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  1. Fortnite

    Anyone?? Not a huge video game guy but I've been playing this game and it's awesome. I love the simplicity and it's free! It's basically a 100 person version of the hunger games, last man standing wins. You can play solo, duo's, or groups of 3-4. Everyone drops onto the map from a giant bus and skydives where they want to start and you start weaponless and are forced to find guns/ammo/supplies. The map is interactive and you can gather wood/brick/steel and use to create forts. One of the big twists is the map shrinks at certain intervals to prevent camping. The shrinking is random so you must continually move to get into the circle as it gets smaller and smaller. Pretty soon the game goes from a huge map with 100 people to a tiny little circle with 4 people left. It's free to download on Xbox (im assuming PS too). I'd definitely recommend checking it out. Very fun, simple, and pretty addicting. Heres a link if anyone wants to check it out. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/buy-now/battle-royale It's really similar to PUBG

    Gleyber is a stud
  3. Official Yankees Thread

    Man Sanchez has been booty for a while now, hopefully he can pull it together post all star game and have a good finish to the season.
  4. Fortnite

    One of the better things about FN is how often they update/listen to the players. For an essentially free game they don’t mail it in. Have to respect that.
  5. Your All Star Team So Far

    That AL outfield is ridiculous
  6. Best weather in the country

    San Diego is nice and so is Santa Barbara and SLO
  7. Fortnite

    I've gotten better at sniping, the 50v50 helps because it's so easy to get a sniper and theyre are way more opportunities to practice, it's helping me come around on the hunting rifle too. I've gotten a lot better at building too with 50v50. I know it's been said but if you need practice head to 50v50, easy to get supplies and practice there.
  8. Fortnite

    The blue/purple smg is a great option, I wish I was better at the pump than I am but I usually go with an SMG as my short range weapon of choice.
  9. Fortnite

    50v50 is back! Hopefully it's still there after my finals are over, priorities and all.

    I’d kill to see the kid play football, Jimmy Graham hello

    Aaron Judge, my dudes dude. Guy just made a 420+ foot homerun to dead center look like no big thing

    Brett Gardner, my dude.

    He's clipping his finger nail on his non throwing hand or was it his left hand? Let's get the guy a pedicure while we're at it, it is flip flop season.

    Stanton with an absolute laser over the left field wall, high fastball and he just chopped it right over the wall.
  15. Fortnite

    Had my most entertaining duo win today. The circle shrunk around wailing woods and me and my buddy were able to build on top of the tree canopy before it shrunk too much and ended up killing the last 8 people from above, nobody even knew we were up there. We had a whole platform built pretty much the size of wailing woods, all on top of the trees.

    Gelyber He good
  17. Raiders Defense

    Any more info on why he failed his physical? I liked what I’ve seen in spurts from him.
  18. Definitely interested in getting a dehydrator @HorizontoZenith Which one do you have? Also, I’ve been doing hot yoga for about a month and I love it. My hips have gotten much looser, hamstrings and shoulders feeling good and a lot of great core and balance work. Way sweatier and harder than any workout I do other wise. 95 degrees was rough at first but I enjoy it now.
  19. 2018-2019 NCAA Prospect Watchlist

    The guy is a freak of nature, I think he pays rent and lives in the weight room. With the weight he’s putting on, if he can stay injury free, watch out.
  20. Random Raider Stuff

    I agree. Coop Nelson Bryant Roberts Switzer Ateman? Whalen? Holton? gonna be an absolute battle for the last 2 or so spots. Comes down to special teams, have to wonder how safe Roberts should feel?
  21. Random Raider Stuff

    Any updates on what numbers the rookies will be wearing? We always seem to be the last to release. All I know is Miller is taking 77 which I love.
  22. Random Raider Stuff

    Donald Penn being investigated for potential domestic abuse. Would post but I’m on my phone. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be serious.
  23. For the armchair GM's... the 'final' draft picks

    Fun idea, I''ll give it a stab. Rnd 1 - # 15 Kolton Miller, OT UCLA Rnd 2 - # 57 Isaiah Oliver, CB Colorado Rnd 3 - # 65 Rasheem Greene, DL USC - # 79 Martavis Bryant WR **** TRADE with Steelers **** - # 87 Arden Key DE LSU Rnd 4 - # 110 Mark Walton, RB Miami Rnd 5 - # 140 Maurice Hurst DT Michigan Rnd 5 - # 173 Johnny Townsend P Florida Rnd 6 - # 216 Azeem Victor LB Washington Rnd 7 - # 228 Marcell Ateman WR Oklahoma State Not a bunch of changes but mainly not a fan of the Brandon Parker pick in the 3rd.
  24. Undrafted RFA signings

    A lot of people loving the EP signing, wonder if he can push Georgio out. Either way, competition is good.
  25. Undrafted RFA signings

    Top UDFA targets for me Holton Hill, CB JC Jackson, CB Matthew Thomas, LB Tony Brown, CB Kevin Tolliver, CB Dmitri Flowers, FB/H Poona Ford, DT Deontae Burnett, WR JaVon Rolland-Jones, OLB Maea Teuhema, G