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  1. Really really like how this TDN draft turned out. Just need a vet safety. 1. Micah Parsons 2. Jalen Mayfield 3. Tommy Togiai 3. Paulson Adebo 4. Dayo Odenigbo 5. Caden Sterns 5. Reed Blankenship 6. Semi Fehoko
  2. I really really like Caden Stearns and Reed Blankenship (not quite as much) if we go safety on day 3. Sterns is a great athlete and I think he’ll continue to improve.
  3. Somebody is going to drop. I look at it like this... -QB's: Lawrence, Lance, Fields, Wilson, and Jones (5) -OT: Sewell, Slater, and Darrisaw (3) -Pass Catchers: Pitts, Chase, Waddle, and Smith (4) -CB's: Surtain, Farley, Horn (Surtain is the only for sure) (3) That is roughly 15 players I feel fairly confident will be gone before we pick, after that you have... Parsons, JOK, Paye, Phillips, Jenkins etc who could 100% go before our pick, but not all of them. Plus you can always count on 2-3 players going in the top 15 that nobody thought would pre-draft. I think th
  4. I think doubling up on OL in round 3 is what I’d like to see us do. Meinerz, Brown, Carmen, Trey Smith, etc.
  5. Man I’d love if we just attacked the trenches with our first 4 picks...something like this. 1 - Jaelen Phillips, DE 2 - Christian Barmore, DT 3 - Jackson Carmen, OT 3 - Spencer Brown, OT 4 - Dylan Moses, LB 5 - Reed Blankenship, S 5 - Divine Deablo, S 6 - Josh Palmer, WR
  6. Cap is irrelevant when you have Mahomes. Guys will come play and often for less. People want to win.
  7. Can’t or hasn’t? Honestly asking, haven’t watched him specifically.
  8. Yeah that’s a dirty draft lol Moerhig and Holland would be a sick safety duo going forward. Tufele and Collins too? Some serious beef and explosive for the D. Home run.
  9. This draft has shaped up pretty nice for us. Really think we're in a good spot for a trade back if Mac Jones falls or someone wants to trade up for a WR/CB/OL. Played around on TDN and would be super happy with something like this... 1. Trevon Moehrig, FS -- biggest need, good enough value 2. Levi Owuzurike, IDL -- best defensive player available, seems we are targeting these types in FA again and again 3. Spencer Brown, OT -- early 3rd round is my sweet spot for OT's if we can wait this long...Brown/Little/Carmen are my ideal targets in Round 3. Just don't love the value of Jen
  10. Sherman/Heyward/Nelson and Hooker and I’d be a happy.
  11. This is the dream scenario at 48. I’d go Barmore, LO, and Nixon in that order but would be very happy with all of them. Even through Tufele in there.
  12. Richie Grant at 48 would be a little rich for my blood. Much prefer to sign someone so we don’t HAVE to make that pick. But it does seem like something we’d do. No way Grant is BPA at 48. Would love to just be able to take the best defensive player at 48 regardless of position. We could get a legit prospect there like Tufele, Ossai, etc.
  13. Hopefully now that we re-upped Riddick we let Richard go. No need to carry 4 RBs on the roster with Ingold. Plus doesn’t Richard make like $3.5M?
  14. Just taking a mock draft stab with our new draft capital...wouldn't mind something like this. 17. Micah Parsons, LB - BPA, only blue chip defensive player that may be available at our pick 48. Levi Onwuzurike, IDL - best penetrating iDL in the class 79. Tyson Campbell, CB - better value here than any of the safeties available. If we don't sign a viable FS in FA then this may have to be a FS pick but I think Campbell has some of the better upside in this class as an outside CB w/ Mullen and Arnette in the slot. 80. Spencer Brown, OT - once again, tough to wait till 80 to go
  15. Really like Perkins too, he just plays full go. Really fun guy to watch.
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