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  1. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    The rest of that line is so stacked in NO that he'll have some serious support.
  2. #JetsNewUnis

    That text is part of some of the Jets older branding. I wouldnt expect it to make its way onto the jerseys.
  3. 2019 prospects and outlook

    if you factor Hunt in with the Browns its hard to pick any other team's weapons over them.
  4. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Gregg Williams likes corners that can play press coverage.
  5. Le'Veon Bell plans on signing with the Jets

    Ideally yeah, I just feel we are at a point of desperation given what’s out there.
  6. Le'Veon Bell plans on signing with the Jets

    I’d ship D Lee and a 3rd for a solid C in a heart beat
  7. Jets signing LB CJ Mosley

    Very surprised by this. Great player but do we really need to go edge in the draft with a stacked LB core? a trade down seems imminent.
  8. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I think he’s just trying to milk some extra cash
  9. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    That article does stem from a Manish article so i'd take it with a grain of salt...
  10. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I was assuming a 3-4 base Mosely / Williamson inside on running downs and Lee / Mosely on Passing. (although I do think we play more 4-3 fronts than we have in the past.) One thing Rex did so well was disguise our defense with various personnel. Lee and Mosely could both play in coverage or blitz, add in Jamal and you can be very flexible blitzing on passing downs.
  11. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Maybe we don't like Williamson on passing downs and Lee in run scenarios... I really like what Lee showed on the field last year but he does seem like the odd man out if Mosely or Kwon is brought in.
  12. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Kind of wish he ended up a Bill. He's out of his prime and Buffalo would have been less likely to draft a WR making one extra for us in the draft. Not to mention the 20M cap hit they'd have to absorb.
  13. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Not answering for Bobby but Fowler is still young. Pass rushers can take time to develop and he has shown the ability to get after the QB when given the shot. Rolling the dice on Fowler is a decent move. And I’d rather take Fowler with upside than a player like Houston. Would still love another edge like Barr if Fowler is a done deal.