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  1. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    I wouldn’t say crabtrees game relies on speed either
  2. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    The Wright signing shouldn’t change us going after any othe CBS. Also, looks like Breeland failed his physical with carolina (cut on his foot) and won’t be signing.
  3. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    No way you can clearly label this a downgrade from Crab. We just don’t know yet. I’m eh about the move but let’s not overreact here. Edit. Wrong thread but point still stands lol
  4. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Honestly not one FA signing that I would have been excited at paying that price. A few names that have been fairly quiet that I'd like to take a look at once this wave of overpays is over.... Dontari Poe: still youngish and offers some push in the middle, if we can get him on a 1+1 at a decent price I'm all for it Rashaan Melvin: don't know a ton about him but he's got good size, flashed some potential and with the current state of our CB's and the lack of quality players available were going to have to take a chance on someone, we need bodies. EJ Gaines: see above Jordan Matthews: see if he'd be interested in a one year deal to improve his stock for a bigger payday next offseason Barkevious Mingo: decent pass rusher if put in a position where he doesnt have to do much else, worth a look Aaron Lynch: streaky player but I've liked him since his USF days, could replace Autry
  5. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Unless I'm missing something, Dennard is not a FA (had 5th yr option exercised) and Davis already signed with New Orleans.
  6. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Yeah Carrie wasn’t coming back with a market that big. Good payday for him, wish him the best. Nothing but solid for us.
  7. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    Agree with both of us posts above. James will make an impact and he’ll be a great player in this league. I was more just cautioning against the idea he would step in as a WLB day one. It’s defintely something i think he can do eventually. Im all for him being the pick of the board falls that way. Talent and speed is something you can never have enough of on either side of the ball.
  8. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Carrier, Clive, Cook, and Smith? Anyway we keep all four? Don’t see it happening. Someone’s out, Clive? do we save $ by cutting Cook?
  9. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Honey Badger cut! Big market for him, interested in the price.
  10. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    I like James as a prospect but just playing devils advocate here. The why not is that he's 215 pounds and has never played a strict WLB role. To take a prospect at 10 overall, who''s undersized for that position and just pencil him in at a position he's never truly played before is wishful thinking. I can only imagine the uproar of us taking James at 10 and then watching him get washed out at LB play after play. IMO if we select James it has to be in a hybrid role that allows him to play to his strengths early while working on the nuances of the LB position, you want a top 10 pick to play early obviously and in James case that has to be in secondary IMO.
  11. Around the league v.1.0

    Jimmy Graham to GB and Jordy cut, wow.
  12. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    It just takes one misinformed guy to mention it and then everyone else just regurgitates it.
  13. 2017-18 NCAAB Thread

    Absolutely insane
  14. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Don’t think Jelly’s contract takes us out of the running for a DT early in the draft in the slightest. If the best player on your board is a DT, take him.
  15. Around the league v.1.0

    Crab/Lynch/Penn have been talked about before. Maybe a TE (Cook/Lee)? I’d be against the move but it would be a surprise.