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  1. There is no "WAS" Tom Brady did the get the ball back! My worse fear happened exactly how I predicted it! It is like you see a car wreck minutes before it happens. All too predictable
  2. IF that is the key word!!!!!! We threw away a 95 percent sure thing (with opting out of the Field Goal) to call a play with less than 50 percent chance of even working..... against the 3rd ranked run defense in all of the NFL and possibly the best team in the NFL.... This is lunacy! and this one of the reasons why this organization continues to lose! The mistakes are consistently made from up top and they trickle down! There is no reason the Jets should lose this game in regulation. IF we lost in overtime....I would be fine with the decision because it was
  3. Brady was going to get the ball back regardless. A 3 point difference at the very least salvages the game for us at that point. My heart sank when I did not see the field goal unit out there.... and the a feeling of dread once Brady had the ball back in his hands.....
  4. I am not getting you guys. The score was 24-20 Jets. A field goal and the game is 27-20. Brady's TD would just force the game into overtime....not win the game for them. It was one of the most foolish calls I have seen in a long time. Over confidence and and extremely short sighted!
  5. ummmmm NOOOOOO! a field goal and this game is in overtime right now...... at the very most! Why on earth do you believe 2 minutes and no timeouts is enough to stop Tom Brady!??
  6. why is so hard to just take the 3 points. At the very most the game would go into overtime???? Why, why, why, head coaches in the NFL make the most bum decision at the most critical point in the game. It is not a hard decision! 2 minutes is an eternity in football and more than enough time for Brady to do what he does best! I am sorry Saleh cost us the game
  7. The defensive line is the major issue. Rankins, Q Williams, Franklin Meyers are non existent They provide no pressure, very little run support. They get pushed off the constantly. Fix the Defensive line and the rest of the defense will get better. Another thing i find alarming is that Zach Wilson has thrown a touchdown in only 3 of the 10 games he has played in. This is a very alarming stat. It has to be the worse among all rookie Quarterbacks in the NFL
  8. I do not understand the defensive game calling. New Jets secondary is so injured, why are the Jets playing man to man coverage on 70 percent of the snaps???? Why is Quinnen williams and John Franklin Meyers non existent in the pass rush? Why the defensive line man not clogging up their gaps to help the linebackers stop the run? Why linebackers are always out of position to stop the run at the line? Why a player as experienced as CJ mosley jumping off sides at 4th down and 3?
  9. It is like this all around the league. Officials are officially hurting the game of football. Just look at the monday night game with bears vs steelers.
  10. Even though Carl Lawson is hurt, the defensive line has been a huge disappointment this year. I would not give Quinnen Williams any type of contract extension. The whole defensive line need to be redone for next year. I hope we can get the Defensive end from Oregon Thibodeaux
  11. I always had a soft spot for Aaron Rogers and the Packers. I hope they make a serious run
  12. That is way too much! especially for a team with so many holes.
  13. I am wondering if Deshaun Watson would be worth it this point?
  14. I wonder if Patriots can make it 60 points. Similar to a good ole crimson tide beating!
  15. The NY Mets and the NY Jets have brought me a lot of sadness and grief the pass 10 years.
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