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  1. Jets sign Joe Flacco

    I feel slightly better now if Sam gets covid after the first game of the season and misses 4 weeks..
  2. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    You could argue he is the CMC equivalent on the defensive side of the ball and he just got extended with 2 years left on his rookie deal from the same draft class.
  3. 2.59: WR Denzel Mims

    Waiting for Bobby to step in and shut down this pornographic post...
  4. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Big on James Proche here.
  5. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    I like Henny and Anae short after
  6. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Obviously things may change but looking at the board right now there are only 2-3 teams that have a need for a WR in front of us (Indy, Jacksonville, Miami). Higgins, Mims, Pittman, Claypool, Shenault, Hamler... We should have the ability to chose from at least 3 of these names. Could see Pittman being the safest option just for the built in chemistry with Darnold.
  7. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Lets go get Aiyuk!
  8. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    He's going to be the guy in a fantasy football draft that uses all of his allotted time and asks to go back three picks because he didn't realize someone was still on the board... Also has this man ever touched a computer? Does he know how to not fall for scam emails?? This draft is going to be gold one way or another...
  9. I'm least comfortable with Becton of the big 7. I see the monster upside but I get worried from the reports of his commitment to football, his size during a time of shelter in place could explode (how long will it take this Oline to jell if/when the pads come on), and just the boneheaded move of a diluted drug test. JD was looking for mistake free OL in free agency and these are red flags. With that, if he is drafted by the Jets i'll be ecstatic to have that sort of potential on the O-line. Lamb/Ruggs and trade up for a Jones/Jackson is my ideal if left with the choice of Becton and the WRs.
  10. I wonder if Joey D is as split as we are on what position to address.
  11. A few of us were big on Butler last year.. Surprised he went as late as he did. He also didn't see the field much but you could blame depth for that so he's a relative unknown.
  12. You see it happen all the time.. prospects know what they are good and bad at and will decide to not participate in certain drills if it could hurt their stock. At the end of the day it comes down to dollars and where you get drafted. Hardly see that as talking down on a prospect.. (seeing the possible injury post now.. still holds true with some players)
  13. Jones and Ruggs is the dream duo for me...Aiyuk at 48 would be amazing... but I might get some crap for wanting a WR more than an OT...
  14. I do like Duvernay but he's seemingly a big risk given his best production has come from the combine.. I've seen a few mocks with James Proche who I see as a similar type player who could be had in a much later round (who also happens to be tight with Jamal)
  15. You don't obviously tank and acquire all those picks to wait for a QB to drop to you... They have the ammunition to get their guy, hopefully they don't get him for cheap.