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  1. DeAndre ayton anyone?
  2. De’Andre ayton. anyone ?
  3. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    How about deandre jordan Tomas satoransky @amac
  4. 2020 FFNBA Rosters

  5. I’ll see if anyone wants these picks then I’ll pick
  6. Here’s your chance. You want ayton back and picks?
  7. I’m looking to move De’Andre ayton in a deal with Denagelo russel and a pick upgrade for a SG **specifically Ayton** I have two picks coming up soon
  8. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    How about Michael Porter jr
  9. You pm me. I’m at work. Not looking to move back. Looking to upgrade players. I have plenty of picks to send you
  10. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

  11. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    Carmelo Anthony Rick Carlisle
  12. Yeah he was pretty great In that title run for sure. He played HARD.
  13. **somebody suckkkk meeeee** Bucks PG: Russ Westbrook SG: D-Lo Russell SF: Klay Thompson PF: Zion Williamson C: Brook Lopez Bench: DeAndre Ayton Lou Williams Devonte Graham
  14. Thoughts on Devonte graham pick? Was unsure