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  1. NCAA Scouting thread - In season college football and draft talk

    Some prospects I've really been liking so far, that aren't necessarily day 1 guys at this point. LB Skai Moore: My favorite mid round OLB prospect, some injury history, a little on the light side but has the frame to bulk up a little bit. He flies around, can miss some tackles due to not wrapping up. Lacks any pass rushing moves really but his speed lets him hit on some blitzes. Good in coverage and just relentless in the run game. LB Lorenzo Carter: A TOUGH projection because a tools guy alone he's a top 50 guy but he's not there quite yet. If I could snag him in the 3rd round I'd do it in a heartbeat and trust my coaching staff to figure out how to get him on the field. 6'6 245 and room to grow, I want him attacking the passer. S Ronnie Harrison: Get's overlooked on that great Alabama defense but he'll be a player in the NFL. Don't like the pick for us as we have other more pressing needs but I think whoever snatches him up is gonna get a real solid safety. G Will Hernandez: My favorite OL in the draft (save maybe Connor Williams). Soooo good in the run game and adept enough as a pass blocker. If not for Nelson he would be getting a lot more hype. Again not a huge need for us, but the guy is a stud. DE Marcus Davenport: IMO after a week at the senior bowl he will be a first round pick. A HUGE man and I'm not too sure how much pull or influence our new DC will have but he had two big DE's off the edge in Cincy and Davenport is in the mold of a Dunlap. DT Harrison Phillips: Watched a lot of Stanford this year and very rarely do I watch interior defenders but I couldn't keep my eyes off this guy. Led his team in tackles from DT! That is insane. I think he goes before I'd feel comfortable taking him but if he's there in the 3rd I'd jump all of it. Lacks a huge pass rushing presence but he is so sound. CB Tarvarus McFadden: We need fresh bodies at CB and McFadden has a great frame and a good base skill set to build off of. Tools alone may get him overdrafted a bit as there is work to do but it's all there. Played a lot of press man for Jimbo and can get a bit grabby due to his lack of play recognition but could be worth the gamble. WR Jester Weah: Big kid at WR with some great speed. High points the ball well but needs work at the finer things, a lot of big catches at Pitt. A good tools guy in the mid/late rounds. If he shows out at the combine/bowl games watch out. LB Jerome Baker: Another speedy LB out of Ohio State, he'll do well at the combine and that may get him over drafted. He's a better player than Darron Lee IMO. Had a down year this year compared to last but he may go off his tape from 2016. Wasn't as good in coverage this year as he showed he could be last year. Just a couple guys for now, if anyone has any opinions on these guys let's talk. They don't all fit what I think we'll be looking for come draft time but it's too early to narrow down too much. *You'll notice a pattern, defense, defense, defense.
  2. NCAA Scouting thread - In season college football and draft talk

    While that is true, in my opinion if you are elite at that trait (which I believe Minkah is) the transition either way would not be a problem. Am I saying he can walk in day 1 and shut Julio down as a boundary corner? Hell no, but he has the skill set to make that transition and be that type of player. Having a DB with his size, instincts and technique is a HUGE tool in todays game. Having a player that you can utilize on the other teams best player, whoever that is (Gronk, AJ Green, Evan Engram, etc) is something I want on my team.
  3. NCAA Scouting thread - In season college football and draft talk

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see with Minkah. IMO comparing him to Peppers is a huge slight to him. Peppers never had the coverage skills, fluidity, or play recognition skills that Minkah has. At 6'1 210 I think Minkah can play CB, FS or slot no problem. IMO comparing him to a bigger Tyrann Mathieu is not a bad comparison. I'll stop beating the drum on Minkah as my position is known. Completely agree that James could and likely will fall to our pick at 10. The question with him is (as he's a pure S imo) is if he's worth the pick with Obi and KJ already there.
  4. NCAA Scouting thread - In season college football and draft talk

