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  1. That / This team with Embid oooooh my That was who's camp I was in at the time
  2. Hopefully he “Bobby Bonilla’d” some of the money
  3. Drummond is apparently being sat out until he is traded.
  4. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2784834-trevor-bauer-to-be-shot-in-the-nuts-with-paintball-if-he-inks-multi-year-deal Wonder how hard he is siding with you that this is still a 1 yr deal
  5. And just like that...You are dead to me Bruno
  6. I don’t see Keenum, ObJ or Njoku on the team next year. hubbard will be gone, and if the money crunch gets real tight, I could see them considering one of Bitonio or Tretter getting released as a real wildcard I don’t think the money crunch will get that tight though.
  7. We saw last year what Baker looks like behind an atrocious OL. Really shows how night and day a QB can look when their protection is legit
  8. I simply assumed your diabetes flared up causing you to seek medical attention.
  9. I thought you guys were now a baseball school?
  10. He is trash, yet treated as an elite broadcaster @sherm
  11. OK thank you for this informative post
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