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  1. Week 4 Game Day Thread

    True cheese and ttun is basically Lucy vs Lucy cheese can be a juicy Lucy since that is regionally acceptable.
  2. Affording Nursing School

    No...1first and a 3rd is by far the highest I would go at this moment. Yes...High, but gotta protect the franchise No...Too much investment, prior to having to back up a brinks truck..We have 1 stud, and Greedy hasn't made me think he can't be a legit NFL CB yet
  3. Week 2 GDT: Still the Browns vs. New York’s 2nd Team

    Not going 0-16 leave that possibility pit and Cindy
  4. Around the league discussion

    I was batting for both teams honestly. I loved his legs....But hated the playcalling consistently going to the same well.
  5. Around the league discussion

    Just snitch tag me next time yeesh
  6. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Minny already did that
  7. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Come on sparky finish this
  8. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    They are now seasoned, and unphased by a deficit
  9. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Orrrr... they could not do that...and play Utah every year
  10. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Careful who you tag..... don't row the boat any further than you have to
  11. Week 3 Game Day Thread

  12. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Never said best team in nation dude.... just Best team west of cbus
  13. Clemson Tigers Thread-Home of the Champs

    Lovely idea just lovely
  14. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Do you have any minny takes that aren’t trash? you need to learn how to row the boat.
  15. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    This is just an outclassing on every level