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  1. Probably true but I think you all would be displeased if he turns out to be like Bennacer or Gnabry.
  2. He’s still only 21, though, and could become really solid if he matures and takes in the coaching. I heard he had immaturity issues at his old club as well, though.
  3. Yup. We were the first to get testing and such and now we can safely do it. Going to do it without many hitches, too, unlike others that rushed into it. We just do it better. look at you editing your post again lol
  4. It's always hard to follow a legend but the new guy seems decent.
  5. Seeing Derwin James' injury broke my heart.
  6. Any truth to the rumor that Newman went pro because he wasn’t going to win the job?
  7. Nope, I’m done with Skywalker. Explore different eras and characters of the Universe.
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