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  1. When JD came in there was a lot of talk of establishing an “identity” which never happened under Gase. Taking Harris and Jenkins (+Becton) would certainly start to establish a bully identity that I think Saleh could get behind. At the same time I feel like we could establish an identity with Javonte later on in the draft without the need to trade up. Either way I would love to have a decent running back to cheer for it’s been way too long.
  2. Zach Wilson is attending for us.
  3. Might see JD do something similar to what he did last year with Mims... multiple (WR) prospects were available and we traded back and let the draft decide. Or maybe we trade back into the first with pick 34 to grab 2...
  4. Z. Wilson (1a) Jacoby Stevens (3-5) Matt Bushman (6-UDFA) Teven Jenkins (1b) Quinn Meinerz (3-5) Michael Carter (3) Elijah Moore (2) Greg Newsome (1b) Tyson Cambell (2) Zaven Collins (1b/2) A lot of love for Jacoby Stevens even though I haven't seen him in many mocks... Think he's a slam dunk scheme fit. Zaven and Elijah are wistful thinking... really like those guys as prospects in any scheme.
  5. Anyone else catch the Wisco Whitewater reference in JD's press conference... I wouldnt be mad if we grabbed Quintin Meinerz in the 3 or 4th...
  6. not the biggest need but Zaven Collins would be nice... maybe wait till 34 to address guard?
  7. Gase would've been there.....
  8. If we are taking jersey names into consideration let’s grab Bushman. ++ for previous chemistry with Wilson
  9. I just don’t see why you pay that price for leftovers. Give me Bosa and 3 and SF can take their pick of the litter.
  10. I feel like JD would have went for that! trading to 3 is either an attempt to get the last of the top 3 QBs or knowledge that Wilson will be available at 3.
  11. Who was saying that there is no haul for the 2nd pick?
  12. Becton is heckin heavy man
  13. Take a look at potential cap casualties for next year (Dead Cap / Cap Savings) Fant ($1M/$9.6M) McGovern ($1.3M / $9M) Lewis ($ 0.8M / $6.4M) GVR ($0 / $3.5M ) We are already top 7 in cap space next year and JD is creating some real roster flexibility. Just from the look of these contracts I feel like we could be looking at another OL heavy draft.
  14. We’d be lucky to have him for 6 games
  15. We haven't addressed CB... We have huge holes at CB, OL, RB and need improvement at LB, Edge, TE, WR, all offensive positions TBH
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