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  1. If you’re going to have rushing stats for everyone else. You should add Rodgers even though it isn’t a lot. 17 rushes for 78 yards and 1 TD.
  2. Now is when we will drive right down for a TD.
  3. If we are going true MVP it has to be either Russ or Rodgers right now. Look at their defenses, look at their weapons. Now compare that to Mahomes defense and weapons. It’s not even a comparison. Mahomes is playing on the fricken dream team over here while Russ and Rodgers are playing on the bad news bears. Slight exaggeration
  4. He was my keeper this year. Not a bad choice so far.
  5. I can't tell if this guy is serious? Adams is easily a number 1 receiver and one of the tops ones at that.
  6. Question. What if the good O-Lines Rodgers has had lately, has caused him to believe he can hold onto the ball as long as he wants? What if we gave him a bad line and forced him to get the ball out fast? thinking out loud lol.
  7. This is something I can agree with. Don't pull what we did with Dom Capers and hold on to long. Let them go early. 285 yards on the ground is BAD.
  8. We don’t have the playmakers on offense to beat them. Simply overmatched.
  9. Have to get points here. Game might be over if we don’t.
  10. Yikes. Not the start we needed. Cannot give up points here.
  11. Let’s Gooooo! Living in a area where the majority of people are 49er fans. How sweet would it be to deny them.
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