okay with playing the NFC and AFC East. The @ New England game of course will be entertaining as all...assuming Brady will be back. Flores had those Dolphins playing tough so that can be an interesting match up as well.
  9. Not sure if anyone saw this reaction from Steve Young. You can tell he felt it big time. He's a 9ers forever and I'm sure that loss to KC in 94 still pains him. Hell, it pains me...in fact everything about KC right now pains me...lol.
  10. This was Sherman's 2nd of two years correct? What does everyone think will happen with him?
  11. Can't stand them. They are trashing both Kyle and Jimmy. If you see Jimmy's post game, he was humble and accepted the loss. It's not like he was Cam Newton being a baby.... There was going to be a team that didn't t win and of course things you wish you could take back. Great year...come back hungry.... I will avoid social media and the shows today...in a week it will be over and we move on.
  12. I'm not in love with it either. Just the media is driving me to insanity. I can see what you mentioned happening as well. Just hope the majority are wrong.
  13. All arrogant while Niners are all about business. Shame because I live 5 mins from the dolphins training facility and stupid KC is here...lol,.
  14. I'm trying to remain humble and I say to myself "It's the Chiefs and Mahomes tough task yadda yadda" but man the mainstream media idiots don't make it easy. I think the fact that although the best team this year the 9ers are I guess the underdogs. Everyone (including Russell Wilson) said it's a matter of QB play and of course went with Mahomes. Well I'm tired of hearing of Mahomes....I really hope this team uses the blatant disrespect to punch KC in the mouth so many times. Not sure if anyone else is feeling this way but I needed to vent...lol.
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