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  1. We should definitely give Irving a call. Anyone know what his relationship w Marinelli is like? Take all the DL talent we can get.
  2. Alright boys I've got a very solid 10 man league team (I know) after some lucky waiver wire pick ups early in the year that I flipped for Aaron Jones. My main weak spot in TE w/ TJ Hockenson who isn't terrible but I think I can upgrade... QB: Big Ben QB: Stafford RB: Mixon RB: Miles Sanders WR: Tyreek Hill WR: Calvin Ridley FLEX: Aaron Jones TE: Hockenson D/K: Stream BENCH: OBJ // Antonio Gibson // Nyheim Hines // Henry Ruggs // Teddy Bridgewater IR: Christian McCaffrey So my target at TE is Travis Kelce as the guys roster is depleted w/ Injuries. What would you guys give up for Kelce? I'm thinking of starting w/ a Mixon + Hockenson offer (obviously) low and then what should I counter w/? When CMC comes back I can't play all of CMC, Mixon, Sanders, and Jones at the same time and w/ it being a PPR league I definitely want to keep CMC+Jones and Sanders>Mixon IMO but I'd part with either. Players on the other guys roster I could ask for in return are: Devonta Freeman, Cooper, Woods, David Johnson, Josh Jacobs.
  3. Watched every game of Jay Tufele at SC, guy is a player. Doesn’t get the hype with USC’s recent seasons being subpar and constantly playing late night games and on Friday nights but he’s a legit top 30 prospect. Would give us some great push in the middle and is just beginning to scratch the surface.
  4. This win is huuuuge especially going into a bye week. Team would be in a completely different head space for 2 weeks if we would’ve lost today. 2 weeks to prep for the Bucs and then 3 very winnable games follow that in Cleveland, Chargers, and Broncos. Then we meet KC again in Vegas. Gonna be a fun next couple weeks.
  5. Need to pick up a waiver TE for this week and potentially moving forward. Ppr league. Dalton Schultz Austin Hooper Mike Gesicki
  6. Start 2 (ppr) Calvin Ridley OBJ Mike Davis David Montgomery Antonio Gibson **leaning Ridley and Davis
  7. If we give Cam the same running lanes we have Teddy B it’s going to be a long game. We’ve got to stay more discipline up front, we cannot over rush and lose gap integrity. Can will eat us up. I’d rather have uniform pressure and make Cam pick us apart from the pocket than over rush and watch him scramble for 15 yard chunks play after play. Some early hits on Cam will pay huge dividends (cough Abrams cough)
  8. I agree don’t think the situations of them early in their careers are too far off. Imo Darnold’s ceiling is much higher than Carr’s. Id love to see Darnold in an offense that utilizes his movement skills more and mixes in more pistol/roll/RPO’s.
  9. I wouldn’t say Carr has be phenomenal this season but he’s been good for us. If he can consistently play like he did during spurts off the Saints game then I have no issue w him moving forward but it’s never been consistent w Carr and I hope he proves me wrong but he’s pretty much out of the “potential” age, it’s put up or shut up. His numbers were good last night but there were several plays that left you wanting so much more. Beggers can’t be choosers tho and I’ll gladly take the win.
  10. Long ways out but if the NYJ are in a position to draft TL sign me up for making a move for Darnold. He is not the problem in NY and I think he would thrive under Gruden. Probably take some heat for that but kid can play. I believe he was Mayocks QB1 that year too.
  11. While I think you’re right this particular owner may give me Golladay if I start my initial offer with McLaurin. would you like the deal if it was for Jones, KG, and Swift for Mixon, Monty, and Davis (maybe OBJ?)?
  12. Simple 10 man, 2QB, ppr league and I'm 2-0 so far...looking to upgrade w/ CMC out for a few weeks. Curious to hear thoughts about attempting a deal like this... Current Team QB: Big Ben // Stafford RB: Mixon // Miles Sanders WR: Hill // Ridley Flex: OBJ TE: Hockenson K: Koo D/ST: Bucs Bench: Montgomery // Antonio Gibson // Corey Davis // AJ Brown // CMC (out 4+ weeks) My first trade target is Aaron Jones as the team he is currently on is hurting for depth and I think I may be able to swing something like this... Trade Away: Mixon + Montgomery + Corey Davis (if not, counter w/ OBJ) Receive: Aaron Jones + McLaurin (if not, counter w/ Golladay) + Swift Jones>>>Mixon Swift <<< Montgomery WR is a wash IMO in a ppr league and while losing OBJ I don't love I think a flex rotation of Golladay // Gibson and then once CMC is back my flex options become Golladay // Gibson // and Miles Sanders. Jones is elite so not even sure if I can get the owner to bite but I think he's worth it even if it means Mixon, Montgomery, and OBJ
  13. Like other posters have said, I’d like to see a lot of Waller, FoMo, Witten, Ingold, and Jacob’s. Run it and give Brees as few possessions as possible. Need Carr to play smart but take shots when they are there. Raiders 27 Saints 24
  14. Definitely don’t think they’re dynamic but there’s a wide spectrum between dynamic and dumpster fire.
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