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  1. Be sure to grab a few extra packs of batteries for you fla(e)shlight, when you are out an about
  2. 2020 Chiavertinis

    TOO late. already dead to me
  3. 2020 Chiavertinis

    PeniEs gets tagged but not me.... is this a perk only for the HOF? maybe this year...fingers crossed

  5. Don’t let anyone say otherwise it shows
  6. You would be smart to want LGBtq to be (stay) miserable
  7. Im pretty sure that was and FDA reason. don't think any of the "offered tests" were FDA approved. It isnt like we said "No we don't want your foreign aide"
  8. My idea for an 8-team CFP bracket.

    Can a mod create a PF9 thread of ramblings (or some such). It is going to be way to cumbersome trying to locate all of these quality ideas. Much easier to locate, if they are all in the same thread
  9. depends on who. I may applaud the virus, in certain instances
  10. I am working from home now until this passes. and just found out our son's daycare is officially corona-closing..... it was already bad enough with my 2nd grader being home....now add a 2 yr old meanwhile, my wife for the first time ever is considered an essential worker for some unknown reason.... EFF it all my mental health just took a nosedive
  11. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    I feel like this will end up being a lie
  12. Coronavirus Quarantine, Browns Forum Edition

    I feel like West Virginia as a whole was just let down by that admission
  13. Coronavirus Quarantine, Browns Forum Edition

    Hmmm 5 people i can tolerate enough to be quarantined with... @Bonanza23, for his weird arse cooking methods and talents. and to help me if any engineering needs arise @Thomas5737, I picture Daryl from the walking dead..so he would be useful during any potential scavaging that needs done. or for trapping things for 'nanza to cook @LGBTQ, because i don't discriminate. and he appears to have a useful background as a male nurse or something..so he is very capable of providing sponge baths. @Intresslewetrust, or whatever his alter ego....I don't want to be the only funny & sarcastic guy in the room. Is @ramssuperbowl99 on board with us or not? He didn't seem to ever confirm If he is....Deff not him
  14. NCAA Tournaments To Be Played Without Fans

    Why do they go straight to cancel....and forget they could just postpone until a later time... seems like they are to lazy to figure this out down the road