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  1. G's a GM off season w/ Fanspeak draft

    Harold Landry and Ronald Jones II before Chubb? Fanspeak is fun but good lord that is bad. Wouldn't take that website serious in the slightest.
  2. Yup! Eccentric work is great for tendon problems. You can try 2-->1 Heel Drops or even on a sit down calf machine, either way works. Also not a bad idea to just work on general strength of whole lower leg with a resistance band doing some plantar, dorsi, eversion and inversion work.
  3. May be smart to throw in some eccentric work with the calf/Achilles and Ice after long runs.
  4. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Olaijah Griffin Solo Tuliaupupu Devon Williams Isaac Taylor Stuart An absolute home run of a day for us, Penei Sewell is the only one we left on the table, would've liked to see him come but understand why Oregon was a draw. Either way, Fight On!
  5. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Olaijah Griffen to SC. Huge get for us, former UCLA commit
  6. The Official Recruiting Thread

    4* LB Solomon Tuliaupupu to SC. Had long been an SC lean, had a late push from UCLA and ND was an option. Our LB class is stocked with Tuli, Gaoteote, Mauga, Raymond Scott, and Elijah Winston.
  7. Fortnite

    Anyone?? Not a huge video game guy but I've been playing this game and it's awesome. I love the simplicity and it's free! It's basically a 100 person version of the hunger games, last man standing wins. You can play solo, duo's, or groups of 3-4. Everyone drops onto the map from a giant bus and skydives where they want to start and you start weaponless and are forced to find guns/ammo/supplies. The map is interactive and you can gather wood/brick/steel and use to create forts. One of the big twists is the map shrinks at certain intervals to prevent camping. The shrinking is random so you must continually move to get into the circle as it gets smaller and smaller. Pretty soon the game goes from a huge map with 100 people to a tiny little circle with 4 people left. It's free to download on Xbox (im assuming PS too). I'd definitely recommend checking it out. Very fun, simple, and pretty addicting. Heres a link if anyone wants to check it out. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/buy-now/battle-royale It's really similar to PUBG
  8. my 1st way to early top 25

    Yeah I’d like to hear his reasoning. Two PAC 12 titles in two years and last year he single handedly turned around or season and led us to the Rose Bowl. The kid is a winner.
  9. I pretty much put Franks and/or cayenne pepper on everything. My facorite is simple, just chicken breasts in the oven with cayenne pepper and sliced lemons over the top. Comes out so juicy. Been addicted to my morning smoothies now after the gym. Greek Yogurt Banana half whole lemon cup of mixed berries two scoops vanilla protein powder Scoop of flax seeds cup of broccoli cup of spinach milk takes me 30 minutes to drink but it’s bomb
  10. 2018 Draft Eligible EDGE/RUSH Thread

    Thoughts on Ja"Von Rolland-Jones? Don't hear much about him but I like the little I've seen so far. He's not a day two guy yet but i'm interested to see how he tests. Anyone have more insight on him? How does he compare to a guy like Uchenna Nwosu?
  11. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    Some of these guys will be risers and may go earlier but as of now....Holton Hill (day 2), Tarvarus McFadden (day 2), JC Jackson (early day 3), Kevin Tolliver (early day 3), and Davontae Harris(day 3). Love watching Hill, great size and a good player in the run game. He's gonna be a riser for sure. JC Jackson has some question marks but the talent is undeniable.
  12. my 1st way to early top 25

    The “doesn’t win” tidbit for Darnold confuses me. The kid went 22-4 as a starter. He never won a national championship but neither has any QB not named Deshaun Watson or an Alabama QB.
  13. Around the league v.1.0

    Word is KC got a third, not a second and tbd player.
  14. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    I wouldn’t say Edmunds is elite at shedding blockers obviously but he is elite SL/SL. I’m not expecting a finished product with him coming out, he’s what, 20? What he is now coupled with his athletic tools, youth and vision I believe he can be turned into a do it all LB that can shed, stack, shoot and go SL/SL. We’ve all been clamoring for a LB like this for what feels like a decade. Not sure your stance as you didn’t add any comment with the tweet but that’s my thoughts on the comment. Also what really excites me about Edmunds is the potential for him as a pass rusher. He was underutilized at VT imo in that capacity. If he can realize his PR potential while being an adequate cover guy, that is a very rare player.
  15. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    I'd have no problem just pounding the defensive side of the ball early in the draft. On offense, IMO were fine with adding Gruden and a piece or two in FA plus a draft pick or two. Everything else should be focused on the defense. Round 1: Tremaine Edmunds, LB Round 2: Da'Shawn Hand, DL Round 3: Holton Hill, CB Round 4: Tim Settle, DT Just a rough idea, attack the defense and add speed and size at every level. Really liking Hill a lot and I doubt come draft day he makes it out of round 2. Great little article on Edmunds, put this guy at any LB and enjoy the show, he's gonna be special. http://breakingfootball.com/2018-nfl-draft-young-money-tremaine-edmunds/
  16. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    Really starting to dig Edmunds, i'm late but the guy can flat out move, so impressive at that size. Fun to watch. Kalen Ballage is very tantalizing. He has a great frame and gets up in a hurry, if he's there in the mid rounds I'd take a stab.
  17. 2018 Draft Eligible EDGE/RUSH Thread

