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  1. I think you all make a lot of sense. You and Okie St. for sure. Maybe Tech and UNLV or SDSU, too.
  2. I wonder which conferences are going to pick up the scraps. I think a Texas school - not named Baylor, and Oklahoma St. would be good for the PAC-12
  3. I’d give them a 7th. He probably dreams of playing with Herbert
  4. On the block: Eno Benjamin RB Hunter Renfrow WR Sammy Watkins WR Randall Cobb WR Dalton Schultz TE
  5. On the block: Kirk Cousins QB Philip Lindsay RB Sony Michel RB Darrell Henderson RB Tevin Coleman RB Lamical Perine RB Jarvis Landry WR Michael Gallup WR Christian Kirk WR Bryan Edwards WR Cole Kmet TE Austin Hooper TE Yeah, that’s a lot of talent.
  6. This is almost unbelievable. ****ty, ****ty gamelan.
  7. There’s no way that can be right…
  8. Wait, is Kirrill simonwayne?!
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