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  1. If you can drink and smoke while playing, can it really be considered a sport?
  2. No joke I don't watch anything current (News)...besides sports...so nothing in the last 2 months, news wise for me
  3. ? Nascar being the only live sporting event for the last week? I agree Rednecks & Hillbilly's would get triggered quick
  4. BFMD: Lean, Mean, and Quarantined Edition

    Dead to me
  5. Wisconsin Badgers Thread | Thank you, JT23

    Michigan fans are dressed up as Santa ringing their Salvation Army bells now.... ‘tis sad
  6. Those shows make all of our clients think they are better equipped to be the designers, and Struggle to understand why it isn’t already done.... “MOVE THAT BUS, and show me the shiplap”
  7. THIS GUYS ISN'T WRONG AT ALL.. i need more footballs to give
  8. I am not saying i agree with you I am not saying I don't. Good luck deciphering this, Mrs. MSR
  9. Enjoy these days. You are due
  10. LA Stadium seeking more money

    It's not just California. All the engineers I work with in Ohio fall under the category of inept as well I imagine the tariffs related to steel had a huge hand in the budget getting busted.
  11. Gentlemen.....we found a JOCK...... Time for the nerds to riot
  12. There is plumbing directly below so water line wouldn’t be too bad. id have to some investigating for the sanitary. my BIL was a home builder for years and now teaches building trades, so I am sure I would enlist his help with plumbing
  13. Fully agree with Ditch Youtube and do the work yourself. I completely fixed our AC unit thanks to youtube. I replaced our dual Vessal sinks in our bathroom thanks to youtube (though i am officially retired from any plumbing work. I wired my whole garage with outlets (The previous owner had 2 outlets and extension cords... Youtube is a godsend for things like that. This summer The wife wants me to build a bathroom on our main level...Youtube will be used heavily for everything past the studs.
  14. The level of water visible (damage) above the insulation would have me personally walking away. The amount of moisture has to have affected the floor joists and subfloor at least a little. you also would want to fully insulate the inside wall and based on the pictures, waterproofing the block wall below grade (on the exterior) would be needed to. I have never looked at details for a house with crawlspace, but I would have to assume that the sub floor should be receiving the insulation, not the ground....as you can see water (and the cold) are getting into the space above, so your floors will be cold, or you will be excessively running the furnace. I do think you should have someone who does carpentry & masonry check it out in depth. Makes more sense to do that when it isn't your problem, rather than once it is...
  15. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    is there any type of gap between subfloor and joists in those areas? Or any ductwork tight to subfloor or touching the joists? edit to add: a structural engineer i work with recommended adding a bottom cord (2x4) to the underside of floor joists in a brand new home that had squeaking floors for one of my buddies. It turns the joist into an upside down T and allows for additional stiffness to eliminate flex. Only thing is that they have to run the whole length to work. This Olde House also has recommended in the past. https://www.thisoldhouse.com/flooring/21015298/bye-bye-bounce
  16. What Song Are You Listening To?

    The first real concert I went to was them and blindside when "Pitiful" was their hit song. all thanks to a local school band being on the undercard
  17. What Song Are You Listening To?

    PROJECT 86 drawing Black Lines CD was what drew me in to the harder rock.
  18. I blame the childhood vaccine he got no say in getting
  19. It’s also a superior product and will last over twice as long. there are different types of composite at different price points too
  20. Have a couple buddies over and have a deck building party it will cost you some cases of beers and some pizzas....and it will cost you under 4500
  21. Go with composite. The wood will eventually warp
  22. Front Office / Coaching Staff Owner - Larry Dolan CEO - Paul Dolan Pres. Of Baseball Ops - Chris Antonetti GM - Mike Chernoff Manager - Terry Francona Pitching Coach - Mickey Callaway Hitting Coach - Ty Van Burkleo Base Coaches - Sandy Alomar Jr. / Mike Sarbaugh Bench Coach - Brad Mills Current Roster w/ DL Players C - Yan Gomes / Roberto Perez 1B - Edwin Encarnacion / Carlos Santana 2B - Jason Kipnis / Erik Gonzalez 3B - Jose Ramirez / Giovanny Urshela / Yandy Diaz SS - Francisco Lindor (No backup needed) LF - Michael Brantley CF - Bradley Zimmer RF - Lonnie Chisenhall Plattoon OFs - Abraham Almonte / Brandon Guyer / Austin Jackson / Tyler Naquin / Daniel Robertson SP - Corey Kluber SP - Carlos Carrasco SP - Danny Salazar SP - Trevor Bauer SP - Josh Tomlin needs upgraded CP1 - Cody Allen CP2 - Andrew Miller RP - Bryan Shaw RP - Joe Smith RP - Dan Otero RP - Nick Goody LRP - Zach McAllister Plattoon Pitching - Tyler Olson / Mike Clevinger / Cody Anderson / Ryan Merritt / Boone Logan / Shawn Armstrong / Kyle Crockett OUR FUTURE C - Francisco Mejia RHP - Triston McKenzie OF - Greg Allen OF - Will Benson 1B - Bobby Bradley LHP - Brady Aiken SS - Yu-Cheng Chang RHP - Adam Plutko 3B - Nolan Jones