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  1. Yes, but come on they act like he’s Denzel. I like him and his character btw, even if I don’t think he’s the greatest actor.
  2. Not sure why they treat Weathers with such reverence. Yes, he was in Rocky...so what? They even let him direct this last episode even though he’s never done it before.
  3. I hope you’re right about Spurs because I can’t stand how they play. Especially frustrating considering they have so much talent.
  4. The educate yourself before commenting on something.
  5. Lol have you watched us play? Our issue is not that we throw too much.
  6. Death, taxes, play like **** against Liverpool.
  7. F Flacco. He’s like that dude that takes charges in a pick up game.
  8. They traded away his #2 weapon and all they added was Dez Bryant. Lol Also, Hollywood Brown looks more like Reno Brown.
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