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  1. Jets finalizing deal to sign QB Teddy Bridgewater

    I'm not a fan of his game but it's disrespectful how little gtd money he got considering what other chump QBs got.
  2. Colts sign Eric Ebron

    Was it an attitude thing?
  3. Jags sign Moncrief WR

    Robinson is 30x better, tho.
  4. Browns trade CJ Smith to Seahawks

    Smith became expendable when they picked up Terrance Mitchell.
  5. Mike Pouncey signs with the Chargers 2 year deal

  6. Dolphins expected to cut Suh

    I thought we were bool, blood?
  7. Former Ravens RB Danny Woodhead Retires

    Probably the most successful person from his trailer park.
  8. Lions sign RB LeGarrette Blount

    The Tim Duncan of football.
  9. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    If they traded all of that for Mayfield...
  10. Terrance Mitchell to the Browns

    Do you even football? https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-chiefs-cb-terrance-mitchell-ready-for-opportunity
  11. Dolphins sign Josh Sitton 2 year deal

    Bruh...someone just said they missed incognito...
  12. Star Lotulelei to sign with Bills

    Damn!!!! That's a lot of money.
  13. Draft Rumors

    Springs will be a solid late round guy. He's good in coverage. Terrible hands, though. Benoit has a chance to surprise some people.
  14. Jordy Nelson to sign with Raiders

    What a downgrade from Crabman.
  15. I laughed at the Grant deal but this is a total whack *** move by the Ravens. Can't root for them anymore. Now I see why sna liked so many teams.