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  1. Cristobal isn’t the greatest in-game coach and like jrry mentioned, we’ve lost to lesser teams and rarely blow anyone out (including FCS teams). However, we also never get blown out and the few teams that we’ve faced that are more talented than us, we’ve beaten (USC and Ohio St.). He’s one of the best recruiters there is, though, and he would do filthy things in Florida. He is best as a CEO, culture builder, motivator and recruiter but I’m not sure he’ll ever get you over the hump to compete for NCs in the SEC. I think it’s easier to do that in the PAC-12. He has looked pissed and un
  2. Lots of things going on this week (-and I think more coming. Follow this: Here is also a good article from GQ.
  3. He did not play the first half because of a BS targeting call.
  4. There we fn go!!! That’s the Leicester I love. Man U was awful, though. Ole ain’t it.
  5. Who's trying to win the league? I have two stud WRs on the block. #1 WR MIKE WILLIAMS. That's right, BIG MIKE WILLIAMS is on the block!!! Super stud Allen Robinson is also the block!!! Now with Justin Fields...phew. Get them before they're gone. Looking for young players and/or picks.
  6. Tell me you’re American without telling me you’re American.
  7. Sounds like a Raiders coach.
  8. That was like a college game…that’s the ultimate compliment for an NFL GAME. Herbo man…
  9. Why is Crosby still on the team? Is he Rodgers friend or something?
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