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  1. There certainly won’t be one of those on selection sunday this year
  2. Dabo lost the passion once the players were legally paid over the table
  3. Evan Pryor might get the whole second half to run
  4. We can’t forget everyone favorite Pope
  5. He got a few snaps 2 games ago I think. don’t recall against maryland
  6. Steele Chambers is quickly looking like a quality backer though. His speed is a nice change of pace from the tuf mold
  7. Indiana’s backup qb looks like he will be one of those qbs that will have a spray chart graphic showing how far his throws go into the stands. im hopefull it continues tonight
  8. Hopefully you headed my advice and profited on the day
  9. I knew you guys would pull off the upset against Purdon’tbelonginthetop25 this week!!!
  10. My reaction would be the same. free money plz
  11. Free $20. and this day has had some chaotic moments. easy cash out from me
  12. How it started how it’s going
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