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  1. To be fair. Adam’s balled out with Brett Hundley throwing him the ball.
  2. Looks like we just signed Veldheer off Colts PS?
  3. I'm gonna go with the Packers on this one right now Bob.
  4. What if? Rodgers is playing at an MVP level because they drafted Love and he was pissed about it? Could be the smartest thing they did this off season.
  5. Not sure where to post this. But, does anyone know what company the Packers use for team Xrays? Or is it all done in house?
  6. As a Packer fan I can confidently say this should be Cook. Even though Jones is fantastic as well.
  7. If you’re going to have rushing stats for everyone else. You should add Rodgers even though it isn’t a lot. 17 rushes for 78 yards and 1 TD.
  8. If we are going true MVP it has to be either Russ or Rodgers right now. Look at their defenses, look at their weapons. Now compare that to Mahomes defense and weapons. It’s not even a comparison. Mahomes is playing on the fricken dream team over here while Russ and Rodgers are playing on the bad news bears. Slight exaggeration
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