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  1. I imagine that thought has now nearly evaporated.
  2. @ramssuperbowl99, @beekay414 on a scale of 0-59, how would you feel if Coan has 250 more passing yards and looks like an actual high end D1 starter in this game?
  3. Inb4 he “forgets his password” and comes back as @I’mALie, with more fridge takes passed off as indisputable fact
  4. I’ll be sure to mention the living hell out of you an Bk @ramssuperbowl99, @beekay414
  5. You would have an in home rowing machine if that would have happened…. you would be 10000% bought in
  6. I don't believe i have ever once actively cheered for the Domers. Yet here we are. Gooooooooo fighting Coan's!!!!!
  7. I vote catholics vs cheese. I am looking forward to all the Coan compliments.
  8. So he popped his shoulder out of and into place on the int. then did this https://twitter.com/NFL/status/1440436795909414914?s=20
  9. I am eager to blame him. Lets gather the pitchforks and torches Lad's.
  10. It’s gonna be my eternal cross to bear
  11. Puff your chest on this one. you have ever right to enjoy this football
  12. There gonna hate us even more when they realize we were correct from the very beginning. no one can spot absolute trash qb better than this fanbase
  13. A Whiney loser who just can’t get over it, IMO
  14. This will end up being the most general forum posting I have ever done.
  15. I’m sure this is one of those moments where an entire FF fan base wished this wasn’t a prime time national telecast….and buried in a massive block of 1 o’clock games or that there wasn’t an NFL General forum.
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