    On Marcus Davenports 247 recruiting high school, he came out as a 6’5 190 pounds and now he’s 6’7 255. Holy crap. 2 inches and 65 pounds of pretty much muscle in 4 years is impressive. Guy could be a Calais Campbell type if he keeps that up, only 21.
  18. NightTrain Off-Season 1 of 3 (Revised Jan 21)

    Yeah adding Gruden to the offense lessens the need imo. But I don’t like that logic of previous draft capital determining our future strategy. We’ve spent a lot on offense in FA, Hudson, Penn, Osemele, Crab, Cook, Lynch, and resigning our own guys in Roberts and Jackson. Different ways of distributing capital but it’s still resources, we haven’t been ignoring the offense. I look at it this way, our offense is closer to being elite then our defense is. Keep building the defense with talent and fill in gaps on offense with value.
  19. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    Will he test well enough to be a top 15-20 pick? I like the guy but I think we’re jumping the gun a bit here. I can easily think of 15 guys who I’d take over LVE. He’s a very good LB, but I don’t see him as the type of LB you see go in the middle of the first. Time will tell i guess. Just seems a little rich for me.
  20. 2018 Draft Eligible OL Thread (OT, OG, C)

    Thoughts on Isaiah Wynn? From what I've heard and the little I've seen he has had a pretty good week. Is he a potential G/C combo in the league or strictly a G? He moves well, wish he was a little bigger, his lower half looks like it could add some bulk, maybe it''s just his smaller ankles/high set pants that throw me off.
  21. Random Raider Stuff

    Yeah it would be between Carrie, Morrow, Autry and Hudson for me. Or even Giorgio honestly. He got his praise but he balled out with a ton of pressure on him, took that job by the balls.
  22. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    1.Cleveland (0-16) .520 Takes a QB here or at 4 99% chance, so there is one top QB off the board, let's call it Rosen. 2. New York Giants (3-13) .531 IMO Eli is the guy next year but with the talent on that roster they shouldn't be this high in the draft, take advantage of the down year and grab a QB BEFORE Eli is shown the door, lets give them Darnold. 3. Indianapolis (4-12) .480 No chance of a QB here. Rumors are McDaniels was assured Luck is a go. 4. Cleveland - from Houston (4-12) .516 see pick 1 5. Denver (5-11) .492 IMO They take a QB, the question is who. Let's give them one of Baker/Allen. 6. New York Jets (5-11) .520 Another threat for a QB, let's say they take the leftover of Baker/Allen 7. Tampa Bay (5-11) .555 No chance 8. Chicago (5-11) .559 No chance 9. San Francisco (6-10)# .512 Assuming a melt down with Jimmy G, it's not happening, and we may be ahead of them anyway. 10.Oakland (6-10)# .512 They way I see it, Darnold and Rosen are locks to be off the board by our pick and it's smart money to assume ATLEAST one (probably both) of Baker/Allen is off the board by then too. After that, who knows. IF the Bills are interested in a trade up to 10, it has to be for Baker/Allen and more likely Lamar Jackson who seems to be the least talk about QB who is likely to go in the 1st round. An interesting situation to monitor is Kirk Cousins, if he is moved in the off season and satisfies the QB need of the one the teams that picks before us, that could allow a QB needy team to move up and get whoever slides. If it's me, and the Bills call and offer 21 and 22 I'm jumping on that deal easily.
  23. 2018 Draft Eligible LB Thread.

    How do people expect LVE to test at the combine? That Oregon game was a good watch.
  24. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    Kalen Ballage...Latavius Murray? Both were big backs coming out in terms of size 6'3 220-225 but each leaves something desired in terms of power when it comes to running head on. Decent pass catchers but somewhat inconsistent. They don't have the lateral agility or COD to dance around as much as they do. Downhill slashers who tend to move East/West too much for their own good.
  25. Senior Bowl Thread

    Thanks for the updates everyone who's been posting in this thread, keep it up! Don't have time this week to follow practices so twitter and this thread is all I've got! Anyone have any tidbits on any of the following players? (i know it's early) Dmitri Flowers, Kalen Ballage, Harrison Phillips, Chad Thomas, Kylie Fitts, or Poona Ford?