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  1. He guarantees happy endings, two at a time, every time
  2. Beilein was a complete outta nowhere choice. I'm happy that it hurts Michigan... Not sure how i feel about him coaching the cavs though. Will be interesting to see how he handles the NBA egos
  3. And I hope, for your sake and mine, that you aren't the electrical engineer being referenced
  4. 90% of my change orders, for my last 5 projects, (not including owner "wants" after bidding), have been a result of engineers errors & omissions. Arch dwgs have been surprisingly on point (for my projects at least) I'm sure we would get along, 'Nanza....But my goodness...Does NEO have some incompetence that is licensed to practice some discipline of engineering. We legit just had a project, where 75% drawings were DUE April 29th, and were going out to bid (I will never understand how anyone ever thought taking 75% drawings out to develop a Guaranteed Price for the owner was an even half ways decent idea)....Anyway...asked all Engy's to have drawings in by the 26th, to allow for coordination and last minute tweaks or comments. Final drawings were stated to be due on the 10th (today is HELL day for me...so I am procrastinating out of stress...brilliant)... Needless to say, come 4PM on the 26th, we are wondering where the heck the electrical drawings are.....Get on the phone to find out he hadnt done anything since the last progress set, and would work on them staring the next week.... So...Arch drawings got submitted for bid at 90% Mech, Plumbing & Civil were at probably 80% Structural was at 75% at the time...But had many significant changes this week...so this is basically a brand new set now.... And Electrical was at fricken 40%, if that This is par for this course with every project it seems
  5. Damn Engineers. They always screw us up / over
  6. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Do I even want to be in this hall of slightly above mediocre?
  7. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    Cavs are walking away with Zion. Stop wasting your time thinking otherwise
  8. Stop spoiling the damn show people i am 2 seasons behind....y’all are making me lose interest quick
  9. Matt Dayes is available(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Johnny would make a good backup #imready
  10. #1 Milwaukee Bucks vs. #4 Boston Celtics | 2019 East Semifinals

    It’s a shame Bos took the one way street outta the playoffs, at the hands of Janice
  11. #1 Milwaukee Bucks vs. #4 Boston Celtics | 2019 East Semifinals

    Janice likes these one way streets
  12. We HULU'd over the summer...I couldn't stand it. Our internet is solid yet every 10 minutes it would have to buffer like crazy. Sometimes it would take several minutes to fully buffer. I only used it for sports, and this summer was the least amount of sports I watched due to it. Once it was football season I told my wife Hulu had to go, or I would (not really but she knew I meant business). We now have dish
  13. Tomorrow night y’all need to head to the cesspool b-ball forum and talk random ‘crap’ to the Celtics fan in the bucks Celtics thread. @ramssuperbowl99 Needs our assistance in continuing shenanigans
  14. If A Team Were To Relocate To Seattle, Which Team Should It Be?

    Lakers or clippers stupid to have 2 teams using the same arena
  15. What's The Better Way To Bring the Super Sonics Back?

    And for the record...I voted relocation, because the last thing this league needs is talent spread even more thin. the league needs to be trimmed down as it is just my opinion