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  1. Keep an eye out on Drake Jackson for USC. Not on the level of KT but he’s a legit edge. Top 10 pick IMO with potential for top 5.
  2. Obviously not the same technique but at least Leatherwood has a full year playing on the right side while at RG for 'Bama. Personally not worried about the transition for him but time will tell.
  3. Overall that's.... -2020: 3 (all offensive) -2021: 9 (all defensive + 2 offensive) So based off what I filled out the only spots we failed to "upgrade" were all offensive and at Center, iOL, and the 2nd/Veteran WR spot. I'm not worried about our WR group with the edition of Brown and Stills plus what I think are going to major improvements for Edwards + Ruggs. Plus you throw in the threat of Drake out the backfield and I don't see our pass catching options as worst than last year as a whole. But it just goes back to the offensive line and the interior OL specifically. If
  4. Maybe Rodgers is waiting for all of those “heads to roll” after the draft? That’s supposed to happen anytime right? Mayocks leaving because Gruden went rogue? People are wild.
  5. Per Twitter we signed OT Devery Hamilton out of Duke (Stanford transfer). Long mover at 6’6 310. Paid him a good amount too.
  6. TDN puts out some good content. Stills interview here, pretty cool.
  7. There’s a DT for ya. Another undersized penetrator. More bodies and competition on the DL the better. I hope it’s a super competitive camp, give me some fights.
  8. The Marvin Wilson love is crazy. I’m surprised he’s a UDFA too but maybe he’s just not that good? If he wasn’t the #1 DT out of HS would everyone be this up in arms? If he went to Georgia Tech would we be doing this?
  9. Tonga to bears just sounds right. Damn he was probably my #1 UDFA target.
  10. Also got called up to the Senior Bowl and played with one days notice
  11. I feel confident saying we’ll get another body in UDFA. Not a huge difference between the talent now and then anyway.
  12. If he’s Medicaid are fine he’s a top 150 prospect easily in my mind. man this is dragging on let’s finish this pick up here
  13. Damn there goes Trey Smith. That OL looks so different top to bottom. Props to the KC front office.
  14. I hope we’re done at DB at this point TBH. I don’t believe Vincent is talented enough to be BPA but you never know lol
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