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  1. Gonna be an ESPN vs FOX type thing like AFC vs NFC (Fox vs CBS)
  2. Tayne is getting ready to go in dry look out world
  3. I hope they trade up to draft Josh Minott next year
  4. Josh smith josh childress josh Howard and Josh Richardson aren’t / weren’t scrubs
  5. Yes, rubio 2nd round pick and cash coming in prince going out
  6. Tito stepping away for the rest of this season. white flag is now raised to full mast
  7. I imagine their will be some solid hush hush orders from the conference to every B12 official to screw these teams over at every turn for the next 4 years…. Texas games will be must watch to see how crazy it gets
  8. It also takes OU from the fox viewership that the B12 has, and throws them into ESPN exclusivity…leaving the B12 on fox to showcase……Kansas State vs Oklahoma state as their ‘game of the week’… texas also (but half there games are already on ESPN, since they are back…and have their own Uber-successful network) I am absolutely blindsided that ESPN would be pulling strings like this to weaken their direct competition. what’s next? Them targeting a member of a strictly CBSsportsnwtwork conference? The MAC and Mtn West better be on the lookout
  9. LOL Good luck with that. The Browns would go from a cost controlled player with the potential they loved, to a stud CB with several past injury concerns (when availability has been the biggest issue in the Browns DB room for years), who is unhappy with his current contract & also when the core of the teams identity is all up for extensions. (Mayfield, Chubb, Ward & Teller) The Browns Secondary is already their 3rd highest investment, and is the 8th highest investment of the secondary in the NFL, and they also have to focus on the extension that Denzel Ward is curr
  10. Meh….If you are not willing to protect it by all means necessary, how important was it really to you?
  11. Why couldn’t you do rugby nude. the scrums would take on a whole new dimension
  12. I thought it was already confirmed that Barn was going to the Sun Belt? was that premature, or not accurate?
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