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  1. Biggest steals of the NFL Draft?

    Trolling mod trying to stay relevant.
  2. Jaguars to start Nick Foles

    Minshew is way overrated.
  3. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    Any doubts about Lamar being a QB?
  4. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    These dudes stealing signals.
  5. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    Are you saying it's not?
  6. SNF: Patriots at Ravens GDT

    lmao brady's arm is literally shot.
  7. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Herbert looked like garbage in the first quarter but was pretty damn good for the rest of the game. I don't love him as a prospect, tbh, but his physical tools are undeniable.
  8. USC hiring Mike Bohn (CIncinnati) as new AD

    Hopefully he doesn't like Urban.
  9. 49ers LB Kwon Alexander out for season

    With Armstead and Buckner leading that DL, I could get 100 tackles at LB for them. They'll be fine.
  10. Is Dwayne Haskins is the new Akili Smith?

    We get them drafted bruh. After that, it’s on them.
  11. Browns to name Freddie Kitchens as Head Coach

    I guess that's what happens when you let your immature QB choose your coach. Browns gonna Brown.
  12. Yeah, Corey is not legit anymore.
  13. NBA News & Notes

    Green sucks? Lmao
  14. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    True sophomore.
  15. The Streaming Wars

    Apple seems to be investing heavily on their service.