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  1. I would throw money at Reddick, I like his ability to play all over the field and rush the passer. He could fall back to an OLB in the base scheme
  2. Agreed. Last year there was great depth at both WR and OL with more prospects at WR. This year again both positions are deep but inversely with more prospects for the OL. We could see some great OL prospects fall to 23 or 34 and the drop off from Chase and Smith is huge.
  3. He’s not dead.. NO cuts him (+$90m over the cap) and we could sign a vet with scheme familiarity for pennies.
  4. Was looking at the NO cap situation Kwon Alexander be a cap casualty ($ 13m in cap savings if cut) or a trade target for us. Kwon played under Saleh and with the move to a 4-3 base he’d come in as a quality starter with a knowledge of Saleh’s system. I could see Cashman playing one of the OLB backer roles but outside of him that other OLB spot becomes a hole on this defense. Draft a DE, CB, and retain Maye and the defense is looking good.
  5. I would agree with this. Give me Javonte Williams in a later round and address Edge and CB earlier. Call me crazy but I might even cut Crowder(save $11M) in this scenario if we are adding Godwin and Smith, only because I'd hate to see Mims see less utilization. I'm all for holding onto Darnold and like the direction you went with this mock.
  6. Throw a Thuney signing in there and I’m sold
  7. All the more reason to like Arthur Smith. I feel like Wesco could be that guy but we just haven’t seen legitimate use of a FB
  8. Need to maintain the optics of competitiveness...
  9. My only argument against him is the mountain of picks we could get for him.
  10. He was a ghost last week, Week 1 looked great, Week 2 he was at least around the ball
  11. I've yet to give up on Darnold... Here's to hoping Flacco looks more lost than him solidifying the fact that Gase can't run a team .
  12. Hoping he wins a chip with Seattle and comes back to the Jets Lebron style.... Best solution I got for now.
  13. Is anyone else concerned that Patton Oswalt will be making the calls on offense if Gase gets fired? Thought he did a great job in Ratatouille...
  14. Sanu kinda set the market rate for WRs last year.. Would love to get him for less than a 2nd though.
  15. I saw Butler and Ogletree. A bunch of us loved Butler coming out, would be a great add. Not sure what Ogletree has left in the tank but it sounds like he’d be a body until Peanut is off the IR.
  16. Would be all for this. Should be a more polished version of Cager and Cambell.
  17. *checking to see if Manish ever specified giants or jets....* ..Nope still wrong
  18. Pretty sure it was luring Ryan Kalil out of retirement. Made sense at the time but that surely did not pan out.
  19. They drafted Damien Harris last year too. He must not know how to pass block...
  20. Are we that bored that we are talking about a Sam replacement? Even if we have a down year; coaching, weapons, and oline (unproven still) will still be to blame. 2022 is the deciding year for him.. Lets get some weapons next year and see what he can do before we talk about *the next jet QB*
  21. He's got two years left on his rookie deal then he can be tagged. Part of what made his contract demands to the Jets so obnoxious.
  22. Yeah, this would only benefit the Jets organization...
  23. Tied the team high in QB hits.. By definition the passer was rushed. Was it stupid of Cleveland sure. It still give Adam's a platform that he didn't have before and there should be a perceived shift in leverage by the FO.
  24. Any argument about not extending Adam's is out the window with the Garrett signing. Garrett was extended at a position not named QB or RB, Adam's is our pass rush, that 25m figure makes 18-20m more palatable, and IMO Jamal is a better player than Garrett. Still dont care for how Adam's has handled all of this but Garrett getting paid should open the door for him..
  25. Do supplemental picks have more negotiation rights with their contracts? Josh Gordon's contract coming out was 4 years $5.3M for a second rounder... this was also back in 2012 pre-CBA. This is essentially what Mims is getting as a 2nd rounder this year. There are so few supplemental picks each year that I have no idea how those contracts work. If they could come into the league on a minimum two year contract they could be in better shape for an early payday.
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