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  1. Plesac with an immaculate inning against the tigers is that the first this year?
  2. It would be easy for the ncaa to say #agents are still a no go, and decline Not like you had to hire an agent right upon declaring...see Ohio States duo
  3. No winless parade this year lose the rest, and give us the lady dude
  4. His stock won’t be any higher...after this good game...auction time
  5. You don’t remember the wind games we have had at Illinois and NW in the past or the spitting rain/snow games rain/snow games always make for ish show games
  6. Or against afc Or against teams in the AFCN that aren’t located in PA or MD
  7. There is a decent chance weather will be crappier during these games...so that will level the playing fields a bit
  8. I like this method. I will be thriving this if I pull through this week
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