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  1. Willy has looked lost for a while now. Not good
  2. I need to hear this from Arrigo, not some bogus reporter from some guy with the last name Breer.
  3. Officially 5 years today that Jose crashed. sucks. Easily my favorite player ever and could’ve went down as a goat. Hurts
  4. Good matchup. Kept it real close for a while and then I kinda pulled away Friday. Gg
  5. Don’t know too much about this years team. Who’s our really good players? Just give me a basic run down if possible. Will be able to watch a lot more games this year.
  6. Sat 8 rows behind home plate yesterday. Wasn’t the result we all wanted but was awesome to be that close. Sonny was killing us and the homer Castellanos hit sounded incredible haha
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