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  1. I totally agree with you I don't think they would be looking to move anyone either; I just prefer a guy like Kirk over Butler based on what our WR group looks like right now.
  2. I think that is the biggest part that hurts, we missed on Robinson, which I can understand being cautious and not offering as much as he got as he was coming off a torn ACL and so there was a huge risk in there for signing him. He never regains form and you are stuck with that contract for 3 years. Good thing is he is up again and only 28 so we have another crack at getting him if we want to! Good point on Sanders, likely did propel them into that spot, but as you noted too it takes two sides to make a deal. Could be the Broncos simply were asking too much when we called and then closer to the deadline the price tag came down. Still, for a 5th round pick it makes for a harder pill to swallow. I would say it is more of failing than a lack of trying; he tried and missed on Robinson, but then failed with Graham. If Graham plays to his old form a lesser number 2 would be more manageable.
  3. I agree with this to some extent. Last year we did have three young guys that had promise, Geronimo was nothing special, but still hope he could have taken another step in his game. I don't fault him for not trading in season for either of the two as we don't know the Jets compensation request for Anderson and if you were not confident in re-signing him you wouldn't give a high pick up. Sanders, hindsight, would have been nice to have for a 5th, but at the time we were winning albeit with some lackluster passing games, but still winning, so I understand not messing with that, but for a 5th I would have risked it. Robinson, if you look with hindsight, we likely do not have one of the Smiths, and likely at least one of Amos and Turner. Its not like we rolled over 20-30 million and just didnt spend the money. Also, remember we paid Jimmy Graham in hopes to take on some of the pressure in the passing game, he just didn't work out, so he did try. I also don't think you have to pay to play, we consistently had a good set of receivers without making a splash in free agency for them. Investing more than some mid round picks would have been nice, but I don't think we have to go out and spend money for a WR when historically we have proven we can develop them, we just need to draft the guys to develop under Gute.
  4. I can't blame him really for any of those "misses" all those guys signed big deals in their respective offseasons. Robinson because of his age I can see making a stronger push for, but he was coming off a torn ACL. Sanders trade for a fifth I would have been ok with last season. I was never a Robby Anderson guy so I am happy we didn't trade for him or sign him at that money.
  5. Could be that he just hasn't progressed at reading defenses and is still slow in perfecting his route running. Adams early seemed to have a good feel for open space and from what I remember was a good route runner even early in his career. MVS might not have the route tree, or the technique needed, to run the full tree. Guy can fly down the field, but if that is primarily what he does when he is on the field teams can take that away from him.........Pure speculation, but possibly why it didn't click for him. I hope he develops and becomes more well rounded; this will be a big year for him.
  6. Butler was drafted in the fourth round, so I would hate trading a 3rd, even conditional, for a guy that was a fourth round pick and missed all of last season. I'm not a huge fan of Butler anyways, especially since we have a similar player in Lazard. If we were to target a Cardinals receiver I would shoot for Kirk, but that likely would not happen or cost more than what we would want to give. Samuel and Ross would be two guys I would not mind seeing, if they can be had for good value. Both are different than what we already have on the roster and do add return ability; I know we have Ervin for return duties, but it would allow us flexibility to let him go and keep another body elsewhere. With that said, I am not sure those type of guys fit into LaFleur's offense.
  7. Should note too that it is not a given all these guys actually tested positive for COVID-19; Players are put on the list either if they've tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has the coronavirus. I am not sure if all these guys came to the facility and tested and it was positive or if they are known to be in contact with someone that tested positive, or also a thought that they are coming in from an area that has a high rate at the moment and the team put them on this list to avoid any chances of spreading. I wonder too in some of these guys, Crosby or us and Stafford to the Lions they both have wives that experiences some health issues in the last year and likely have a weakened immune system and so they dont want to be around all those guys until all the tests are done. They simply go on this list wait until all the guys who reported have their test results back and are cleared and then they individually take their test to clear themselves; reduces the risk and allows them to "report" while not being around people. Last two are just theories.
