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  1. Chase Asante Jr Moehrig Ar'Darius Washington Drake Jackson Master Teague Zach McCloud Tarron Jackson Johnathan Adams Jr
  2. Our OL fights their OL for Stout. I would say beer chugging contest, but Lane and Kelce makes that unfair
  3. If anybody wants to help out with the Eagles (if I get them) lmk, please. I'm on CET time and wouldn't mind a guy helping out when I'm asleep with trades and such
  4. Picking all the Danish ones yall don't know about For real though, having "other" drafts could be fun, food, women, games, music, whatever
  5. He didnt put Duce at OC here, why would he elsewhere?
  6. I want someone focused on speed, culture and smoothies, does that sound like someone we might be interested in?
  7. 1) Eagles 2) Bengals 3) Whoever
  8. Might not be, but some confident OC might see it as his ticket. Joe Brady did it, so can someone else. Not saying it will happen or that someone will think that way, just saying someone might see it that way
  9. On the other hand, turns the O around and you're on the fast track to HC
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