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  1. Philly has way more to offer in the draft pick department. If they do get Watson they’ll be giving up the farm to match a Philly offer.
  2. His father George Adam’s suffered a similar injury to Bo Jackson that ended his career. He’s got to be considering self preservation a little bit more after getting paid. Maybe more so when you see the talent in the division and watched Wilson go down. You could point to scheme fit, self preservation, or missing TC. In any case it’s unfortunate cause he was so fun to watch. That Giants game was one of the most dominant individual performances by a player. JD looks like a genius for the trade. Hopefully we can turn Seattle’s pick into another corner stone.
  3. No Ridley this week for the Falcons. Another week to key on the run.
  4. He’ll have to sit out a few more games to learn that position 😛. Along those same lines…Have Davis play TE (cause that dude can block if needed) and put Mims at X which he apparently knows already…
  5. A lot of us loved Howard coming out, myself being one of them.. Now he’s buried in star power and dealt with injuries at TB so he is a guy that could pop off with the right opportunity. Heck trade Maye to TB for Howard and a pick. We know Bowles loves him. Also a FA after this year.
  6. Could see us double dip at TE this year. Would love to see one of those top guys and an upside guy later on. Isiah Likely is a fun early to mid round prospect at TE out of Coastal Carolina with massive upside. Definitely more route centric and needs to work on blocking.
  7. At 1a Thibodeaux, Stingley, or trade down are my current feeling. Linderbaum at 1b. Would love a guy like Wydermeyer in the early 2nd / late first (drafted him in my dynasty/devy league). I don't see JD going safety early given his treatment of Maye and Adams.
  8. Hey I'm all for continuity but that would make our (current) 3rd and 4th highest paid players a middling center and a swing tackle. To bring it back to College Football, I think we could see JD taking a center in the 2nd or 3rd resigning Moses and letting Fant walk or restructuring him. All this hinging on performance this year...
  9. A swing tackle that cost $10m though..? McGovern and Fant would save $9m EACH next year if cut. $3.5m for GVR
  10. True but Fant, McGovern, and GVR would all be decent cap savings for us next year if cut. The option for replacement is there for JD.
  11. And just like that Moore will get a shot to entrench himself as a starter... Obviously I wish nothing but good health to Crowder but this is a great opportunity for the young guys on the roster to prove themselves. It's nice to know we have some depth compared to years past and can give them a trial run.
  12. Joe D has two firsts and two seconds, the position will be addressed in due time.
  13. Just checked overthecap for Crowder’s new cap figure and we’re paying him a guaranteed $5.5m this year, +$6m overall. Love the savings on a guy that has been a decent player for us. As long as Moore gets his reps…
  14. And just like that Lewis gets reworked and $+7M is off the books in 2022.
  15. We also have something like $28M in potential savings between Fant, Lewis, McGovern, and GVR. May as well sign us up now for another 1st round OL.
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