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  1. Shelby Harris re-signs with the Broncos

    Never heard of her.
  2. lol Rams fans were hella talking ****.
  3. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Next Mahomes lol
  4. Rams new logo unveiled

    It looks like a lamb...
  5. XFL-to-NFL FA News (Tracker included)

    Training camp fodder.
  6. Chargers release "new" logo

  7. Chargers release "new" logo

    oh look, people are proud of being sheep.
  8. Panthers sign MVPJ Walker

    Seems like an overpay for a minor league guy but can’t hate on playas getting paid.
  9. Rams new logo unveiled

    the "LA" isn't visible enough, which is what it seems like they were going for in the new logo.
  10. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    This isn't the Tannehill thread.
  11. Travis Frederick Retires

    No HOF.
  12. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    how the hell do you know? And quit being so passive, sunny.
  13. Rams new logo unveiled

    It still is
  14. Rams new logo unveiled

    lmao these are garbo.