    Not saying anything is wrong with it, just trying to prevent guys falling in love with a prospect that has a slim chance to be there at our pick. And Minkah is twice the prospect of the guys you listed. IMO Minkah is a top 3 player in this draft and the best prospect to come out of Alabama under Saban. Let's all hope and pray Minkah falls to our pick but to think of him as a possibility anymore than Barkley isn't realistic. Peppers--tweener Foster--RC injury, later off the field issues Howard--OJ Howard im assuming? TE, enough said. Robinson--not elite feet, lunger.
  5. NCAA Scouting thread - In season college football and draft talk

    I wouldn’t fall in love with Minkah too much guys. Imo no chance he gets any where near our pick. Best DB in the draft bar none. I’d sprint to the podium if he’s there at 10. Just no way.
  6. NCAA Scouting thread - In season college football and draft talk

    Smith has already become one of those picks that is mocked to us on almost every site and it makes too much sense for it to happen therefore it will not happen
  7. 2018 Draft Eligible LB Thread.

    Is Jerome Baker a 2nd round prospect at this time? Or pending the combine? Assuming he tests well
  8. Around the league v.1.0

    So much speed it’s insane. A lot of beer and money up front too. Calais, Malik Jackson, Dareus, Yannick, Fowler, etc. not to mention Ramsey, Bouye, Telvin and Jack. They’re fast and aggressive. The way it should be.
  9. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Thread (Post Questions)

    Agree on Phillips. I’d have no problem taking him in round 3 truthfully but if I could ****** him up early on day 3, sign me up!
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    Reuben Foster arrested for Marijuna possession http://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2018/01/12/reuben-foster-arrested-for-marijuana-possession-in-alabama/
  11. Fortnite

    Yeah haven't gotten into PUBG yet, probably wait till I get burnt out on FN. PUBG is free too I assume?
  12. Gruden's Staff

    https://247sports.com/college/alabama/Bolt/Alabama-Crimson-Tide-Football-Secondary-coach-Derrick-Ansley-to-join-Oakland-Raiders-staff-in-same-role-113557127 https://www.denverpost.com/2018/01/11/derrick-ansley-colorado-state-rams-football-raiders-defensive-coordinator/ Raiders hire Derrick Ansley to coach DB's. Really like this hire from what I've read so far. Younger guy, previous safety at Troy. Has coached DB's at various colleges but most recently was the DB coach at Alabama. Now obviously Saban has a HUGE hand in the DB's there but anytime we can get a guy that's worked hand in hand with Saban at a position that Bama churns out studs at like DB im all for it. Ansley was actually set to be the defensive coordinator for Colorado State and we stole him away. Liking these moves so far! Sorry if this has been posted already, this thread blew up since I last checked it.
  13. Gruden's Staff

    Interesting to see Pep Hamiltons name linked to our QB coach position. He was a very hot commodity a few years ago, even linked to some HC jobs but he's cooled off since then. His Michigan offense/passing attack was pretty abysmal this year but his QB situation was less than ideal so I give him a little slack there. Does Gruden have a link to him? I'd be all for it and am glad that Gannon isn't coming on board. Good player, don't want his first coaching experience to be here. Would like to explore this Pep idea a little more.
  14. Wildest Prospect Transformations

    Marcel Reece came out of Washington as a WR and converted to a FB once he got to Oakland. Never really blew up but had a few good years in Oakland as a receiving FB. Was a fun player to watch, is with Seattle now.
  15. Fortnite

    Anyone?? Not a huge video game guy but I've been playing this game and it's awesome. I love the simplicity and it's free! It's basically a 100 person version of the hunger games, last man standing wins. You can play solo, duo's, or groups of 3-4. Everyone drops onto the map from a giant bus and skydives where they want to start and you start weaponless and are forced to find guns/ammo/supplies. The map is interactive and you can gather wood/brick/steel and use to create forts. One of the big twists is the map shrinks at certain intervals to prevent camping. The shrinking is random so you must continually move to get into the circle as it gets smaller and smaller. Pretty soon the game goes from a huge map with 100 people to a tiny little circle with 4 people left. It's free to download on Xbox (im assuming PS too). I'd definitely recommend checking it out. Very fun, simple, and pretty addicting. Heres a link if anyone wants to check it out. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/buy-now/battle-royale It's really similar to PUBG