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  1. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    I figured you were a ‘Nova fan
  2. Some stuff bout to go down?

    You monsters.
  3. Mrs. FatGerman

    But you don't want us to leave your Wanker's alone Weird
  4. Missouri hit with 3 yr probation, 1 yr bowl ban

    Meanwhile at North Carolina....
  5. No one wants to be associated with that novelty
  6. @LETSGOBROWNIES @mistakebytehlak @MWil23 @NateDawg @NudeTayne @Thomas5737 @Bonanza23 @buno67 @candyman93 @freakygeniuskid @zelbell @hornbybrown @Kiwibrown @bosko1616 @buckeyesNut0623
  7. Thanks for the example @Bruno
  8. I wish you were still as funny as your appeltini chugging alter ego
  9. LGBt has done some big things this year strong selection
  10. Without a doubt. I am shocked anyone nominated you for that Or anything, to be honest
  11. Tathan Martell transferring to Miami

    He is just sad that the QB whisperer only gets Iowa scraps as transfers
  12. I dont post in NFL General... I much prefer the trainwrecks of trash that are these 3 "Forums" : BBall, College Fooseball (where my team is the biggest heal on the block) & baseball (WAR..What is it good for..Absolutely nothing) this is one instance where I am ok upsetting you
  13. I can say from experience..there is always next year. And then the following year and then the following year and then the following year. Just buy 'Nanza a steak, and let him plant the seed