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  1. I was in the same spot...if I can’t watch them, I don’t pay attention to baseball at all...just got an update that there was a no hitter today... my apologies for being a bad weather basher
  2. Canton area housing market is ridiculous too. we have put in 6 or 7 offers, ranging from list price, to 20k over list, and have been outbid each time. there have been several houses that had already had over 10 offers, so we didn’t care to waste our time, or our realtors... today, 2 houses got posted that were just purchased within the last 2 years, for 100k less than what they are asking....and both will go well over list price. im trying to convince my wife to agree on looking for land, to build in a year or 2....but she would just rather look at hous
  3. Walking probably allows for you to catch any businesses that dont comply with some type of code, or accessibility. “When the weather is nice”, my arse🤣
  4. We also will forever remember you were the guy riding Josh dobbs.... there is a track record of garbage hot takes for the sake of hot takes
  5. 252 thats a load for a hobbit, correct?
  6. To even it out, I will give out all of my likes to appropriate PF9, and masterchedda posts
  7. dude have zero nfl traits that he has shown as far as being a qb is concerned
  8. Imagine how he would look at WR, if he didn’t have absolute dog crap trying to masquerade as a qb @catcheryea
  9. THIS IS NOT THE BROWNS FORUM!?! I get it...we are all very used to this thread being for the only legit professional sports team in the state
  10. Update they have no marbles and spent a first on Zero actual production giphy Disappoints as the Tanaka no marbles gif is not available
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