  8. I dont see how Bakhtiari is any lower than 2 on this list and personally can easily make the argument for 1 on this list. He is 28 right now, will be 29 in September. He has been relatively durable, some minor back flare ups, but for the most part durable. I dont see any reason why a shorter deal, 3-4 year extension would not be warranted. He is a free agent after this season so, signing him at 29 to a 3-4 year extension still puts him in prime years. What happens with the cap should be put into to play before the offseason and so we should be able to plan for that with this contract. To me this is a no brainer, unless something crazy happens this season, but an elite level left tackle that is under 30 to me warrants at least a 3-4 year contract extension. Also, you can craft the contract so that more gurantees and such are paid in years 1 and 2, so that if you need/want to cut him you have options to. Look at the contracts we did with the Smiths, Amos, and Turner, all have outs where we can save money after the second season if something would not pan out. We will have some dead money, but there will be a cap savings. Only caveat I see is when you say now and if you literally mean now like during TC or early season. I can understand putting him lower then as his market value should not spike as much as someone like Jones or King could if they have another big year. Bakhtiari has already proven himself and got high market value, so his increase should be relatively small in regards to someone like Jones or King who are playing on smaller deals.
  9. Totally agree! I have no problems with his salary at 2M and some change, even if he is 3rd on the pecking order with Jones and Dillon. I think Williams makes for a solid safety net back and someone I think we can plug and play any time.
  10. Right it is a rookie deal, and I agree with the idea that if we cut him now he likely would not get 2M, but we are willing to pay him over 2M right now. I think the current negotiations will play in to a guy like Williams next contract, if NFL and NFLPA take cuts over multiple years guys like Williams will most likely still be on rosters, but would see lesser salaries. I agree though up to 3M would not surprise me by any means. Perry is not a fair comp at all to Williams; Perry was given a second contract and declined in the years after signing that second contract. Williams you can argue is ascending. Still young and has added other components to his game, pass blocking and catching, that may not make him a featured guy, but a solid back to have.
  11. I get the point here, but either this list is not updated, a la Jones and J. Williams escalators hit to give them 2.147M. I believe this list is presented as a cap hit per year average. That can give somewhat of a basis, but teams can backload contracts with high per year cap hits they never intend to pay which inflates the player on this list. Also, most of the players in that 40-60 range are on a rookie contracts so not really a fair comp there for the player you can get at that price. I agree you can get some solid role players around that 2M mark, but its probably going to be either an older veteran (AP, Dion Lewis, TJ Yeldon etc) or someone that has some other baggage like injuries. I would not be surprised with Williams getting more than 2M next year as I would not be surprised if he got less either. Breida and Mostert are both north of 2M and relatively close to Williams age and production wise. He's not he is third at best. Both Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones are 2.147M next year as they hit 2019 proven performance escalators, this list I think does some averages or is not up to date.
  12. Ummmm we are paying him more than 2M this year, not much over 2M, but he is over it for this season
  13. Agree I don't predict that happening, but a guy like Shepherd is a completely different type of receiver, so if for some reason they did go that route it was for that type of receiver. I dont see that holding true, but thats possible.
  14. Agree draft position doesn't matter, to an extent. For the part you noted it is irrelevant. His 350 snaps came as a rookie in a different offense. So guys like Shepherd and Taylor have more experience in running the plays from LaFleurs playbook. St. Brown can be in the meetings and watch film and such, but he cannot run the route on field with the guys and have the coaches coach him based on the system we have in place now. Also, as noted those snaps came a year ago, its not like it was when Jordy was out for a year we have a guy that has a ton of reps under his belt, St. Brown has one season, which was not a full 16 games. On reps are more important, but in the grand scheme of things its not like he has a huge advantage over any of those guys because of the 350 snaps. Shepherd played with QB1, you can make the argument his connection is on the same level, if not more than, Brown's as Shepherd's is a more recent connection. Brown missed a year, any connection with Rodgers could be gone. Also, the way you keep saying he has this connection with Rodgers is like you are talking about Adams, not a guy that played some his rookie year and missed all his second year; its not like St. Brown was Rodgers go to guy that season. I am not sure many have argued that he doesn't make the roster, just that he is not a slam dunk lock like some are saying. We will never really know if he is a lock right now, only hindsight we can have is that if he doesnt make the roster he was not a lock. Even if he makes it doesnt mean he is a lock at this moment.
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